Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying

Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying : Appliances

What are clothes dryer portable travel mini 900w dryer machine features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The compact clothes dryer foldable, portable, small size, light weight easy to assemble and disassemble, ultimate space saver.
  • Motor -two dryer setting, time fixed or manully turned it off.suitable for all fabrics, sterilizes garments at the same time
  • 43.5 x 20.8inches, voltage: 110 volts, capability: 10 kg, energy: 900 w, timer : 0 – 180 mins
  • It can be folded and stored in a small cloth bag of 11*6 inches to save space.good for housework, apartment, dormitory, rv’s and travel accessories
  • Sales if you have any questions ,please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately,we can offer a quick exchange or a full refund
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Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying AMAZON Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Is there any way to purchase just the motor?

I’m not sure. I kept the heating unit and gave it to my dad as a small heater. I use to live in the northeast and dried my clothes at night. The clothing unit kept my room warm

Does this work for winter jackets and down jackets

It should work well for down jackets. I love my portable dryer and want to buy another one. Just one suggestion, it holds a lot but better not to crowd things together. The air needs to flow freely up and out.

How do i contact seller?

In your order history you should be able to see the name of the seller, clicking on their store name will bring you to their profile where you can contact them. You can also contact amazon’s customer support and they will contact the seller on your behalf.

Is this good to dry beach towels and bathing suits?

Yes, this dryer is very suitable for travel and can be folded into a backpack

How long would this take to dry a bath towel?

It would take too long and not dry evenly the towel has to be stretched out in order to dry appropriately so the air can circulate evenly. This unit can dry small items but don’t overfill it.

Is this dual voltage for tràvel use?

This travel clothes dryer is american 110v household voltage

Is this flammable?

No not at all. The dryer uses hot air that is similar to a blow dryer and the material used is high quality.

Can i buy the cover separately ?

Not that i know of beside its just a light canvas bag surrounding a flimsy clothes’ stand and a small 900 watt space heater with a timer.
Your better off with something like the magic chef 1.5 cubic foot compact dryer for around $200
looks nicer ,about the same wattage ,bought mine last year and still works fine.
Hope this helps.

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El aire es frío

Es caliente

Will this fade clothes like laundrymat dryers or will it keep the color like hanging clothes to dry?

This dryer is hung to dry without fading the clothes

What kind of hangers do you have to use? Metal or are the thick plastic ones ok?

The highest drying temperature of the dryer is about 75 degrees. Both metal and thick plastic can be used.

Se pueden secar sábanas?

Aún no lo han usado, lo compre para mi hermano, pero pienso que es muy pequeña y demoraría mucho tiempo

How much can this thing hold?

This dryer can hold about 6-10 pieces of clothes, (note: the clothes should be kept in balance), suitable for travel, apartments, and business trips

Will this run the eletric bill up in the apartment

No. It’s a small heater.

How hot does it get inside? 100? 120? 150? 180?

I am not sure how hot…but it was hot enough that we lost our whole building that this dryer was in because it doesn’t shut off when it gets too hot. We had a fire that caused everything to burn in less than an hour because it was running and didn’t shut off. Of course we let the company know, they refunded the money for the dryer, but more importantly it should be taken off the market right away! It is a deadly, deadly thing… not buy!

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Is the temperature adjustable? What is the lowest temp in farenheit? Is it suitable for drying delicate items that can’t be put in a tumble dryer?

From when i used it you can’t adjust the temperature. For my delicates i just put it on a low time or air dry it first before putting it in the machine.

Does it leave towels feeling crispy and stiff?

No but they do take a while to dry as it can only hold like 4 at a time.the polls that hold the clothes is pretty thin and short so u can’t dry a bunch at once but it def does the trick. Towels take about an hour or so at least the thick big ones do.

El aire como es


Can you dry jeans?

Longer time

The bag zipper is broken

I suggest return or request replacement.

Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying AMAZON Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini 900W dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,Nekithia New Generation Electric Clothes Drying : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Does what it suppose to do.

I was pleasantly surprised when i set this up. Very quick and easy setup and take down. When the small heater turns on, the tent warms up very quickly. The only drawback; the small heater fits lose in it’s pocket which allows some of the heat to escape on the outside. Still with that being said, it’s definitely worth the cost.

5Expert Score
It works !!

Works, does take a little bit of time but if you are traveling in a rv this take small amount of space and seems to do the trick for a small amount of items

5Expert Score
I believe it had potential to work great

I wasn’t able to try it because the zipper was off track and the way it was made there was no way for me to get it back on track so i sent it back for returned credit..

5Expert Score
Money well spent

I live in an apartment building and i got tired of hauling a heavy basket of laundry back and forth to the laundromat . I have a small washer -spin dryer so i decided to try this dryer in spite of its negative comments. I have to say i’m very pleased. It does take a little more time than a full size dryer but it gets the job done! Some tips: spin dry or wring out your garments before hanging them in the dryer. Sopping wet clothes will take forever to dry. Make sure u assemble in a space wide enough to allow the warm air to circulate. Make sure the heater is facing inside the cover and that u do not block it with garments that will hang low enough to cover it. Be gentle with the zippers and fabric. The material it’s made from can be kind of delicate. Lastly do not use it in an area that is always steaming hot or it will over heat and shut off….this does work and imo works well if u don’t over stuff it.

5Expert Score
One of my best decisions

I love my dryer!!! I like that you can either set a specific time for things to dry or set so that it dries until you manually stop it. This dryer can get very hot. It is roomy. It holds at least eight regular hangers

5Expert Score
Not meant to do full loads is called a mini dryer for a reason

If you do full loads you are using it incorrectly its meant for a quick-dry like if you want to wash an outfit and have it dry in couple hours

5Expert Score
Great for traveling

I ordered this for my husband when he travels and it works great for him. Usually there is only 5 washer/dryer pairs for the entire hotel to share and so with this he isn’t having to try to find a chance to do his laundry. Would order again!!

5Expert Score
One of the best thing i bougt here

I was living in caveman times almost. In my building the washing and drying machine was closed 3 years ago. There is a laundromat across the street but i don’t have time to dry loads every week. This device made it possible to wash things out in my tub and then dry them in this in under 3 hours. I dry towels, pajamas, pillow sheets, shirts, under garments and even jeans. Wonderful. This has saved me so many small trips to the laundromat saving me money. Well worth it.

5Expert Score
Is it worth buying it?

Definitely worth buying it!

The best clothing dryer i have ever purchased! This product is great for tight spaces, does not take much space and it’s perfect for small apartments or dormitories.

Installation is easy and light weight. You can fit about 8 clothes in there. Note, the more clothes you have in there the longer it takes to dry. Less clothes means less time. You can also dry 2 towels or 2 small, though, it’s better to dry them separately and could take about 1-2 hours to dry depending how thick the material is.

5Expert Score
Perfect for what i need it for

This dryer is perfect. I am someone who lives alone so i do not have much laundry to do. My full size dryer unfortunately has been having issues so i got this. For a lot of clothes, it takes a little while to dry. Sometimes you got to reposition some of the clothes in there to ensure everything is getting the hot air. To me, this is not issue. It is so simple to use and it doesn’t not use a lot of power, so i just let it run all day and all my clothes are good to go.

This product would not be suitable for a family, but perfect for somebody like me.

4Expert Score
Was okay

This dryer was okay it took way to long to drive my clothes but it did work out you would be sitting for the longest for 1 shirt

4Expert Score

Used for first time today. Much shorter than i thought it would be, so my long dresses aren’t going to be on it, but pants on a clip hanger did just fine.

I live in a tiny home, so had to close off the room it was in due to the heat. I dried 2 t-shirts and a pair of jersey shorts in 45 minutes. The linen pants took an hour, all were in there together. Will only be using this in bad weather, so i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
Its alright

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Most definitely not for heavy clothes or they will take 5 hours. I’ve put a few items in and one large beach towel dries in same length as an outfit of course this is winter clothes so longer, but takes about 2.5 -4 hours depending on amount, also try and get as much water from clothes as possible. It is better than air drying the thickness of the cover it’s not very thick but the heater heats up the room it’s in as well as the clothes, there are holes at top for ventilation i found it’s better to leave one hole open it makes a quicker dry time. For what it is i fear if i leave it on too long motor will start a fire so i check on it regularly. Very simple set up, no issues as of a week later i will update if something does arise. Yae it’s way better than air drying but i got it because of my pregnancy and covid and of course i live in an apartment. I do like the design sorta.

4Expert Score
Works good but needs work

I really like this product. Great idea works and did a great job drying my cloths. I give it 4 out of 5 because the construction of this needs a little work. I am a seemstress and the actual fabric was not sewn good at all. The inner top and bottom that open up to make the unit stand up and take it’s shape have very sharp edges it’s made of metal and has plastic sharp capsv or something on the ends and were not covered to protect the fabric that is so poorly sewn together. Could have really put soft rubber type caps on the ends. Unless mine just didn’t come with them. The ceramic type heater seems to work good. I’ll try to add photos soon. It’s a great product if it is made right. Which mine is not to great. Love the color of it though. I’m so glad i know how to sew to fix the problems it came with.

4Expert Score
Nice compact dryer for small spaces.

This unit is perfect for anyone who has space restrictions or is budget conscious. The dryer is very compact and a fast alternative to hang drying on the rack.

4Expert Score
Easy up, light weight and economical too!!

Well i haven’t used it yet. But it is very easy to setup, light weight, has a nice pocket for the heating element. Well made holes in the top for the air to escape. It’s a nice looking unit, dark blue with a nice design on the side. It doesn’t really take up too much room, so if you need to leave it up continually vs taking it down after each use. However, that task would be pretty easy, plus it comes with it’s own carry bag!! Which is a big plus. Especially for the college dorm, the back room of a salon to dry towels after washing. More economical than the conventional dryers. I’m happy with my purchase!!!

4Expert Score
Simple concept that can be independently implemented for dying clothes and other items at home.

Low cost replacement for laundry clothes drying
that consist of a small space heater with a built in timer
and a nylon canvas zippered container in which a light weight metal clothes stand is placed
and clothes are hung (i use clothe hangers to pace my clothes to be dried on) to dry
after zipping close the canvas container
and placing the small heater appropriately in the provided slot to dry the items.
Nice simple concept
which can be easily replicated with a vented canvas cloth
a wood or metal stand
and a small space heater
that now can also be used as a small dryer.

With the new portable washers this combo will make laundromats virtually obsolete in the coming years.

4Expert Score
I like it!

So at first i was a little confused on how to use this and put it together. But it was quite simple once i finally figured it out. My only complaint is that i wish it came with metal hooks and a better top piece. I had to improvise and put hooks in there for my clothes. But i do think it dries quite well. Of course this isn’t for huge loads of clothes but for a small quarter size to half the size of a normal load. It does quite nicely for me.

4Expert Score
Does the job

It’s certainly faster than letting my clothes dry on a line. I did discover that it causes quite a lot of condensation, so i have to use it only in the bathroom with the door shut and the fan on. This is fine to me. All in all, and excellent device.

4Expert Score
Does what it says

Problem: the top zipper was broken. My professional cleaners fixed it for me. The dryer itself works exactly the way it’s suppose to. It’s great.

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