CreativeWare RM-BEV03 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser

CreativeWare RM-BEV03 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser

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What are creativeware rm-bev03 2.5-gallon bark beverage dispenser features?

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CreativeWare RM-BEV03 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser AMAZON

Shop CreativeWare at the Yakibest Dining & Entertaining store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

I want this pitcher mainly for sangria. Will sangria ruin the finish on the inside of this dispenser as i’ve heard some say.

Ruin, no. But the inside finish will probably get ‘cloudy’ and the surface gets rough. But the pitcher still works fine. So for me inside my fridge it is fine, but if you are planning to display the pitcher for people to view whatever is inside, it is probably not the best.

Is it glass or acrylic

It’s acrylic. It’s much lighter than it would be if it were glass.

Is it possible to just order the base?

My order didnt come with a base

Is it dishwasher safe?

It doesn’t say anywhere on the item. I just hand washed it and let it air dry

Can the spigot be replaced if needed?

The spigot cannot be replaced.

Do you think it would handle items like kool-aid and fruit punch mixes for a kids party?

Yes, i use it for kool-aid, ice tea and other drinks for my large family get togethers.

Who can i contact to find out why my order hasn’t been processed in over a week?

I’m not sure

Does this give off a lot of condensation?

No. There was not a lot of condensation with this dispenser.

Can you use alcoholic beverages ?

Yes, any liquid

Is this glass or acrylic?

This is acrylic

Does the liquid come out quickly or slowly?

It’s pretty average. The little knob thing let’s you control the flow.

Where is the lid for the dispenser

The lid was found turned upside down inside the dispenser.

Will this fit inside a small/apartment size refrigerator with the freezer up top? Is the base removable?

The base is separate when it is delivered. All of the shelving in your fridge, including the door, needs to be removed. Also, invert the lid to make a flat surface. It will be tight but it should fit.

So which is it, glass or plastic????? Title states glass, but others are saying plastic. It can’t be both!?!?! Please advise as to which is really is.

It’s plastic and works very well

Is it glass or plastic?

They are plastic. I ordered and ai ended up keeping but i wanted glass. They are nice but i don’t know how long they will last.

How do i order a replacement lid?

Maybe contact the seller.

Is this glass or a plastic dispenser?

It is an acrylic plastic. It looks like glass and is very strong, but it is not as heavy, so there would be less danger of dropping it when it is full. I am sure it would not shatter like glass even if it were dropped. We are very satisfied with our purchase. It looks well in every setting we have used in, from cub scout dinners, baby showers to christmas parties.

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Package says not to leave a beverage with citric acid in it overnight. Would water with sliced lemons difusing it for long periods damage it?

Yes. Do not keep any kind of fruit in it overnight, and especially lemons. The plastic will cloud up to the point you cannot see through it.

How talk us the base? I wonder what size of cup to use with it?

We used 10-12oz cups. The base is decent height

Can it hold alcohol

Instructions say beverages with alcohol content over 7% may harm dispenser

CreativeWare RM-BEV03 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser AMAZON

Shop CreativeWare at the Yakibest Dining & Entertaining store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Event must have

I use this for an event where i was serving some strawberry hibiscus lemonade that was slightly spiked. This thing performed incredibly. I did the usual water test on it the day before to make sure that it held well, which it did. I would highly recommend doing this test before you use it just in case it might have cracked a little during shipping you won’t be disappointed on the day of the event.

5Expert Score
Love for events

I use these for events and they are easy to use, easy to clean and i highly recommend. I immediately wash with hot water and soap and lay out to dry. They have really held up well.

5Expert Score
Amazing quality & price

Used this for cold beverage and didn’t have sweat. Cute, easy to use, clean and shipped quick.
Very happy with purchase!

5Expert Score
Easy for self serve beverages.

I purchased this to replace on i had for years, it got a little tired looking.
I love this one because the design on the surface has what appears to be rings around it, which is great because the plexiglass part will not get dull and tired looking like my last one. The bottom piece holds the ice and really keeps the beverage nice and cold, the trick is prior to your event just chill the top half overnight, then the next day add the bottom piece with ice. I used mine for an adult beverage, home made sangria. I cut the fruit the night before as well as citrus, citrus can be caustic however it didn’t harm the container in any way. It was chilled to perfection.
I also use it for the grandchildren’s party for a nice party punch. It is nice looking display for any party.

5Expert Score
Great product

Easy to use, didn’t leak.

5Expert Score
Good size and cute

Overall this was a good buy, it was a good size for a party of 50 people.

5Expert Score
Great buy

Easy to assemble, clean and very practical for any events

5Expert Score
Compact and easy to assemble

I bought three for my baby shower, we don’t have much storage space so i was concerned where i would place them after. Once disassembled they all stack within each other and just take up space of the mid section, comparable to a small air fryer.

Super easy to assemble and the pieces come apart for easy cleaning!

5Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised

Figured like every other dispenser that these would leak… They did not so pleasantly surprised …. Bonus that you can put ice down in the bottom and keep it cold we’ll see how long that happens for

5Expert Score
Great party beverage dispenser

Used it to make white sangria for an outdoor party. It was a hit! Everyone was able to pour their own drinks and i was able to enjoy my party.

4Expert Score
It's perfect as an iced-tea | water dispenser

The good: the size is right to have enough for a good group of 12 or so. Disassembles and stores compactly in its original box. The spout doesn’t leak or even drip (of course this is new, used only one time so far.)

the possibly not so good: be aware that it is only for cold, non-acidic liquids. There are warnings in the instructions that state as much. I use it as an iced tea dispenser and it’s perfect for me, but i think the caveats should have been part of the product description which is why i’m mentioning them.

4Expert Score
Large capacity dispenser

This large capacity dispenser is attractive and blends easily with any decor. Easy to assemble and easy to clean.

4Expert Score
Event catering

Was very pleased upon arrival of this pretty dispenser, but once i read the enclosed instructions that specifically discourages beverages with alcohol content above 7%, i must admit i was disappointed. The dispenser was not used for my intended purpose of mai tai cocktails for my luau event, but cucumber water. Had to quickly find another dispenser last minute. Would highly recommend for non alcoholic beverages. Spigot seems solid, overall design is very attractive, easy to assemble.

4Expert Score
Great product, great price & value!

Nice presentation…used for reception

4Expert Score
Excellent quality. A little tricky on the leaking

This is really nice and good quality.
We had to reassemble the nozzle a few times because it was leaking. It still drips unless we turn the nozzle a bit to the right- just a note to be aware if you have wood or carpet where you are serving.

4Expert Score
Right price

Purchased for church functions. A little smaller in size than i expected but has worked so far.
Chose this dispenser because i liked the way it looked and the price.

4Expert Score
Nice size but spout clogged

This is a nice drink dispenser for the price. I agree with prior reviews in that, since this is not made of glass, the product will get cloudy over time. The dispenser does lock, but i use that term loosely. It was a little hard trying to get the dispenser to lock on the base and once done, not too hard to unlock it. I made, from scratch, homemade lemonade and the pulp clogged the spout. Was only able to remove the clog when i took the spout assembly out. Just be careful if you have drinks with pulp, seeds or any other ingredients that might clog the spout. All in all, happy with the purchase as i did not want to spend too much money on something i will only use maybe once or twice a year.

4Expert Score
Haven’t used yet, looks perfect for what i need

This item i purchased for my 20th anniversary of marriage. Ordered three. Came fast, looks as described .

4Expert Score

Used for wedding. Just right. One of my three bases broke, but because clean up crew threw it to each other!! Still works fine without it.

4Expert Score
Worth the price

I like that it was easy to assemble. I didn’t like the fact that the ice holder didn’t really keep the drink cold

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