ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat – 3/4 Inch Thick Perfect Kitchen Mat, Standing Desk Mat – Comfort at Home, Office, Garage – Durable – Stain Resistant – Non-Slip Bottom (20′ x 32′, Black)

What are comfilife anti fatigue floor mat – 3/4 inch thick perfect kitchen mat features?

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  • Anti fatigue mat: the comfilife anti-fatigue floor mat enhances comfort while standing. It is professionally engineered and can be used as padded kitchen mat or for your standup desk that is guaranteed not to lose support over time
  • High quality materials: manufactured from superior materials, the comfilife cushioned mat core is made of 3/4′ thick, high-density foam that reduce discomfort on feet, knees, legs, and back while standing for an extended period
  • Multi-use floor mat: the comfilife standing pad is exceptional for your office while standing at your desk, the kitchen while doing dishes, the laundry room while folding clothes and while working at your workbench
  • Stain resistant surface: this ergonomic mat is durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Its non-slip bottom enhances safety
  • Lifetime satisfaction: comfilife is trusted by hundreds of thousands happy customers around the world. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a lifetime money back or replacement guarantee with no questions asked
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Looking for specific info?

Can i roll my computer chair over this?

Well, you can, but it is not really made for the chair to sit on. Sitting in your chair, you won’t notice any extra cushion. It is made to cushion your feet, legs and back while standing. When i roll my computer chair into place, i pick up the mat and stand it on its side between the wall and file cabinet, to avoid wear and tear on the mat.

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Is this safe to use on hardwood floor?

Yes! I placed it in my kitchen with hardwood floors. It has been wonderful and helps my feet tremendously. Going to order one and place in my laundry room.

Do the edges stay flat? Do the edges curl up?

The edges are beveled and so far stay flat to the floor. No curling.

Can u mop or wipe clean with a towel?

Very easy to clean. Just wipe with damp towel.

Can this mat be used out doors? Want to use it at the grill which is under a roof.

I can’t speak to the durability or longevity of using it outdoors, but i really don’t see why not. Especially if it’s a under a roof, i think it’ll work just fine outdoors.

What materials are used?

Not sure of the materials but it is very spongy and must be some kind of rubber composite, i can tell you that it cleans easily, feels great to stand on and i think will be durable, i have had mine for a little over a month and it is holding up really well. It is not cloth or nor does it have any cloth involved in the materials. I am sure that the manufacture has a list of what it is made of, so you can contact them. I also have a cat and she has not shown any interest in using it for a scratching mat.

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Where is it manufactured?

On the company website: ‘we are proud to call sunny san diego, ca our home. We have in house designers working day and night to improve our products in order to better serve you. Our products are designed in the usa and manufactured overseas’

How can i purchase it in 70” +- ?

I don’t think you can. We bought the largest available which i think is 39 inches. I wish they could be had in longer lengths but they are still nice nonetheless.

Does this come folded

The mat comes flat and not folded.

Does this mat have an odor?

When i first got it, i thought it had a bit of a rubbery smell to it, but part of that might have been because it was brand new. Once i took it into work and was standing on it every day, i could not really smell it. I was very happy with using it at my sit/stand desk. It really helps your knees and ankles.

Anu updates about how long, if at all, it takes these mats to curl up?

I have only been using my mats for a couple weeks. They have not curled up at all. It doesn’t look like the design is such that they would curl. They are guaranteed for life. The manufacturers encourages you to register your mats. Sounds good to me. Don’t bend them…keep the mats flat. God bless you! May you make a wise decision.

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Can the dimensions be more specific? Is 39 the width or the length?

The anti fatigue mat i ordered was, width 32 inches and length 20 inches.

Can i cut the mat so it fits into the corner of my desk area?

Yes, the mat can be cut with no damage to the part(s) you use. I got the biggest size and cut off one side so it fits right between the legs of my standing desk.

When will you have more denim in 39×20 size? Is it truly a light blue color (or the color shown in the desc) or a brighter color like some say?

It is a sky blue like the color of a kris winter morning in new england just before it snows

I placed my order on 09/12 and the product says in stock but 10 days later it still has not shipped. Any thoughts?

Give it one more week. It may be staffing issues.

If a cat has peed on it, is there any way to get the smell out?

Not sure. You probably can ask comfilife.

Can you stand on it with heels

I am not sure. I haven’t tried. I am able to kick off my shoes under my desk. I think a wedge or squarish heel would work but not much else.

Is this mat pet stain resistant?

My comfilife is in the bathroom. The only liquid that can stain there is clorox. From time to time some clorox splashes on the mat when i’m cleaning the toilet. I take a damp sponge (clear warer), stand the mat on its side, wipe down the bottom and top of he mat, replace the mat. I haven’t noticed any bleach stains. Also,the working side of the mat is covered with some sort of protective coating making it easy to clean.

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I need the brown one…only showing black available…?

I thought they had colors you could click on and pick the one you want

Is this mat water resistant?

Yes it’s water resistant

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Terrific comfort

These are terrific mats if you don’t mind a little migration. They’re terrifically comfortable. I bought the first one to replace a fluffy tub mat that shed too much in front of our dogs’ food and water dishes. I thought, hey, why not give our older dogs (10 and 8.5 in late 2022) a cushier place to stand? The double-wide is just a wee bit shorter than the width of their food and water place mats and, at first my dachshund/pit-bull mix stood just to the side of the mat. It was something new, after all. But it didn’t take long. In just a day or two, he was right on top of it and now, he always is and so is our hound dog so they both must love it.

I didn’t realize that we would fall in love with the mats, too. I have a gel mat i used to use in a previous house whenever i had to stand on the tile floor to fold laundry or cook or bake–oh how i loathe tile floors! (we have wood here, so much more forgiving to feet, but my husband has taken over almost all of the cooking, thankfully.) anyway, we now live with my mother who said to me a few days after we’d had the new comfilife mat, ‘i think we should get another one for in front of the refrigerator?’ (the only spot of the kitchen not covered by a rug.) and so we did and are very happy we did.

Except for one tiny issue. The mats migrate. I’m always having to pick them up and put them back where they need to go and, because both are in the kitchen, this most often means i’m trapping a crumb under them and grinding it into the hardwood and the bottom of the mats. Probably not a big deal and they’re just so comfortable underfoot–no comparison at all to that gel mat i had for my tile floor. By comparison, that inconsequential gel mat is the equivalent of walking on rocks with a thin sprinkling of cut grass overtop, while the comfilife mat is like walking on a 3-foot by 2-foot by 3-foot tall stable marshmallow. Cushy!

5Expert Score
This is a great price performer…and so comfy.

I am a pretty active home chef. When i am cooking for a party, i can literally spend hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking. We have hardwood floors and i found that after a few hours, my legs would get really tired. I have a friend that had a mat, but i didn’t want the ‘high-priced version’ he had. This one was exactly the size i needed and had a very reasonable price point. I figured i would give it a try. I am glad i did. It is thick and has good cushioning. It is smooth on the surface which makes cleaning a breeze, just a good wipe with a wet rag does the trick. They come in a variety of colors, so you should be able to find one to go with your kitchen decor. I cooked for a dinner party a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised that my legs were not tired at the end of the day. Just a word of warning, the manufacturer tells you not to roll or fold the mat. When it arrived, it was in a very large box. This was not a problem for me at all since i have a large, private front courtyard in my house. If you live in an apartment building, just know that the box will be slightly larger than the dimensions of the mat you order. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this mat.

5Expert Score

I found out about these when i went to a hospital i deliver to. I never even knew something like this existed. They had one, and i love going there cuz of their mat. Occasionally i’ll have to wait 20 minutes or so for them to get their stuff ready. As long as i could stand on their mat (and that’s with my shoes on) i didn’t really care. I had to get one for myself.

This puppy is awesome. I have it in my kitchen. I stand on it when i’m making my salads, dinners, etc. If i’m wearing my shoes when i come in the house, i walk around it. Once i take my shoes off, then i’ll walk on it often. I’ve had it for a bit, so the new toy feel is gone. Yet i still occasionally walk over there just to stand on it.

As an aside, every friend i’ve had in here has also enjoyed it. One has a bad back, and she’s going to get one. This is probably the one product in my home that gets 5 star reviews from my friends. I have exercise equipment, a reverse osmosis system, and a few other things in here. This gets the most positive feedback, questions, and general interest from people who come over.

5Expert Score
Great mat for my aching feet!

This mat has just the right amount of cushion for my aching feet! I have bone spurs so standing in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking for long periods of time can literally be a pain! I tried another mat that was slightly thinner but found that 3/4′ inch is the way to go! This mat is cushiony yet firm and worth the money! I only wish this company would come out with some mats with classy patterns so it would jazz up my kitchen floor, but i wonder if it would mess with the functionality? Not sure if it only applies to shoes, but i’ve heard that different colored foam materials provide different levels of support.

5Expert Score
Great kitchen and standing desk mat

I really like this mat, and will be buying more. It is a great thickness, providing good cushioning and support at the same time. I also like that the top surface is non-porous and smooth so you can easily clean it and disinfect it. It comes in several sizes and many colors. I picked a longer, narrower shape for in front of my kitchen sink which offered comfortable working along a good amount of counter area without taking up too much space on the floor. One note is that the manufacturer says it should be shipped flat. Amazon did ship mine flat but it was packed in a giant box that probably could’ve held 10+ mats stacked on top of each other.

5Expert Score
Whoa those colors are too bright! But…..

I ordered the teal because that’s an accent color in my home but wow it was so bright and intrusive. Definitely not a soft cozy teal. As soon as you walked into my kitchen your eyes were drawn to that mat and it wasn’t pleasant. I watched the reaction of my mom and my husband when they saw it. They had no idea it was there until they walked around the island and neither of them had good reactions. My husband looked at me like “are you serious?!”
it was just way too bright. I was disappointed because it was so comfortable to stand on and very durable. I exchanged it for the rose gold…. Perfect! It blends into the decor without being intrusive. I absolutely love it! So easy to clean too!

5Expert Score
Great quality mat for a kitchen, thick and comfortable.

Nothing to dislike. I tried several other mats from other companies, but the comfilife anti fatigue floor mat is the best. My kitchen has the sink and refrigerator against a wall, but the stovetop is on a right-angle arm protruding a short distant from the sink. So, i cannot use one long mat. I need a separate mat, one each for the refrigerator, sink, and stovetop. I purchased one mat only from comfilife to test the quality, a comfort test. Not only that, but i am so pleased, i will purchase the other two mats, i need for the kitchen, from comfilife.

5Expert Score
Thanks! Package delivered flat in large box-no rolling up : )

Looking for a good mat. Disappointed w/ ones from costco. They would have pieces break off after a month or 2 and small crumbs would gather in grooves. So far, this mat is great. More cushion than costco ones too!
Read review that a couple people said that mat was rolled up even though it said to deliver flat. Today ups pulled up with a large flat box. Just what i wanted!

5Expert Score
Soooo comfortable

This is my third mat lately because i have that big of a kitchen, of which i spend literal hours in. This is such a comfort to my feet, and i am truly thankful for such a wonderful product. I have many problems with my back, hips, and bad neuropathy in my feet, yet these mats allow me to still work much more comfortable.

5Expert Score
Terrific support for weary legs

I have purchased these anti fatigue mats and love their resilience and support. Have tried other anti fatigue mats but they don’t compare to the comfilife anti fatigue mats. Save yourself some time, money and energy but the comfilife anti fatigue mats from the start…you won’t regret your purchase.

4Expert Score
Cushioned well for standing

We replaced our old floor mat rug in front of the sink with this. It took a couple days to get used to, but is very cushy and comfortable while standing for several minutes at a time to wash dishes. The one downside is that because it’s not porous like the rug i’m used to, when i’m not paying attention and slosh water around, the water pools on the mat and i have to wipe it up before someone slips. It does wipe easily. Cushioning level is not too thick, not too thin. I might consider getting one for in front of my laundry machines.

4Expert Score
Very good but yes it does slip

I would have given this 5 stars. The only thing that i don’t like is that ‘yes it does slip’. I have a ceramic kitchen floor, and i am constantly adjusting for slippage. I have now stood for 4 hours straight doing prep work, baking, dinner and then clean-up. I can honestly say that standing on a hard ceramic floor, even with comfortable shoes on bothers me after just a few hours. This mat has given me relief from tired red and sore feet. No pain at the end of the day from cooking and clean-up! Nice!

4Expert Score
Good comfort with great color selection

Good selection of colors. Was delivered quick !

4Expert Score

Works as advertised.

4Expert Score
Super cushiony!

I like the runner. But the color is “off”. I purchased brown and it more of a reddish brown/ medium brown and i need a dark brown/ espresso. So i will unfortunately be returning it.

4Expert Score
Perfect for work and home!

I noticed an instant difference in pressure with my legs and back

4Expert Score
Very comfortable

Wish it was longer

4Expert Score
Great but tears easily

Loved everything till it started to tear apart so quickly.

4Expert Score
It’s a little thicker than expected.

These mats are definitely soft on the feet and comfortable for long periods of time. It required a little time to adjust to the thickness of the mats as i walked around my kitchen. These mats are not suitable for the elderly who shuffle when they walk. These were a definite tripping hazard when my 91 year old mother visited.

4Expert Score
Does not stay in place

Only issue is that they do not stay in place. They move slightly after walking on them a few times

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