Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long

Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long : Toys & Games
Crayola Colored Pencil Set: Product description transform creative ideas into colorful art with crayola colored pencils! This pack features 36 colored pencils for kids and adults to bring ideas to life. The perfect colored pencil set for any artist, there’s a wide range of vivid colors inside to help inspire imagination. Each pre sharpened drawing pencil has a thick, soft point that won’t break easily, making them great for school projects and detailed artwork. Use them as blending or shading pencils for seamless designs, or to fill in coloring pages. Pair with a crayola coloring book for a great gift for kids. Ideal for ages 5 and up. From the manufacturer crayola 36ct colored pencils. The art material of choice. Perfect for school projects.

What are crayola colored pencil set features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Colored pencil set: includes 36 crayola colored pencils
  • Presharpened & durable: soft cores won’t break easily, and presharpened tips are ready for use right out of the box
  • Crayola colors: features 36 vibrant, creamy pencil colors
  • School supplies: prepare the classroom for creative art projects and homework assignments
  • Safe and nontoxic: ideal for kids ages 5 and up
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Crayola colored pencil set details:

Product dimensions

0.69 x 5.25 x 8.25 inches

Item weight

7.4 ounces

Country of origin


Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

36 months – 15 years


1 12v batteries required.

Is discontinued by manufacturer



Pens & desk supplies



Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long AMAZON Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Why don’t the 120 and 100 colors sets have gold and silver like the 50 colors does?

Thanks for your question! You are correct; the 100 and 120ct. Colored pencils do not include silver or gold. We will pass your suggestion to include these colors along to our colored pencil team. In the meantime, please contact us at for further assistance. Have a colorful day!

What colors are the duplicates ?

I received a slightly different box. It says ‘100 different colors’ instead of ‘the big 100’ and it did not come with any duplicates. I ordered it specifically for the duplicates, but i guess i’ll have to buy another 50 count to have extras of the common colors.

Is this the same as the 100 count but with 20 colors added?

That’s a great question! The 120 ct. Colored pencils pack includes the original 100 ct. Colored pencil assortment with 20 additional colors. This includes favorites like:

lobster red
sun yellow
atomic tangerine
outrageous orange
screamin’ green
forest green
sea green
blue bell
midnight blue
pacific blue
dark blue
ultra violet
dark mauve
parrot pink
burnt sienna

happy coloring!

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What do you all use to hold your pencils as they are hard to get out of the box?

These are standard pencil length (not their short version), so a pencil case or pouch, old cigar box, shoe box, or plastic bag will work. A lot of artists will store them in canisters or cups for easier viewing. There are also pencil cases (binder style holder with elastic loops to hold the pencils) that are nice too.

Is there a sharpener? How often do the pencils need sharpening

There might be a sharpener in the back but i don’t remember. It depends on how much you use them on how much you have to sharpen them. Great pencils i have bought a lot of pencils off amazon i color a lot.

Can anyone recommend a sharpener for these? Buy this one? Don’t buy that one? Kind of answer.

I read a comment when i ordered my crayola colored pencils where an artist recommended a manual handheld sharpener, so i ordered one. It is the prismacolor premier pencil sharpener & sells on amazon for just over $7. I love it. It catches all the shavings & sharpens really nicely. I bought it as an interim replacement for an electric sharpener i had that broke down after about 15 yrs of use. I don’t plan on replacing it. This one works great. Here is the link for it here on amazon. Https://

Are these made in usa?

It says on the box made in brazil

How long are these pencils?? Are they the long ones or are they short!!

They are long like a standard pencil.

Does anyone know what the 20 colors are in this set vs the 100 set?

Just to clarify, there are two sets of 100. The 100 pack is actually 60 colors, with the add’l 40 repeats. The other is 100 different colors.

Last week these were 6.99 now they are 9.00 more, why such a huge price jump? You can get 24 pencils for 3 dollars..

I’m sorry but all sellers buy from different wholesalers and different quantities, if you buy 20000 pieces you can sell for 6.99 if we buy 120 pieces we have to sell for more there a lot of vendors on amazon we all can’t and don’t buy the same way thanks for the question and keep searching until you find the price that fits your budget

Are the names of the colors written on the pencils?

Absolutely! The names are right on the pencils in gold.

How well do they sharpen? I have a bostich sharpener that can do blunt or pointed but my previous crayola pencils would break. Same w/other sharpeners

I have a scholar sharpener and it sharpens them real good. They will tend to break if you try to get a very sharp point on them. I would not use any other pencil. I love the crayola’s.

Buen dia. Quisiera saber sin estos colores son de tamaño normal de los clasicos. Pasa q compre hace poco unos y eran muy pequeños

Son de tamaño normal! 🙂 están super bien

Have you guys consider doing the same amount with the twistables and giving them a better box?

Not at this time….

Is color good

The description on the box states, ‘bright, bold colors.’ these pencils are neither of these things. The output of color from pencil to page is very light for all but the darkest colors and increased pressure results in nothing more than a broken tip. Sharpening is hit or miss and, more often than not, yields further breakage.

If i order the 2 pack how many boxes im i getting? Are they the same

You will get 2 identical boxes each containing 50 colored pencils.

Does the box come shrinkwrapped or in any kind of factory plastic wrapper, or is it just an open box? Thanks

It is just an open box.

My package was received but they are unable to locate it

This is not an issue with the product, but an issue with the seller. Contact them to find out what the issue is.

Is this the largest set of crayola colored pencils available?

It sure is! The 120 ct. Colored pencil box is our largest collection of pencils available currently. Hope you enjoy your wide array of colors to work with!

I lost my box can someone please post a picture of the back of the 100 count box?

Check amazon’s product photos, there are two pictures of the back of the box. You can zoom in on them.

Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long AMAZON Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies, Assorted Colors, 36 Count, Long : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works great for school

My teenage 8th grader came home from school saying colored pencils were now a necessity for school two months in. They needed more colors than just the standard 10 or 12, so they picked out this set that covered the colors they needed for school. These arrived quickly with prime, didn’t break the bank, and now my teen should be completely set for the school year now!

5Expert Score
Was bought as a gift

As a nurse i deal with geriatric residents they love receiving these as gifts it keeps them occupied coloring adult coloring books for a couple of hours a day.

5Expert Score
Daughter uses these

Got these for my daughter and she loves them.

5Expert Score
Plenty of colors

These work well on my adult coloring books.

5Expert Score

Excellent quality and cheap price.

5Expert Score
Great product

I bought for my daughter for school. I have no complaints and would purchase again.

5Expert Score
Fun to color grandchildren enjoy

Children enjoy using them

5Expert Score
Crayola always has good products

I always like crayola

5Expert Score
Great colors

Easy to use

5Expert Score
You know how it is.

What’s not to love?

4Expert Score
Great value with lots of colors

Crayola colored pencils, no repeat colors, 120 count
i hesitated buying these because i have the prismacolor 132 set, and a few other brands, including the crayola 50 set. I finally caved because this set has 120 colors & it was a prime deal.

Crayola pencils are harder than prismacolor so they hold a point longer. I don’t have to sharpen them as often. I haven’t sharpened any yet, so i can’t comment on bad wood, broken lead etc.
These don’t blend as nicely as prismacolor, but they do blend. Crayola pencil colors aren’t as vibrant or rich as prismacolor. I have to press harder to get more color on the page. However, i always begin coloring with a light pressure & go over it to intensify the color.
So far none of the colors i’ve used have been scratchy. If you’ve ever used a scratchy colored pencil, you’ll understand what i mean.

In the attached picture, for the hair, i blended red violet topped with raspberry. I was going for an aubergine shade & almost accomplished it. My phone did not take an accurate color of my picture. The actual color ended up deeper & richer than the photo. (i gave up trying to edit the photo to depict the correct color.)
for some reason, i colored the beads first with tickle me pink, when i decided on the color of the elk, not sure what it is, the beads were too light so i went over them with fiery rose. That color is showing fairly accurate in the photo. The greens are off slightly too.

The pencils don’t have numbers, but they do have color names which can be hard to read depending on your lighting. There aren’t any metallic colors. I wanted silver for the crown, but used warm gray in its place.

I thought i was going to have problems with the flimsy box, but the pencils are packaged in lift out containers, 2 containers hold 36 pencils each, & 2 containers hold 24 each. The containers have a tall side which is designed to be put back in the box with the tall side against the side of the box, storing them this way will make the box stronger. I think i’ll label each container with the color names & swatched colors showing the pencils in that box.

So far i’ve had a great experience with this set of 120 colors. I feel they are a good value for a budget colored pencil.

The photo is from dimensions: a 3d-inspired coloring book, françois gautier (author)

4Expert Score
You have to push harder than you think necessary to get the colors.

After being used to colored pencils this one feels a lot less efficient. You have to push or go over the lines to achieve the color you would expect from the pencil. It’s kind of like trying to draw with a thin crayon (what did we expect eh?). So i’d recommend actual colored pencils rather than these.

4Expert Score
Its fun

I liked the packaging and the colors provided and i think 5 dollars is a snag for 36 colored pencils

4Expert Score
This was a gift

This was a gift

4Expert Score
Good pencils for the price.

I ordered these to go along with another set of more expensive pencils. They have some shades that my other set doesn’t have. They color nice but they’re not very vibrant. They’re harder pencils than my others and they don’t break when i sharpen them. The downside is the packaging and the printing on the pencils. It’s hard to read the colors and numbers. But overall they’re worth the money.

4Expert Score
Pencils work great for purpose intended

The only issue i have with them is that they do t sharpen very well. They splinter and the lead in a couple of the pencils just continues to break.

4Expert Score
Package will drive you mad if you have ocd

If you’re looking for a variety of colors, this is a decent set of colored pencils. As for the artistic quality of crayola vs other brands of colored pencils, i can’t speak to that, but these work fine for a coloring book or a child. The wood is pretty hard, as is the colored lead, but a variety of pressure can yield a variety of darkness.
There is a gold and a silver which are apparently shiny. I haven’t really tried them. There is also a ‘bronze yellow,’ but i’m not sure if that is supposed to be metallic or why they didn’t make a copper and bronze to complete that metallic concept. Not many blues, but several greens, pinks, and oranges. It does have all of the basic colors, at least (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), brown, black, gray, and white).
Cosmetically, some of the color names are a little hard to read because they were printed too deep in the wood or the shiny ink covers too large an area, and there were a few that had a chip at the bottom edge of the pencil, but this isn’t a big deal.
My chief complaint is with the package design.
For one thing, i like to keep my colored pencils, markers, etc. Organized in some sort of a rainbow-y order so i can find a particular color quickly. Heck, i could even organize them alphabetically… Just some sort of order so i’m not grabbing at random when i want a particular color. However, no matter how i want them organized, this box makes that impossible.
For one thing, they come organized differently from either of the two orders shown on the box. I know because the pencils had marked the inside of the top flap of the box, and that order does not match up with the top-down photos of pencils on the top of the box or the named colors listed on the back.
So, i tried organizing them based on the names on the back, but no matter what angle i hold the box, there is no way to successfully create two neat rows of 25 without the pencils getting out of order. The box has no interior dividers or extra support on the front and back panels to prevent the box from buckling out in the middle and allowing the pencils to shift around. Furthermore, the pencils will randomly get stuck on the bottom flap and not want to go all the way in, meaning you have to wiggle them around. I tried putting them in from the bottom, thinking that would help, but then when i closed the bottom flap it pushed some of the pencils up anyway. If the bottoms of the pencils are not perfectly pushed together, good luck even fitting an entire row of 25 in the box.
There’s also a chance the top flap could fall open in a backpack or bag, as it is not secured like the bottom flap is.
When i was younger, i had a box of 64 (or 96?) crayola crayons that was several rows deep, with open-topped mini boxes/dividers arranged stadium-style that held maybe 8 crayons each, within the larger box (it had a hinged lid/flap). This colored pencil box could really use some dividers like that. You could add your own, but who has time to do that?
Crayola, if you’re reading this, fix ya’ box, please. Xd

4Expert Score
The package appeared to have used

I love the many colors but wish that the package did not appear to have been used

4Expert Score
Good quality

I bought 2 and i’m about to order another one.

4Expert Score
Great value

Great value, many colors. Better for drawing than coloring. Nice if you need lots of colors but can’t spend much.

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