Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml + Free Shipping

What are dabur amla hair oil 300ml features?

  • Are you sick of hair fall or rough hair? Is pollution and constant use of hair products making your hair dull? The solution for these hair problems is dabur amla hair oil. It nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair strands, from root to tip, to give you thick, long & shiny tresses.
  • Natural ingredient- the main ingredient is amla. It is known as traditional ayurvedic natural hair rejuvenator that promotes hair growth and voluminous hair, aids in split ends, keeps hair shiny and stronger.
  • Benefits of amla (indian gooseberry) – the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in amla help in increasing the scalp circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth. Vitamin c of amla produces collagen protein. Collagens replace the dead cells of hair follicles with new hair cells.
  • Authentic and premium quality – dabur is one of the most trusted worldwide brands and has committed to provide the high quality and authentic products to the customers worldwide. Customer satisfaction is one of key values of our brand and dabur has always done the best for their customers.
  • Direction for use – apply adequate quantity (up to 10ml) of dabur amla hair oil into the hair and leave it for some time (ideally 1 hour). Then apply a good shampoo such as vatika ayurveda range of shampoos. Massage the shampoo well into the hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly followed by vatika ayurveda range of conditioners. Apply dabur amla hair oil three times a week. For best results, use our premium range of vatika ayurveda products.

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml AMAZON

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml + Free Shipping

Looking for specific info?

How does highlighted hair respond to alma oil?

I do not know how it will respond to highlighted hair. I have gray and brown mix and it makes the gray shinning, people have ask me if i dyed it that way. It makes me feel good about going gray.i just love this oil! I hope this helps you.

What would happen to my red mahogany brown colored hair if i use this oil? It says use only on dark colored hair.

I have brown hair with light highlights and i must say i found my hair did get darker in a short periode. However, my hair is softer and stronger. Good luck! 🙂

Does it really help grow your hair ?

Well from all my readings i’ve found that amla oil:1. Has the ability to penetrate the scalp allowing the oil to nourish hair as it grows.2. Strengthen hair at the root preventing breakage and hair loss.3. Helps prevent grey hair stops melanin loss and naturally darkens hair.4. Is an anti-oxidant 5. Improves scalp health anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, treats dandruff and other scalp conditions.|6. Creates better environment for hair growth7. Chelating angent binds copper and iron.i have been using it for darkening purposes. I make my own blend hair treatment (amla oil, castor oil (both of these are good for hair loss/hair growth), almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. All of these oils have helped to darken my hair while making it softer and beautiful!

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Does this oil grow your hair? If so, at what rate?

Proper nutrition and care will grow hair not just the se of this product. Normal growth 1/4 inch per month

I am african american. Will this work for me?! We can’t wash our hair that often bc it strips the oils from our hair!

Yes, i’m african american as well and i love this oil. However, i get the dabur amla ‘jasmine’ oil because the regular amla oil doesn’t smell too good. The one with the jasmine scent in it makes all the difference. It’s great and i think you’ll love it! I hope this helps.

Does it have mineral base or mixed with other oils?

Yes, it’s mainly mineral oil. Why would anybody put this on their head/hair??? The main ingredient is mineral oil. I bought it (thinking it was the real amla oil which is traditionally infused with sesame oil and amla) and gave it away. This is not the traditional ayurvedic amla oil. This is a cheap knockoff that uses the word amla to sell an inferior product. You can buy a box of amla powder online (or at an indian grocery store) and infuse your own oil (avocado, olive oil, sesame, coconut oil … Any natural oil that is cold expressed (no canola oil (think about those gmo’s and pesticides landing on your head and inserting themselves into your bloodstream … Nope!), and enjoy your own amla oil made at home with known ingredients that are safe for you. Very, very simple to make, lasts a long time, the amla smells delicious! I keep a small mason jar in the bathroom with my homemade amla oil and use it on my scalp before washing my hair. Wonderful!!

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I would like to see the ingredients label. Is that info available?

The product description says it contains:
ingredients: paraffinum liquidum , canola oil, palm glycerides, emblica officinals (amla) extract in canola oil, fragance, t-butyl hydroquinone (anti oxidant), colors: d&c: yellow no.10, green no.6, red no.17

Does this oil grow 4c hair? And if how long

I have 4a/4b and omg yes. On january 1, 2020 i chopped about 3in off (which i was so scared because i’ve never cut my own hair before). Today, may 9th it’s grown 7in (recently got a trim). Consistency is key and a heated cap will do the trick! My hair is also more shiny and easier to detangle. I have really thick hair also! Hope this helps !

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Please tell me use amla oil turn white hair again black please reply me

My hair is sandy brown with some white gray hair and i must admit i have been seeing less white hair my hair as never been black but i see the brown coming back, love this product i would recommend it, the only con is i don’t care for the smell

Does this work for men too?

In theory, there being no difference in the interaction between a scalp and hair follicles of both men and women, this hair oil should manifest its benefits alike.

Do i put it on dry or wet hair?

I would recommend wet/damp hair. Oils are not moisturizers, they are sealants. They seal moisture. Water is moisture. Wash your hair or add some water to your hair, while it’s damp maybe add some leave-in conditioner that’s water-based, and then use oil.

My product came unsealed, damaged, and looks used, can i get a refund?

I don’t work at amazon…you must check with them

Do i have to wash it out ?

Yes you wash it out after you leave it on you hair awhile couple hours or over night wear ashower cap if leaving on hair over night it is smells heavy but when you wash it out it smells pretty its a good oil if you do it correct hopeit helps you too

Do i have to rinse it out?

I do, it has a pungent smell. I just spray some on my locs before shampooing or use it as a rinse when conditioning my hair.

Why don’t these bottles do not have expiration dates?

I am unsure. However, i have bought other types of hair oil from stores and i never saw an expiration date on those either.

How does this differ from the gold oil? Or is it just different packaging?

Have no idea!! Sorry!

What happens if i forget to wash the oil out or i don’t want to ?

I’ve left it on a long time and it was ok. I’ve always eventually washed it out. I don’t like the smell too much. It works though.

I purchased this item a few days ago. According to the tracker, it should’ve arrived at my door yesterday. I never recieved it. How do i rectify this?

Give it a few more days and then contact amazon customer service

I am white and have dark blonde hair, would this product be of any use to me?

I don’t see why not. It’s not a dye, it’s more like a conditioner..

Is it an organic product?

We do not claim for that. Thanks!

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml AMAZON

Dabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml + Free Shipping

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this stuff…

This product will not stop hair loss although it may say so. This just conditions your hair to be more elastic and smooth. Lessen the breakage of hair…it also makes hair appear slightly darker in colour. Who knows why hair falls out. Hereditary issues, vitamin deficiency, hormones and my favourite !!!stress!!!.
Im indo guyanese with wavy frizzy hair naturally. This works to tame my hair…you oil the hair thoroughly top to bottom. Leave on 1hr to overnight. I leave for 3-4hrs and wash my scalp well with a really cleansing shampoo and condition as usual. I noticed people complaining about the scent. Its a medicinal oil smell, indian gooseberries…i dont think its that bad…for me it works. I havent cut or trimmed my hair in over 2 years and it doesnt have split ends or looks dried out. I think for anything to work you need consistency…. I wash and oil my hair 2x a week in the summer/ sweaty months and 1x a week in the colder months.
If anyones interested in other indian hair oils…
Ill break them down for you
vakita cactus oil smells amazing and it heavy weight its meant to be used before shampooing. But you can use a few drops on dry hair to tame.
Vatika black seed oil smells great and can used as a leave in after your hair is dry to tame frizzies
vatika garlic oil smells sooo good like lemon and rosemary , heavy weighted and can be used before shampooing. And after a few drops on dry to fight the frizzies.
Mahabhringraj hair oil is a medicinal oil you use only on the scalp to help with dandruff. You must wash it out.
Navratna oil is for cooling and tingling of the scalp..meant to help with waking up the scalp. Must be washed out.
Ive used all these oils and they all have their benefits. You can mix them as you like. I use mahabhringraj oil on my scalp for dandruff and the rest of the hair gets amla,garlic, cactus depending on my mood…
Im going to tell you the best indian hair advice i know to growing out your hair….oil it faithfully & always keep your hair secured …like in a bun with spiral bobby pins or an octopus clip or a braid with no tangle bands. It shouldnt be too tight, but firm. Its keeps hair from snarling and breaking. I know its not superstylish but it really does save your hair especially if your going to grow it out to your mid back or to a longer length and beyond . And when you do wear it out on occasion all the girls and boys will envy your soft gorgeous long hair…
Ps in the pic my hair is oiled and awaiting its shampooing plus i like this pose reminds me of a troll doll.

5Expert Score
Best oil for your hair!

My hair was falling out like crazy, once a week – and barely anything falls! Once a week for 1 hour is my trick!!

5Expert Score
Smells so good works even better

Smell is similar to rose in my opinion, i think it works so good, my hair feels silky soft, and i notice a huge difference

5Expert Score
Used along with my deep conditioner mask as a pre-shampoo moisture treatment

I bought this amazon amla oil because it would be delivered faster than the amla oil i ordered from henna sooq. Then after reading the customer comments i was so afraid to use the oil because of a few complaints of hair loss. After a few days i got my courage up to apply the product to my hair over my cantu deep conditioning mask as a sealant to lock in the moisture overnight. Then i used my henna sooq rosemary tangerine co-wash to wash it out in the morning. I was very pleased with the results because my hair was moisturized and soft all day.

My hair type is maybe 2c-3a. I have very thin, fragile, dry, high porosity hair, curly hair. My hair absorbs water quickly and drys quickly leaving dry brittle ends. I have been able to maintain my armpit length hair by applying leave in conditioners and oils to my ends. This prevents split ends/breakage.

This is a treatment and not a styling product. It smells like a 90 year old man that has showered and applied baby oil to his body. Mineral oil is the base which is why it works well as a hair sealant. Amla is a fruit that promotes hair growth if applied to hair follicles. Amla fruit does not produce oil so you will never find 100% amla oil, but you can find it with different bases like sesame seed oil ect.

If you have hair that is non-porous and takes a long time to dry, but retains the moisture for a long time then this product is probably not needed in your hair routine.

5Expert Score
Grew my hair

This oil grew my hair really long

5Expert Score

This makes me hair so soft. I see people complain about the smell, but i love it! I use it once a week and can already tell a difference in my hair!

5Expert Score
Great product

Love how my hair came out it was soft moisturized it kind of darkened my hair made it look fuller

5Expert Score
Works wonders

I love this product and it has helped my hair immensely! I’ve been bleaching my hair for several months and needed something that will help repair, strengthen, and grow my hair and this has helped. I’ve been using this product once a week before i wash my hair. I massage it into my scalp and into my hair and let it sit for about an hour before rinsing it out and applying shampoo. In just one month, my hair has grown about two inches and i get compliments on how soft it has been looking lately. The smell is a bit harsh, but in my opinion exaggerated by the reviews i’ve seen- it’s tolerable. My hair stylist even noticed a difference in the feel and look of my hair and asked for this product so she could try it. I loveeee it and recommend it 🙂

5Expert Score
Este aceite lo recomiendo es excelente

Hace crecer el pelo increíblemente y lo fortalece,evita su caida

5Expert Score

Mannnn this makeee my hair growwwww but it smell kinda bad

4Expert Score
The smell

It seems to smell okay at 1st but once it’s on for a little bit it smells … Like poop i’m sorry i’m just trying to be honest and let people know i still like this product i’m just trying to inform people

4Expert Score
Very over powering scent

Did not like the scent but fortunately it does not take too long to wear off,not too oily.

4Expert Score
Stronggg smell bur worth it

I ahd been struggling wirh my hair breaking off ans using this oil not only made it thicker and stronger but, it made it grow fast

4Expert Score
Weird smell

The smell is weird, ofcourse you wash it out but sometimes it lingers. Waiting for the growth aspect of this product.

4Expert Score
Works well but…

Smells funky

4Expert Score
Does what it’s supposed to

Works fine. The smell is something else, it’s not an overbearing smell just an odor that lingers after you wash it. Reminiscent of old lady perfume smell. It does make your hair soft and shiny.

4Expert Score
Helped with moisture

Leaves green residue on pillows so cover your hair. It makes the hair shine really nicely. Didn’t seem to help with growth, but it’s not too heavy for hair.

4Expert Score
Great product

I didn’t use as directed. I am african american with type 4b hair. With me wearing my hair natural, if tends to dry out because my hair is so thick. Last night i twisted my hair and then applied oil directly to my scalp with a dropper (i have really dry scalp with dermatitis) and it was very soothing. After i was finished twisting i rubbed some oil on my hair and put a bonnet on and went to bed. Woke up and hair is super soft

4Expert Score
Could be better

Ok so ill start by saying that i love the size and that it doesn’t leave my hair stringy or dry feeling… But the smell is seriously off putting. It smells like fertilizer, i didn’t realize that u can’t return it because i don’t know if it’s worth the smell it leaves in my hair. Other thank that it’s good for my hair but it makes me want to vomit and it took me 3 days to get the smell out of my hair. All that said i would still keep using it until it is finished because it works wonders for my hair, but as far as repurchase i don’t know if i will.

4Expert Score
On the fence..

I’m not sure how i feel about this yet. Last night was my first application. All the indian women i talked to rave endlessly about this oil, but i’m not sure that i see it yet.

Normally, i run away from products that aren’t natural or organic, and this has a couple of ‘chemicals’ like mineral oil, which is listed first as its fancy name, paraffinum liquidum. I decided to give it a try anyway. Everyone talks about the smell, which is definitely strong, but that is how amla smells. That was no surprise to me, but for some it’s too much. It’s a smell that fills the room for sure.

For one, the bottle is huge so you get a good value for your money. That’s a plus. I think my problem was that i used too much and i should have just used a little. I used probably half of a cup because i have a lot of hair. I just heated the oil in a pot of hot water and massaged it into my scalp and hair until my hair was completely saturated. But since mineral oil just coats the hair and doesn’t absorb, my hair was large and frizzy instead of weighed down by the oil, which means your hair is absorbing it. That was my first let-down. I let that sit for about an hour before i washed it out. Or tried to wash it out. After shampooing three times, i still felt like my hair had oily residue in the shower. Even after using a sulfate shampoo, my hair didn’t feel dried out, which is a plus. I decided to just attribute it to the oil and let it dry.

My hair definitely feels and looks thicker, but i can still feel and slightly smell the gooseberry smell in my hair. The texture of my hair is smooth, but kind of coarse feeling near the ends (but not dry at all) and of course, oily. I don’t like that part at all.

The feel of this oil is actually oily. I can tell there’s mineral oil in it if you know what i mean. It doesn’t absorb, it just sits there and coats whatever surface it’s on. If i rubbed it into my skin and my hands were still slick and oily. This might just be something i use every once in a while or try buying actual amla berries that are dried to make an infused oil with.

Next time i’ll try using a lot less and mix it with something like coconut oil.

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