Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count

Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count : Arts, Crafts & Sewing
Crayola Super Tips Marker Set: Great for any creative project, crayola supertips washable markers can be used to write, draw, or color in large areas. Featuring 100 washable nontoxic markers, this marker set includes a wide rainbow of primary, secondary, and complementary colors ideal for coloring, shading, and blending. Supertips markers feature unique conical tips that can make both thick and thin lines for a variety of coloring techniques. Great for artists of all ages, this 100-pack of crayola supertips washable markers ensures you will always have the color you need.

What are crayola super tips marker set features?

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  • 100 crayola markers: one 100ct pack of crayola super tips markers in assorted colors.
  • Thick & thin lines: supertips markers can make thick or thin lines for a variety of coloring techniques.
  • Crayola colors: this bulk marker set features 100 different colors to make sure you always have the shade you need.
  • Washable markers: crayola washable markers are specially formulated to wash from the skin as well as most fabrics used in children’s clothing.
  • Art supplies for kids: crayola washable markers are perfect for kids or adults to use in coloring books, make original works of art, or to practice hand lettering.
  • Safe & nontoxic: non-toxic markers make a great gift set for young artists ages 3 and up.
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Crayola super tips marker set details:

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3.38 x 5.75 x 7.09 inches

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3.52 ounces

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3 years and up

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Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count AMAZON Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Looking for specific info?

Do these have 100 different colors or do the colors repete?

There are 100 different colors. I’ve been using them for years and have gone through three boxes. They are always 100 different.

Are they authentic?

Yes, i am in the belief these markers are authentic. The array of shades can only be done by the crayola company

Why is the name of the color not on each marker?

From what i can tell, the photo of the color diagram on the back of the box shows only 50 colors, but there’s 2 of each color. I think this could be why they don’t label every marker. A few people have wondered if there are really 100 colors, and people answer yes there are, with no repeats, but the diagram on the box says there are repeats. If you look at the little diagram, it shows only 50 colors, and they took those colors, and flipped the dots sideways and upside down so it’s not so obvious. So i’m not sure yet, but i think there are only 50 colors, and crayola doesn’t want you to know

The back of the box in these photos show only 50 colors, but 2 of each. People say no repeat colors, but the box says there are. Need true answers?

The back of the box in these photos shows 100 different colors. Some shades are very close to the same color. There are 100 colors in the box and one marker for each color.

Do these markers bleed through? And if they do, how much?

That depends on the quality of the paper. They never bleed through in my leuchtturm agenda.

Es confiable comprar aqui?

Hola, si es confiable y los productos son de buena calidad. Saludos

Is black included in these colors?

Great question! Yes, the color black is included in the 100ct. Supertips markers. Happy coloring!

How do you store your markers for neatness and longevity? Horizontal vs vertical?

Great question! We want you to get the most out of your crayola super tips markers, and suggest storing them vertically. Hope this helps!

Buenas realizan envíos a ecuador y cual seria el costo del envío?

Its a great set

Do you have any idea of how much is the weight of this box?

Thank you for your inquiry
the weight of this product is:
2 pounds 1.4 oz

Are these good to use on wood? Would like to use for wood ornaments.

You can use them on a light wood, however they are not opaque and you will still see the grain of the wood through the color of the marker.

Could you use the super tips for a chipboard craft?

Hi! Since the markers are washable, i would not recommend it. The colors may run together.

Will these work on yupo paper?

I don’t know if they will are not they do work on a lot of different kinds of paper,my kids use them for a lot of art projects at school with different kinds of paper. So i don’t know if they will are not. I am sorry i can’t help.

How are these different than the ultra clean crayola markers? Both equally washable? Marker tip size on paper different?

Not all crayola markers are created alike. Our super-tips markers are washable from most launderable clothing and skin. Ultra-clean markers go a step further and clean off painted walls. Our marker tips vary in size, too: broad line – 0.256′, fine line – 0.080” and super tips – 0.16′. Hope this helps make your colorful decision easier.

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Where are these manufactured?

It says on the box they are made in italy

Are there 100 different colors on it?

Hi there! The 100 ct. Supertips markers include 100 different colors. Hope this helps!

Do these come with the scented markers?

It depends on which box you choose. The selection of ‘120 markers’ does contain 20 sweet scented markers and 100 regular non scented markers.

Could you use the super tips with the air brush

I have not tried that. I know they are good to use as a ‘watercolor’ since they are water-based.

When is it going back in stock?

They are currently in stock.

Will these be ok on a dry erase board?

No.. Best to get dry-erase markers for dry erase boards.

Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count AMAZON Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, Kids Gifts for Girls & Boys, 100 Count : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
They're super tips, what more can i say

I bought these for bullet journaling so i had access to more colors to add as accents for the brush pens i already own. I know some people try to use them as brunsh pen substitutes in themselves, but i don’t recommend it with how quick the tip wears down.

The pros:
•they are so cheap. So. Cheap. They could be absolute garbage and only work for a day but honestly i would still recommend them for how cheap they are
•huge color variety! I did go to college for painting so i (not to toot my own horn) have a good eye for distinguishing color other folks might not. I appreciate having some colors that are close but one is warmer while the other is cooler, which does happen a bit.
•the tips are, in fact, super! Very pointy to start out and the broad side is the perfect width perfect for highlighting. It is slightly thinner than the average 6cm dot grid found in most bullet journals
•the back end of the marker is marked with the cap color, too, so you can’t get the colors mixed up by putting the wrong cap on a marker
•surprisingly smudge resistant! Not smudge proof, but they don’t smudge under other markers and they don’t smudge pens more than expected (looking at you, stabilo boss) under them. They dry fast, so you also won’t smudge them running your hand over them for the most part
•they start out feeling very juicy, but not in a way that pools on the paper. You can get some good depth and variation in color in one stroke by varying pressure and speed.
•theyre buildable! Not blendable, but they dry quickly so can create 3 or so different shades without a problem on the paper (rhodia 80gsm) i’ve been using

cons (which i will again emphasize are sort of less relevant because these were $15 at my time of purchase and would have to be worse than garbage for me to not recommend):

•the biggest one for me, honestly, is that i can’t organize them in the box!! This might not bother other folks and some of you may have marker stands, but i don’t and this bothers the hell out of me! They’re kept in the box by four smaller boxes which fit two rows of 13/12 markers, which means there’s tons of room for the markers to wiggle everywhere as you’re taking them out and putting them back in. This matters especially because…
•they are only visually marked by color, not with any number or label. I tried using a permanent pilot twin marker to label them after i put them in rainbow order, but they are slick and it rubbed off immediately
•they wear down in time. I set aside a handful of markers each month as one months color palette for my bullet journal, and after one month, the colors i heavily relied on have lost their tip and don’t have much ‘endurance’ meaning i can write and draw with them, but it doesn’t take much until they get less ink and i have to set them aside and wait a minute. None have completely dried out on me in the couple of months i’ve had them, though
•there are no true pastels! Good on crayola for making nice and saturated markers, but there isn’t anything that serves as a gentle highlight i can use
•there are, of course, still some gaps in the colors.
•the caps are hard to post on the ends sometimes. None have cracked so far, but it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility
•not good to use with a water brush. They’re surprisingly water resistant (which is generally a good thing!) so if you’re looking for blendable markers you can carry with you for travel water color painting, they are not it
•they will wear down so fast if you try to apply pressure and use them like a brush pen. Which is fine if that’s what you’re using them for! They still last enough to be worth it in my eyes. But after 3 or 4 uses you will find your upstrokes get thick and the bottom of your downstrokes don’t have that nice deeper color.
•it is hard to get a smooth color if you’re actually coloring with them. This is a general complaint of most water based markers, though. They’re really not mush worse than my expensive tombows in that.

Again, though, my gripes are incredible overshadowed by how cheap they are. I gave them five starts not because they’re perfect, but because they are so cheap they do not have to be.

5Expert Score
Fine tips

Best markers for children going to school. So much control with fine tip markers.

5Expert Score
Best value

Best price for this set i could find. Quick delivery.

5Expert Score

My son loves all the colors

5Expert Score
Bright colors

My granddaughter loves it

5Expert Score

My daughter loves these!!!!

5Expert Score

These are great! Love them! Definitely recommend!!

5Expert Score
Perfect for adult coloring

I have ptsd i color to manage my stress.
These are the best markers you can draw a thin or thick line

5Expert Score
Worth the $$

Great product for the price!!!

5Expert Score
Very pleased

These pens have no chemical smell !!! Fabulous relief there.. I love the 100 count, the colors are fantastically rich and diverse; i didn’t detect any duplicates… And the colors exactly match the lid color in each case. All these things were missing when i’ve tried other brands so i was overjoyed at receiving these…

Now my only wonder if how long they’ll last before drying out. Even so, the price was great for 100 pens so i don’t mind having to buy more occasionally. Thank you.

4Expert Score
Decent markets

These get the job done. They tend to be streaky and the tips deform easily

4Expert Score

Bought for grand kids. Lots of variety in colors but don’t last as long as they should

4Expert Score
Very nice all around

Many coloring markers cost a ton of money ! I have bought some really expensive ones and some less expensive ones, these will fill all the voids and not break the bank.

4Expert Score
Good quality for the money.

I liked the colors
and they write smooth.

4Expert Score
Good value for the money, washes off easily

I use these for drawing on skin… They have every vibrant color you could want in the rainbow. They wash off easily in the shower. They were affordable and did what i wanted, which was give me easily washable markers that feel nice while being drawn on skin.

4Expert Score
Caja abierta

Mi único problema es que la caja venia abierta y un poco maltratada pero los colores están bien

4Expert Score
Good quality markers.

Nothing unexpected here. You get a broad variety of shades of markers. Washes off easily from my daughter hands and clothes. The box top opens up nicely so it’s reusable and easy to open/close during use.

4Expert Score
Great markers, but disappointed with the variety.

The markers are fine. None are dried out and the tips are in great shape to allow for changing line thickness easily. As for the selection, there’s a huge amount of blues and greens and some of the colors are so similar to each other it’s basically like having duplicates. Also, what i assume are supposed to be metallic-like markers (a silver and a gold with glittery caps) look no different from the normal ones. I’ll probably be looking into supplementary packs for more color variety.

4Expert Score
Duplicated colors

Not worth getting a 100 markers if you want different colors. For example the blues, if there are 10 blues there are only about 5 different colors. The other blues are so similar you can barely tell a difference. They are crayola so there’s no other problems. Just get a smaller box.

4Expert Score
Great markers

Great set of markers
wonderful for adult coloring books. They completely wash off my hands.

I only wish the names of the colors were on every marker. Part of the fun for me with crayola is learning the names of colors. I was fairly disappointed.

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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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