COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black

COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black

Buy COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are comfee’ countertop dishwasher features?

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  • 【6 place setting】- a perfect size(h438×w550×d500mm) for 2-3 people, comfee’ compact dishwasher is suitable for dorms, rvs and apartments. This countertop dishwasher can fit up to 70 pieces of tableware, and a plate size of up to 10 inches diameter. Note: comfee dishwashers are tested at the factory before they are shipped. If your new dishwasher has some water inside, this is normal.
  • 【simple installation】- comfee’ portable dishwasher can be installed easily with accessories and simple plumbed connection steps like other full size dishwashers. Also, this dish washer can be connected to faucet directly (suitable adaptor needed). Depending on your needs, it can be flexibly placed on the table or fitted in the cupboard.
  • 【8 washing cycles】- most of the cleaning cycles, including heavy, normal, baby-care, eco, glass and speed, helped with extra-drying function, deliver sparklingly cleaned and dried dishes. Three more cleaning options, including speed, mini-party and rinse, are designed for comfee’ compact dishwasher, providing high flexibility for you to choose in different situations.
  • 【heavy program】- heavily soiled dishes are cleaned evenly with 12 washing nozzles, accompanied with 360° spiral spray wash to ensure complete washing of all the dishes from all angles. Also, high water temperature, which is up to 68°c, together with high water pressure, offer you the best cleaning towards the most stubborn stains.
  • 【speed program】- only takes you 45 minutes to get all dishes cleaned, perfect for hurry-up situations, like holding a multi-round party. Accompanied with energy star compliant, water consumption can be as low as 2.77 gallons of water, which greatly saves your costs.
  • Rated power: 1170-1380w
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COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black AMAZON

Buy COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will 10.25 inch dishes fit?

I have 2 plate sizes. 9×9 and 10.5×10.5 and i can get them both in the dishwasher. The larger ones lean a bit to accommodate but no issues. So far, i’m super happy with it!

What kind of diverter is compatible with this dishwasher? I need a diverter so that i can use the sink and the dishwasher at the same time.

this quick connection diverter is compatible. Comfee countertop dishwasher is great! It is the best budget-friendly dishwashers under $500.

What is the cubic feet of space, inside? Is it larger (inside space)than the one other competitor here on amazon?

Duration for a wash cycle ?

It really depends, the longest regular cycle is 110 mins, but you can opt for extra drying or extra cleaning which would extend it- i’m not sure how long. I’ve never had to use either of those functions cause it washes and dries really well already!

Can i put this on a heavy duty rolling cart (like the ones used for microwave ovens) so that i can roll it away from sink when i want to?

We have ours on a kitchen cart with no problem to be rolled back and forth.

I have a brita faucet filter. Will i have to remove the filter before attaching the dishwasher?

Unfortunately yes. The faucet must have the fitting that comes with the dishwasher on it in order to couple them together.

Can i use the dishwasher pods

Yes. I use finish powerball quantum.

How long is the supply and drain hose?

Hoses are roughly 4.5- 5 ft. Love this dishwasher; steel inside. Best height for any dishwasher. I normally use 45 min cycle because i rinse well. If you do this i suggest you use only the soapdish on the left. Read instructions well. Hoses will drip a bit after disconnection. I wrap mine with a paper towel and pull an old rubber glove over it. Enjoy! If you use cascade packets. Cheaper on amazon than safeway.

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How can you tell what kind of adapter if you don’t have modern day faucets

Hello, amazon customer. Thank you for your question about the comfee’ countertop dishwasher. You can use a standard garden hose as well. Installation instructions and illustrations can be found on page 13 of the user manual: have a great day! (bbb a+ accredited business)

Comes with sink daucet adapter?

Hello, amazon customer. Thank you for your question about the comfee’ countertop dishwasher. This unit comes equipped with a quick-connect assembly. This does include the quick connect adaptor. Have a great day! (bbb a+ accredited business)

Does it use dish soap

Hello, amazon customer. Thank you for your question about the comfee` countertop dishwasher. Please review page 4 of the user manual attached. There are 3 types of detergents that can be used in this unit. Https:// have an excellent day. (bbb a+ accredited business)

I purchased this model and am trying to connect it to a us standard line under my sink. Can anyone recommend a connector for a us 3/8′ male thread?

Connect with an employee at a hardware store.

The metal adapter that comes with it is too large for my faucet. What would be the next lower size metal adapter i can buy?

I’d measure the inside of your faucet and use that for reference just to be safe.

How do i open the door? Im hoping the instructions are inside because they weren’t in the box?

Mine just pulls open, instructions are inside i believe. You do have to pull with a little bit of force though.

Can this be slightly lower than the drain point?

Gravity does help it drainage better. So i am not sure how much lower the unit can be than the drain point to make it work properly. For best results, i would recommend the unit be at level with drain point or higher. Water best runs downward rather than upward.

Is there any way to run this off of 24vdc power? I would rather run it straight from my rv battery instead of using an inverter.

Union electrician here, i’m sure that will not be enough power. In addition to needing 120 volts, it uses 5.7amps or 684 watts. I would definitely recommend an inverter, whether it’s the kind that goes under the hood directly to the battery or the kind that plugs into the vehicle accessory plug is up to you. The current is the most important part, so make sure it can handle 5.7 amps which translates to 684 watts of power using the ohms law formulas.

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Does this unit heat water? We only have cold water supply in our office

It heats the water.

How much power does the heating element take? And does the 1200 watts include it? We are off grid and its important to our solar panels and battery ba

When running appliances off of batteries through a inverter you want to divide watts by bank voltage (12v) (24v) or (48v)
example : 1200 watts divided by 12 = 100a dc per hour. That’s a large drain

What would i need to connect this to the water lines underneath that connect directly to the sink instead of attaching it to the faucet itself?

A faucet/dishwasher combo shutoff valve

This looks identical to many oem models but the depth is 12’ish deeper. Is the depth really 31′?

It’s only about 32” with the door open. It’s 19 11/16” with the door closed.

COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black AMAZON

Buy COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings, Mini Dishwasher with 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this dishwasher!

I live in a rental with no dishwasher installed. Due to the fact that the landlord is a slumlord, we refuse to have one installed ourselves. I bought this on prime day for a decent price. We put it on the counter next to the kitchen sink and i love it!

While it’s about a third the size of a normal sized dishwasher, it’s super easy to use. I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis so bending over can cause severe back pain/joint pain after 2 minutes of standing and i have no choice but to sit down. With this dishwasher, there is zero bending.

The size is also the perfect size for the amount of energy that i am able to expend in one standing/cleaning session. Before this, i had to bend a bit at the kitchen sink and wash by hand but i could only stand like that for a few minutes at a time so i was only able to wash maybe 15 dishes per day, a few at a time. With this, i can fill the entire thing, start it up and go rest. Two hours later i can do it again. It can hold an instapot and lid with 4 or 5 glasses, 1or 2 spatulas or other cooking utensil (there’s a rack for it), a ramen bowl and a full thing of silverware at once. It can hold regular sized plates as well.

Ofc you need to plug this into an electrical outlet but also, you just connect the hose to the kitchen faucet and turn on the hot water in the faucet then start the machine. We had a previous portable dishwasher (on rollers that we had to move back and forth in the kitchen because you had to run it directly in front of the sink due to the length of the hose and it wasn’t a countertop model) so we already had the piece of the faucet screwed off that the water comes out of…the small piece on the end that holds the screen. Therefore we didn’t need any special connectors or anything. You just push down on the piece at the end of the hose, put it right under the faucet, let go of the piece and turn the hot water on. Super easy.

My daughter does dishes every 6 months and it was so user friendly that she did 2 loads of dishes within the first week. I truly love it.

5Expert Score
Amazing is an understatement.

This dishwasher has literally changed my life and i’ve only had it for a day. That’s dramatic but seriously this thing is amazing. For one is it huge i barely had the counter space but that’s a plus for me because it fits a lot! For someone who loves to cook but works constantly and doesn’t want to do dishes every day this is perfect. There’s multiple wash cycles and all my dishes have come out clean. It’s not very loud, easy to use, just amazing. I’ve hated not having a dishwasher and i’m almost mad at myself that i could have had one this whole time. I thought i would have trouble installing it because i don’t have a traditional sink i have one that sprays. But i was able to permanently instal it very simply. I went to a hardware store and got a standard dishwasher hose. Then a splitter for my water line that had 1 f and 2 m connections. I put this under my sink on my hot water line so that i could screw in the dishwasher hose and my sink hose. Then i just have my water hose in the sink. So i’m able to use my sink at the same time. This was a breeze to do and not as difficult as i thought, took maybe 20 minutes. If you need a dishwasher do not hesitate buy this one!

5Expert Score
Little lifesaver

When you live alone, cook 3 full healthy meals a day for work and home, work 9hrs, and live in a small space, who has time for all those dishes?! I was disappointed when i moved into my new place, i spent my life and raised 3 kids without a dishwasher and never realized till recently how much of a time saver they are, not to mention sanitized, cleaner dishes. Just in the past 3yrs i’ve come to know the luxury of owning one, and realized with sore feet, back, and legs working on concrete, just how nice that luxury is. This dishwasher is a lifesaver! It works really well, even on the shortest cycle, the mini party setting, as long as i use a rinse aid, dishes are clean and spotless. I’ve seen the other reviews with water gathering in the pan etc… Just make sure it’s level! Space saving tip: i didn’t like the idea of having it take up counter space and i have a washer hook up but no washer. I bought a cute multiuse cabinet perfect for it and connected it to the washer line, put the drain hose into the washer drain (see pics). Yes it’s in the bathroom, but using a basin to take dishes back and forth is a small sacrifice. It does need to connect to the hot water, and it comes with a dual adapter (threads inside and outside), i just needed another adapter from lowes to use in addition to connect to the standard washer hookup, $6. Another tip: if you run out of rinse aid, in a pinch use 1/4-1/2c white vinegar in a small cup on the rack or put peroxide in the rinse aid compartment (never put vinegar in the compartment, it can damage the dishwasher). It uses liquid dishwasher detergent, pods are too big.
This dishwasher won’t hold as many dishes as the picture tho, those coffee cups are like mini tea cups, and not much room for actual 16oz glassware, but for 1 person who cooks like i do, i manage. It’s all about organization and it’s wonderful not to have to wash all those work plastics and dip cups, utensils, and tedious things that are hard to clean by hand. It’s cut my evening routine down by an hour to an hour and a half and i have more time for myself and my fur baby after work. I just have to handwash the pots and pans and really large items. I know it was long, but i hope this review helps other single shoppers living in an rv or small mobile home like me =] i love it, best money spent, and i’ve been using it for about 3wks, still works as good as day 1! Just keep it clean, level, and use a rinse aid.!

5Expert Score
Best investment ever

I love this dishwasher. I have used it daily, sometimes two or 3 times and it’s just so awesome. I have a family of four and it does everything, including our pots and pans. I just remove the wine glass holders and silverware tray and it’s ready. Very spacious and bigger than i expected. Came with everything i needed and boy does it save time cleaning. So thankful for this dishwasher, i have already recommended it to many family members and friends. Stop looking and get this one!

5Expert Score
If i had to choose between my husband…

…and my dishwasher, i would pick the dishwasher! I hate washing dishes!! To be fair, my husband has always helped me wash dishes, because he knows i hate washing dishes. I will cook and he would clean, but i felt bad because dishes pile up fast. And being mexican and having a dishwasher for some reason don’t mix haha but did i mention i hate dishwashing.. So enough was enough! I got this for my rented little apartment. It is bigger than u think. Even though we measured it, we had to move some things around because it didn’t fit where we originally wanted it. U just attach the hose to the kitchen sink, plug in and and be happy. It’s quiet but it will let out water from ur sink from time to time during the cycle and that can kinda scare u at first but it’s totally normal. U will also have to play around with it to make a lot a dishes fit, so i hope u played tetris as a kid cuz it will come in handy. But it does fit pans and some small pots..i mean what more can u ask for! My kitchen is always clean now (which is huge in a small apartment!) and i’m actually excited to do dishes now hahaha…so hubby, ur welcome!

5Expert Score
100% worth it

Got sick and tired of washing dishes by hand while also worried about what my son is doing god knows what.

This thing single handedly help me save time, and saved on the water bill.

Do note this isn’t a full size dishwasher so some plates (large ones) won’t fit unless you angle them a bit then it’ll fit.

Sadly, mines is on top of the fridge because it won’t fit under the low cabinets.

5Expert Score
Small kitchen solution for a single person.

This is perfect for 1 person. I don’t worry about how many items i use any more, because i don’t need to stand over the sink every day. The smaller size fits in a corner near water, drain, and electric, is extremely quiet, and does a great job cleaning, and using rinse agent allows most things to come out crystal clear. I still need to do large pots and pans by hand, but that isn’t difficult, since most are non-stick surfaces. Very reasonably priced, and the answer to my prayers. Note: i did need to trim the bottom of the upper cabinet slightly, but i own the property, and it was well worth it. Don’t expect a landlord to be cool about this unless they give you permission.

5Expert Score
How did i not know about this sooner?!

This unit is bigger than i thought. I wanted it to be big enough to possibly fit pots and pans and it happened to cost less than the smaller units that don’t need a sink hook up. The pans pictured are 10 in and 5 qts. Unfortunately when i first got it, i couldn’t use it because i had to figure out how to connect it to the washing machine valve that i have installed at my kitchen sink, running from the hot water line. I use this same connection for my portable washer since i can’t connect it to my pull down faucet. I got the idea from a video on youtube. After a couple returns of hose adapters that i thought i could use on the included hoses, i realized that i might as well buy a dishwasher kit and an extra female garden hose adapter for the other end and then i was able to hook it up.

For the most part, it’s really quiet. I just get a little unnerved that i can hear the water and it sounds like it’s pouring out of the back but it’s not.

So far i’ve used it about 5 times from the longest cycle (1hr, 40 mins) to the shortest cycle (20 mins). When i washed the pans on the long cycle, there were white rings in it. When i did the 20 min cycle, the pots came out fine. So far, it’s money well spent.

5Expert Score
No more washing dishes by hand!!

My only complaint would be how long the cycles are but also is it? Haha its washing my dishes for me! My husband and i took out the section for forks and spoons and it gave is more space. The forks and spoons easily fit on the side flap.

5Expert Score
A lifesaver

I cannot even describe how much this has helped me. I had no idea these little dishwashers even existed till now. I have severe chronic pain and arthritis in my back and knees and standing, bending over and even sitting are torture. I couldn’t even wash dishes anymore. I’ve found so many useful appliances and gadgets on amazon and this was by far my most favorite life saving find. It arrived so well packaged i’ve never seen anything like it. Washes my dishes better than a large dishwasher ever did and it fits perfectly on my counter. Comfee please keep up the good work, the functional practical designs and quality of your products. They are truly a lifesaver for a lot of us.

4Expert Score
Company is horrible. Dishwasher is awesome though

I absolutely love this dishwasher.
I gave 4 star because the company to work with is terrible. My drainhose was over tightened and broke.
I was under the impression i had a 1 year warranty. I bought this in february 2022. I contacted the company in august of 2022. Tons of emails back and forth. I sent multiple pictures. I explained over and over then was told i’d get a replacement once approved. I finally gave up and ordered my own replacement and paid their ridiculous shipping amount considering how much the hose weighs.
I would definitely buy it again if i had too. But i’d probably find a more reputable company to buy from.

4Expert Score
Disabled combat veteran able to do his own dishes again

So when i first opened the box when i got this yesterday there was some damage right to the front top, however other then that it works great! Its been about two months since i last had my in home house keeping come because they are short staffed and due to my disabilities i’m not able to clean my dishes by hand and had a ton piling up however i have now almost completely gone through and cleaned all of those dishes. The company is working with me to get me a bit of a refund due to the damage so another plus. All together though i love it and would highly recommend it.

4Expert Score
Works great

Works great except. They do not tell you it you have a pull out faucet it’s not gonna work right. After some trial and error, then taking parts to the hardware store i finally found the right stuff to make it work. Now it is amazing. A little bigger then what i pictured but it fits, it works, and it’s just as quite as the 1500.00 dollar one i have at home.

4Expert Score
I really wanted to love it

So i got it 2 days earlier which was exciting. I unboxed and set it up right away. It comes with 2 pods and a rinse aid sample to use to i did 2 loads. The first load was great, no problem at all. The second load, the dishes were still full of food and dirty. The pod had also not dissolved and was stuck. I went to the store grabbed a liquid detergent thinking it was the pod that was the issue. I filled both compartments with the liquid gel thinking maybe it’s not enough soap for the dirty dishes. I had it on the heavy mode with the pod and put it on heavy mode with the gel as well and still the dishes came out scummy. I ended up having to just take them out and rinse them myself in the sink which defeats the dishwasher purpose. I decided to do another load and this time put 1 pod and gel on the other compartment, dishes weren’t as dirty as before just a few plates and coffee mugs. Well the plates still had some parts of food on them. Not as much as the previous load, but it’s just becoming annoying to have to rinse out the dishes after they’ve washed. I’m still trying to figure out how to best use it so that the dishes come out clean and will update once i do more loads.

Another think i had read but didn’t pay much attention to was how big this thing is. Now i know before buying something we should measure it out but this think is really big and it fits a lot which i love. I just wish it would actually clean my dishes right.

Update: i’ve been using it daily now and i still have issues with things coming out dirty. The little pan was from this morning. I scraped most of the egg off and the little bit that i didn’t stayed stuck in the pan. My plates came out with leftover food as well. I’m not the most satisfied with this product at all.

2nd update: i did change my 2 star to 4 star bc i do love it! It saves me time and it does a really good job. I wash most of mt dishes on the speed cycle and they come out looking nice. I do however still get some dishes that are dirty still on occasion. I would still 100% recommend and if you are looking into buying one, this dishwasher can do a good job! Only thing is that it might not fit on your countertop as it’s intended to! Don’t forget to measure!

3rd update: after having it for a few months i love my dishwasher. It can fit a good amount of dishes and makes life so much easier! It does still leave some dishes dirty at times but maybe it’s something i’m doing wrong. Overall i would recommend and wouldn’t go back to not having it!

4Expert Score
Does an excellent job of washing dishes thoroughly

This product is good. Washes dishes throughly. I have never had a dishwasher before so i can’t compare it to other dishwashing machines. On the negative side, a heavy wash cycle takes over an hour to complete. The instructions provided don’t indicate that you have to press the small red button on the side of the sink connector to relieve the pressure created by the machine. If you don’t press the red button and try to disconnect the connector without relieving the pressure, you will be unpleasantly showered with high pressure water. If the water is still hot this can be dangerous. Other than that the machine appears to do its job adequately.

4Expert Score
Very good for price and size!

Originally i did believe it would be smaller, however, i did have the space for it. And it fit well between my metal shelving but the quick connect hose it came with is shorter than needed so i had to move it.

The good stuff. It has a lot of space. And it has been cleaning extremely well. I personally rinse my dishes before using but my girlfriend does not usually and they still come out well but i highly recommend rinses them out or you’ll get stuck with debris at the bottom and then you’ll have to remove it by hand.

4Expert Score
Perfect for small kitchen

This is a great product, the only complaint that i have is the setup is not that easy if you want to plumb it under your sink and not use the sink faucet. The problem is that the drain tube has to be level with the machine or going downward for the drainage to work. I was able to get something going but the part that pushed the water out to drain is not very strong.

4Expert Score
Pretty great

Disclaimer: i hate washing dishes.

This dishwasher is a good size for a household of two or less. You could use it in bigger households but you will have to use it multiple times a day.

It cleans very well, easy to set up and use. Good deal for the price. It does not dry very well at all but that’s okay i just put the dishes in the dish rack to dry when they’re done washing. Or i leave the dishwasher door open.

4Expert Score
Great little machine

I replaced my large, broken dishwasher with this small unit since i live alone now. This works great! I’m saving space and money. I don’t have a lot of dishes to clean anymore so this was a perfect option. It cleans very well!

4Expert Score
Very easy to use, but a little smaller than i expected.

It is easy to use. To wash dishes.

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