Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls

What are creativity for kids paper airplane squadron – create 20 paper planes features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Create 20 paper airplanes – create and customize a fleet of 20 paper airplanes with this complete craft kit! Fun for one or a small group, this classic craft includes enough paper to fold, launch and fly 20 paper airplanes
  • Customize your plane – use the included stickers to decorate your paper planes and get them ready for take-off!
  • Learn a variety of paper plane styles – helpful instructions are included where you can learn a variety of paper plane styles. Learn how to fold a plane ‘traditional’ style, ‘lion’ style and ‘standard’ style.
  • Stocking stuffers for kids – big fun in a small box! This mini craft kit is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, rainy day activity, party favor or just because gift for kids. Give the gift of creativity with a classic craft for boys and girls
  • Crafts for boys and girls – have fun while building creative confidence! Since 1976, creativity for kids has proudly created craft kits for kids designed to encourage creativity and self-expression. The paper airplane squadron mini craft kit is recommended for ages 6-8+
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Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls AMAZON Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls

Looking for specific info?

Do the bookmarks really stay on the pages once made?

Yes, they should. Depending on the book, if for some reason they are loose, simply use a few pages keeping the face as the page you left off on.

I bought the creature corner kit but can’t find the instructions. Is there a website i can go to to download them?

Please find the instructions here:

Seriously doesn’t come with directions?

Mine had instructions…or i would have been totally lost. I bought them to use in the makerspace in my elementary school library. Kids of all ages loved them. (k-6)
it’s really a simple project as far as origami goes. It you google critter corner bookmarks, there are some good directions for basic corner bookmarks. The animal patterns are color coordinated and pretty easy to follow by looking at examples on the box.
Good luck and have fun!

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Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls AMAZON Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron – Create 20 Paper Planes, Stocking Stuffers for Boys and Girls

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Kids loved it

Kids loved it and were able to make bookmarks without an adult help

5Expert Score
Quick and awesome!

Super awesome patterns and designs! Paper is durable and airplanes make for a great day of fun! ♡

5Expert Score
Great gift.

Got it as a gift for my 8 year old nephew, he loves it.

5Expert Score
Great gift

We bought this for our 6 year old grandson. He loved it.

5Expert Score
Grandson loved making paper airplanes

My 5 year old grandson just loved making paper airplanes and seeing which ones flew the furthest.

5Expert Score
Fun at 5

These are very small (about 3’x5′) coated papers, solid blue or orange on one side, patterned on the other side. My 5yo son was thrilled with them, but needs lots of help folding them. He enjoyed choosing the paper, choosing the fold design, and putting stickers on them.
When he first unwrapped it i thought the box looked really small and then when he opened it i thought surely something was missing because it seemed nearly empty. However, once we spread everything out, i saw it was what i had expected after all.
The directions are easy to follow and show you how to make 3 different design airplanes. The paper patterns and sticker designs are very cool. It’s a gift we can ‘unwrap’ a little each time we make a new airplane, and of course now we have a handy guide we can follow on any other papers once we run out. I’m glad we got this!

5Expert Score
Fun and easy activity to do with children!

As promised this was a fun, easy and affordable activity to do with children. Loved seeing the different animals come to life with colored paper and stickers. Glue stick included was dried out but, i was able to purchase a glue stick for cheap. Overall, this was very successful.

5Expert Score
Kids loved them!

Super super cute!! Kids loved making these. Took a bit to get the hang of it but once they did they were off an running. After running out they were having so much fun we ordered plain origami paper and they made their own, and then i ordered a die set to use in my gemini and they loved those too! I would definitely buy these again or as a gift.

5Expert Score
Consumed quickly

Grandson tore through these mini planes like a tornado. He said he loved them, i don’t even think that all the stickers were used. The planes were “used” before the end of the first day.

5Expert Score
Almost too cute to use

This was a stocking stuffer for our 7 year old. The directions were straight forward and easy enough for a 7 year old to do independently. They turned out really cute – almost too cute to use! A fun little craft/gift for a young book lover.

4Expert Score
Grandchildren loved these and gave them as presents to book lovers

This is a great activity and the resulting bookmark is great — but the visual instructions for how to fold are very confusing and will take an adult to figure out. After the folding is figured out, it was very easy for the kids (ages 6 and 10) to create the creatures on their own and they were delighted with them and proud to give as a gift to their mom and dad.

4Expert Score
Cute craft project, but no instructions included

My 6 year old loves little projects and has gotten into origami. These were very easy for her to create on her own and they turned out super cute. The only downside was that there were no instructions included, so we had to google them. Luckily we found them, but it was still annoying to not have instructions included. Overall, i was pleased with the purchase because it was reasonably priced and it was a little craft that my child could be independent with (once she had the instructions!).

4Expert Score
Cute but not super durable

This was a fun little project to do with the kids. We gifted some to grandma. It was a little challenging for my 7 year old to get perfect creases so i ended up doing most of the folding and she did the gluing. Unfortunately they aren’t very durable for regular reading sessions.

4Expert Score
Old school toy kept new school kids busy!

This kept my 15 yr old busy for several hours.
In a day and age in which the new tech item is great for all of 7 minutes and then on to the next thing, i’m pleased with this.
Of course i had gliders everywhere in my house it was worth it.

4Expert Score
Very nice bookmarks project

I love these bookmarks!! I truly enjoyed making all of them. The bookmarks are very simple to make and the kit really comes with everything – stickers, glue, papers, everything. Only the raccoon color of the paper doesn’t match. This is such a great idea and i love that it all comes in a kit. A perfect thing to add to a birthday gift or party favor, or slip a bookmark into a party favor with books. Highly recommend!

4Expert Score
Enjoyed present by a ten year old!

10 year old enjoyed it as a present.

4Expert Score
Fun but for older kids

I got these for my 6yo but she cannot fold them up yet. We have to do it for her. I think maybe a year or two older and sh could get the hang of it. She does love flying them though.

4Expert Score
Great paper selection, only a few types of airplanes

Only had directions to make 3 different airplanes… Kind of a bummer for a kiddo who was hoping for an arsenal of planes.

4Expert Score
It’s ok

Small papers

4Expert Score

Kids loved making these perfect gift

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