Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project

Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project

Yakibest.com : Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are dual brush marker pens for coloring books features?

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  • ★dual tips: 1-2mm brushes tip allows you easily laying down thick, thin, or varied lines in one stroke, works well for coloring books, signing, design, art project and hand lettering; 0.4 mm fine point tip is great for outlining, detail and drawing. These double-end markers are a must for your next masterpiece
  • ★36 unique colors: tanmit dual brush pens have 36 vibrant colors and color coded pen holder easier to choose right color every time. Also every pen comes with water-based, vibrant rich ink which will arouse your artistic creativity
  • ★high quality: all brushes and fineliner work well with no skipping or ink flow issue. Especially, the nylon fiber brush tips would easily layer and mix different colors without worrying about smudges and blotches
  • ★perfect gift idea: our colored markers are good for your everyday lettering, drawing, crafting, doodling, illustrations and fine art. So why not choose this craft supplies as a gift at christmas, anniversaries, valentines day, graduations, birthdays.
  • ★our service: fast delivery directly from amazon, conform to amazon return and refund policies. Please feel free to contact seller for any product or order problem.
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Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Looking for specific info?

Are these good for nice coloring book or do they bleed through?

I used them one time they are a little messy and yes they bleed into the paper.. I like to use the gel pens they are a good pen dry fast and leves a nice picture i hope i could help you and answerd your question..

Has anyone used these in their cricut?

The 0.4 fine tip seems to work in my cricut explore air 2, but the brush tip isn’t quite long enough, so it would only work on thicker materials.

Will these work in a cricut air explore 2?


Are they washable?

Not sure – packaging reads “water-based non-toxic acid-free” liquid markers. Packaging doesn’t say whether they are washable or not. Sorry i don’t have an exact answer.

Will these work on a cricut?

The fine point sides will

Good for card making?

I’ve only used them in adult coloring books so i don’t know

Can these be used on a canvas ?

It may work but to be permanent there is another type work on canvas, rock, and others

Can these be used on suncatchers?

I doubt it but you can try

How long do the markers pens last?

These pens seem to last a good while., of course it depends on how much you are coloring. If you color very large areas they will dry up faster, but i have had good luck with them. Nice vibrant color and extremely easy to color with.

Will these work on chalkboard tags?

those dual pens work well on paper but not chalkboard. Thanks

Are these watercolor?

They are permanent. But they are fantastic. I use mine on my adult coloring books. I use the brush side more than the fine pt size, but both work very well.

Do they work on fabric


Are these pens acid free for scrapbooking?

I have only used mine twice for my art journal, they began to fray almost immediately and the colors do not blend at all and they bleed. So nope

Do these blend?

They don’t blend like water colors, they are more like traditional markers as far as blending goes.

How much is the postage on this item

Free shipping with prime.

Do these bleed through?

Hi,thanks for asking.
Our dual tip brush pens are minimal bleed thru. Thanks

Do these fit in a cricut machine?


Does this come with free shipping

Mine did. I ordered via prime.

Do the tips stay sharp or do they fray?

The fine points stay sharp. So far, the brush tips have remained in a point. I haven’t used them exclusively, i also use the fine point sharpies, which are very good for the fine lines on some pictures to color. I’d buy them again.

Are these good for painting?

The brush end was fun/could be used for painting, but frayed quickly and the fine point endt of the pens did not work/were dry. Would not buy again.

Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
These are great

These markers are great! They have a lot of ink unlike some other markers that seem to dry out so quickly. They are a bit of a learning curve for people who are used to normal markers…they have a long tip that is flexible so you have to take that into consideration when using them. The other side, the tip side is great for fine lines! Enjoy!

5Expert Score
Excellent quality

I purchased these for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. She loves them. The felt tip is excellent for fine lines while the brush tip is great for filling. I was able to use them for faux calligraphy and the results were not bad. The colors are vibrant and cover beautifully.

5Expert Score
Great pens

Great product. Inexpensive & easy to use. My 98-year old friend uses these to create her own ‘hallmark’ cards & loves the dual pens.

5Expert Score
A great git

I gave this to my granddaughter for christmas. She was so happy and so excited that she cried and held it to her chest. She is 11 and into her artwork.

5Expert Score
Colors are bold

Purchased for granddaughter who is in 4th grade. She loves to doodle and all these colors will allow for great inspiration

5Expert Score
Beautiful colors

All the colors are amazing

5Expert Score

Smooth and bold

5Expert Score


5Expert Score
Great product

Great product

5Expert Score
Kids gift

Got this for one of the minions who loves art and drawing and these are great brush style pens that work very well (all pens worked btw, unlike some others we have gotten) and at a great price compared to what is found locally at some hobby shops

4Expert Score
Great for my bullet journal

I really enjoy the 2 tips and both have came in good use. They do not bleed through my bullet journal pages. I showed them to a friend and she loved them so much she bough a set for herself as well! I love the wide variety of color options as well.

4Expert Score
Love them but two of fine tips didn’t work.

These markers are fun to use but disappointed that 2 of the fine tips had no color to them.

4Expert Score
Nice starter pack

Love the color variety, love the brush tips and fine tips. The only downside to these markers is the packaging. The flat pack is too long to be storable in most boxes or desks. And the flat tray is flimsy and difficult to slide in and out of the box. Would have much preferred a normal square marker box.

4Expert Score
Decent set

For basic coloring this is great. Some of the fine tips are already pretty dry. And the selection has a couple of colors that are far to similar to each other. Like 3 yellows (barely discernible) and two reds that are basically the exact same. Only 3 blues though and absolutely no beige/tan ish color. Which is a problem if you’re coloring anything that you want to color in a caucasian skin tone. Overall ok but not amazing

4Expert Score
Missing color names

When i opened the package and looked at the markers, i was very surprised to see that there are no color names. If you are using two similar colors, there’s no way to tell exactly which color you used unless you study the color of the cap very well. Good luck remembering which yellow you used.

4Expert Score
Medium and fine point feature

My mistake that i did not buy the right thing; i thought i was buying highlighters that don’t bleed and these do; it is not false advertising (i just did not pay close attention); that being said – if the bleeding is not an issue for you, these are great highlighters and worth the money; it is a huge pack (36 different colors) and they have a dual tip – medium point on one end and fine point on the other, which is a great feature; the only downside to these is the packaging – the box they came in is a really tight fit and is long (it is a little difficult to get them in and out of the box and they are all lined up in a row, so to use them i have to pull the entire tray out); i am keeping them but i will need to find another container to keep them in and i will still need to purchase highlighters that do not bleed

4Expert Score
Great markers, no case

Update 6/5/22:
i’ve been using these to color and it’s been 2ish weeks that i’ve been using them and there are several that are already streaky just from normal use. Super disappointing.

I even tried storing them with the brush tip down, and while it gets me a few more bits of solid color, it totally dries out the fine point tip.

Don’t waste your money on these unless you just want to use them once or twice a week. I recommend tombow (but they don’t have as fine a point on the small nib side & they are expensive, fyi) or perhaps a marker with just one tip instead for water-based markers.

Original review:
i was so excited to get these markers. They are very nice markers and the marker colors are mostly consistent with the top colors. The box is pretty.

The pan that they sit in is flimsy and does not have a lid. To store you can either keep them in the box (i don’t want to do that bc it’s a pain to get the plastic pan back in there without dropping markers), or find an alternative. I did not think buying these would give me something else to buy! Also, these aren’t labeled anything. Not “red” or “cherry.” mildly annoying, perhaps a tad persnickety on my part.

4Expert Score
Very easy to use but bleed through most paper

The markers are nice but surprisingly cannot be layered they bleed through almost all types of paper

4Expert Score
Caps easy to remove/replace, nice vivid color choices, do not blend well, no color names or numbers

These dual tip pens have performed much better than i expected. I have had them several months and used them frequently. I hesitantly bought these to use for rock art even tho’ i know that is not what they are designed for. I am pleased with the results, and i will probably purchase this brand again when i need brush tip pens.

The good:
~the brush tips do not fuzz or blur on lightweight paper that is commonly found in the majority of adult coloring books.
~they do perform well on smooth rocks. I have had this set since october 2020, and have used the brush ends frequently, and i have not yet had any major fraying. The brush tips are firm enough to hold their shape while laying down even colors. Mine are softer than they were when received; however, they are still working like i expect.
~the vivid colors are indeed bright, and there is a good choice. My set includes three shades of grays and five browns. Nice!
~the majority of the caps and the markers are a pretty close match. I do have two yellows with different shades; however, the ink is hard to tell apart.
~none of mine were dried out on arrival, nor are they now.
~the ink flows smoothly and does not blob.
~none of the pens were leaking upon arrival nor are they now doing so.

The bad:
~mine arrived scattered hither and yon inside a rather oversize shipping box.
~they do come in a carrying/storage case, but it is not very convenient. The snaps are difficult to close and the pens do not stay in position when one or more is removed. One might wish to consider a different storage container.
~the colors do not always blend well. Some colors overpower/remove the color already in place.
~ there is not a blending pen; nor, is there a white one.
~the pens are not named or numbered.
~one must make their own color chart.
~there is bleed through on typical coloring book lightweight paper, and the pen tips are rather scratchy.

4Expert Score
They're great for beginners to lettering

I actually like these better than the tombow brand as a beginner. The brush side is stiffer so it’s easier to get a thin line vs tombow which are really bendy. They’re more marker than brush pen to me. We’ll see how they hold up though. The color payoff is ok, definitely not as good as tombow. So far i really like them and they’re a good deal if you’re just starting out. They’re cheap so the packaging is cheap.

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