Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner

Find Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner, Medium, Light Gray and more at

What are dexas mudbuster portable dog paw washer/ paw cleaner features?

  • For proper use & effectiveness: the medium mudbuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs with paws between 2 1⁄2’to 3 1⁄2′ wide. Actual mudbuster measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide
  • To use, add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws
  • The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws- keeping the mess in the mudbuster and not in your house
  • Keep the mudbuster handy after trips to the park, after walks or hikes, or by your back door
  • Bpa free, simple and easy to use, just rinse and keep on hand for next muddy encounter! Patent no. D799, 126, us and foreign patents pending
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Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner AMAZON

Find Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner, Medium, Light Gray and more at

Looking for specific info?

Is this really just for dog paws?

It could be used for any pets or anything else that you might need to scrub on very soft rubber. I’m not sure what else you might have in mind. Certainly not suitable for boots or anything larger in circumference than a dog’s paw and lower leg.

Does this have a lid so the water won’t spill out when in transit? I may not always have a handy water source at the time she has muddy paws.

There is a twist on rim that you could put some saran wrap in to make a ‘lid’. Just keep it upright and it should prevent major spills. Not enough to toss in a bag or anything.

My dog’s paws are about 2-1/2′ wide. Which size would be appropriate when taking into account the silicone insert?

I have the large and i think it would fit anywhere from a 2-1/2′ to 3-1/2′ wide paw comfortably.

Has anyone’s not liked it?

To answer your question, yes there are customers who did not like this product. 45 customers gave it 1 star, 31 customers who have it 2 stars, and 49 customers who gave it 3 stars.

Real talk y’all my dog is the worst at stepping in her own poop which is stickier than mud and i go through wipes and baths like crazy will this work?

If you keep a bucket to dump it out after each paw, and a water jug to refill it(about half-3/4 full), you wouldnt have to dip other paws in poopy muddy water. That’s my method on my closed in back porch. Also a towel for drying. I am well pleased with it and all 4 dogs are patient and accommodating to have it done. They are learning to poop in the furthest corner of the yard, and not where they wrestle and run. 2 are newly adopted. The silicone removeable interior can be removed and rinsed easily with hose or dunk in clean water. Alas, they’re dogs, you will still have dirt in your house unless you dunk the whole dog.

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Will this fit my 160 pound newfoundland huge webbed paws?

Interested in knowing if the newfoundland owner tried this product and if it worked. I have a 100 pound bernese mountain dog also with the huge hand sized webbed paws, so need something that will fit these giant paws.

My standard poodles paws are about 2 wide so what size do i need to order

I had the same question and ended up ordering a medium. Although i can’t say whether the small would work better, i would recommend the medium.

Why a big price difference for same medium size but different colors?

Because retailers know they can make more money for certain colors. People often pay more for specific colors (like pink for example).

Has anyone ever used this on tangle prone paws? Schnauzer paws to be exact..

I use it on my schnauzer mix. The edges are a very soft pliable rubber. They do not catch on tangles.

Does it have a suction option? Asking for my dog.

Yes it would be nice if it also had the suction option. Easy cleanup. My dog and i both use this and sometimes it’s awkward if it doesn’t get clean enough.

Can you add soap to this product?

Yes for sure soap and water mix could be an option

I have two dogs. A cavalier king charles and a rottweiler. Trying to go get two for one, would a large still work on my cavvi’s paws?

The large will be great for the rotty but you really need the small for the cavvi. They’re worth every penny!

I have an 80lb rottweiler. He’s paws are not huge, what size would you recommend?

I think a 3.65 inch width would do a good job of cleaning 80-pound rottweiler paws, so you might want to try a smaller size

Would you recommend getting the medium versus the large for a 15 lb morkie so as the be able to clean more of the leg from splashed mud?

12 lb morkie here that’s pretty tall for his size. The large will be way too big. I considered getting a medium for that reason but i stuck with the small. The bulk of the dirt is in the paw, and i use a towel to dry anyway. So just wetting up the leg a bit with the towel does the trick for us. I’m about to buy a second for another location and i’m sticking with the small.

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Would the large one be big enough for my giant schnauzer?

I can tell you that the medium is fine for my 62lb golden retriever mix, and he has big chunky paws. So i think the large may work for your dog.

Is the cup portion machine washable?

Yes, i’m sure it can go in the dishwasher, however, i wash w soapy water & rinse

Can you add a little soap to the water to remove pollen and other allergens?

I put a little bit of mild soap in the water. I use lukewarm water, my dog doesnt like it cold. But make sure you rinse off the soap well because i notice my dog also cleans his paws by licking them. You dont wnt them to get soap into their mouth when their licking.

How do you clean this product? And does it work well for getting salt off paws? Ugh winter!!!

I just rinse mine with hot water each time i use it. The liner comes out. It can also go in the dishwasher. I would think it would work well for removing salt.

But is it really just for dog paws?


Is this effective for cleaning paws that have been blackened by tarred roadways in the summer?

The bristles are soft and effective for swishing off mud but i don’t know of anything that will take off tar that isn’t caustic.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner AMAZON

Find Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner, Medium, Light Gray and more at

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Absolute must have if you have a dog

I live in an area where it rains every few weeks and my dog absolutely loves to get outside and run around in the mud all day. In the past i have been taking a wet rag and just wiping down her paws when she comes in the house but that is kind of a pain and doesn’t get all the dirt either. This product has been a life saver for cleaning paws and my dog seems to enjoy it enough that she sits still and lets it happen.

Really simple to use just fill about halfway with water and put your dogs paw in it moving it up and down and around a little bit so the bristle’s have a chance to do some cleaning than just dry the paw off and comes out clean. You can take the top off to remove the insert for deep cleaning, if it’s getting used frequently i just dump the water off and rinse it out to be used again in a few hours but after a day i’d give it a good cleaning so it doesn’t get gross.

If your dog is always getting into mud and bringing dirty paws into the home this is the product for you. Quick and easy to use can’t imagine going back to just a damp rag.

5Expert Score
Believe the hype, this thing works

At first, i didn’t think i needed this as i thought cleansing wipes did the job. I was so wrong. This works really well and, it’s so much easier than using wipes. After a visit to the dog park, this thing totally cleans my pup’s paws. It gets in the crevices and it’s so much faster than wiping paws clean with multiple wipes. It gets debris (dirt, etc) higher up on their legs too, as far as the water is in the cup. I use it almost daily now. I love this thing. Such a great buy. I have a small cup for my 16 lbs dog.

5Expert Score
Simply works

There’s nothing fancy about this. It just works so much better than only trying to wipe my dogs paws clean when they are muddy. Still takes time, but i’m happy with it. Clean paws = clean couch

5Expert Score

Miss cleo gets mud up to her knees/elbows after playing with her neighbor best friend. Prior to this, i had to hold her twisting 20 pound body under the faucet to get her feet cleaned. (basenjis hate water on their body) this thing worked great. I played with her using it dry so she could see what was happening. Washing her feet was almost effortless and i am – and the bathroom walls – are mud free!

5Expert Score
Why didn't i think of this?

This is probably the best, most effective pet item i have bought. It does what it says. I have a carolina dog and a gsd husky mix. They both like to dig and get dirty. This is so much more efficient than wipes or the spray and wipe to keep paws clean. The gsd husky mix has thick paw hair and just 30 seconds to a minute, they come out clean. I do their feet on a towel and dry them after doing their feet. This item has cut down on so much extra mopping and cleaning. It took a few times to get them used to it so expect that. Hairy paws hold water so drying them it essential to keeping floors clean. Honestly just one of the best items i purchased and it does what it says. I feel like if you don’t like it…you aren’t using it correctly. I am extremely pleased with this product. One of those things that make you ask ‘why didn’t i think of that?’

5Expert Score
3 minutes of your time for peace of mind

I feel like i’ve just about tried it all when it comes to keeping muddy pawprints off of my new, light colored floors: dog booties, dog cleaning wipes, and now the mudbuster.

There just aren’t any dog booties out there right now that will stay on my dogs’ paws. I have two 70-pound mixed breeds– a boy and a girl. The booties don’t come up high enough, and no matter how tightly i wrap the velcro strap around their paws (can’t be too tight either or it’ll be uncomfortable and impractical for them), the booties flip off and go flying the second the dogs begin to run around in the yard. I would end up having to go outside to find the lost booties and have to clean my dogs’ paws anyway. I even looked at dog booties that are attached to a suspender-like harness, but i didn’t want to get that desperate yet. My dogs didn’t really like walking in the booties anyway. Most of the time they just stood there and stared at me like they weren’t sure what to do now.

The dog cleaning wipes were my next choice. I tried two different brands. They were just ok. I had to use multiple wipes per dog, and it wasn’t that great at getting the mud off. It would also flick lots of pieces of mud and dirt off their paws onto my floor.

Which finally led me to the mudbuster. Although it’s a bit messy to use because of the water, this takes 1st prize easily over the other two aforementioned options i tried. The mudbuster is like a giant deep cup that holds lots of water, you stick your dog’s paw in there, rub it against the soft silicone-like bristles, and it does an excellent job at cleaning them off. You’ll just need a towel with you to dry off the paw after you dunk it in the water. I uploaded a video of myself and my boy this morning demonstrating the mudbuster. It’s about 3 minutes long, but that’s all it takes. Compared to vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing dirt and mud off the floors and carpets, it’s worth it.

I bought 2 mudbusters, one for each dog. I fill each up with warm water after i let them outside and grab a couple towels. My dogs have quickly adapted to getting their paws cleaned after coming inside on rainy days and don’t seem to mind them at all. They seem to prefer that anyway to me picking at and scrubbing their pads.

Since i’ve used this product so many times, i’ve gone through the process of cleaning them and it’s not bad at all. All i did was pull a little on a tab on the inside of the cup near the top, and it let me take the silicone part out in one piece to where it was just the cup left. Washed each piece off with warm water and carefully placed the bristled part back inside, and voila.

This product gets 5 stars from me because, for me, it’s the best thing that’s worked so far at keeping my floors clean. It takes a little bit of work and some towels, but it’s totally worth it. Also, my dogs do so well with this product, it’s hard not to appreciate that too!

5Expert Score
Officially a staple pet item! Lifesaver.

Listen. Our floors have basically been a layer of dried dirt since november. Trying to wipe down my dog’s paws after sprinting at the speed of light through our mudpit yard clearly wasn’t doing the trick, and trying to use a big bowl/large cup of water + a towel to clean her paws just took too long and was very messy. So, in short, i love this thing. Loooove. But i have a few tips:

1. Introduce your dog to it before using it!!! (unless your dog just doesn’t care at all about having their paws messed with.) the last thing you want is your dog being afraid of this little thing and having them pull away and fight you while using it. It’ll probably be a completely new sensation for them, and i for one don’t like forcing my dog to do things and give her negative associations with that thing. So anyway:
a. First i rewarded her first for sniffing it, bumping it with her nose, just interacting with it.
B. Then i rewarded her for voluntarily lifting her paw(s) to touch it. (shake command. See video. You can see she’s less thrilled about her left paw, which is also the paw she is not used to us messing with. She’s fine with it now.)
c. After she was comfortable with that, i would stick her paw into it (no water yet) and hold it there, while rewarding her. As i reward each new part, i stop rewarding the previous step (like the paw-touching.)
d. Next, i rewarded heavily when i move it up and down and around on her paws (super new sensation!),
e. And then finally i repeat that with water and/or soap. (only reward while using it! Not after taking their paws out!)
now she’ll come inside and let me do it without rewarding her at all. She doesn’t enjoy it per se, but she is not afraid of it or stressed about it. The introduction process initially took about 30 minutes, and then after the intro i only rewarded her while using the product on her paws the first like, 10 times i used it.

2. Water alone works fine. I’ve only used a drop of her dog shampoo soap if she’s insanely dirty.

3. Next tip, only fill it 2/3-3/4 way up. This way you can do vigorous up/down/twisty movements with no spilling.

3. Do this over a mat or towel, or have a hand towel ready immediately after taking each paw out of the water. Otherwise you’ll still have to clean up the floor. (microfiber towels dry the paws pretty quickly.)

5. Sizing: i went for the medium and it works perfectly. My dog is technically a “large” dog at 57lbs, but she has a narrower build and her paws are not very big. I wanted the rubber parts to be able to get in and around her paw pads as well as being able to go up her legs a bit and the medium is perfect.

Last thing: the water gets so muddy that while wiping the paws dry, you might think the thing didn’t clean them! But i assure you it’s just the muddy water – we have clean paws over here and no more dried mud on the floors. Clean-up of the product is very easy, i pretty much just rinse between uses and then clean it at the end of the day and lay it to dry. However, it is dishwasher safe!! Anyway, everyone in my house is on board using it, and we like it a lot. It is so much quicker and way more effective than trying to do anything else.

5Expert Score

Perfect for rainy days, cleans the pups paws and is very easy to use

5Expert Score
Absolutely a must buy if you have pets

As you can see in this picture look at all that dirt and debris that did not get tracked through my house and in my bed absolutely and amazing products i’m actually shocked on how amazing! Now i will be ordering these products for my family members with dogs probably one of my favorite amazon fines definitely a must have recommend anyone with pets to buy thank you so much i absolutely love this and my husband is awesome seriously impressed thank you again amazon!!!

Both of my dogs did not have any issues while using this product and they love the silicone mat for brushing it’s quite soothing

5Expert Score
Works great, needed to save my floors!

Got the medium size for my 60 lb irish setter. He actually doesn’t mind me sticking his paws into it. He gets really muddy any time it rains and my floors were getting ruined despite my attempts at wiping his paws when he came inside. This thing removes all the mud, yayyyy!! Tips: don’t fill it up all the way with water,or it will spill. When using, put a towel underneath your dog and keep another rag handy to dry his paws after using. Sometimes i have to do a paw twice if the mud is really caked on.

4Expert Score
Surprisingly effective paw cleaner

Purchased this for my 65lb double coated dog who regularly likes to get into the mud. I didn’t expect this to work as well as advertise but the first time we ran his paws through these i was surprised at how effective it was.

Takes a little practice to get used to using and your dog may need to get comfortable with having their paws placed and brushed inside. Acts like a mini-washing machine almost as you spin the cleaner around the dogs paws. Does require you to actively dump out dirty water and replace it. For light to medium dirt/mud on paws it does very well. For caked on/thick mud however you may want to hand wash the paws initially to get rid of the heaviest dirt.

My one mistake with this was that i accidently purchased the large size one when it turned out i only needed a medium sized one. Make sure you double check the size of your dog and the size of the cleaner you are purchasing.

Not bad for quick cleaning of dirty paws when you don’t have time for a full bath.

4Expert Score
Great cleaner of dog paws

We have a relatively new medium size dog that we take out to our corral so she can do her thing and do her ball chasing exercise. We live 450 feet above sea level overlooking the monterey bay. We get fog during this time of year and turns our corral into a muddy mess. We clean her paws with this paw cleaner every time before bringing her into the house. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and our dog doesn’t mind it at all. Actually probably likes getting all the mud off her.

4Expert Score
Really does clean the paws

I have a german shepherd and needed a solution for cleaning her paws when she comes in muddy. This works great, but it is not easy to use. First off, i bought a large sized one because i thought i’d need it for my dog’s large paws. But it is too big and too tall. It is hard to hold onto when trying to wrestle her paw into it. I end up dropping it. I’ve also knocked it over many times. If i’d bought a smaller, shorter one, i think it would’ve been easier to manage. But it works! The plastic finger things inside it really do sort of gently scrub the paw and due to the design, the dirt drops to the bottom and doesn’t get back onto the pup’s paws. It is easy to take apart and clean, but it was a bit of a challenge to get the insert back in. Make sure you look at it good before you take it apart so you can remember how it goes.

4Expert Score
Size matters!

The add said for bulldogs get a large, but it was way too big the cup was as long as her leg! So for english bulldogs get a small. Looks to be durable, lightweight, just didn’t work for pickles or dottie claire.

4Expert Score
Great, but

We’ve got a sheepadoodle whose “shoot n splash” hits his front ankles. Ugh. Really like this product for this issue- a lot easier than lugging out the hose & soap. His furriness is too much for wipes to get the job done. So, this big cup is great.

But, the design of the plastic cup- (which reminds me of those megahuge gas station convenience store soda cups) gets slippery with the soapy water and i just wish there were some grip or handle or the shape allowed for a firmer grasp. I should also note that my pup doesn’t always sit still when i say sit, so the added challenge of that makes the gripping of this cup tougher.

4Expert Score

I was taking the doggo to the beach and places where it was going to be muddy so i looked up paw cleaners and this one popped up. Very easy to use if your dog doesn’t mind. You can turn it for cleaning or just dunk their paws up and down and abracadabra they are clean. Just need a quick pat dry and they are ready to get them dirty again. Easy to take apart clean and put back together.

4Expert Score
Great idea, but not for a corgi (or other short-legged dog)

Maybe i got too large of a size, but this thing is too tall for my corgi’s stumpy little legs.

Otherwise, it is a really nice tool for keeping his paws clean. It’s just really difficult to maneuver because his legs are so short–i have to have him hanging off of a stair ledge to make it work.

4Expert Score
Nice but

This works well on my doodle who has white paws , we live in florida and it rains every day equally muddy paws. My opinion it that it’s easier to just put my pup in the tub or use wipes. However this does work ! And is portable so that’s nice.

4Expert Score
Probably good for dogs with longer hair

My two little chiweenies are short-hairs, so i didn’t find this to be an easier solution. I’m going to stick with the wipes. I can see that if your dog has long hair on his paws and comes back with muddy matter hair on the paws, this would probably be a good solution.

4Expert Score

Just what i needed! I have a pup that despises dirty paws and is always trying to eat them when she comes inside. I’ve been filling up the bathtub just a bit to place her inside to “wash off” so this is a miracle product for me! Saves water, time and removes the dirt. We’re both happy campers.

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