Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black

Yakibest.com: Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black : Beauty & Personal Care

What are ear and nose hair trimmer clipper – 2022 professional painless eyebrow & facial hair trimmer for men women features?

  • 【versatile trimming tool】made of high-quality stainless steel, this cordless ear and nose hair trimmer can effectively and comfortably remove unwanted hair from your nose, ears, eyebrows, beard, and face. One-button design is easy to use and suitable for men and women. Let you show the most confident side anytime, anywhere.
  • 【dual-edge spinning blades】this nose hair trimmer features a dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, which smoothly and precisely removes the hairs without painful or unpleasant pulling. It is comfortable and easy to use. Let you show your best at work or appointments.
  • 【ipx7 waterproof & easy cleansing】it’s waterproof and washable, making it easy to deal with residual by soak cleaning or having it take a shower. Washable and removable trimmer head is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. User-friendly handy body design comes with a dust-proof cover to protect the trimmer head.
  • 【energy-saving & whisper-quiet operation】the upgraded motor is more powerful but less power-consuming by 5%. 1pc aa battery (not included) can run for more than 6 months for 5mins’ of use at a time. This nose trimmer is suitable for road trips and travel. With operating noise less than 50db, use the nose hair clippers freely.
  • 【worry-free money-back guarantee】zorami nose hair trimmer comes with a 30-day full-money-back assurance without a lot of arguing required. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions or dissatisfaction and we’ll make it solved.

Ear and nose hair trimmer clipper – 2022 professional painless eyebrow & facial hair trimmer for men women details:

Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

5.12 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches; 2.9 ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 aa batteries required.

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Ningbo tianchao electrical appliance co., ltd

Country of origin ‏ : ‎


Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Is this for women?

If you have a nose….than this is for you.

Is the battery compartment east to access?

Only when facing north

Can i use it on my bunghole?

Well? How’d it gone? I mean, you’re surely out of your mind. Not necessarily for asking that question. More so because of your use of the slang, “bunghole”. That said, how’d it go mate? I’d appreciate some good photos to accompany your response. Patiently awaiting your reply fella!

How do you get the battery out? It’s too tight inside

For mine, it sucks, the bottom screws off, then the brackets that actually hold the battery restrict the battery from going inside. My wife forced just a cm in and would go any further and to remove i had to use pliers. So mine is a bit useless until i can file down the battery-hold brackets inside. Glad i only spent 11bucks but i would still like to use it….

See less

I know it says it is 360° rotating, however do you still have to manually turn it as you use it (rotate it around with your hand)? Thank you

You can do either. I like rotating it myself. Just to-get those pesty hairs.
I’ve only used it twice for the price it works great!

Batteries for my zorami nose hair trimmer?

We use duracell double a batteries. The trimmer only needs one.

When the dual-edge blades get dull, can you purchase these blades separately?

It’s been my experience the blades don’t get dull for a long time. By then and for the price i recommend you buy a brand new trimmer

How do i clean trimmer

The top screws off to clean.

Where can i order a replacement blade? Is there a model number for it?

I think you will need to get a new trimmer. It’s cheap enough to just replace and i don’t think it has replaceable parts.

Where is it made?

Communist china

I returned that trimmer! Along with another item! Where i’d did it go?


The product description says ‘professional painless eyebrow & facial hair trimmer’. Is there any attachment to trim the eyebrow hair?

No. There is no such attachment. There are no attachments included of any kind. Just a little cleaning brush. Personally, idk how you would be able to use this device to trim your eyebrows accurately using the little round nub at the top.

How is this item as far as a eyebrow trimmer ?

I have only used this trimmer foe ears and nose

Received product today and found nose hairs in cap?

Well for goodness sake, the answer is obvious: it’s used. Return it.

Can this be stored in the shower? Like just left on the shower? Says waterproof and ofc it won’t be submerged 24/7…

Not stored in the wet shower but in a waterproof and dry place.

How well does it work? Does it easily catch all visible nose hairs and cut them down to the root?

It works almost that good. I’m happy with it, especially for the price.

Does this come with instructions?

Don’t recall! As i have had one before, i simply opened the box and used it. It’s not rocket science i don’t see how you could cut yourself—-if concerned, suggest you contact the manufacturer and/or ‘google’ it

I’m assuming i can use this is the shower? That would be great if so! Very excited for the answer as i need one asap!

Yes. It’s ipx7 waterproof rated. It can be used in the shower. There’s even a picture of it being used in the shower under ‘multi-scenerio applications’.

My package came with no instructions of any kind, including cleaning. Is this typical?

Mine didn’t include any instructions either. There are instructions in the various pictures you can click on, in the product ad on amazon. Shows you what you need to know.

Does this come with usb cable?

No, its 1pc aa battery (not included) can run for more 6 months for 5mins of use at a time.

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper – 2022 Professional Painless Eyebrow & Facial Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Battery-Operated Trimmer with IPX7 Waterproof, Dual Edge Blades for Easy Cleansing Black : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Simple and effective

I have used this trimmer for ears, nose, and eyebrows. It is fast and efficient. The blades spin very fast which allows for pain-free trimming. Cleaning is made easy by the quick removal of the top cap and blade assembly. Took off one star for cleaning because it can be tough to get out all the hairs inside the unit without compressed air or blowing into it (scattering all the trimmings). Same for the inside of the blade assembly where you could rinse with water to get the trimmings out, but then there is the risk of having residual water in the unit which accelerates blade rust. Overall, i am very pleased with this unit compared to all of he previous trimmers i’ve used. It feels durable, designed and made well, and does the job.

5Expert Score
Very satisfied with this product

I have owned 2 similar products in the past. They were flimsy and not so easy to clean. They also were battery operated, but not very powerful, it was more noise than action.
I found this in amazon a few weeks and can’t be happier and more satisfied with it.
Easy to use, easy to clean, nice looking product, and more importantly, works perfectly fine. I haven’t changed the batteries since i got it and still running pretty good.
I will recommend this to people looking for this kind of products.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly good

I typically purchase braun or norelco or other more popular name brands when it comes to personal care products. I currently have a braun setup for managing my beard and detail trims. But no ear or nose trimmer.

I honestly didn’t expect much from this zorami brand trimmer. I was quite surprised by not just the quality but the quality of the trim. Look – don’t get me wrong. This isn’t high end stuff. But it feels well made, it perform well, doesn’t irritate the inside of my nose and get’s my furry ears nicely trimmed.

Good product. Very good value for the cost. Seems durable. Recommended if you don’t want to spend a fortune but still get good results.

5Expert Score
The perfect replacement nose hair trimmer and ear hair trimmer

I was devastated when my manscape nose hair trimmer that had been with me for 7 years went rolling onto the floor and smashed into 4 or 5 pieces.

It slipped out of my hand in the middle of a trim-job, so one of my nostrils was looking dapper, but the other nostril looked like the dark forest en route to mordor.

Alas, a nose hair trimmer that looked like my old faithful, but it is washable? Yas!!

Normally, i don’t choose white anything for a body style (in anything) because i am a standard dirty dude, with dirty fingers, with an overall distaste for cleaning.

The white nose hair trimmer and personal groomer was around $10 and it’s literally been the best money i have spent on 20 years of buying electric body hair trimmers and personal grooming equipment.

Don’t be afraid to wash the top of the unit under water to keep it clean.

A little razor oil from one of your hundred other kits every now and then should keep this little nose grooming tool humming for the next 7 years.

5Expert Score
Does what it says!

While this review for, ‘ear and nose hair trimmer clipper – 2022 professional painless eyebrow & facial hair trimmer’ is simple enough, information is always welcomed in my opinion. This unit is a bit shorter than others i have seen but it does feel more solid that some cheaper feeling versions i have used. The functionality using the spinning blade inside the slitted chromed tip is basically the same as in other rotary cutting trimmers. It really cannot be used for any other purpose that i can immediately think of. Functions well on a single aa-sized battery, which i habitually remove after using. The battery cover also feels more sturdy than others i have used. Finally the clear cap covers all of the business end of the device and is not a simple thing to cover just the chromed area. Works as expected, more solid construction and slightly smaller size. Good choice if you have need.

5Expert Score
Works as expected, decent value!

Works just as expected and does what it’s supposed to do. It was good value and i expect it to last many years. The design is a little bulky and it would be better for travel if it was thinner. The design isn’t great, but you usually have to pay more for clean, minimalist, contemporary design, so i knew that before purchasing.

5Expert Score
Well made

The 2022 professional ear and nose clippers are a great buy. These are very good clippers. I am impressed that they feel so well made for the small price i paid. They are heavier and feel very sturdy. They do what they are supposed to do, clip my nose hair and do it well. I would purchase again, but i don’t think there will be a need as these i think will last for a very long time.

5Expert Score
Simple and efficient

A pleasurable product that is easy to use and very convenient. Previously i had another trimmer which broke so i was able to compare at least another product. This nose trimmer is not noisy and it does not pull your hair. A big plus is that i don’t have to worry about getting it a little wet because it is built water resistant. The battery life is excellent. I have had this product for about two months and i still have not change the battery. All in all a pleasant experience.

5Expert Score
Great value!

Product arrived on time and as described. It’s a no frills trimmer that works well. Bought one for my brother and had to pick up another for myself after using his. I like the aa battery (not included) power supply. No need to worry about charging just pop in 1 new aa and you’re good to go. You can also just use rechargeable aas if you don’t want to create e-waste. Great buy for the price!

5Expert Score
Do yourself a favor- get it!

I got tired of cutting my nose hairs with scissors .i found this on amazon and bought it on a whim. But boy am i glad i did! This trimmer is so easy to use and gets the job done! I like to use it for my nose and ear hairs.

4Expert Score
Good product!

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, and he has been fairly satisfied with the product. Everything is self-explanatory, but there was one small issue he had with the battery. Since it’s not included in the package, he decided to use one of his old rechargeable aa duracell batteries, which was a bit too thick. So when he inserted it into the nose trimmer, it got stuck there, and there was no instruction on how to get it out, so he had to use underhanded methods to retrieve the battery. Then he decided to buy another battery from the store, and those aa batteries are thinner than the one he had at his place, so they fit very well and made him understand why he didn’t find any information on ‘battery removal’ on google. The moral of the story is not to stuff the battery inside if it barely fits in the slot.

As far as the efficacy of the nose trimmer itself, it works. There isn’t much else to say. The only way to judge it properly is to own the product for at least a year. However, for now my boyfriend is happy!

4Expert Score
Gets the job done and painlessly

I never thought i’d be doing a review on a nose hair trimmer, but here we are. The zorami nose hair trimmer works pretty well. Reading the reviews, i think a lot is based on past experience with other brands and expectations. I haven’t had a nose hair trimmer in over probably two decades because of my first experience. I had a cheap one that looked a lot like the zorami (most do) but it would catch a hair and wrap it around the spinning blade without cutting it. Ouch! And not easy to ‘untangle’.

I decided to finally give nose hair trimmers another try since i’m older now and alas, the nose hairs are a thing. So far, the zorami has done a decent job of cutting my nose hairs and it has been painless. It catches the hairs in the head and is easy to clean since it’s waterproof.

One issue i have with the zorami is that it isn’t as easy as you’d expect to actually find and cut the hairs. That’s basically true of the trimmers i’ve tried so it’s not unique to this trimmer. Scissors work better, but it takes longer to cut all the hairs.

Not an issue but more of a preference, i would have liked it more if it was rechargeable instead of requiring an aa battery. The aa battery likely will last a long time, but it’s just a hassle to hunt one down when you need to replace the battery. Besides, i have more devices that use aaa, not aa.

Overall, the zorami nose hair trimmer works and for me, it does it painlessly. That’s pretty much all i want. It helps that there are a lot of good reviews here, but if you research elsewhere, you’ll find the zorami generally ranks in the top 5. If you’re thinking of trying a nose hair trimmer, this one is not very expensive so not a big loss if you don’t like it.

4Expert Score
Excellent to recommend to friends

Pros: very intuitive design, waterproof while in operation, fits well in the hand and is not loud. Does not use much power so the one aa battery you use for this will last a long time. Also, the trimmer tip is designed well so that it should not cut you. It does the job well without pulling out your hairs.

Cons: the trimming tip area is a bit small and hard to tell where it is at times. The blades in the trimmer are a bit tricky to reassemble if you remove it from the head. The trimmer itself does come with a plastic cover to help protect the tip, but it’s still not something that you want to handle roughly or just toss haphazardly into your toiletries bag.

4Expert Score
It’s a very basic device for a very basic job

It’s easy to use around the ears and slightly more awkward to use around the nose (especially if you grow a mustache or a beard). Overall, considering the price of the item and the other options that are available, i would buy it again if i needed to.

4Expert Score
Great value

I don’t use that often, but when i do it works great. Easily removes the unwanted hairs and is better then pulling the hairs out. It is relatively quite too. Packs nicely in a shower kit for traveling. If you are looking for a nose & ear hair trimmer that is easy to use, pain free, and low maintenance, this is it. It is worth the price. It also does a great job at removing the hairs as well.

4Expert Score
Worked great for one month.

This trimmer worked great for the first month. It has lots of power and did a great job trimming. After about a month the trimmer slowed in power, i changed the batter twice it wasn’t the battery. I had to send it back for a refund. The refund was proceeded without any issues. I purchased a different trimmer locally.

4Expert Score
Does the job

This little shaver takes care of those pesky nose hairs that you just can’t get from the end of your nose. I haven’t really cleaned it yet, but it does come apart so it should be easy. The shaver does not come with the aa battery that is needed. All in all it does the job.

4Expert Score
Durable little trimmer

This trimmer has been great. I’ve had it for over a year now and it gets weekly use. It still cuts clean without pulling and i’ve only replaced the battery twice. 4 stars overall.

4Expert Score
Works great for nose or ears!

Way easier and better than scissors! The only thing i don’t like about it is that it’s battery powered, and you have to replace the batteries eventually. Wish it plugged in and charged like a cell phone or something like that. Great for travel.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

Overall, this nose trimmer gets the job done. Cleaning is a little difficult since you’ll have to disassemble and remove the inner trimmer and wipe down to remove the smaller hairs that get stuck. Doesn’t take long and should be done consistently to ensure the trimmer works efficiently. Great product and would recommend it.

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