Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids, a Certified for Humans Device – Requires compatible Alexa device

Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids, a Certified for Humans Device – Requires compatible Alexa device

The Echo Glow is a smart lamp for kids. Pair with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice.

What are echo glow – multicolor smart lamp for kids features?

  • A smart lamp for kids – pair with any compatible alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice.
  • Certified for humans – struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it’s actually simple.
  • Make family routines colorful – create lighting cues that help with counting down to dinnertime or setting a reading timer.
  • Kids can create and choose – give kids the freedom to add color and fun lighting while playing or listening to music.
  • Unlock the magic of rainbow timer – as the colors of the rainbow change, kids get a visual reminder that can help morning and bedtime routines stay on track.
  • Create and choose – give kids the freedom to add colorful lighting or ask alexa to start a dance party for a music and light show.
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Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids, a Certified for Humans Device – Requires compatible Alexa device AMAZON

The Echo Glow is a smart lamp for kids. Pair with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice.

Looking for specific info?

I want to add to my nighttime routine to shut off the alexa glow- i have it set to turn on, but is there a way to add length of time to stay on?

In the alexa app on your phone, edit your routine that you have to turn the lamp on (access by hitting the menu bars in the upper left corner of the app). Pick routine, then choose the routine you have there, then pick the ‘add action’ plus sign. Choose ‘wait’ from the list of actions, pick the amount of time. Then repeat ‘add action’ to pick ‘smart home’ and pick turn it off. Make sure everything is in the correct order in your routine (sometimes things get added at the top of the order). Grab the bars at the right side of any action you need to move. Then hit the < at the upper left to save the changed routine.

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Why is disco mode missing from the alexa app?

I see it on our glow. Maybe you need an update?


How do you get the rainbow timer to work?

Hi there! I gave the command, “alexa, set a 5 minute rainbow timer with sprinkles.” (that’s what my daughter calls it.) it cycles through the colors of rainbow. Good luck!

Do i need an echo device for this or can i use the alexa app on my phone? My primary purpose for this would be a smart sunrise alarm.

No you do not. You can uses this with only the alexa app. You can setup routines based on time/day without the need of an echo device.

Can you use this with a 3rd generation echo dot?

Yes i have the 3rd generation echo dot and it pairs with it

I understand there is a promo code, but i cannot figure out how to get it applied. Can anyone help?

When i bought the echo glow, i had a promo code but it was only offered for my account. It couldn’t be shared with other amazon customers. Any promo codes would be applied in your cart for the purchase. There is usually a spot in the “check out” screen where you can type in the promo code.

Do you have this in 220 volts?


Is there a full list of commands available? If so where?

Here is the amazon echo glow support page:

Can you share this device on two different alexa apps/different phones?

I know i can control it with my echo show and my phone. I would assume as long as you’re connected to the device with the same amazon alexa account, it can be shared.

Can this be paired with echo studio?

It pairs with your wifi. Not a specific device.

Can you change tap settings to on/off when you tap it? Rather than cycle through the colors?

Tap your device to cycle through the different colors.

▪︎you can also add a routine to turn the tap feature on or off.

•open the alexa app .
•open more and select routines.
•select plus .
•select when this happens, and follow the steps in the app to choose what starts your routine.
•select add action, and follow the steps in the app to choose the action of your routine. You can select multiple actions for the same routine.
•select save.

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What’s the best way to set it to dim gradually and eventually turn off by itself? I only see a ramp brightness setting.

You should be able to set the brightness to zero and choose ramp for xx minutes. Then once the routine kicks off… It should slowly ramp to 0.

Can i use two glows in two separate bedrooms with my echo in the kitchen?

Yea but it’s hard to use the echo to control them. Just download the alexa app it’s much easier to use that way. And you can have many, each has a different name and location.

No puedo configurar mi echo glow no me aparece la opción de qr ayuda?

Debes buscarlo manual

Can this be paired with kids echo?

It can be paired with any echo as far as i know

Would this be bright enough to light up a small bathroom or a closet?

Most definitely the brightness is adjustable through the app and this thing can put out a lot of light

Tiene que estar cerca del dispositivo alexa?

Debes estar a una distancia qué se pueda entender la orden.

What is the shortest time you can turn this on for using alexa? 1 minute? Can you do like 5 seconds?


Do you need a smart plug to use this

Yes, there is a smart plug that is attached to the item that you must plug into a socket or power strip. Wherever your plugging it in at.

At maximum brightness setting in white, what kind of light bulb brightness would this be most similar to (ie 60 watt equivalent)?

No. I would say it’s like a bright nightlight.

Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids, a Certified for Humans Device – Requires compatible Alexa device AMAZON

The Echo Glow is a smart lamp for kids. Pair with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Does not have a speaker, is only a lamp

This device is awesome for what it is. It integrates with your amazon alexa smart home stuff. It’s a lamp, and is best used as a light up timer lamp for kids. Good for sleep training for toddlers. Tired of being woken up at ungodly hours in the morning? Teach your kid to not come out of the room until the lamp turns a specific color and get the rest you deserve.

Kids can’t tell time, but they know their colors. It works great as a night light and even better as a visual alarm clock for little ones. You can set the time to being whatever time you want your kids to get up and on a schedule the lamp can do that specific action.

I must say though, a lot of alexa devices have a speaker built in, and an intercom function. This does not have that. It might be the same size as an echo dot, but it doesn’t have the built in alexa and speaker like the dot does. It’s literally just a colored lamp that you can schedule to turn on/off at specific times.

5Expert Score
Simple is good.

I am not the target demographic for this device: middle-aged empty nester who loves to watch sci-fi, thrillers, and horror. I have a number of these brilliantly simple, highly configurable lights. They are perfect in the bedroom where, depending on our intended mood, a variety of different colors or modes might be appropriate. I have two in the living room, hiding behind tropical plants at a 3′ height, on either side of the big screen, about 5 feet away on each side. I have a routine set up to turn off all the lights in the room and engage campfire mode in both lights at 45% brightness with a single keyword. Voila–instant torchlight in the jungle (or romantic candlelight – take your pick). I am a colossal lost fan, and this lighting is perfect for watching lost, or anything scary or dark. And if i need a different effect, that’s only a few words away.

The simplicity with which these set up and configure themselves is so good it makes apple products jealous. If you have an alexa on your wi-fi network, simply plug the glow in to a power source, open the alexa app on your phone, and the light will auto-connect to your network and add itself to alexa. It will then prompt you to configure it with a name and add it to any groups, etc. Utterly simple. If the setup fails, it might ask you to scan the barcode on the back of the booklet it came with to get it going, but this has not been my experience – they have all self-configured and join the network seamlessly.

For those of you complaining this does not have a mic and speaker – folks, it works with an echo device. It is a light – that’s it. If amazon built alexa mics and speakers into this it would cost double–and i am positive they are developing just such a light …for which you will pay $60+.

Normally, these are $30/ea, but they were 45% off on prime day, so i added a few more. There are indeed cheaper (and much more expensive) smart mood lights on the market, but if you run alexa at home, this is hands down the best way to do it. Seamless.

It baffles me that amazon does not have a whole range of lighting products which work exactly like this. They easily could. Give me one of these on a larger scale (12-15′) and make it weatherproof for outside on the patio, please.

5Expert Score
A colourful savior for my shins!

The ability to turn on and off a night light with my voice is so nice. Thanks to this nifty device i can turn on warm coloured light that saves my shins from bulky bedroom furniture collision. The spectrum of colours to choose from is great, and both the brightness and colour is adjustable both via voice command or in the app.

5Expert Score
Great for kids

I got this for my daughter on prime day at a great price to add to here alexa clock speaker. She uses it as a night light and for fun to change colors sometimes. She just turns it on and off manually with her voice but i will look into setting a timer on just because i’m curious how it would work.

5Expert Score
Peace finally

Finally my four year old is sleeping in her own bed. She always complained that it was too dark then we got the glow lamp for her the. It was too bright. But with the adjustable dimness we were able to find the perfect shade and voila. Peace in my bed again

5Expert Score
Kids little light

Bought this little light for my grandbaby, it’s really cute and changes colors (many, many colors) i leave it on at night, my favorite one is sky blue

5Expert Score
Lots of fun

Bought this for my grandson who is 8 yrs old he is totally fascinated by it he really loves the dance party feature i love the fact it can dim cause he likes a light on while he sleeps n this way i can dim it so it doesn’t bother me works well with our echo dot i just can’t like this lamp enough it’s just so cool i know ur family will love it too

5Expert Score
Great night light for kids!

I bought this for my son! He enjoys the different colors and motions of the lights at night when getting ready for bed! This is great for kids!

5Expert Score
Great alternative to a hatch

We have a hatch rest plus for our first child. When we had our second i was weighing buying another one but didn’t really need all the extras with the hatch (sound machine, monitor), more or less we needed the light for night feedings with the baby. This is a great alternative at a much better price point.

5Expert Score
Ok perfect add to your echo

So my photo does not do justice. This light is awesome for me, an adult, you can set it any color, bright as you ceiling light or dimmer for night walks to the bathroom, i have it come on at night to walk safely through the room, or set it to come on to wake me up. I also have another too see me out the front door to go to work. All voice controlled through alexa/echo. A great purchase!

4Expert Score
Updated review: it finally works!

Okay, so i wanted to post an update to my original review (shown below)… First off–thank you to amazon’s tech support for your fantastic service. I had planned to call tech support to see if there were any ideas as to how to fix the problem described below but before i got to it they called me! On sunday afternoon no less. Clearly amazon pays close attention to the reviews people post. Their first call gave me some suggestions to try and said to get back in touch if they didn’t work. Well they didn’t work so i planned to call the next day but ran out of time. Then before i could get to it the next day they called me again! At this point i was utterly dumbfounded by the incredible level of customer service being provided–i mean really, who does this? Anyway during the second call we did finally manage to trouble shoot the problem and get it working. The solution we found was that there was a needed firmware update that wasn’t happening due to my router not being pointed to google’s dns servers ( — something i normally do right away with a new router but as the eero routers came in the midst of christmas, i just hadn’t gotten that done. So once the router was pointed at google’s dns servers i had to unplug all the routers except the primary one attached to my isp modem. At that point the update happened quickly, the glow started working correctly, i brought all the other routers back online and moved the glow to it’s final position and it continued working properly. It has been working properly for several days now without issue so i think we can safely say, ‘problem solved.’ hallelujah! Oh, and to top it off, amazon called back again the next morning to verify that the glow was still working properly! Wow. Just wow.

So in the end, i’m moving my rating from 1 star to 4 stars. The customer service was 5+ stars. However i still have to ding the device just a little because the problem was caused by the glow needing an update it couldn’t get because of a compatibility issue with my router’s default settings. I’d normally let this slide but in this case the router (an amazon eero) and the device (an amazon echo glow) were both brand new and arrived on the same day from the same company (amazon) and yet for some bizarre reason were incompatible until i manually repointed the dns server address. That seems like a somewhat dumb oversight and has to dock the rating at least a star.

That said, the device works, my daughter is elated, and i look like a hero in her eyes. So, yeah, amazon’s technical assistance absolutely rocks! Thanks!
this is just a totally defective product. Got it for my 7 year old daughter for christmas and she loved the idea but the reality of it made her want to cry and me want to crush it with a rock.

Set up was a breeze and for the 5 or 10 minutes that it worked, it was fun. But then every time she’d ask alexa to change the light we’d hear “echo glow is not responding.” i checked our eero app to see if it was online and i could see it continually connect and disconnect from wifi over and over. Amazon says to just unplug it and plug it back in and it will reconnect—false! It never reconnects so you have to go into the alexa app on your phone and delete the device and then manually set it up again. I did this no less than 20 times on christmas and every time it would stop responding after a few minutes. So i decided it must be a defective unit and requested an exchange.

A week later we had a new echo glow. I set it up and everything seemed to work just fine. Until… “echo glow is not responding.” same exact thing. So this time i decided maybe it just has really lousy wifi antennae so i moved a router into the same room about 10 feet away and set it up again. Everything worked fine… For 7 minutes and then, “echo glow is not responding.”

at this point i can definitively say that this is a systemic problem and this product is just absolute junk. Thanks for that amazon! Please in the future, before you release a product specifically target at kids, try a little harder to make sure it’s not junk. I cannot even begin to understand how this product has anything but 1-star reviews. Oh and for anybody that may think it’s just user error, i should tell you that i’ve worked in it for over 10 years with 3 major corporations and a major research university. Pretty sure that i am not the problem.

4Expert Score
Helps with time blindness from adhd!

Yes, i am a full-grown woman. Yes, i bought this for myself, and i love it. As a person with adhd and time blindness, the rainbow timer feature makes time seem more ‘real’ to me– as the colors get cooler, i know i have to hurry to het out the door!
Anyhow, it’s great when it works. In particular, if i turn on a song with echo while glow is running a rainbow timer, it will sometimes mess up the rainbow. Not sure why, maybe a bug in the software.
But i love the hardware, it’s chic and the colors are very pretty.

4Expert Score
Good intentions, but you missed

I purchased the echo glow to sit on the back of the toilet so i
would feel safer getting up for the bathroom in the middle of the night.

It serves its intended function well, but was released to production too soon. This device is not rechargeable, which is sad because the soap dispenser that i purchased the same day was rechargeable. From the glow ball’s appearance it looks like rechargeable bits would fit inside but i’m not an engineer either.

Enjoy your purchase, but don’t plan on using it in a bathroom.

4Expert Score
What’s going on

The glow worked fine at first but a month in the light started changing on its on and the tap feature was on even though i did not turn it on and i kept trying to turn it off in the app and it would not work so i unplugged it. Now i can’t use it unless i update account info? Then goes on to say something about parental consent then to verify by my card on file or thru email/sms. Why do i have to do this all of the sudden?

4Expert Score

Not too happy it will not turn on at all of there is an internet outage…. Happens a lot in my area and i got it to be a night light for my daughter

4Expert Score
Overly sensitive, can change with room vibration

I want to love this because it almost does what i need it to…most of the time.

My son wouldn’t get out of bed in the winter months because it was too dark, so he would just sit there and wait for me to come get him. Then we got this; when it works, it’s great. When it’s set to white 100% it provides plenty of light to light up his room and chase the scary dark away. It was also supposed to function as an ok to wake light.

The problem is that it’s so sensitive that a slight jostle can change the color and several jostles can turn it off entirely. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it was sometimes changing color in the morning or turning off entirely. I drove myself crazy re doing the alexa routine. Then one day i was in there when it was on and i heard my dog run up the stairs. It changed color…back down the stairs and it turned off. *insert face palm here* i tried putting a wash cloth under it to help with vibration. It helps, but it’s not perfect. There’s really no place else to move it, so we’re just kind of stuck.

So like i said, i want to love this, i’m just not sure i do.

4Expert Score
Best for the price point

I’ll start with why i bought this and how i’m using it. I have a child with at least adjustment disorder (hes still being evaluated). Long story short, transitions during the day are extra hard for him. He responds well to timers when he knows what to expect next. I programmed alexa to coordinate the glow with a color coded schedule i created for my kids. They can’t tell time yet, so alexa announcing the transition (it’s quiet time, it’s free play time, etc) and then changing the light to the coordinating color helps them easily ‘tell the time’ throughout the day. ‘sorry, no devices yet. See? The light is still orange.’ this is the only programmable light i could find that allowed for so many programs (we have 10 transitions programed). So, for what i need, and at such a cheap price, it’s great.

The cons: as many have said, why this is just a light is beyond me. Why not make an echo glow that includes all of the dot capabilities? Just slap a light on top. I’d easily pay more for one that’s all in one. I also don’t understand why ‘solid’ isn’t the default mode for the light. For each ‘routine’ i have programmed, if i want the light to stay the same color until the next transition routine, i have to manually select ‘solid’ which seems strange considering i selected a color for alexa to change the glow…one would think i would want it to stay that color.

I will update later if i find the product breaks quickly or something.

4Expert Score

A bit confusing on how to set up.

4Expert Score
Good lamp

Just got realize is just a lamp nothing else

4Expert Score
Great signal for the kids but i wish it were dimmer

I love that i can program alexa to turn this light green at a certain time in the morning so the kids know they can come wake me up. It is dimmable, but it seems too bright even on the dimmest setting to use for a night light.

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