Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black

Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black : Electronics

What are dell usb 3.0 ultra hd/4k triple display docking station d3100 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 2 x usb 2.0 to 4 pin usb type a, 1 x headphone input and output 3.5 millimeter
  • 3 x super speed usb 3.0 – 9 pin usb type a, 1 x network – rj-45. Designed for inspiron 15 7567 gaming, 5459; latitude 13 7350, 3350, e5270, e5460, e5470, e5570, e7270, e7470; xps 13 (9343)
  • 1 x display/video: displayport output : 20 pin displayport, super speed cable
  • 2 x display/video: hdmi: 19 pin hdmi type a, 1x hdmi dvi adapter included
  • Allow for a triple monitor setup, see compatible dell models in the description
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Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black AMAZON Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this dock have a power on/off button? I.e if i connect my dell m3800 to it, can i power the laptop on, as i plan to have the laptop under desk

For the thunderbolt (usb-c) docks, yes. For the usb 3 docks with the usb type a connector, no. Basically, amazon is not doing us any favors here by lumping the usb 3 and usb c docks into one product listing, when in fact they are completely different products.let me break this down for everyone so it’s very clear. To answer the original question specifically, no. The dell m3800 does not have a usb-c port, so you would have to order the usb 3 dock, which does not do what you’re asking. If, however, you have a newer dell model, such as a precision 5510 or one of the newer xps models with a usb-c port, then you can order the thunderbolt dock. That dock does have a power button on the dock itself which will allow you power on the connected laptop without having to open the laptop lid and press the on-board power button.hope this helps!

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Is this 4k @30hz or 4k @60hz

I have usb-c dual monitor version. It only supports 4k @ 30hz for one display.

If the main display is set to 4k, the second display (connected to vga port in my case) is capped at 800×600. It only allows to go higher than 800×600 if i lower the resolution of the main display.

I need plug a power cable to use it or the energy comes from the notebook (plugged with power cable)? The notebook energy comes from the dock ?

That actually depends on which of the docks under this listing you are asking about. The docks that connect via usb type-c will actually power the notebook without having to plug the notebook in as well, so you just have to plug in the power cord for the dock. Those, of course, require that you have a notebook with a usb type-c port and that the notebook’s power requirement is no higher than 150w for the ‘dual display’ model (the dell xps 15 9550, for example, falls under these conditions) or 180w for the totally-not-worth-it ‘triple display’ model. The docks that connect via usb 3.0, however, do no such thing, and the laptop and the dock both need to have their separate power cords plugged in.

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If a dell laptop (e.g. Xps13) is connected to the dock by a usb 3.0 cable and the dock is connected to the mains, does the laptop get charged?

Just to clarify – the question is does this charge my laptop via ‘usb 3.0’? The answer is no, the usb 3.0 specs do not provide for charging the laptop, doesn’t matter who the manufacturer of the laptop or dock is. Those that replied yes are referring to usb-c which is a different specification. Finally – the xps13 has been around for about 10 years, so the older models do not have usb-c. Read and understand questions before you answer.

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Will it work for macbook

So i bought this for the macbook pro m1 chip. And yes it works. You just need to download displaylink drivers to your macbook and it should work. Remember that dell customer service may be little help for macbooks.

Can i close the laptop (normally puts to sleep) while using this? Or does the laptop still go to sleep if i close it?

You can choose which behaviour suits your usage / desk layout. This will likely be driven by whether or not you use a plugged in monitor simultanously with your laptop screen or not. Under power options, the defaults for closing the lid while battery powered and plugged in are usually both set to ‘sleep’. I changed the plugged in option to ‘do nothing’ (i like to keep the laptop closed, and work just on one monitor). The inactivity timer can still put the laptop to sleep however, also set under power the (dell) laptop bios, setting ‘allows usb devices to wake from standby’ means that tapping a key on the plugged-in-to-the-dock keyboard, or moving the mouse wakes the machine up without having to lift the laptop lid.hope this helps.aon

Will this docking station work with a dell latitude e6530?

As long as u have a open usb 3.0 or 2.0 port and fairly new windows version it should. Also your monitor (s) need to have hdmi connections.

Do i connect my laptop using usb 3.0 or do i need a dell display port cable?

Connect the hdmi or other cable from your monitor into the dell usb3.0 triple and then the dell usb3.0 plugs into the laptop. Also, connect your power cable (120vdc into your laptop)

Is this going to work with dell xps 15 l502x model?

In the xps series, the docking station has only been tested with xps 13 (9343),xps 13 (9350),xps 15 (9550),xps 12 (9250). It has not been tested with the xps 15 l502x model.

Can you use two docks at the same time for 6 monitors at 1080?

I have no idea. That would be fun to try.

Extended displays on macbook

Yup, but its better to hookup directly macbook to monitor

Are windows 10 drivers supplied?

The included cd does not have windows 10 drivers, however, windows 10 itself will have the driver for this dock. I used this on windows 7 and did not have to install anything as windows recognized the dock right away.the drivers for this dock, and quite a few other docks, are provided by displaylink. You can read more about windows 10 and display link here: or manually download driver here:

Does it work on computers running linux?

It no longer is functional on linux vers. 18.04 ubuntu, no functionality on centos base or virtual and def not on mac os 10.11 el capitan. I dont know why but it is frustrating to have this doc , three monitors and no usability

Hi, can any one tell me the unit dimensions?, amazon says 20.7 x 15 x 11.2 inches but i think they are package dimensions.

The unit measures: 165mm x 75mm x 25mm and has round corners.

Will this docking station power your laptop, or do you still need a separate power brick connected to the laptop?


Are the 3 displays independent? Are they regarded as multiple displays in windows so you can expand the desktop across all 3?

Yes, and you can specify which one of the 3 displays is your main display / desktop; i really like this product and the many usb 3.0 and hdmi connections.

If a monitor is connected to this universal dock, does a laptop connected to the dock displays the boot on the monitor or on its embedded screen?

The external display(s) are driven by software that runs when the os runs. Therefore, all boot screens (bios and os) will be displayed on the screen of the device conected to the docking station. Once the device boots into its os, the external display(s) should come online.

Is this docking station works with inspiron 13 7359?

You may refer to the link to find the list of products compatible with dell usb 3.0 display docking station (d3100). ^rg

I have ordered this docking station so my question is do i need use dp to hdmi cable in order connect my laptop to monitor? Laptop has hdmi>dp monitor

The dock station have 1 display port and 2 hdmi, it’s depends on the monitor

What type of cord is needed to connect this docking station the the usb c input on the laptop? I have a dell latitude 7420

This docking station could be connected only through a usb 3.0 connector. Hence, the compatibility with the usb-c port is not possible.

Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black AMAZON Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100), Black : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent solution for productivity

I am a grad student and like most i am having to do school from home because of covid. I have an office in my house that i setup to be equal to what i had at work when i was as an engineer. The only problem is my wife who is also an engineer is working from home and is now the primary user of the home office. This created a huge issue as i need access to the main house computer, need a attend remote grad school, and need an area to do hw. I purchased a dell inspiron 3493 core i5 (14 in screen) to be a mobile pc for school and to be used as a secondary main house computer when i don’t have access to my primary one. I took over my wife’s vanity table and converted it to my new work area. Working on a 14 in screen on the go is good, but working on it for hours is a pain due to lack of screen size. The dell d3100 was the solution and allowed me to repurpose two old monitors i had lying in the attic. No usb 3.0 docks on the market charge a laptop because they were designed for laptops that do not have usb-c or thunderbolt ports on it (my exact laptop) which actually make them more/true universal compared to usb-c/thunderbolt docks. Saying that i love this dock as it has allowed me to work/study without strain and my productivity isn’t hampered because of lack of screen(s). The dock has also allowed my work area (a small vanity table) to be clutter free which is essential to maximize space. I have dual monitors, logitech c270 cam, wireless keyboard (logitech k360), ethernet, and dual speaker with amp all attached to the dock; plus three free usb 3.0 ports that are easy to access. Change a few power settings to prevent the laptop from automatically falling asleep when plugged in and the lid closed. Don’t turn the laptop off, just manually put it to sleep when you are done using it, and you can wake it up via the wireless usb keyboard or mouse which makes this very convenient. I did notices that when you use both monitors on the dock, internet speeds are reduced (but honestly it isn’t noticeable) probably due to thru put of the usb 3.0 cable and the dock does get warm with use i have noticed.
Because this docking station does not charge, it is 100% universal compared to the ones that do. I noticed that all these brands of docking stations advertise how much charging power they supply only to their brand of laptop but they do not state this at first or second glance. It is very misleading when they are calling it universal. 210 w charging for our brand but 90 w max only to other brands (you have to really dig for this information). You might end up sending almost $400 on a dock that is no better than a $140 dock.
My wife needed a truly universal dock to work on her hp zbook 15 g5 and to work on a dell equivalent when her company changes their laptops and is demanding the return of all their docking stations. She currently is using a hp 230 w dock which will only supply 90 w to the dell equivalent laptop (same is true for a dell 240 w dock on a hp laptop) meaning the laptop will need to be also plugged into its power brick when docked. So i figured why buy a $400 dock that will require her to plug in the laptop’s power brick to use it when i can buy this dock (dell 3100) for $140 and be in the same situation but for much less money. For convenience, but buy a second power brick for $40/50 and it will still be cheaper than a $400 dock that only supplies 90 w to laptops that aren’t the same brand as it is. **update: my wife’s work laptop has an integrated nvida quadro p2000. My biggest fear was bc of the dock being usb 3.0 vs. The others, the laptop would use the integrated graphics on the cpu only and bypass the integrated nvida quadro p2000 as i have read would happen. Good news: the integrated nvida quadro p2000 gpu is being utilized and there was no bottle necking. The setup works perfectly.**
the dell 3100 docking station has been great and is an excellent value that solved all my problems and needs (and my wife’s too). For those that have spoken poorly about this docking station simply haven’t done research on docking stations period.

5Expert Score
Easy to setup

Installed quickly with very little trouble setting it up

5Expert Score

Works and saves time plus wear and tear on computer ports. Just connect one usb to computer. Would purchase again.

Needed no driver installation for:
dell inspiron 3521 running windows 10.
Dell precision 3561 running windows 10.
Needed driver for: microsoft surface pro 3 running windows 10 pro.

The dock connected each computer to:
lg 27′ tv (hdmi)
dell 24′ p2422 he (dp, dock has ports for two)
kensington expert mouse trackball mouse
kinesis freestyle 2 keyboard
and still had unused usb 3 ports on the other side.

5Expert Score
Yes, it does work with my macbook pro m1

New job, first macbook. I tried in vain to find a docking station to hook up multiple monitors to the macbook provided to me. This one does get the job done. You will have to download the display link drivers from the display link website (not from dell). When i power down my macbook, i do have to initiate the display link manager to get the monitors to register again – but once i do that it’s all good. So this is a solution to an obvious flaw in the macbook design.

5Expert Score
Works great

Bought this for my wife to use when she works from home. We have 3 monitors connected to it and it works great. Setup was easy. Love it.

5Expert Score
When you are amazed that something simply works . . .

Over a year ago, i purchased a microsoft surface book 3 with a surface dock 2. For the past several months, the two external monitors attached to the surface dock 2 got increasing buggy, and ultimately would no longer display. I did all the troubleshooting (e.g., updated firmware, deleted selected registry items, used ms software to clean the cache). I even invested in top-of-the-line cables. Nothing worked. I suppose i could have asked for a replacement from microsoft. But working with the sales folks at microsoft can sometimes be a challenge. Out of desperation, i purchased the dell usb 3.0 ultra hd/4k triple display docking station (d3100). I left the charging port connection between the laptop and the ms docking station 2 (for charging purposes, printer connection, and external hardware connection). In addition, i plugged the dell dock into one of my two left usb type a ports on my microsoft surface book 3 – where i connected two individual hdmi cables to the dell dock and my two monitors. This gave me three total monitors – one from the laptop and two external monitors. Given the countless hours i previously spent trying to get the ms surface dock 2 to work, i was astonished that the dell dock simply worked. Not sure what else to say. Some days are just good days.

5Expert Score
Should've bought this one from the start…

I should have gotten this one from the beginning. Because of the price i tried another brand and it only lasted a few months. After too many problems, i decided to go ahead and get this one. Haven’t had any problems since. I use it for about 8hrs a day with my work laptop (hp elitebook) and another few hours a day with my personal laptop (hp touchscreen notebook). The old one would run hot after only a few hours, required constant driver updates, change my display settings and often disconnect without reason. I don’t have these problems anymore. Highly recommend getting this one…you’ll likely regret the cheaper versions after a few months and get this one anyway…lol

5Expert Score
Love it. Works perfectly with my surface pro 3.

Been looking for a way to extend my surface pro 3 to my 3 acer monitors. My surface pro 3 doesn’t have a usb-type c connection since this was made before usb-type c was a mainstream connection. It only has a mini-display port and one usb 3.0 connection and there weren’t many adapters with mini-display port that were going to let me extend to 3 monitors. I’ve found one’s with dual display but those weren’t the ones i needed. I however bought one that was connected through usb-type c and figured i could use a usb-type c to mini display port adapter to it but was not able to make it work.

So i decided to go all in on this docking station not knowing if it would work or not and i must say i am very happy with my purchase. All you do is plug the usb connection to the usb port of the surface pro 3 and even my existing usb hub that was previously connected to the surface pro 3 also works the same without issues as all you have to do is connect it to the usb port of this docking station although i don’t currently have it connected anymore since i just moved everything from the previous hub to this docking station which has plenty of usb ports on it.

Right now, i am using 2 of the hdmi ports to 2 of my acer monitors and am still using the mini-display port on the surface pro 3 toconnect to my 3rd acer monitor. I plan to get a display-port to hdmi cable and use the display port on the docking station to connect to the 3rd monitor and free-up my mini-display port connection even though it’s not necessary but i take my surface pro 3 alot with me so if i get this display-port to hdmi cable, would just mean one less connection to hook up to my surface pro 3 once i’m back at my desk. Basically, i just prefer more convenience.

5Expert Score
It delivers

I have 2 screens and 1 laptop and a desktop. I regularly need to share keyboards, mice and one or both of the screens between the desktop and laptop.

I have a dell thunderbolt connection (tb16 docking station). The tb16 only has 1 hdmi and a display port. I bought hdmi switches thinking that i could use a connector to hdmi for the display port. I was wrong.

I then found this thing. It is cheaper, has 2 hdmi ports and is compatible with every computer i use. I’ve used a lenovo t480, asus chromebook and the xps 13 (9360). Ironically, the xps is the one that has trouble. The xps does not pick up the ethernet and the dimensions of the connected monitors look funny. The background image is just larger on the monitors but otherwise works well and there might be a way to fix this but it hasn’t bothered me enough to figure it out since my wifi connection is strong enough.

It is otherwise truly and awesome solution and has eliminated several other more complicated solutions to share 2 screens across 2 monitors (each monitor only has 1 hdmi). It even works with my corsair k95 and logitech g502 (which can be fussy with docking stations).

Btw, i only use this for hd not 4k or any higher resolution. Also – i wouldn’t recommend going used because the vendors take forever and mine came without the usb type a to type b cord. The hdmi switches that i’m using are the roofull 5 in 1. I’m also using a usb 3.0 switch (ablewe).

My only complaint is i wish i would’ve found it earlier.

5Expert Score
Windows & mac os work pretty slick, linux/ubuntu users beware!

Download the displaylink drivers and you’re off to the races on windows or mac. Installed the ubuntu drivers but didn’t work out (everything except displays worked though). I don’t fault dell for things not working on ubuntu though. All around good device.

4Expert Score
Docking station

This product works great and just what i needed. I can work more efficiently by connecting my two monitors, to one unit.

4Expert Score
Great powerless dock

This dell dock is an easy plug and play device, but it should be noted that it will not provide power to your pc/tablet.

Also, i use a newer dell tablet that does not have any usb 2.0 adaptors, so i needed to purchase a usb type b 3.0 to usb c cable so i didn’t have to deal with connecting through a godforsaken dongle.

4Expert Score
This is not capable of powering your laptop, charger is a 60 wat ac adapter.

Note: i bought a dell inspiron 7590 2in1 laptop that converts to a tablet. I bought this doc as it was recommended by the amazon sales algorithm of ‘frequently bought together.’

this docking station is in fact compatible with my dell laptop and does work as designed, but it does not offer the features i thought it did. The two features i thought it had was the ability’s to power my laptop and pass data back and forth to my laptop all with one cable. This dock does not do that. The docking station that does this connects to the laptop through a usb-c cable, not a usb-3 cable. Also, the second feature that i thought i was buying was that the docking station is only a 60 wat ac adapter. I thought that could power my laptop at my desk, and then i would be able to use the ac adapter that came with the laptop as a ‘travel adapter.’ unfortunately, this is wrong on two points: first, the dock does not power my laptop directly through the data cable, and secondly, the laptop i bought requires a 90 wat ac adapter. This means the ac adapter that came with the dock, only powers the dock, and the ac adapter that powers my laptop must be used at my desk and on the road. Further, this means crawling under my desk to plug and unplug the ac adapter every time i need to take the laptop with me. That is a hassle i would like to have been able to avoid. (many a time i have left the house only to have found i forgot to bring my ac adapter. It is better to have an extra one that always lives in the laptop bag.) as a final note, i am not returning the dock just yet. Before you can use this dock it requires a driver download before first use. On the download page, it asks what os you are using? Windows, macos, android, chrome os, or ubuntu. As i said earlier, it does function as designed. I likely will be able to use this on a different device. Hope this helps.

4Expert Score
Could be better

The usb-c cable or whatever would be better it if was longer than 12” and also i thought this would give my laptop power but it doesn’t. Other than that this thing is fine.

4Expert Score
Overall exactly what i needed for my home office

This required an adapter for my newer hp laptop, but this has been great to run my two monitor system. It does not charge the laptop and does not appear to be able to do that. So you must have your charger and this unit going at the same time. However, given this is an older model and the cost difference between this and the proper generation of this product is steep, the inconvenience is worth it. Overall i’ve had an issue or two, but nothing catastrophic or really much more than a temporary annoyance. Good product!

4Expert Score
Good dock, doesn't power machine

The dock helped me extend my work laptop to two monitors and some other peripherals. Only downside is that it doesn’t power the machine, for that you’ve got to double what you’re looking to spend. Dock does come with a power cable

4Expert Score
Good product, but not what i fully expected

This product worked fine; as advertised. However, i looked at so many docking stations that i missed a critical missing feature: this docking station cannot charge your laptop. So, as far as i’m concerned it is not fully a docking station. To me, that means plugging or unplugging a single cable ‘twixt laptop and dock so you can go/start quickly without having to fish the laptop charger from wherever it is plugged in. If you’re okay with that shortcoming, it seems like a good product at a reasonable price.

4Expert Score

I have a pair of ultra wide monitors with a recommended resolution of 2560×1080. I could only get one of the monitors to work with that resolution, while the other would only go to 1920×1080, regardless of using both hdmi or one hdmi and one display port. I do think the issue is more my laptop than the dock. I have just figured i’d get used to the lower resolution, which isn’t terrible. Maybe when this laptop craps out and my company replaces it with a newer one i’ll get the high resolution, but for now, it’s fine.

4Expert Score
Worked well for 2 days shy of 2 years

I ordered my dell d3100 docking station via amazon and have been very happy with it. I run a thinkpad for work and managed to successfully run 2 additional monitors from this docking station as well as a third linked directly to the laptop. Overall i have been very happy with the fact that it actually works with the thinkpad since they are notorious for being difficult with docking stations.

All that said, i purchased this item on 1/8/2020 and today is 1/6/2022 and it suddenly quit working. It seems to be that the unit is no longer able to get power. I’m a little annoyed that it only lasted under 2 years but if you need a docking station that will cooperate with lenovo thinkpads then this is a solid contender.

4Expert Score
It’s good enough

I got a bunch for our business.
I can connect multiple monitors without any issues, which is great. Overall it’s a good product considering
the price.

The biggest issue is wireless keyboards. It can’t process the signals. It misses characters, it is slow and sometimes doesn’t work at all. I have to plug and unplug the keyboard usb. Also it should be very close to the keyboard like 4inches.

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