Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official

Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official : Collectibles & Fine Art
Donald Trump Gold Coin: The official 2017 trump coin of gopbox. Limited edition.

What are donald trump gold coin features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Proof like quality; high precision manufacturing; heavy, same size and weight as a half dollar
  • Kit includes gold plated coin, coin box, certificate of authenticity
  • Coin has never been touched by human hands
  • Protective case measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 1 inch
  • Certificate commemorates donald j. Trump, the 45th president of the united states
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Donald trump gold coin details:

Product dimensions

1.5 x 1.5 x 0.1 inches

Item weight

0.64 ounces

Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

13 months and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer




Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official AMAZON Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official : Collectibles & Fine Art

Looking for specific info?

Where is this made? China

Of course.

Where is it made?

I’m assuming china like all his other “usa” memorabilia, what a glorious time to be alive!!! 🙂

Is stormy daniels on the other side of the coin?

It’s a good thing you all have never done anything wrong in your life. So easy to point out the faults in others while hiding behind a device. At least we know why kids in this generation are disrespectful to authority. To any parents writing on here with comments like these, please don’t have anymore children and hopefully the kids you do have now will have people in their life who will teach honor and respect to those in authority.
I’ve had faults in my life and i’m thankful i don’t have people in my life like all of you who go on public websites to say foolish things.
Look at the own log in your eye before calling out the speck in others.
Oh and by they way, the coin is amazing. Great quality and a really nice price to display the president of the united states who actually did what he said and stood up for morals like abortion. One of the most impactful presidents we’ve had. Certainly wasn’t polished by any means but he accomplished so much.

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Will gop candidates accept these for political donations?

They are desperate enough to accept anything.

Will its value be accepted as credit at a prison commissary?

Prisons would typically accept it as payment for cups of hot covfefe. Other applications would include hair mousse and spray tan applications in burnt orange.

Will mexico pay for this?

I entered ‘mexico will pay’ at checkout. Didn’t work. Someone said you have to shut the app down for 35 days, and then tell customer service you don’t need the shiny thing, but really want very badly. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that going to viet nam might help.

Is this coin as fake as the current president or can i actually buy stuff in russia with it?

You need to accept that your candidate lost in 2016 despite having outspent president trump by 200 million, despite all the votes of illegals and dead people, and despite having handed over our uranium to the russians. Quit whining.

How big is this coin compared to another denomination of coin (quarter, dime etc)

These coins are made big at 32mm by 1.22 my thick. They are to be commerative so they will not exactly be as big as a us. Silver eagle but close. They are beauifully crafted by skilled artists to render a commerative coin that will last ages.

Does it come in orange?

It’s gold plated, just like the original, so i suppose it’s possible

Does this coin have an option to not have a racist narcissist with syphilis dementia on it?

The syphilitic narcissist coin was the least desirable option, but a surprising percentage of americans voted for it. While we can’t reveal their motive, it rhymes with ‘bassist’

Why is there no picture of the other side?

There is a picture if the border wall.

Is it valuable?

It’s valuable depending on who you are referring to. I bought it as a gift and the receiver really enjoyed it

Is this coin a legal tender

It is not legal tender. It appears to be a purely collectible coin. There is no monetary ($) amount imprinted on the coin. It certainly feels like a real coin. Hope this helps!

What is the base metal?

I thought the base metal is pig iron?

Is this a real coin? Can you spend it?

This coin was collected as a hobby

Has this really never been touched by human hands?

Nope… It’s already been touched by tiny little hands

Why is seller kshop selling item not like listing? No cert of authenticity, no designer box, only cheap taped up plastic baggie

If you squint real hard you can pretend it’s real– especially if you’re a white supremacist

Is the coin’s center made of zinc? I’m concerned because zinc melts down under even a little heat.

The coin is made of pure freedom, which as we all know melts in the hearts of all true americans.
If you are concerned about low temp melting don’t get it, get an biden coin if he can remember where he put them.
People for a free america.

Is it as ugly as it looks?

More ugly actually in person

Do you have to pay double for shipping?

Only pay double if you buy the one with the double chin as that would weigh more.

Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official AMAZON Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official : Collectibles & Fine Art

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

Ordered 4 of them

5Expert Score
Beautiful gold plated, feels great

It was exactly as i expected and looks and feels like a proof gold coin. The card with it is fantastic, proof of authenticity. I took it out of the display case and carry it with some other ‘lucky’ coins including my silver 10 year aa coin knowing the plating would be ruined.
I might by another just to keep it as original or use as a gag gift.

5Expert Score
Simple review


5Expert Score
Love it

It’s the only coin i have ever purchased. And i felt safer in his world than i do in the current one.

5Expert Score
Nice coin

Solid and attractive

5Expert Score
Make america great again 2024

Love it just wish they were cheaper

5Expert Score
Great ball marker!

Got as a gift for a friend who is a trump fan, they use it as a ball marker for golfing. You can even keep it in the thick protective case and build a wall on the green! A formidable ball marker for sure!

5Expert Score
Great gag gift

Gave this as a gag gift to a true drumf hater… Got the reaction i wanted. It’s already been binned.

5Expert Score
You got to love trump

I i understand it’s not real gold butthead sure looks good if you love trump it’s worth every dime.

5Expert Score
Review of donald trump gold coin, gold plated collectable coin and case included

I ordered this trump coin for my husband as part of his christmas presents for 2022.

4Expert Score
It's highly accurate to his image and it has a high quality feel

The weight and feel of the product is good, so you can tell that it is indeed cased in some real gold, and the image of the donald is nearly perfect to his image on screen. The case it comes in will keep it safe, so don’t throw it out unless you have another one waiting, least you might scratch it and tarnish the value. Over all, receiving this in the mail was a very classy experience and it made for an impressive gift for my parents.

The presented photo is also completely accurate to the actual product.

4Expert Score
Anything trump

Just like the picture, remember presidential coins can not be minted until after the president is dead so dont expect more than plated but still nice and still trump

4Expert Score
We're all here for trump

I got this for birthday presents it’s so nice and shinny

4Expert Score
Absolutely love it!

As most i’ve been swept into politics and have been getting some things to show my pride for our great president! I saw this and had to pick it up!

Despite some issues others have had mine was near flawless, both the coin as well as the clear case it came in. The only issue i have with it is it says it comes in a ‘coin box’ which is just a generic cardboard box with some cotton bedding in it, my box did have a sizable bend/dent in it. Was hoping for something a bit more flashy for displaying but for the price i can’t complain too much. If you want a nice display box i’d suggest looking for something else.

Aside from that, i highly recommend this, even if coin collecting isn’t your thing. This is something beautiful and a great conversation piece! Hopefully one day we’ll have legitimate currency with the best president’s face on it! Maga!

4Expert Score

I love these as i love trump!

4Expert Score
Nice coin that makes a nice gift

This is a nice gift idea. The trump coin came neatly package and came with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike some other reviews, my coin didn’t come scratched not bubbling inside the coin. It’s a bit expensive for a single mass produced coin but makes a great gift nonetheless.

4Expert Score
Trump the man

It was in great shape and i like the item

4Expert Score
Nice collectible in plastic case.

This is a nice coin but bad profile of the president.

4Expert Score
Quality piece. Great gift.

Gave to my son as a present for doing well in school. He loved it! Better quality than i expected.

4Expert Score

Everything looks good comes with certification card. The only problem is either the plastic or the coin itself is scratched. I havent opened the plastic shell to inspect the coin yet because i’m going to have a microfiber towel at hand. But other than that pretty cool

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