E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear

E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear

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What are e6000 237032 craft adhesive features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Adhesive
  • 2 ounce tube of clear adhesive
  • Photo-safe
  • Printable
  • Washer/dryer safe
  • Non-flammable
  • Industrial strength, general purpose adhesive that’s ideal for bonding wood, fabric, leather, ceramic, glass, metal and more
  • Temperature resistant: remains flexible, even in extreme conditions
  • Waterproof: bond remains secure even when exposed to water, dries white and paintable once cured
  • Non-flammable, washer/dryer safe and photo safe
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E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear AMAZON

Shop E6000 at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Is this delicate and clear enough to glue holographic foils inside a clear hard plastic cellphone case?

This is quite viscous (thick). It seems to me that this would cause your film to not sit tight to the case like you want. Also, it would be visible even if clear. I’m not sure of any glue other than maybe a spray adhesive where it would not be visible.

Would you recommend this glue as something to install a zipper onto a cloth tote handbag? I need an alternative to sewing.

Yes, it should work well, depending on how much tension…i’m picturing the top of a cloth tote bag, as long as it’s not being rigged too much it would work better than stitchwitch

Is is ok for outdoor projects as far as low to freezing temps? I read all the questions/answers and heat seems to be ok. Thanks

I have no direct experience with this, but this page: http://www.eclecticproducts.com/e6000_retail.htm mentions that the temperature range for the cured product is -40f to 150f. I would take that to mean that you can expect it to retain its potential between those two temperatures. They also mention that if frozen, you should let the uncured tube thaw out and reach room temperature before use.

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Does fabric stay flexible/foldable if you apply this as a seam sealer?

I bought this for my classroom, but when it said industrial, i gave it to my husband for his jobs around the house. I would not use it on fabric because it might be to strong of a smell. However, it might work as a seam sealer.

Will this glue bond plastic to metal?

thank you for your inquiry!
Yes, according to the manufacturer this can be used on many different materials. Please read below:

‘ amazing e6000 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and concrete. It also adheres strongly to leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics. ‘

thank you!

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Can it bond rubber to stainless steel?

I would have to say from the science of it not for long if you have putting force on that boned. But if not it works great.

It is ok for use with tyvek?

It ‘should’ be. I had no idea what tyvek was, so i went on-line to see what it was. It’s a spun fiber, so that should be enough to give the adhesive something to adhere to. I would just check it be trying a small piece first.

Is it good for attaching a quartz crystal that separated from the pendulum attachment ‘cap’ at the end of the chain?

I think it can, i used to paste plastics.

Is this glue good for gluing 1 inch pin back?

Yes very good thank you

How well does this attach two pieces of plastic together?

E6000 is a good overall adhesive and will easily bond plastic. I’ve used it for many applications and it is great stuff.

I have a ceramic paw print that i want to glue on top of my dogs cedar wood urn box. Will this glue be strong enough so it won’t fall off and break?

Like with any glue, make sure both surfaces are clean and dry. Cover an area with the glue as far and complete as possible, without it squishing out the sides when pressed down, which would be unsightly.

Will this work on metal

Sorry, i haven’t tried it on metal but this glue works awesome so i would think it would.

Can you use it on wood working projects such as salt & pepper metal caps to wood?

It says in description that it works on wood, metals, fabric, etc however we only used it on a plastic material to a fabric. I can say though that with the way it held so well with what we used it for and how much abuse the item took and still never had any problems with it every budging or coming undone.. I believe if you let it dry overnight like we did, it would hold well on wood to metal, etc. It gives off a strong odor when using but works very well.

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What about gluing two pieces of leather together? I need to make sure that these two pieces don’t get ripped apart from a couple pounds of force.

That’s exactly what i used for. I had a leather seat on a chair with the stitching wearing out. I glued the two leather surfaces on the raw side and they are strong

Wondering if this was the right product for sealing shower glass and marble flooring? Thanks.

this item would not be recommended for such a large surface area. It is likely compatible with the materials you are using, but not a good long term fix. Thanks!

Can this be used to adhere a vinyl apron to the wood frame on my spa tub?

Absolutely! I would just be sure the area is clean and totally dry. This glue takes a while to dry, but once it is it won’t be affected by the moisture in the air and it will make a tight seal.
I have no affiliation with the company that makes this. So when i say this is the best glue, i mean it. Couple of tips though: use in a well vented area because it’ll knock you on your butt after awhile. If you get it on your skin or on a surface you don’t want it, clean it off immediately. Finally only use it where you want a permanent fix because once it’s dry it’s sticking forever.
Obviously using wood glue when it’s wood on wood, hot glue for quick projects and fabric glue for fabrics is a good idea. But this glue is the best for the odd projects like wood and vinyl. I used it to glue a mirror to plywood 3 years ago and it’s still holding! And it’s the only glue i use for jewelry fixing.

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Does e6000 glue together pewter and glass?

I have used e6000 on glass and metal art but not pewter.. I live in arizona and my piece with metal and glass has held up outside in full sun for over a year and a half and still going strong

Is this glue good to use if i’m gluing rhinestones on a wine glass

Not sure but i would imagine so. I will be using it to bond wood and rock , i’m sure it will do both

Will this hold flat-back ‘jewels’ to fabric thru a washing machine?

We recommend hand washing your garment.

Glass to acrylic

Yes, it will.

E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear AMAZON

Shop E6000 at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works as advertised

I saw various crafters using this and raving about it on youtube videos and decided to give it a try. So far, i’m impressed. I used it to re-fasten the edge of the formica on the kitchen counter and re-attach the handle to a decorative vase. Both of these were done several weeks ago and both are holding strong. I think this may be my new go to glue over super glue from now on.

5Expert Score
Works like it's suppose to do!

This is easier to use that gorilla glue. I had gorilla glue all over my fingers and had to carefully pull it off. This is the best glue! Thank you!

5Expert Score
My favorite

This is my favorite glue for repairing things. It is successful with just about everything i try.

5Expert Score

It works on everything – jewelry, crafts, ceramics, etc.

5Expert Score
Binds great!

I used this adhesive to bind ceramic tile to wood and to bind felt material to other tile. It takes longer than super glue to bind but it works well when dry. I recommend.

5Expert Score

Buen producto el mejor para pegar tela siempre lo uso

5Expert Score
Great sealant for phone back

Was a easy seal gasket for phone

5Expert Score
This is my favorite super glue

After trying multiple different types of super glue, this one is the best. It doesn’t work for all jobs but 99% of the stuff i need to glue back together this thing has saved so many items we would have otherwise thrown away. I’m really happy with it! Worth every penny!

5Expert Score
Amazing adhesive that really works

My garmin forerunner 205 gps receiver and sports watch literally blew apart during a bicycle training ride recently. It was attached to my handlebar when the entire face blew off into the highway, leaving the ‘base’, along with the strap, still attached to the handlebar. After watching the ‘facial plate’ bounce down the roadway behind me, i turned around, picked it up before it was run over by a car, and stuffed it into my shirt’s back pocket. When i returned home, the facial plate looked pretty rough. But i has able to press it back into place on the base plate, and holding it very firmly, it did initialize when i pressed the power button. Being out of warranty (of course), garmin would ‘repair’ for a flat $69.00, plus s&h.

Enter e-6000 adhesive. For $7.49 with free amazon prime shipping, i figured i would give it a shot, since it was a gel compound, and i figured that i could put a serious long term grip on the unit with heavy duty rubber bands while the adhesive dried. When the e-6000 arrived, i carefully read all the instructions paying particular attention to the warnings about adequate ventilation. Curing time was 24-72 hours. Outside with a very steady breeze, i used a toothpick to apply the glue to both parts of the bisected garmin 205 per the directions. Waited 2-7 (closer to 7) minutes, pressed the two pieces together, then wrapped around upper and lower part of the 205 with rubber bands as snugly as i could get them, but not so tight that it squeezed all of the glue out. Nice little project, and even though i thought i had done a fine job, i gave it about a 1 in 20 chance of success. After all this was pretty sophisticated electronics i was dealing with here. All appropriate contact points had to be seated properly and hold together firmly after the rubber bands were removed. And the the facial plate had taken a long series of bounces down the highway at a speed of around 20 mph. After 48 hours with the rubber bands still in place, i hit the power button and the unit initialized. After another 24 hours i removed the rubber bands, hit the power button, and eureka, the unit initialized again! I removed the excess glue, being especially careful not to pull any cured glue from within the seams of the unit, as the dried glue is very rubbery.

Now the real test. Strapped that sucker back on my bike, and hit the road for a workout. Amazingly, the garmin 205 worked flawlessly. What more can i say? The proof is in the pudding. Not sure how long it will hold up, but i am impressed with e-6000 adhesive, and will not hesitate to use it again on future projects.

5Expert Score
Used to seal the top and bottom of a garmin forerunner 305 gps watch back together after battery transplant

E6000 glue seems almost like rubber cement, but stronger.

To use you put a thin layer of glue on both sides of the parts you want to glue. After watching a few youtube videos i first squeezed out a small pile of glue on a piece of junk mail and resealed the tube. Then i used a toothpick to transfer the glue to the parts. Just roll the tip of the toothpick in the glue, then lift (brush off any glue threads that hang on) and rub the toothpick on the parts to be glued. It’s messy. I used a few toothpicks.

Once the parts have glue on them wait for two minutes, then press the pieces together. Then use something (i used rubberbands, but different projects need different techniques) to hold the pieces together for 24 hours. Everything i read (except the tube of glue) stress the need to wait 24 hours before trusting the glue to work, so i did. The tube of e6000 did call out the two minute wait then press the parts together. I did that too.

I failed the first time i tried to glue the garmin 305. The pieces stuck together, but not forcefully enough to hold the contacts in place. The watch worked while i was squeezing it, but not after i let go. This let me discover that you can open things back up that you glued together with e6000. I was able to pry the watch open and remove the e6000 glue. It was like taking rubber cement off. Each piece of glue was sticky/stretchy. Once i get a corner of the glue up a piece of glue would eventually come off the garmin parts. When i had all the old glue removed i pried up the contacts so they would make firmer contact and i re-glued the garmin 305 using about twice as much glue. Then more tightly pressed the parts together using more rubber bands. This time the watch worked perfectly. I’m not sure which of the steps really helped (messing with the contact, using more glue or holding the case more tightly together after glueing.)

net: very happy with the e6000 glue. It did a good job.

4Expert Score
Okay glue, not great design

Kind of messy application – keeps gushing out of tube. Not recommended for precise application needs, but i was using for a shoe sole. Worked well, for a good amount of time.

4Expert Score
Tubeing size

Use for my art projects

4Expert Score
Strong glue. Tube not so much

Great glue. Strong smell. It is very viscous. Make sure to wipe the tip and keep the spout clear when you’re done.

Or else one day you might find yourself squeezing too hard and as my picture looks. Rip open the tube.

Gonna have to toss a nearly full tube

4Expert Score
Read the directions and you'll be fine.

To get the most out of this adhesive make sure you read the whole back side of the package. Use vaseline on the cap threads/nozzle to keep it from gluing itself shut.

I use it for jewelry making/repair and it comes out in rather massive globs for that application, but i find sacrificing a sharpened pencil to the cause solves that problem very neatly. Whatever applicator you use in the event you need small, precise amounts, mind that the adhesive may leave trailing strings you’ll want to address before they touch anything.
Mine was expired when it shipped so i was a little concerned about it drying out or being tacky but so far so good. I notice the packaging is very temperature sensitive, so, if it’s hot outside and the cap is off, you’re gonna get a lot of dripping adhesive as the heat makes everything expand.
I’ve repaired about a dozen pieces with this so far – from stud earrings to chunky necklaces. I’ve also fashioned 3 brand new pieces. The adhesive works great on cabochons, metal, sea glass, pottery – whatever you’ve got.
Again, read the directions carefully and in their entirety before you start.

4Expert Score
A must for all jewelry crafters

I keep a lot of different adhesives on my shelf for various applications and one i always have is e-6000. There is absolutely no substitute in various jewelry making or repairing situations. It comes out and dries completely clear and slightly flexible so reapplying that dropped pearl or rhinestone is a permanent fix with this stuff. Its great at providing a bond between two non-porous surfaces, not so useful for anything even slightly porous (paper, fabric, wood etc.) my only issue with this great stuff is the cap/closure. It does tend to ooze out and the cap/threads get goopy. Once that dries, you will never ever get the cap off again. So keep the oozing under control, wipe the threads and you should be ok. [you can still save the contents even so–if the cap is stuck and there is still a good amount of glue left in the tube, i simply poke a small hole in through the side of the tube with a pin and squeeze out a few drops of what i need. This hole will be self-healing and the e-6000 sets up again so you can eke a few more usages out of your tube.]

4Expert Score
Had to hold the two sections together for a long time to take a hold

I was making a wreath and wanted to add a metal bumble bee to the side of the wreath. I though this would be perfect. However it took too long to dry and it would not adhere. I finally had to use it but also hot clue to keep the items together while the e6000 dried. I believe it would be a great product for another application and will use the product again.

4Expert Score
So i recommend making sure that you have some sort of newspaper …

I purchased this e6000 craft adhesive for a project that my daughter and my self were doing. Upon opening the adhesive, it began to spew out, so i recommend making sure that you have some sort of newspaper or towel under the container for spillage! We used this for holding glass pieces to magnets, and it seems to work well! Any of the extra that my daughter put on, i was easily able to rub off after it had dried. It does have a very strong smell, and it does tend to seep out of the container when your not using it. I would recommend using in a well vented area, and making sure your able to set it back down on something that you can throw away! It did rub off of the counter, but it was only a small amount. The price was way better then the local craft stores, and the product came very quickly and as described in the ad! I would recommend this to anyone working on a crafting project!

4Expert Score
Very strong

I purchased this to glue magnets onto flat glass beads to make fridge magnets. It’s been over 6 months since i made the magnets and the glue is still holding strong, even after repeatedly pulling them off of the fridge (and they’re strong magnets). This glue is great and amazingly strong.

My only complaints:
1. The smell is strong. I make sure to open a window or have a fan blowing when i use this, and i don’t use it for long periods of time.
2. If you leave the glue uncapped and laying on its side, it immediately seeps out of the tube on its own. I have to make sure i have a piece of paper underneath the tube when i leave it uncapped during crafts, because it creates a pretty big mess.

Also, i saw in some reviews that this doesn’t work on paper; i haven’t tried it on normal paper, but i’d like to note that this worked for me on paper covered with dried mod podge.

4Expert Score
Good stuff, but that smell = serious headache

While this may prove to be a good holding glue, and time will tell, it rates 4* solely on the odor. On a scale of 1-10, this stuff is at the bitter end of, ‘can this stuff smell any worse?’ the odor lingered long after it had been put up and away.

Yes, i know, someone out there will say, ‘but you should have …’. Well, i did the ventilation was more than adequate, i followed the directions and even capped it quickly. Alas, the smell…

And speaking of capping it quickly, have everything ready to do so. Lube the threads with petroleum jelly, clean up the residue, etc. Barometric pressure will cause this stuff to ooze out of the nozzle the moment it is opened. Be forewarned!!

4Expert Score
Great glue, but…

This glue works great, but it’s annoying because it leaks out as soon as you take the lid off or squeeze some of it out, which wasted a lot. I’m not sure if there is a way to stop it from doing that. I tried to prop the tube up and then use it, but that didn’t help either. Other than that, it works great!

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