Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results AMAZON Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

Looking for specific info?

Does this product have a fragrance? What does it smell like?

It does but it’s sooooo subtle. It smells like weak, unsweetened chamomile tea. Prob bc it has chamomile in it. But it almost just smells like water that’s how subtle.

Can i use every second shampoo?

Thanks for your question. We recommend using dream coat every 3rd shampoo.

Can you curl you hair afterwards? Will it hold a curl or fall out?

Thanks for your question. You can style your hair any way that you would like to once you have dried it with heat and a brush. You can use a curling iron/tools on your dry hair and can use any styling products to help with hold.

Says it is heat activated, i don’t blow my hair dry. Will it still work?

You need to apply heat on your hair in order to activate the product.

So, blow drying is a way to apply heat to your hair. Whether you’re blow drying it wet or dry, you’re applying heat, therefore you’re activating the product.

Same as flat iron. Uses heat therefore if you spray on dry hair and then flat iron it, it will activate.

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Since you cannot add another product on your hair is there a heat protector component on this?

Yes, dream coat has a heat protector in it.

Se puede usar en looks con ondas?

Si! Y dura mucho más el peinado!

I use a blow dryer brush. Is that okay, or do i need to use traditional blow dryer & then style?

I use a tradional hair dryer but i believe it is activated by any heat so blow dryer brush should work as well.

Is this product cruelty-free?

I can only speculate it’s not cruelty free. This product is not found on the environmental working group’s website, and the manufacturer hasn’t responded to this question

It’s on my list, will it go to my cart when available?

It should be added to your cart when the item becomes available if it’s showing unavailable right now.

Does this product contain any sulfates and can it be used on hair that has had a brazilian blowout treatment?

Thanks for your question. No it does not contain sulfates and yes, all of our products can be used on hair that has had a brazilian blowout treatment. If you have any other questions please contact us at

Can i use hot rollers after i blow almost dry will it still help with humidity & hold the body i’ve rolled in with the hot rollers?

Thanks for your question. Please blow dry with a brush and heat and then you can use the hot rollers. It will hold the body and still help with humidity. If you have any other questions please email us at

Do you need to use sulfate free shampoo with this? Love the product.

Thanks for your question. You can use any type of shampoo with dream coat.

How to assemble sprayer? There were 3 plastic pieces not attached to the sprayer. Anyone know how to attach, or was it broken in shipping.

I think your may be broken, well it spray?
My bottle had a clear clip that was attached on the neck of the sprayer to prevent it from spraying during shipping. It comes off very easy and then you are good to go. I have bought 3 of these and they were all the same.

Can i color my hair (non wow product) and still use wow dream? Is there a time span in between?

You can use it anytime, there’s no time span, i color my hair, wash, then i apply wow and blow dry.

I have very short fine hair and it is straight, will this product weigh down my hair?

My stylist used it on n me today. I’ve been outside in the humidy most of the day, my (fine) hair is still perfect. I can’t smell it and i have a sensitive nose.

What does the product look like, it seems like water, is this normal?

Yes, dream coat supernatural does look like and has the consistency of water, but it is not just water. It is compose of polymers that create the anti humidity shield on top of your hair. It does require heat to make the product perform.

Any recommendations for what would work in florida, tampa bay area, where its very humid outdoors for curly hair?

Yes! We do have a product called dream coat for curly hair. This product defines your curls and waves more leaving them free of frizz.

If you straighten your hair then put the dream coat on does the straightness go away after you take a shower

Thank you for your question. Below are the usage/application instructions for dream coat and in order for the formula to work, you must apply as per the directions. Dream coat is applied to damp/wet hair so you cannot use it on dry hair after it has been straightened. Also, dream coat is not a straightener but it is a spray that will protect your hair from humidity. Once you shower and wet your hair, it will go back to its natural state but the product will stay in your hair through 3 to 4 shampoos. Therefore you must blow it dry if you would like to wear it straight but you do not reapply the dream coat each time. Here are the instructions:

shampoo, condition, towel dry hair, divide in sections.
• spray liberally and evenly on damp (not wet) hair. Do not apply other styling products to damp hair.
• blow dry each section using a brush to hold hair taut. Requires blow-drying to activate.
• for best results, use every 3-4 shampoos.

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Fine hair with a bit of natural wave that i scrunch into a head full of curls when drying upside down?

Oh it will keep a curl alright, but it made my hair a total frizz ball. I could not believe it, my hair isn’t even that frizzy naturally, it really messed up my hair, i can send you mine for free! I wouldn’t use it.

Hi, i have thin naturally curly hair. I like to air dry or use a diffuser. Will this product work for me? Thank you

I would recommend the dream coat for curly hair. This product is a spray that defines curls and leaves them free of frizz. It is not heat activated so you can let your hair air dry or can diffuse it. Dream coat for curly hair does not have the anti humidity properties in the product though.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results AMAZON Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

In my opinion, the product is worth it. When i applied it, my reaction was that i expected much more from the product and the only thing i felt was that it had only left my hair softer, the next day many friends told me that my hair was very nice and that it looked shiny, which i i didn’t notice but the rest i did, another thing i noticed is that when i always sleep my hair in the back, no matter how dry it is, it curls up and that day i woke up with my hair stretched out, it’s been 4 days since i applied the product and my hair still looks like i did it that day. I also had to understand that my hair is blonde and that having so many discolorations is not always the first time i will see the same result as someone who has brown hair and a little more care. I am going to explain how to apply it to myself since i have read that some say that the product does not work and i have read that there are people who have applied it and then made curlers, this product is to make your hair smoother, not to make curlers. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner as i normally do, i try to dry it as much as i can with the towel, remember that you can’t apply any other product afterwards. I separated my hair in part and every time i grabbed a strand of hair i put the product on it and automatically dried it with the dryer so i went little by little until i finished and then i used the iron.

5Expert Score
Did not expect to like this

I had no expectations for this product. I don’t even remember how i came across it, but i decided to give it a go for the sole reason it claimed to smooth. I have been getting keratin treatments for years and my current one is running low, so my roots are frizzy because my natural hair is growing in. This absolutely smoothed my hair and it lasted me about one extra shampoo after the first one i used it with. I found that i can use other products with it, which only make it work even better, but it also works by itself. Such an awesome product!

5Expert Score

Today i used this and i was thoroughly impressed. I have curly hair and couldn’t make it to the salon so i washed my hair, dryed my hair with a towel, then i sectioned my hair in 4 and sprayed the dream coat to my hair. I used the brush dryer and my curls became straight. I wrapped my hair and can’t wait to show it off at thanksgiving dinner. It didn’t take long either. Took me 15 minutes. I’m a woman of color and i have 3b hair.

5Expert Score
Bottle of liquid gold!

I have mixed texture hair and it’s thin. So i cannot speak to what wow is like for thick hair! I heard about this product from a friend, and i was super skeptical about buying it. However, i did. It is a game changer for me. It needs to be activated by the heat and i use a hot brush to comb through my hair. It lasts for three days and even after washing it twice now, my hair still is silky and smooth. It’s like a brazilian blow out but without the harsh chemicals and $.

5Expert Score
Worth every penny!

I bought this as my last ditch effort to tame my frizzy mane out here in the devils a$ crack aka alabama. The humidity just makes my hair go insanely frizzy. I have very thick curly hair and that doesn’t help the situation. So after being bombarded on youtube about this “miracle” product i decided to do some research on it and thought “what the hell do i have to loose at this point?”. When doing my research i found out that more product the better and have your hair completely wet and when blow drying the more tension the better. So after i put my leave in conditioner and heat protector on i sprayed this all over my hair from roots to ends and sectioned off before starting to blow dry. I applied more water and product to any part of my hair that got dry. I have thick curly hair so blow drying take me a lot longer than the average person. This product is activated by heat. So anyways my hair looked and felt amazing after i was done. I always go over my hair with a straightening iron after which i did and it was amazing still and added some moroccan oil as well. But the true test was going outside in the alabama summer. I braced myself and went outside for about 10 mins and came back in to check my hair in the mirror and to my surprise and with a gasp i nearly cried while looking in the mirror and seeing that my mane was tamed and frizz free. I will continue buying and i saw there is a curly hair version of this one as well and i will be looking to get that one soon as well. They have some youtube videos online to show how the product should be used and not used and they have a whole line of products that are supposed to be amazing as well and i think just based off of this product i’ll give some of the others a shot as well. Hope my experience can lend a helping hand to anyone on the fence about if they should give this product a try or not.

5Expert Score
Amazing product!!!

It is my first time using the product, my hair is amazing. I have highlights and the frizz was horrible. Wow dream coat leaves my hair soft, shiny and i have no frizz.

Just an observation, only give 3 star to drying power because i used my blow dryer and hair straightener, both!! Because with the blow dryer only i didn’t see results.

5Expert Score
Really amazing product

This product really does work as intended, your hair will be softer, more well kept, shiny, and really overall less frizzy and more beautiful than ever before. As a male who straightens their hair, i was initially doubtful about this product, but it truly lives up to its expectations. The only downsides to this product are the quantity you must use on your hair if you have longer hair, or the cost, but it lasts for multiple days even through showers and does truly live up to expectations. Having to use heat to activate it is a little extra step, but a hair drier or a simple fix is simple for that! This product is 100% worth it.

5Expert Score
My hair has always been frizzy, but i used this product and it’s smooth as silk!

Recently my sister bought this product for me after a long struggle with getting my hair to act how i wanted it to(i have naturally wavy hair, but i don’t treat it correctly intentionally). I was a little bit skeptical of this product but i gave in and used it last night. This morning, my hair is the best it’s ever been! I have never had hair so smooth, and it barely tangles. Normally after i wake up, i have to brush my hair for a good 15 minutes before i put it up and away(because it’s a poofy mess). This morning i spent probably brushing for 20 seconds catching the flyaways! This product is amazing!!!

5Expert Score
Welp, this works

Love this stuff. I have long, thick, wavy, frizzy hair and i live in south texas (i heard you all cringe). I have tried a lot of things but being on a budget, a keratin treatment and/or brazilian blow out just hasn’t been an option. This stuff is fantastic. I wash and condition my hair, then in this order put: leave in conditioner, igk prep spray, and then this color wow spray. I blow dry my hair out with a revlon blow-dry brush, spray it with hairspray and it lasts. I only wash my hair once a week and every time i blow dry out the kinks, it gets shiny and defrizzed immediately. Try it. I hope it works for you!!

5Expert Score
Great for fine color treated hair

I have tried many products and i can honestly say this makes my hair feel and look like i just came from a salon. My hair is fine and dry on the ends due to bleaching but, you couldn’t tell that after i use this spray.
Make sure you blow dry your hair after application and you won’t be disappointed.

4Expert Score
This stuff works

First and foremost; this stuff works wonders. Talk about a dream coat. For context, images attached are before and after (you can clearly tell which is which!). Before was taken after a typical work day, before applying any product. I showered, washed my hair as normal, squeezed most of the water out and waited about twenty minutes (i have very thick hair, so naturally…) before applying the coat. Instead of using a blowdrier as intended, i let my hair airdry before straightening it. The second image was taken 24 hours after doing so, sleep and a full 9 hours of work included. Wow.

P.s. If your hair feels greasy – it isn’t fully activated. Keep applying heat. It took me a while.

4Expert Score
Works to add shine

I’m not sure about drying power and if it really moisturized but it does add shine and that’s why i purchased it. You do have to use a lot (i have thick course hair) so i guess if you use it every once in awhile it’s a decent purchase. Could get expensive if you want to use it with every wash and blow dry

4Expert Score
I like it, i think.

I saw a video basically saying this was a miracle product and i purchased it. The first time i used it, i didn’t like it. The second time (give it a second chance), i liked it more. I’ve continued to use it and feel like it helps with tangles and keeps my hair from feeling dry but i don’t know if it is the miracle it was said to be. I do like it now but it is rather expensive to use consistently.

4Expert Score
Helped me attain a nice blow out!

Not sure if it was this or my new blow dryer so i gave 4 stars. I will try again.

4Expert Score
Great for preventing frizz!

This is a great product for frizzy hair! I started using it as an add-on to my blowouts at blo but the add on cost was almost cost of a
bottle so i just bought my own (i have no shame taking it with me and asking the stylist to use it and she doesn’t care bc i tip her well). I use it on my own too and it’s been great! Biggest tip is to read the instructions! You’re not supposed to use every single time. Wash your hair once or twice in between usage and there’s no breakage etc. Its still fighting frizz that second was. Worth the money to keep the frizz away.

4Expert Score
Controls freeze but only for one wash

It is very surprising how it helps to keep your hair freese free but it doesn’t do as promised to last for 3 to 4 washes.

4Expert Score
Bad shipping!!!

The product was as expected, the shipping was poor. It was placed in a plastic bag not protected and the the sprayer arrived broken. Shipping needs be more efficient.

4Expert Score
Good product

Made my hair feel pretty good. I reached out to customer service and confirmed the formaldehyde was removed from the original recipe.

4Expert Score
Maybe worth the hype?

This is actually my second time purchasing this product, once at sephora a trial size and the second time through amazon on prime day. The first time i didn’t use the product i did not saturated my hair as the instruction indicated and really did not see any difference. After watching a tiktok with chris appleton i notice how much product he actually used was night and day, he made sure to divide the hair in section and made sure to saturate each section. I did see a big different and also make sure to add a bit of tension. The only con is that i notice my hair needs to add more moisture to it because it does tend to dry the hair. Overall is a great product for those like me that has thick and wavy hair and needs a lil something extra to get your hair straight.

4Expert Score
Producto wow contra el frizz

Deja el pelo sin vuelta. Lo usé con el protector del cabello y en realidad me quedó con brillo así que no sé si la combinación de ambos fue satisfactoria. Lo usé por primera vez hoy 1 ero de noviembre.

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