Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips)

Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) : Industrial & Scientific
Command Large Picture Hanging Strips: Command white large picture hanging strips let you decorate how you want, when you want, during the holidays without damaging surfaces. A great home improvement item this christmas season, picture hangers stick on a variety of smooth surfaces without leaving holes, marks or residue. Hang your favorite holiday decor, christmas pictures and seasonal artwork with these wall hanging strips to create a winter wonderland in your living or working space. Mount these picture strips on painted walls, finished wood and tiles and enjoy the damage free hanging of your favorite holiday decorations. Perfect for home renovators and students, use these command picture hanging strips in your home, office, apartment or dorm to elevate the appearance of your living or working space this christmas without tools. Directions are included that show how to use the 3m wall hanging strips correctly. A clever decorating solution that doesn’t damage surfaces, these wall hanger strips will help you fearlessly change your space this holiday season. One package contains 14 pairs of large white picture hanging strips. Four adhesive strip pairs hold up to 16 pounds with a maximum frame size of 24 x 36 inches. Decorate, organize and celebrate damage free with command.

What are command large picture hanging strips features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Maximum frame size 24 x 36 inches: one package includes 14 pairs (28 strips total) of the command large picture hanging strips; four wall adhesive strip pairs hold 16 pounds; maximum frame of 24 x 36 inches
  • Works on a variety of smooth surfaces: wall hanging strips work on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate and tiles so you can create a festive winter wonderland in your space
  • Surface prep: clean the desired surface with rubbing alcohol to remove grime and dust to allow the no damage wall hangers to bond to the surface; the indoor temperature must be between 50 degrees fahrenheit and 105 degrees fahrenheit
  • Usage tips: wait seven days after painting before using the command picture hangers to allow paint to cure; do not hang over beds or on wallpaper; do not use the wall hanging strips to hang valuable items
  • Easy clean removal: lightly hold the top of the removable adhesive strips and slowly pull straight down towards the floor to remove christmas decorations and prevent damage of walls and surfaces
  • Damage free hanging: damage free hanging strips work without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue on a variety of surfaces and remove cleanly when you want to redecorate or reorganize your space during the holidays without tools

Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) AMAZON Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) : Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

What exactly is meant by “pairs” – when it says 4 pairs are required – does that mean that the frame should make contact with wall in 4 spots or 8?

Thank you for asking. Of the 4 pairs used, 4 of the strips will be bonded to the back of the picture frame and the other 4 will be bonded to the wall. These pairs will fasten together to hold the frame up. Here is a helpful video showing this installation:

Will this work to hold up a small floating shelf?

Well they work very well but not knowing how much your shelf weighs i can’t say but if you go by the weight that the strip will hold then it will hold it

So… Is it 36 strips (as in the title) or 28 strips (as in the description)?

There’s 14 pair as stated which comes to 28. Their math is off. You get 3 sheets each one has 8 strips then a half which is 4 strips.

On unused strips, will the glue dry out over time?

Yes, the strips will dry out after a while. I made the mistake of storing my extras in the garage and when i went to use them a few months later they were dried out enough that they couldn’t be used. They were not completely dried out buy a bit tacky yet so i tried to use them and while they stuck fine to the frames they would no longer stick to the wall for more than a few seconds.

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I want to hang a small picture over an electric panel box. It will not hang flat all the way down because of that. Anyone know if these will work?

These might, depending on how far out a handle from the electrical box protrudes from the box itself. These give a 1-2mm space between the back of the picture and the wall.

Do these stick good on magnets?

Hello – thank you for asking. Our command brand adhesives are designed to stick to a variety of smooth surfaces cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Can i use them to mount shelves?

Hello – thank you for taking the time to leave your question. Unfortunately, command adhesives are not designed to mount shelving. These command products are for hanging picture frames. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please connect with us directly at 1-800-934-7355 m-f 8am-5pm ct.

Will this place be able to change the mail?

Thank you for asking! Unfortunately, we are not sure we understand your question. If you have any other questions or wish to discuss further that is in regards to the product, please feel free connect with our team by chat or by phone at 800-934-7355 m-f 8:00am-4:30pm ct and reference this #28003468.

Will they work on acrylic?

Hello. Commandtm works on most smooth, non-porous surfaces providing they are cleaned (with rubbing alcohol, we do not recommend using household cleaners, they leave a residue on the surface and cause issues with the adhesive). Some of these surfaces include painted, stained or varnished wood, metal, glass, smooth painted wallboard and plaster, ceramic tile, painted cinderblock, and acrylic. Command should bond well to acrylic surfaces providing that they are clean.

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Some reviews say these are not the famous 3m product. I don’t want them if they are a cheap knock off of a 3m product. Are they really 3m?

Hello – we are sorry to hear of your concern. Command has created new e-commerce friendly packaging. The package is a white bubble envelope with our 3m command product and details on product installation and removal.

I bought soundproofing panels for my wall. I struggled to find good adhesive to get them to stick. Will these work good for them? There 4 pounds.

It can hold up to 16 lbs.

How do i contact the seller if only half worked the second time i bought them and amazon says sold and shipped my amazon?

Contact amazon via email, then request a phone call and express your concern for a refund.-even if its outside the return period.

Do these hold large frames?

Thank you for asking. The large picture and frame hanging strips are designed to hold up to 16 lbs and frames that are up to 24’x36′ in size.

I never received this item and i don’t see who to contact?

Id try amazon

Anyone else have issues with these only lasting a week?

I haven’t had any trouble. I’ve used these inside my camper where they have experienced a wide range in temperatures and they are still holding. Some of the things that are really precious to me will have at least two on them because of the jarring around.
Good luck!!

Why aren’t they in black and beige

I dnt know, i dnt make them.

Will these strips stick to material, i need to hang king size sheets to a wall for a backdrop?

Hello – thank you for asking. Command adhesives are not designed to stick to fabric or cloth materials.

Can it be used outdoors on a stucco?

I used it on a painted wall and it would not stay,i doubt it will work on stucco

Will these actually hold a 10lbs circle mirror?

Not at all… It didn’t even hold a 2lb picture.

Will command strips stick to a wall with a slick plastic surface? (it’s a cheap splash board behind my kitchen sink. I’ll hang high so it won’t get we

I have used them on a white board n they stick.

Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) AMAZON Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, Damage Free Hanging Picture Hangers, No Tools Wall Hanging Strips for Christmas Decorations, 14 White Adhesive Strip Pairs(28 Command Strips) : Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Velcro won't stay together

Edit: i’m stupid.

While writing this review my single and only braincell started warming up and by the time i hit submit i thought ‘hmm… Maybe these ones aren’t like the old ones i had and have the classic fuzzy velcro side & plastic-hook side’ (the last product i had, both strips were the plastic grabby hooks and stuck together perfect so i assumed these were the same). Dug it up from the trash and pulled all of them out of the bag this time. Sure enough, there second row had fuzzy sided strips and it sticks awesome. Also, it holds on very good. When i pulled it off last time (when i was a big dumb dumb and put the wrong pieces together) it resisted a good amount and once it let go it smacked the crap out of my hand. I am not the brightest bulb in the toolbox but the good news is it’s definitely not falling off anytime soon!

Old review so you can read it and wonder how i didn’t realize how small my brain is:

disappointed because i had some before that worked great, but no matter how many pairs i grab and try to stick together… The velcro just will not grab on. When i push them together, it feels exactly the same as the old product i had, but it very, and i mean very easily comes back apart.

5Expert Score
Better than expected

I used these to hang items in a motorhome in hopes that they would hold up on some very very bumpy roads we often have to take. They did, they are awesome. Probably hung nothing heavier than 4 or 5 lbs at this time.

5Expert Score
Command strips work great!

I use command strips for hanging a lot of pictures and other objects both at home and work. They always do a great job.

5Expert Score
Really good adhesive

I’ve had them up for months and they stay just in place. Great adhesion and just 2 of them hold one of my bigger 16 x 20 frames with ease.

5Expert Score
Work as advertised, easy to apply with some adjustability

Like these alot better than standard hanging methods which normally require some holes in the wall and such. Application to the picture frame was solid and quick, and placement on the wall was really easy. On smaller to medium framed pictures/posters, these should do the trick. Haven’t tried to remove the picture from the wall, and probably never will so no comment on what happens on that issue.

5Expert Score
Love everything this company makes

I don’t use nails to hang things anymore cause command has everything i’ll ever need. I use these to hang pictures. Large ones at that. Works great!

5Expert Score
This does the job!

This does the job!

5Expert Score
Makes hanging picture frames a breeze

I’m sure you don’t want to spend extra time putting holes in your wall to put up those beautiful family pictures or art. These are a life saver! I used them for anything i need to hang! I even used them to hang a wall mirror to a door in my bathroom! No mess. It really holds its own. Just make sure to see how many strips you need for the weight and it’ll stay there.

5Expert Score
Great for hanging shelves

The velcro was very simple and easy to use! I hung wooden shelves and have at least 10lbs of weight on them. I used 4 to make sure they would stay.

5Expert Score
Command is the best

Great product

4Expert Score
Velcro is easy to use and more sturdy than the plain stick

The velcro holds much better than the simple plain stick option for the command hooks. Would recommend this over the other type. The adhesive wears at a similar rate.

4Expert Score
They work fine!

I’m not sure what some other reviewers are trying to hang, but i used these to hang some battery powered lights underneath our kitchen cabinets. Just one holds each 10 inch light just fine. Be sure to clean the surface before attaching. I only took off one star because they didn’t come sealed in a package so i’m not sure if they’re authentic 3m, but so far they are working well for me. I never hang anything fragile or heavy, but for light items these work great and minimize putting holes in walls.

4Expert Score
Command sticks

Very sticky

4Expert Score
Easy to install

The pictures fall off the wall even with reinforcements. Love the product, but wish they’s stick better.

4Expert Score
Great product! However, weight matters most & follow instructions

Forewarning… Long review (with 4 pics) – (but useful tips for hanging)

definitely purchasing more, i purchased 2 packs of 16 to hang multiple items. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on here in regards to the command strips.. However, i purchased them anyway. The command strips did not come in the “actual package” which you would normally see from a store (but way cheaper on amazon)… Which i wasn’t too happy with (which is why i gave a 4 star review, purchased from amazon) however to my surprise… They seem to work great so far with these mirrors. I will review a new one with using my floating shelves (purchased from amazon as well) that weigh a lot more than these mirrors esp when i place items on them. (in regards to my pics)… To the left of my bed are 2 – 4lbs mirrors purchased from target. I only used 2 sets of strips on each (2 sets = 8 strips) like other reviews, that seemed to work for them… I think it’s better to stick 1 strip on the wall & 1 strip on your item being placed on the wall, then wait at least an hour or even 24 hrs esp if it’s a heavier item…. However if using something flat (like these mirrors) i tried to do that & it didn’t work well (but still worked, if that makes sense)… But only because it’s too hard to align back up with the other strip when it’s a flat item. One more thing that i think is crucial when hanging commands, is def the texture/paint on your wall. This was done on flat/base color coat paint in a rental home, the next one i post will be on expensive behr paint in my kitchen or bathroom… I’m in suspense to see how my floating shelves will hold up on that type of paint ! Good luck hanging your items & clicked helpful if you think my review was helpful to ya… Please and thank you! (fyi… This was not part of a promotion, i just like to do reviews to help other people because they’re useful to me… So thank you for all your helpful reviews in order to make a good purchase!) unknown if they’re easy to remove or not.. Will update!

4Expert Score
Loose in an envelope

I ordered these intending to include the package with a gift. I use these strips myself and they are a great way to hang pictures. There was no package per se. The strips and an instruction card were loose in a plastic envelope. I had to open the envelope to see what was in it, and now i’m not comfortable with including this with the gift. I’ll hang onto them to use myself. Looks like i’ll be going shopping to buy a self-contained package after all.

4Expert Score
Pictures still in place

They worked great for me. It’s been almost a year and my canvas frames are still in place

4Expert Score

Does what it was meant to do! I hung small frameless wall mirrors and they seem to be stuck for life! The only negative is that when i went to do the reccomended step of temporarily removing the mirror to press down on the strips attached to the wall, those strips ripped off along with paint and were unusable. This step was definitely not necessary in my case. They were apparently stuck just fine! Super good adhesion.

4Expert Score
Terrible adhesion!

I purchased these to use in our new home so i didn’t have to make nail holes. What a joke. Gave them 24 hours to adhere before hanging anything on them. Within the next 24, stuff was falling off the walls, and i’m not talking heavy stuff, very light items. I’ve never had issues before, but won’t purchase again.

4Expert Score
Instructions no clear enough.

It does stick but i have frames with wires for hanging. I broke my frame when it came crashing down.

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