Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V

Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V

Buy Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V: Air Compressors & Inflators – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are digital air compressor for car auto pump portable tire inflator with led light dc 12v features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • ✔【easy to use&auto shut off】:plug carsun portable air compressor power cable into the car’s 12v power outlet, then press the inflation nozzle into the tire valve,set the pressure value required by the tire and press the switch to start inflating. The air compressor pump will automatically shut off when reaching desired tire pressure.
  • ✔【150psi max working pressure】:with maximum pressure 150 psi and air flow 35l/min. It can inflate the 195/65/r15 car tire from 0 to 35psi under 5 minutes. Much more effective and faster than traditional pump. Built-in accurate tire pressure gauge.
  • ✔【digital display & led lighting】:carsun portable air compressor pump is equipped with a large high-precision and high-brightness display to help you check the tyre pressure and preset the tyre presure values. The digital tire inflator is equipped with bright, long-lasting led lights that can be easily used even in the dark, so you can re-inflate at night or quickly see it on dark, remote country roads.
  • ✔【multi-purpose】:carsun air compressor pump has a 10ft power cord and inflatable adaptors( 4 additional nozzles) allowing to reach all tires of your car, bike, motor, atv, compact or midsize sedan, suv, air mattress, inflatable boats, balls and other inflatables(but not support big truck or motor lorry).
  • ✔【worry-free guarantee】:if you have any questions on our product , please email us directly ! We will help you solve the problem and will always try our best to satisfy your needs.we are promise to make high quality product and service for every customer.
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Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V AMAZON

Buy Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V: Air Compressors & Inflators – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does this turn back on when the set pressure drops? Or do i have to set the pressure every time i inflate a tire?

I think you have to set it each time. It is fine for inflatables, but i didn’t find it user friendly to inflate car tires to desired weight. Had to go to a gas station and fill tires with more air.

Is there an ac adapter for use indoors?


Does it screw on to tire nozzles. Or snap on?

More of a snap on.

How do you insert the fuse?

When replacing, turn the screw cap anticlockwise with pliers to take out the old fuse and replace it with the new one.

Does it come with extra fuse?

Recently purchased in 2022 and mine came with a spare fuse.

Has anyone had e perience using this for an inflatable kayak?

Possible, it comes with many extension nozzles??!!

How long is the air hose

About 1 ft.

Will this reach all 4 tires for a big pick up truck

No issues with all 4 tires on a ford f-150.

Can you get replacement for the diaphragm seal? They ware out after a while

Less than 12 amps

Exact product dimensions, please?

8′ high x 6 3/8′ wide x 3′ deep. Comes with a 9′ x 11 1/2′ nylon drawstring bag for easy storage. I keep it with my spare tire.

Whats the lowest psi setting?

The psi varies per tire and vehicle. Please take your tire numbers and car make and model and google the psi required for them

Can the other nozzles be used to clean seats by blowing off debris, dirt, etc?

Not really

Can i use this to blow ballon’s up?

Yes you can because it comes with the other attachments which can be used for various reasons. I only use it for my car

Does it come with a case?

It doesn’t come with a case

You guys provided all details except the most crucial: which of the three ‘additional nozzles’ is to be used with the car?

Car tires can be used directly. No need for the three ‘additional nozzles’

What is the max psi of this compressor ? Its psi is not listed, should have been listed !

Hello,the max psi is 150psi. Please feel free to contact us via amazon message if you have any issues. We will be glad and prompt to help you there.

Does this work on balloons?

Yes,it has a nozzle suitable for balloons.

How do i get customer support.

I would look into your amazon account profile and see where this product comes up. Then you should see a section that says about customer support.

How to fix the air pump as soon as i took it out the package it fell off and now i cannot get to stay on tight

We did not have this issue at all. Must be a flaw. Perhaps you can return and exchange?

I heard there was a tire inflater that you charge up and where can i find a handel for a 2 ton jack ?

Check the auto store for handle, also tire inflation

Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V AMAZON

Buy Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable Tire Inflator with LED Light DC 12V: Air Compressors & Inflators – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Finally got around to using this thing

I can safely recommend this item after owning it for many months sitting unused in trunk of my car, i finally had to use it after one of my tires lost tire pressure. This is quite the time saver and is overall easy to use and lightweight. No more fumbling with quarters and looking around for a pump station. No more coyly asking random tire shops to check your tire pressure without being a paying customer! It’s great to be able to fix the issue on the spot. Pair it with a fix a flat spray and you won’t have to deal with changing tires on the side of the road.

Cons to this, this thing is really noisy. It’s noisier than you’d expect for something this size. Literally sounds like a jackhammer when running. Wouldn’t use it in the middle of the night if anyone is sleeping. The plastic is also cheap-feeling. Not really made for heavy duty purposes, the plastic would probably crack if dropped on asphalt.

Another pro is the display can be visible at night because it’s backlit. Very important in case you don’t have lighting in the side of the road. Definitely glad i bought this.

5Expert Score
When your tires need air, you need this

I’ve been having some issues with slow leaks in two tires. It’s a nuisance trying to find air at gas stations these day, even if they have an air/water station. Sometimes those are out-of-order, some charge $ to operate, and if a tire is low, who wants to drive around looking for a place to pump it up? This allows you to set the pressure you want for your tire and it will shut off when it gets there, a great feature (that gas stations don’t have)!. I’ve checked the pressure after filling up with a gauge i bought years ago at sears point raceway, and the results seem accurate. Two minor quibbles: first, no carry case, so the only protection it has in my car trunk is its cardboard packaging. The second is i wish it had somethings like rubber feet or rubberized corners, because setting this on pavement while in use can cause it to move around from the vibration, and that doesn’t bode well for long-term care. On the other hand, it’s very light weight, so holding it while filling a tire is not a problem.

5Expert Score
So easy to use!!! So far so good!!

Good price, arrived super fast 3 days, easy to use, i just got it today and set it at my tires required air pressure. I put the air nozzle on the stem it reads your current air pressure in your tire. You keep the nozzle on the tire and press the start button it fills your tire and auto stops. You just repeat until all the tires are checked and fill with the correct amount of air. I hope it works for a long time. So far so good!! Ty 🙂

5Expert Score
Nice compact product

I had been looking for a second tire inflator so i could have one in each of our cars. This looked good and was discounted for the amazon prime early access sale. It was delivered the same day. It looks very well made and is pretty compact. The digital display is easy to read and the controls are straightforward. I am very pleased with the vendor and the product.

5Expert Score
Gives me peace of mind

After driving to multiple gas stations with broken air machines on more than one occasion, i knew it was time to finally purchase a personal air compressor. It gives me peace of mind to know i can boost the tire pressure of my tires when i need to, no matter where i am! This product works and is lightweight. The price was right and comes with a 2 year warranty. Sold. Happy. Safe. Thank you!

5Expert Score
Works good

Decided to get a portable tire pump just in case. Decided to try it on my car and it works good. Most of my tires were around 27-28 psi and it took about a minute or two to pump them back up to 32psi. I would say pretty good value for what it is.

5Expert Score
Inexpensive and easy to use

I got two, one for each car. They both work great, and are awesome to have along for filling up tires on the go! So far, both work well with use a couple times a month.

5Expert Score
Good buy!

Product looks super nice. It doesnt not come with a bag or case, that kinda sucks. But in reality it doesnt need one. Since the hose and power cord get tucked into the pump, so nothing is just hanging loose. I couldnt figure out where to store the bike adapter and extra fuse.

5Expert Score
So far so good

I used it for the first time today and it works fine as advertised. I no longer need to run to gas station and wait in line.

5Expert Score
A life saver for a dj

I’ve been djing for a long time, and keep most of my dj gear in my suv. As a result, my rear tires tend to lose air frequently due the weight of my equipment. I’d routinely have to go get air at gas stations which wasn’t sanitary, and each time, i’d have to keep quarters on hand. It would not only take forever, but after events, it was frustrating to deal with. My friend noticed the pressure in my back tires was extremely low the night before djing a wedding. She actually had this exact model and let me borrow it since it was late. After seeing how good it was, i purchased it that same night and it literally came in right after djing the wedding. It was a life saver, and the price is better price than any other model online or in stores. It’s now in my glove box and work will be a lot less stressful knowing that this is there if my air pressure is too low. It has a convenient form factor too, given its relatively small size.

As for how fast it actually works, my back tire was at 12 psi and it needed to be at 40. This filled the tire in roughly 4 mins with a very accurate digital readout that matched my suvs reported psi as well as my old school tire pressure checker. My suv is fairly large and i was able to open my passenger side door, and fill the two right tires with room to spare on the included cord. This is a great product, and my friend mentioned to me that she had hers for a little over a year. The product warranty is 2 years if you register it on the carsun website, which is great for something in this price range. Given how much time it saves, as well as the peace of mind it offers from not needing to look for working air machines late at night, that’s not bad at all.

4Expert Score
Seems to work fine – with a couple of minor issues

I bought this unit to balance out my tires on my car. It seems to work just fine with a couple of small caveats:

first – while the unit does cut off at the set air pressure, it seems to be a little generous when measuring psi – i set my pump to 36 psi for my tires and when i measured with a manual air pressure gauge that i know to be accurate, it was actually 34.5 psi.

Is this a dealbreaker? No. But just be aware if you buy one of these units that you need to measure with a known gauge that is accurate so that you know what the actual differential is – in my case i just have to remember that what the carsun is measuring is actually 1.5 psi above what the actual psi is – no big deal and considering the price, i can live with this.

The second caveat that i noticed is that this unit actually works a lot better when you let a little air out of the tires first before you try to reach your target pressure – when it’s really close to your desired pressure it seems to cut off too quickly. I have found that dropping the air around 4 psi below your desired psi before you actually top the tire off actually produces much better results.

In any case i was able to balance out my tires pretty well with this unit and despite the minor caveats, i would recommend.

4Expert Score
Very satisfied

I put this in the car – just in case. Sometimes, in cold weather, my mini low tire pressure light comes on. Since i can’t carry a spare and have run-flat tires keeping them at full pressure is important. This is small, works well and keeps me safe. I have used it a few times and am very satisfied.

4Expert Score
Good product for its price.

Satisfied with my purchase! Now i don’t have to stop in a gas station to put air on my tires every time the dash marks tire pressure low. You set the psi at the desired pressure and the compressor will stop automatically!!!! Happy with it!

4Expert Score
Everyone should have a air pump.

Works as advertised. Easy to use.

4Expert Score

It’s nice that it stops at your preset psi. It isn’t real fast, it takes about 6 or 7 minutes to raise the psi 5 lbs on a midsized suv tire. I wish it had a longer power cord, you can’t reach a tire on a connected trailer.

4Expert Score
It does what you need.

Lightweight and does the job.

4Expert Score
Updated re: stopped turning on after first use 🙁

The seller quickly addressed my concerns.
Great customer service always makes a difference.
first impression is that the compressor worked great the first time. It was used to put air in one of my tires. After that it just would not turn on. How can i get a functional replacement?

4Expert Score
Tire inflator works

This product works great and successful in inflating my tires, however, the cord from the cigarette lighter to the back wheels of my truck is not long enough. I will need to replace it with the same product vendor that has a longer cord.

4Expert Score
It’s ok

It’s ok just a bit too big … Wish it is portable

4Expert Score
Esta bueno en caso de emergencia

Me saca del apuro si no tengo una llanta de repuesto

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