Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed)

Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) : Video Games

What are dell optiplex computer desktop pc features?

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  • 🖥 powerful processor and superior storage: configured with top of the intel core i5 processor for lightning-fast, reliable and consistent performance to ensure an exceptional pc experience. 16gb ram memory to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once. 2tb hdd storage space to store apps, games, photos, music, and movies. Loaded with 16gb to zip through multiple tasks in a hurry without lag.
  • new 22 inch full hd (1920×1080) led monitor: with 75hz, high-quality panel with quick refresh rate and response time. With 1080p resolution, you can enjoy gaming or a modern computing experience. 22 inch monitor has a smart contrast to provide optimized image quality. Bezel-less and sleek design with glossy finish, crisp edge-to-edge visuals. Wide viewing angles for clarity from any viewpoint. Vesa mountable and built-in tilt options allow for a variety of monitor configurations.
  • + rgb keyboard and mouse | rgb speaker: 3 led colors – blue, red, green, backlight led lights for use at night time, looks amazing. The keyboard mouse and speaker are responsive, reliable, and probably plastered in rgb lights. It’s important you pick the right one for your desktop.
  • windows 10 pro latest: a new installation of the latest microsoft windows 10 professional 64 bit operating system software, free of bloatware commonly installed from other manufacturers. As microsoft’s latest and best os to date, windows 10 pro 64 bit will maximize the utility of each pc for years to come. Optional software such as anti-virus and office 365 can also be easily downloaded through the microsoft windows app store.
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Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) AMAZON Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) : Video Games

Looking for specific info?

Can the ram be upgraded? What is the max amount it can take?

This particular setup shows it comes with 16gb ram, i believe it’s upgradeable to 32gb max. You can also fit in a gtx 1050ti graphics card. They are low profile and will fit in the slim form factor case.

‘gaming pc’ with a cpu from 10+ years ago, and intergrated graphics? Lol this is barely worth $50.

I bought this pc to run basic business software which it does very well. Now then, are you asking a question, or trying to impress someone, or just trying to piss someone off.

Ya tiene instalado el software para bluetooth y wifi?

Se puede utilizar para jugar? Para ps4??

Does this computer have ability for a dsl high speed cable?


Que tarjeta graficadora tiene?

Aun no se ha podido abrir es un regalo y hay que esperar un poco mas pero todo llego en perfecto estado lo que no se es si tiene buen funcionamiento su sistema operativo.

Can i burn cds with this set?


Canyou increase the memory from 16to 32 to this unit

According to dell’s tech sheet, this can support up to 32gb of ram

Hey is it pre build? How is the graphic card and is all the thing comming with it?

Already built and put together. Came with brand new keyboard and mouse. Graphics are great. Have no problems with this computer.

Can you play gts role play

I play wow and have no problems at all.

Can minecraft be played on it?

Yes! It can. I downloaded minecraft for my son and was able to export his world from my pc to this one.

Can i use this computer for business?

Yes for almost anything

Does it come with a cd drive?


How do i connect the tower to the moniter? I can’t get it to turn on.

Iam assuming you have used the cable to connect the 2 , there is a power button on the back side down low .

How do i open the cd drive

I ordered this computer and it does not have a cd drive.

Where do i find the number for customer service. Did not receive everything.

On your page of amazon if you scroll down it gives you the option to chat with customer service or have them give you a call

Can this computer handle phasmophobia?


Does this come with a dvd or dvd-rw?

No plus the refurbished computer is crap. Was on with support as soon as i opened it up and i am sending it back

Does this package come with necessary cables?

Yes cables are included

Se puede actualizar a windows 11


Can it be upgraded to win 11


Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) AMAZON Dell OptiPlex Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, MTG, 22 Inch LED Monitor, RGB Keyboard and Mouse, WiFi, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) : Video Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
You get what you pay for!!! Look around

You get what you pay for! Everyone has different thoughts on reviews until you buy it. I never do reviews but i have to. I bought three of these computers for my kids for christmas. I got them early december so i was able to see what they were about. Clearly they are refurbished and if not then they are not taken care of in their wear-house. The first one i opened the pc tower was dented and rusted and looked like garbage. It was kinda depressing. The best part is their customer service they do replace the item really quick but while you are doing your return on the phone they will ask you to do a 5 star review so they can look good. I give their customer service 5 stars they are great but i will not do a review before i get my items next time. That was the first computer return. A week before christmas i set them up for a surprise for the kids. As i turned them on one of the monitor was messed up and had lines running through the monitor. I had to submit a photo of the monitor to prove the monitor was messed up. The bad part was, one of my kids had to wait til the new monitor came to use it. I now just received the new monitor tonight, 12/26/2022. I connected the monitor and guess what there are the lines again running through the screen. Second screen same issues. Like i said i give it a 2 star rating because it was a great price, bad product, great customer service, bad gift for christmas surprise because you don’t know if it will work for the kids. But…… I do have to say, the kids do love them, great for a first computer and for the issue with my one son’s monitor, i’m not even going to waste my time with it anymore. It’s more frustrating then anything. He is using my samsung monitor for now and it’s working wonderful for him. So for anyone who buys it leave a review and i want to see if i’m the only one with issues.

5Expert Score
Value. It’s refurbished but i can’t tell.

I can’t believe how easy this was to set up and get online. It found my printer with no hassle at all. There is one tiny scratch on the tower unit but you have to want to see it to see it. Lights and sounds are great. You have to consider this was a 1500$ machine for less than 400$ it works perfectly. I’ve not reviewed the gaming as i play console games. I’ve not reviewed tech support because there’s been no need. One word of caution. There’s this tiny usb wi-fi adapter that’s wrapped in bubbles along with the monitor stand. I thought they didn’t sent it. And was ready to bitch. Lol. I went back through the packing and found it. Plugged it into the 3.0 slot and low and behold i’m on line.

5Expert Score

My son is a extreme gamer!! Single parent of 4 children and i wanted to give him something that he could play his games with on a computer. At first, i was a little skeptical with buying it renewed. But after looking at the reviews on this. I took a chance. We didn’t open it until christmas day!! And it was worth it!! Everything was in the box, easy set up, and fast as ever!! The 16gb of ram and 2 tb works super fast!! I love everything about this computer and more. In addition the price is well worth itl! All smiles this way, no complaints!! Looks brand new and was well worth it!!

5Expert Score
Amazing computer!

I could not be happier with my purchase. This was a gift for my son for christmas as he’s recently gotten into gaming and our little laptop just won’t do so this was a huge surprise for him. I am not very great with technology so after speaking with elijah with tech support he one hundred percent got me taken care of very quickly and my son is loving this computer. The light up keyboard, mouse and speakers are so cool looking and the computer is super fast. I couldn’t be happier.

5Expert Score
Awesome deal

This was a christmas gift for my oldest. Fast shipping and excellent quality. Everything you need for gaming came with it and ready to go right out of the box. Fast loading, lots of storage, good graphics, comes with windows 10 has more features than windows 10 home, more secure, and easy to upgrade. Only downside is sometimes the router goes out and you have to unplug/plug back in. Otherwise, i’m considering buying myself one for a future work at home job.

5Expert Score
Perfect for gaming

The system is in really good condition. Everything is up to date, i have enough storage space to enjoy my gaming. The speakers look small, but the quality is perfect, the speakers definitely gets loud!! The speed on the system is absolutely awesome, this is definitely worth the pay!

5Expert Score
Great customer service

Had issues when we got computer.. Power cord was junk. The key board and mouse wasn’t as advertised the rgb. But the when i called with my issues they was very happy to help and we got it all squared away.. Best customer service i have had in long time.. Definitely worth what i paid..

5Expert Score
Emergency school rig!

My main pc (a laptop) died on me and i just needed something to get through school.

The speakers are as surprising as others say, they don’t sound bad. The lights on my right speaker don’t work, but i’m ok with them as is. The mouse and keyboard work, though the keyboard will be my next upgrade.

I’ve had no major issues, and have been happy with this purchase.

It was packed and shipped well.

5Expert Score
Dell computer

I need help with setup, they answered right away, facetimed me and walked me through all steps to get my computer up and running

5Expert Score
Exactly as described

The computer arrived a day earlier than expected and that was nice. So far it performs very well. I knew the graphics card wasn’t going to be the biggest from the description but i was prepared to buy a bigger one later, however the one installed when i received the computer is doing a great job of downloading and playing the games i wanted to put on it. I am very happy with this purchase and would buy from this seller again.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect…

The computer is exactly what i needed, however, there was an issue with the monitor. The company is working with me to get a replacement and is very helpful. Thank you so much.

4Expert Score
Decent start up pc but…

Its being used for what it was intended. Minecraft, that’s the only game it can run smoothly. There’s an issue with the pc audio though. Audio can only be heard through headphones/ speakers.

4Expert Score
Not exactly dell

The only dell is the tower. The rest is bto …whatever that is. It did seem kinda basic when i set it up but it works great and all the colors light up. I don’t use it much so i’m not sure if it’s something for someone constantly online but again no real complaints other than the lies about the brand

4Expert Score
Worth the price

Super fast shipping! Got to me in less than 24hrs. Unboxed and enjoyed seeing everything (besides the tower) in brand new, original packing. The only down sides is my two front ss usb ports do not work.. No biggie this thing has 10 (not literally but feels like it) and i can fix that. Monitor does not have buttons to dim the brightness when desired, the right side of the tower has a wrap/decal on it with dirt under it (ew) and some niks and gouges all over. Oh well it’s refurbished. You get what you pay for.

Love love love the light up mouse, keyboard and speakers… Just saying.. I was a kid in a candy store when i discovered i could change the colors on the speakers lights!
Thank you fellow washingtonians!

4Expert Score
Description is deceiving, no rgb keyboard or mouse

Over all i was happy when i opened the box, until i saw that there was no rgb keyboard or mouse, both were standard white. Main issue is i did not receive what was put in the description. It also states its installed with windows 10 pro but the sticker on the case says windows 8, will update review after its set up and tested

4Expert Score
So worth it

Order this computer for my youngest son and he is so happy, my only complaint is that the photo shows an rgb mouse and keyboard but instead came with a standard one.

4Expert Score
My child love's it!

The speaker’s stopped working

4Expert Score
Stand is iffy.

The computer is everything i needed, but the stand for the monitor is not stable. I hope it can be replaced. I am afraid the monitor will fall over.

4Expert Score
Was missing cord from screen to wall

Product was bought for gaming but was missing cord for screen to wall outlet.

4Expert Score
Very good deal for the price

Its a refurbished dell with a monitor the only issue i had is with the monitor stand not being the right part other than that their it support picks up to assist thats a huge sign that this company if a good company

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