Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count

Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are crave beverages flavored coffee pods sampler features?

  • What do you crave? Is is butter toffee? Vermont maple? Blueberry vanilla? With the crave coffee variety pack you can have them all and enjoy a new flavor every morning! This is a true variety pack and flavors and pod distribution may vary from what is pictured.
  • Flavor is what we do! We are passionate about creating flavored coffee you will not only love, but you will crave! From the ordinary to the extraordinary, our flavors will add some fun to your daily brew
  • We have it! Enjoy guilt free decadent flavored coffees- no sweeteners & no calories. 100% fresh roasted arabica coffee is paired with your favorite flavors for the tantalizing coffee experience you crave!
  • Crave coffee is kosher certified and compatible with keurig k-cup brewers, including 2.0. ***note: insert coffee pod in brewer and close firmly to avoid brewing error!
  • Crave coffee is not affiliated, endorsed, or related with keurig dr pepper inc.
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Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count AMAZON Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

What is the carb count of all of the different flavors?

Coffee has no inherent nutritional value. That includes our flavored coffes. No carbs. No calories. No sugars. No sweeteners.

What flavors are in the variety pack and how many of each variety?

Do not expect to receive all 10-11 flavors. They are consistently shipping only 8 flavors, and have done this for months. Advertising is very misleading. Be aware!!! Only my first shipment had all flavors included, but not since then.

I received a ‘chocolate cherry’ flavor by crave coffee in a variety box and it was amazing! I can’t find it on amazon though……why, oh why??!!

I typed in the search bar of the main amazon search, k cups coffee cherry, and several different cherries came up. I can’t decide which one to get 🙂

Where is crave coffee made?

I don’t know. All i can say is that it doesn’t taste like coffee and 39 of the 40 k-cups went in the trash.

What is the caffeine content of each pod?

Approximately 120 mg per 8 oz. Cup.

Can i have the ingredient list?

100% arabica coffee beans and artificial flavoring.

Did u get rid of wild raspberry

No i didn’t.that would’ve been nice i thought there was too many cinnamon ones in a there.

Is the caramel a light roast ?

Yes, they all seem to be pretty light roast.

What is the expiration on the assorted 100 pcs? Nothing was stamped on the kcups nor on the box

The expiration date for my pods is on the packing label. 30june 22. Count the pods in the 100 variety box. Mine only had 95.

Does the crave coffee have chicory in it?

I don’t believe it does. It didn’t have a chicory flavor to it and it wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

Is there any way i can buy a variety pack, but choose which flavors i want?

Unfortunately, variety packs can not be customized.

How do they taste if you add whiskey to this product

I’m not sure i can say the flavor &scent is pretty good so i imagine it would be great with whiskey or coffee liqueur

Do you sale a smaller box ? Would love to sample this coffee.

There is only one size box for sale

Are these pods recyclable?

Yes, pretty much everything man makes is recyclable if you use your head. These little cups are great for a number of uses. Kids paint cups, snack cups for nuts. Fun glue projects and artwork. Oh and the coffee grounds can go in your garden. And after you drink it you can recycle any cold coffee warming it up if you don’t mind day old coffee. The labels can also be recycled into neat artwork. So much to recycle and so much fun.

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What happened to raspberry? It was not in my variety pack this time. Its my favorite. I wish i could just buy a raspberry pack. Please help!

Raspberry is a new flavor that has not been officially rolled out. It will be available for purchase in the next little while.

Can i use in the k425 plus?


Does crave coffee come in decaf?


I found tiny borer beetles in the k cups. Is this natural?

We have never had a complaint of customers finding beetles in the coffee, aside from this one. Quite frankly, we don’t know how that would even physically be possible.

First the beans would go through the roaster which exceeds temperature of 200 degrees fahrenheit. That would incinerate any living organism of that size. Then, the coffee beans go through the grinder. Plus with sqf/brc level pest inspection we would certainly noticed that type of infestation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us a

Everytime i get flavored coffee it tastes watered down. Is the coffee strong?

I use 12 ounces of water and it’s strong enough for me. The less water you use the stronger the coffee tastes.

What country is this product from?

United states

Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count AMAZON Crave Beverages Flavored Coffee Pods Sampler, Compatible with 2.0 K-Cup Brewers, Assorted Variety Pack, 100 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Pleasant surprise!

I drink coffee almost daily and i did not know if i would like the flavor, but i do…i love this flavor. There is another coffee brand that has a blueberry flavor and i do not like the taste. But this flavor really surprised me and i love it. I initially bought the variety box and i liked several of the flavors, but my favorite is this blueberry vanilla! The taste is smooth and when paired with subtle flavored creamers, such as vanilla, caramel macchiato, sweet cream, well it is just delicious!

5Expert Score
Delicious coffee

I used to get the variety pack but don’t like all the flavors. Now i buy french vanilla, southern pecan, and hazelnut chocolate cream.
The coffee is always fresh and has a delightful aroma while brewing. Delicious taste!

5Expert Score
9/10 great flavors

I love all but one of these flavors. From the basic hazelnut to the complex blueberry vanilla, they’re all wonderful. Then there’s cinnamon. It tastes like i’m drinking big red gum. I make a conscious effort to avoid the cups

5Expert Score
Great taste, quality, and nice amount of caffeine

I used to buy and try a lot of different kcups but never found the one brand that had great flavor and the right amount of caffeine and was affordable. That is no longer the case. I have only been buying this for 2 years now. I love all the flavors.

5Expert Score
Excellent product

Really good coffee for the money but i wish there was more butter pecan and caramel flavored pods! Bought it a 2nd time and it lasts about a month in our house!!!

5Expert Score
A hit in the teachers lounge!!

I have loved this coffee forever, and when i started at a new school i decided to bring a 100 count box of this deliciousness with me. There is not an english teacher in my department who doesn’t love this coffee, and now we all take turns buying the 100 counts for our collaboration space! Delicious!!

5Expert Score
Really good coffee!

Now i hate kcups and all they stand for but i really love this coffee ️ the favors are so pronounced and you never feel like the flavor isn’t really there.

5Expert Score
Very good coffee

All the flavors are very good and the price is so reasonable. I will be ordering more.

5Expert Score
Love it

I’m not much of a coffee drinker as i don’t like straight coffee flavor – i like lots of creamer. Regular coffee drinkers in the family have enjoyed this coffee as well! These flavors smell just like their flavors and they taste like them too without being overpowering. Great bang for your buck. Will definitely be getting again!

5Expert Score
Very flavorful

I’ve only tried the blueberry vanilla, and was pleasantly surprised with the noticeable blueberry flavor. Looking forward to trying the rest. I expect to purchase again.

4Expert Score
The taste is ok but the price is right

I like all of the flavors except coconut cream which i get often and alot of them. I hate that they don’t give you what they advertise. They just throw in whatever they have available and sometimes you don’t even get the flavor you wanted most. The flavors taste artificial but the southern pecan is really good. I think i’ll just start purchasing them instead of variety because if i have to gulp down one more coconut cream i’m going to scream. The price is unbeatable for the amount you get. As long as they keep the price as is i will continue to purchase them but if they raise it, obviously there are better products out there. I would give them a chance if you haven’t tried them but don’t expect your world to rock or anything but you should be happy enough.

4Expert Score
Nice sampler pack

I ordered the 40 count sampler that included various flavors. I had 4 of a raspberry flavor that i don’t see on the photo or listing so i think the actual flavors you receive will vary. Other listings also list random flavors not mentioned (like choco cherry) so don’t count on receiving what you see listed, which may be good or maybe not. I didn’t care for the raspberry flavor so getting 10% of my order for a flavor not listed wasn’t great. (there’s a hilarious review on here for the raspberry flavor and beavers and it’s origins that i fully agree with!). I don’t usually like fruit flavors which is why i ordered this sampler which was listed as heavy on the pecan and toffee flavors.

For many years i’ve bought and used flavored creamers in plain coffee. I’m learning that many of the creamers have chemical ingredients so i’m trying to wean myself off their use. I thought i’d try some flavored coffees to drink black which is why i bought these. Crave doesn’t list the ingredients for the flavoring on the package.

Overall they are a mixed box (literally as they just come loose in an amazon box). Some flavors are better than others, of course. I did not find them to be strong in coffee flavor and not strong in specialty flavor. I would say they are medium at best. It is hard to find strong coffees in k-cups and so i don’t hold it against these but these are definitely not going to turbo boost your day with strength if you like over 8 oz of brew. I’m about halfway through the sampler and the only flavor i have removed to give away is the raspberry.

The cups are super cute in design. They are bright and all show a woman with a cup of coffee and a cartoon smile on the cup. They are different colors according to flavor. I have not had any problem with them fitting into my coffee maker’s kcup holder. My local stores are selling other brand coffee kcups at close to 80 cents a piece or more. This crave sample was half that price and i appreciate the savings. It’s even less if you subscribe and save.

Who is this ideal for? I’d say it’s ideal for an airbnb, vrbo, str or bed and breakfast situation. The price is right. It’s an assortment of flavors. And they will look super cute in your kcup holder or display. And if guests take them home unused it won’t break the bank. It is also a good purchase for someone who wants to try the various flavors that are available by themselves. Also pretty good for keeping on hand a mixed sampler for company.

The price was great. The flavors were ymmv (your mileage may vary). You will probably find a couple you like and a couple you don’t, but that’s the whole point of a sampler. The listing says they are kosher and that they have 0 calories and 0 sweeteners although there’s nothing in the box that lists ingredients. It says arabica beans are used. In the q&a the manufacturer (two rivers coffee) says there is 120mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. They also say in q&a that the ingredients are ‘100% arabica coffee beans and artificial flavoring’ they also say ‘artificial flavors are considered a trade secret. They fall under the category of gras- generally recognized as safe for human consumption by the fda.’ so take that as you will…

Overall i would say these are good. Some are very good, some are meh. They are not my holy grail but i will keep them in stock in our vacation place that we airbnb out.

4Expert Score
Nice collection for the price

Nice selection of flavors for the price, and something for everyone. Hard to read the flavors on the labels at times due to the font and background, especially in the morning without turning on bright lights, but it’s easy enough to pick a flavor the night before.

4Expert Score
Gave them a shot – and success!

I have been tired of paying grocery store prices for k-cups. So i thought i would try this place. Most of the flavors are really good, though there are a few bitter flavors in the mix. I’ll probably get this again and bite the bullet when its the time for the bitter flavors. I drink my coffee black, but my mil drinks hers with cream and said these didn’t taste good with cream and sugar.

4Expert Score
Great coffee, but replacing flavors cost them a start

I’ve had this box of 100 variety pack on subscribe & save for at least a year now… Every month! I share them with my sisters if they want some and they are great when the family is around for a weekend and such. Loved the advertised flavors (that with the mint mocha). But one time i received the wild raspberry and i loved it!!! Did not mind missing the mm for the wr. But for the past 2 orders, no mm or wr, but coconut cream. Bleck!!! None of my family like coconut so it is a waist of 1/10 of the price. Can we bring back the wild raspberry or go back to the mint mocha?

4Expert Score
Didn’t get the advertised flavors

I didn’t get any mint and instead got coconut cream. Disappointed with the flavor intensity, would prefer more. But it is a good price especially if you are putting flavored creamer into it

4Expert Score
Ease of preparation, but no so great flavors!

The product is relatively cheap. It has a good variety. However, the flavors are pretty similar between them, except for the coconut and blueberry flavors, the rest are pretty the same. Some of the pods came without air, probably these pods are damaged or bad seailed.

4Expert Score
Good coffee

The only thing that bothers me is you don’t get the same amount of all flavors. The blueberry -vanilla and cinnamon are awesome but you receive very few of those. They changed a flavor without notice and it’s awful.

4Expert Score
Good flavored coffee, but with some caveats

The first time we bought this coffee we were very pleased with the variety of flavors in this selection, but a little underwhelmed with the intensity of the ‘flavored’ part.
Some flavors are pretty noticeable, while others are so subtle as to be barely present.
They almost all seem to carry the aroma of the flavor they’re marked as, and the coffee underneath it all is good enough.
Not overwhelmingly good, but not so poor or mediocre to be a drawback or deficit.
They do represent one of the best values in this niche of flavored coffees, so we will continue to purchase them.
Oh, and when we bought the first box, my adult daughter open them up at my request and counted every single one, and we have exactly 10 each of 10 different flavors, so the concerns that others had voiced about some flavors being under- or over-represented were not true in our specific case.
Hope this helps….

4Expert Score
Gimmick coffee

This is the kind of thing you’d get for when your family from wisconsin stays with you and you want to give your 16 year old cousin some fun flavor options to pick from in case they want to drink coffee to appear grown up further neglecting the precious time they have as a child before entering the souless gears of society and realizing the frivolous endeavors of the universe.

While all the flavors are decent, the coffee itself is not the best coffee. Grab some serious unflavored coffee if you’re into coffee itself.

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