Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are echo show 10 3rd gen | hd smart display with motion and alexa | glacier white features?

  • Alexa can show you even more – with a 10.1′ hd screen that’s designed to move with you, video calls, recipes, and shows are always in view. The speakers deliver premium, directional sound.
  • Stay in frame – video call friends and family or take a picture while the 13 mp camera with auto-framing and motion keeps you front and center.
  • Smart home made simple – set up compatible zigbee devices or smart products without a separate hub. Ask alexa to show you security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats.
  • Take a look around when you’re away – securely access the built-in camera to remotely monitor your home anytime with the alexa app or other echo show devices.
  • So much entertainment – ask alexa to play your favorite shows, music, and podcasts from prime video, netflix, amazon music, spotify, and more.
  • The ultimate kitchen companion – get daily personalized recipes, cook along hands-free with step-by-step instructions, set timers, and add to your grocery list.
  • Put your memories on display – use amazon photos to turn your home screen into a digital frame that makes your favorite pics look great in any light with adaptive color.
  • Designed to protect your privacy – amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls including a mic/camera off button and a built-in camera shutter. Disable motion at any time.
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Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White AMAZON Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Is there anyway to turn off ‘alexa for your day’ prompts? It’s annoying. I’ve turned off all other notifications, but can’t figure out this one.

Sadly you currently can’t turn it off. If you turn off rotate continuously as some suggest it will actually show up more, mine refreshed to alexa for your day for at least 20 minutes straight once.

If you’re by the device you can swipe it off the screen for that instance, you can also ask alexa to show pictures and if you have any loaded it will start to cycle those for a while. I find that enabling a lot of other things like upcoming event notifications and the weather will lessen how much you see it rotate through.

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Do the black units all come with a white power cord? Thanks.

To all of the answers that claim a waste of resources: in my 38 years on this earth i think i have seen a white power cord with an electronic consumer device twice. What seems like a real waste to me is not shipping a black cord with a black/charcoal device and not making that part of the product description. Who the eff has white furniture, pure white walls, kitchen backsplashes, and counter tops.

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Do the person your call need a echo to?

No! The other person does not need to own any type of echo show or echo spot in order for you to have a video call with them. However, they do most certainly need to have a smartphone or tablet with the alexa app installed. They can use drop in or call your echo show/spot. You can call them and their alexa app will ring on their phone/tablet. You cannot however use drop in from your echo show to the alexa app on their phone or tablet. If you and your friends or family have skype you can use that instead.

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Anyone know how to turn off ‘alexa for your day’ on the main screen? I have it set to photos only, but this still comes up.

Tell alexa to turn off the display

I upgraded specifically for zoom calls. Does it support zoom, or intend to in the future?

It does do video zoom calls without adding them to your calendar. It that case you just type in the zoom number and passcode if there is one. The first time i tested this i was able to do it with my voice. You don’t need to add a skill. It is built in this 3rd gen sho 10. I called amazon because i was not able to do video zooms with my 2nd generation show 10 and nowhere is that advertised. Every install on the net that i saw said simple echo show 10 without a generation number. I have 2 3rd gens and it works perfectly. On my 2nd gens i can get only voice zoom . This was confirmed by my call to amazon.

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Can you video call a iphone or android that uses has alexa app from the new show?

Yes. Other party needs alexa app, not an echo show device. Use app to set up contacts.

How do you remove the ‘alexa for your day’ screen? If you tell me i can’t, then i’m returning the 2 i bought…

Try “alexa, stop alexa for your day”. Haven’t tested (i have a dot for now), but someone posted on reddit that it worked for them.

Can you control the camera zoom feature so that it keeps a stationary speaking subject framed without it zooming in & out?


Can i trade in my echo show 10 (2nd gen) for the 3rd gen?

Here is my two cents worth, it is not enough money to make or break me to trade it in. I choose a person that i know who is elderly, disabled, or has other challenges or needs and give them the old echo show. Show 2 them how to set it up, use if and if i have a spare smart light or plug, donate that as well so that they can use it to command a light in a spot they typically use without having to get up and turn it on, or while coming down the stairs they can ask for it to turn on.

So far it has been a huge hit with everyone, they have family members that have gotten shows, they can video chat during this difficult times, it is really a wonderful gift to someone that is shut in and otherwise could not afford to purchase one. Added benefit for the donor, it makes you feel good!

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Que voltaje tiene ? Puedo llevarlo a otros países de viaje ?

Yo la estoy usando en panamá, pero para europa necesitarías un adaptador… Lo considero un poco pesado para viajar, pero si lo deseas, pienso que en lo que es el continente americano no vas a tener problema, quizás para otros continentes necesites un adaptador.

Funciona con la tv?

Hola yaditza, si te refieres a que le puedas pedir que encienda o apague tu tv, si funciona, media vez tu tv sea smart con wifi.

When was the most recent software update on this and has all the bugs/glitches been fixed?

Just released feb. 25th.
No device will be, or remain free of absolutely all bugs and glitches.

I am going to buy one when they come out with battery or check out others??

You might be waiting a long time. These devices are used with plugs, because they are meant to be stationary, so there is no need to be battery operated.

Is anyone experiencing ‘live view isn’t available right now.’? Any idea when it will be fixed?

Try push the mute button on top of echo show 10, otherwise the muted unit doesn’t allow live view

Does echo show 10 with motion connect to the echo subwoofer?

Yes, but poorly. The signal sent to the sub is heavily reduced, resulting in barely being able to hear anything coming out of it. That’s the reason i sent my 3rd gen show back and reconnected my 2nd gen.

Is it compatible with slingtv?


Is this a flop?

Only if you consider 3200+ ratings and that does not include all of the people who bought one and have not bothered to rate or leave a comment a flop then yes by your definition it is. But i doubt it is since the glacier white one is on back order and although the black one is available it takes a few days to get which in my opinion means they have a lot of orders. You don’t have back orders for flops.

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Can i do facebook video if i have this and my family members have a portal?

Not at this time.

Buy 2 and save. Can i have it delivered to 2 addresses?

Yes you can because i did. I had one sent to my mother in law and kept one for us. There was an option at the top of the check out screen at some point (kind of have to look for it) to send to multiple address. Although i did order one black and one white so they weren’t a quantity of 2. I am not sure if this would make a difference.

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Can i trade in my old echo?

Here is my two cents worth, it is not enough money to make or break me to trade it in. I choose a person that i know who is elderly, disabled, or has other challenges or needs and give them the old echo show. Show them how to set it up, use if and if i have a spare light or plug, donate that as well so that they can use it to command a light in a spot they typically use without having to get up and turn it on, or while coming down the stairs they can ask for it to turn on.

So far it has been a huge hit with everyone, they have family members that have gotten shows, they can video chat during this difficult times, it is really a wonderful gift to someone that is shut in and otherwise could not afford to purchase one. Added benefit for the donor, it makes you feel good!

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Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White AMAZON Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with motion and Alexa | Glacier White : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This latest echo device can be summed up in one word – magical!

I have owned the last two generation echo shows. The echo show 1 & echo show gen 2. The echo show 10 solves all the issues that the first two devices had, and adds even more features jam packed into one great device.

Now before i get into the meat and potatoes — let me tell you about the truly magical experience i have had with this device. It arrived in a box almost double the size of the previous model — and this device is big! The screen is huge! The speaker is also apparently much more powerful than the last generation — and i can tell, that is most definitely the case.

But the true magic comes when you power on and set up the echo. The amazon team really did wonders creating this device. Both the camera and the ai in this thing are crazy good. Assuming you have motion enabled, as soon as you say the wake word, i.e., “alexa” the device honed in on my direction, rotated towards me, and began listening.

If you walk around the room, this device follows you. You can’t understand how cool this is until you try it out. I would upload a video, but i’m sure you can look it up on youtube, and there will likely be hundreds of reviews showcasing it here.

There’s something about the tracking technology that amazon has gotten just right. I called up my grandma who has my old first gen echo show, and she didn’t even realize we were conversing as i was walking around my room. She thought i was just stationary the whole time. When i pointed it out and showed to her, her jaw dropped.

The way the camera zooms in on you, and the range of video it can show is phenomenal. I can jump onto my bed (my echo is on my nightstand) and the echo will zoom in and focus on me. When i go off the side of my bed, it follows zooming out, and can follow my body all the way as i walk back across the room towards the device.

It all feels so natural. The only thing that is missing would be if the echo device itself moved! You can now have a conversation with someone when moving around your environment, without having to remain stationary.

In a kitchen, a home gym, or anywhere you’d want to talk with someone actively, this device would be really extraordinary to play with, especially during covid times.

I use my device in my room as an alarm clock — so previously, my camera would be staring across the room as to not let me look at the screen if needed (for time/alarms, etc). Now, with the camera cover, i feel much more comfortable covering the camera and rotating the device to look towards me at night.

Now, take these into consideration as you decide if you want to purchase:

first, if you want to get the latest and greatest echo device, the purchase is a no brainer. I am an amazon loyalist, and can say that even from first impressions, this device blows all other amazon devices i’ve owned away.

Second, if you’re a user who doesn’t mind the camera being uncovered, then you’ll have no problem with this device. You’ll love it. The motion features will be left on 16/7 for me. I wouldn’t be comfortable allowing having the camera on while i’m sleeping (and staring at me), but for a public area in your home — who cares? I wouldn’t mind, i’d leave it on all day — it following you around is magical.

Third, if you fall into the second issue above, you can use the camera cover to disable motion. If you don’t mind sliding the cover open and closed every morning/night, this could work for a nightstand alarm clock, and the hassle/inconvenience would be worth it.

– motion is magical
– camera is high definition
– sound is great. Music sounds lively. Lyrics on screen that follow you around the room
– adaptive screen dimming still works even when camera/motion is blocked/disabled
– you can manually rotate the device when motion is off i.e. I’m going to bed, to point it towards me. I don’t know if that’s safe for the motor — i’ll ask amazon!

– if your room doesn’t have a full range of motion, the echo might get confused when following you around. Since it is on my nightstand, the echo really only needs to turn about 90° to see in front if itself, and when i go to the left of my room. If i go to exit my room, it might start losing tracking, which could probably fixed in a future os update (to halt moving at a specific point, which it already does).

Bottom line: i 100% recommend this as an upgrade to an old device or a new device for any potential echo owners. If you don’t feel comfortable with the motion controls, turn them off, but you won’t get the full package and what i think is the biggest selling point of this device. Put this in a public room and try it out — you won’t regret it.

Edit: after seeing more reviews a few points to mention:

1. White power cord. Who cares? You dock a star for this? Don’t listen to normies giving poor reviews who think the color of a power cord which is draped out of sight will have any effect on how the device improves over it’s predecessor
2. Complaints over resolution: if you’re not buying this thing to watch full-fledged movies on, it’s fine. You won’t notice.
3. Complaints over tracking: it won’t track you with the camera in the dark. A future models can probably have an infrared light added (similar to faceid) to fix that problem.
4. I saw someone complaining about airplay and multiroom audio. Echo devices support multiroom audio through amazon’s ecosystem — not bluetooth. It has never supported that. Why would you expect this to change without notice?

Don’t listen to the haters. People reviewing are acting as if this device isn’t 5x better than the last generation of the show. Motion is a stellar addition that would bring moving smart devices into the mainstream. No one here knows what a
the facebook portal is, because there was never a solid backing behind the product line. Echos are in homes across america, and i’m sure that this will lead to better smart devices from amazon in the future.

For reference, i have owned an: echo show 1, echo show 2, echo dot, and have coded ~5 alexa skills. I know these devices. This gen is great. Give it 1 month and these will be 5/5. These reviews all read so fake. Who purchases a device and returns it same-day due to a different colored power cord? Who returns a device that doesn’t do something they expected when it was never said the device did it?

Low-information consumers and people with too high expectations… There’s a reason why it’s called pre-ordering, because you know you are going to like it and/or take what you get. No one forced you to buy a day 1 device.

Tl;dr: don’t listen to bad reviews. Buy this if you’re in the market.

5Expert Score
Nice hub for the living room, but needs moving space and moves all the time! (now updated)

So let’s look at the model echo show 10 itself. Thought it was going to be something like putting a tablet on top of an apple home pod (first gen). Well….it’s not. Keep forgetting the echo show devices are not tablet user interface devices and the sound quality is not even close to the home pod, so just a tad disappointed with that. That said, i do really like the device. I don’t have a problem with the echo ui, in fact i kinda like it better than a tablet. The sound isn’t bad, it just isn’t what i was hoping for after looking at the design and certainly the price point. The screen and camera quality are really quite good, although when i watch the home screen transition from one picture to another the transition is not super smooth, like maybe the processor is a little under-powered. Not sure about that one tho. The motion feature is nice that it moves to ‘look at’ whoever in the room is talking to it (nice feature), the problem is you can turn the motion off, close the camera and still it’s gonna move to what ever section of the house has the brightest light. That is so annoying. I might want it to stay looking ‘at me’ and not move around so i ask it to play something, turn any motion option off and it will eventually move anyway. Drives me up the wall. I think that could probably be addressed in a software os fix, hopefully soon. Also, when you talk to it, it will move around a lot like it’s trying to figure out where you are exaclty. All in all, it isn’t a bad device for the living room, picture, sound, camera all nice, just needs the motion adjusted to ‘don’t move’ means ‘don’t move’ and they could probably upgrade the processor or maybe adjust the os a little. If you need an echo show and you are only going to purchase one and don’t need it to function as a hub, i’d go with the echo show 8 (2021). Otherwise, wait for some changes to this model. Gave it 4 stars for all nice features, but minus one big star for the motion. Does play live video feeds like abc news really well, that’s a plus…and my favorite sci-fi (expanse) looks amazing on it too. If they fix any issues i’ll update this review. Hope it helps.
Review update 9/3/2022: so i moved the echo 10 into a different room where the lighting was more even and that stopped most of the moving around problems. Then one day it seemed to want to move again and when i was finished a screen popped up that asked if i wanted to change the direction limits. I said yes and it had a great feature i wasn’t aware of that let me set the boundaries to the smallest movement possible. With those two changes i have updated my 4 stars to 5. Problems solved and now i don’t have to constantly look at the back of the screen. Very happy, really like this product. Thinking about buying another one to replace an echo 5. The 5 is amazing, but i’ve gotten to the point where i just want the biggest screen possible, thus the only reason to replace the 5. Good luck, hope this info helps!

5Expert Score
New rotating show 10, better camera, great for video calls

The new echo show 10 (3rd gen) is a big improvement over the previous 2nd gen version. The show 10 is now attached to a swivel base that lets the show 10 constantly rotate to face you as you move around the room. Other changes include: a new speaker configuration, much better camera, better processor, and amazon sidewalk support. Here are my thoughts so far:

the good:

-setup – setup was super easy. The show came configured to my account, i didn’t have to log in or even enter wifi passwords. It connected, downloaded some updates, and then walked me through customizing the range of motion.
-motion- this is the most obvious new improvement. The show 10 will now track your movement and turn to face you as you move around the room. The show seems to have very good facial tracking, and it will rotate on its horizontal axis to follow you (you can also manually tilt the screen up and down to your desired vertical position.) we tested this while playing movies and while viewing our remote cameras, and it worked perfectly. We also tested with multiple people in the room; and the show seems to lock onto one face and moves to follow that face, until it can’t see that face anymore and will move to another face. Or if someone uses the wake word “alexa,” it will turn toward where that voice was coming from. This also works for video calls, though we noticed that on video calls the show will rotate to try to keep all of our faces in view. Sometimes this might mean it faces in between two people so that the camera can see both of us, and then automatically zooms the camera in or out to adjust. Which brings me to the next big improvement:
-13mp camera – we were very impressed with the quality of the new camera, and with the tracking technology it uses. Not only are images crisp and detailed on video calls, but the camera will actually automatically zoom in and out to adjust to the people in the shot. For example i can back up from my kitchen into the living room, and the camera will zoom in and follow me. When you combine this with the movement and facial tracking, it is almost like having your own camera man follow you around the room on your call. The family members we called said they could see so much more detail. There is also now a physical shutter that you can close to cover the camera if you want to.
-speakers – the old 2nd gen show 10 had dual 2” neodymium drivers, but this new 3rd gen show 10 has two 1” tweeters and a 3” woofer. I can definitely tell the difference, although i really don’t use the show for listening to music very often. In testing out a few songs, i noticed that the new 3rd gen seems louder at max volume, and less muffled. Definitely an improvement, though maybe not quite on the level of the echo studio.
-processor – the new show 10 has both an upgraded main processor, and also a second amazon az1 processor. This should result in slightly faster repose times, and better future performance; although i really haven’t been able to tell much of a difference so far. Az1 is supposed to be faster and more efficient, and allow voice commands to be processed locally instead of having to go to the cloud; so we’ll see if this is noticeable in the future.
-zigbee/sidewalk – the previous version included a zigbee hub, but this version also includes amazon sidewalk compatibility. Sidewalk is a long range connection technology that amazon plans to use for devices that will be able to reach much further; (the initial announcement estimated up to half a mile). This technology isn’t really being used yet, but it is nice to know this future tech is built in.

The bad:

-white power cord – yes, for some reason that same white power cord that ships with the echo 4th gen is also included for this show 10. No matter what color show you get (i got black), you still get a white power cord. I’m a little surprised that they went with this decision again, but it really doesn’t bother me much at all. Just thought i’d mention it in case that matters to you.
-large footprint – since the device rotates, you really have to be careful about where you put it. The show 10 comes with a footprint guide, that suggests that you make sure you have enough space around the device to avoid the screen knocking over a glass of water, for example. This also wasn’t a big deal for me, but keep in mind you will probably need more space than the previous version. The specs recommend a 10” by 15” space, but i think you could get away with less.

*note – you can disable the movement by saying “alexa disable motion,” or by turning it off in the alexa app on your phone. Also, when you first setup your show, there is a slider bar that let’s you choose how far the screen should rotate in each direction. It seems to go almost 360 degrees maximum, but you can limit the radius so it turns much less. You can also change this in the ‘motion’ menu under settings.

Overall, i am very pleased with this new show 10. The camera clarity is great, and the face tracking technology is so impressive; there’s just nothing else like it for video calls to our family. This is a huge upgrade!

5Expert Score
Life changing

I love this robot…she is amazing….i highly recommend …i’m a single father…perfect companion…she does everything u ask and does it better then you expect from your voice command get bad everything touch screen….take you a month to get use to the dialog and how u talk to her but its amazing when u find the niche…but once u get it she is hip n molded n understands you….this has been the best for me and my son better then my xbox….he can call me just by saying call daddy…i can link in and see him thru video…syncs with other devices n equipment……probably one of the best items i did to upgrading my house n my life…5 star product…still amazed at what she can do ….year later i’m still learning things

5Expert Score
Not just another echo

I had the very first echo in my kitchen and this was the replacement for it. What used to just be the ‘alexa, what’s the forecast’ or ‘alexa, add eggs to the shopping list.’ became so much more.

Regularly this device becomes used like a karaoke machine where the lyrics scrolling through the screen has the whole family singing along with their favorites.

We also use this to call my sister and her family for video calls. The audio quality is very good and the tracking on the camera is fun for the kids…

Seeing on a screen, at a glance, what amazon is delivering next, or the 10-day forecast is pretty handy as well.

Overall this has been a welcome replacement to old reliable, an upgrade in every way other than maybe it takes up more counter space than the original.

5Expert Score
Very good tech tool

I initially purchased the echo 8 for my mom, she’s now a senior and it allows the family to monitor things without being obtrusive. Anyhow, i decided to try the echo show 10 specifically because it had the rotation feature. My original intent was to have it in my office so that while i am on business conference calls i can still see the activity of my ring cameras. I created a routine that tells the echo show to display my camera when motion is detected….. And it works great.
One down side is that when creating routines, there is no close function (odd) working on a work around for that. It has a bit of a problem navigating facebook-meaning its slow in bringing it up. But that is not my main need for the device so this is why i still rated it with a high score. I have not streamed any tv shows or movies, but as i mentioned for video conference sound and visuals are great.

But i setup the device in my kitchen just to test and the same week i did a food consult. I normally use zoom and when in the kitchen you tend to move around (stove, sink, fridge etc.) i find that i like the echo show 10 because it follows me. I never loose contact with my client. If i start a portion of the meal near the sink i can move to the counter top and the device turns around to where my voice is. Now – it sometimes takes a split second to locate me but response time on the whole is good. I’m fighting the urge to buy one for my office.
As i mentioned at the start i got one for my mom (echo 8) the same routines that i created to function on the echo 10 works on the echo 8. I used the same routine to show her whose at her front door so she only opens it for people she knows a good added feature of security.

My only caution is make sure you know what functionality you want from any of the echo devices and then check to see what has been said about the device and your desired function.

5Expert Score
So much cooler than i expected!!

First of all , i didn’t realize i ordered the one with motion. I literally jumped when i started spinning. It’s the coolest thing. The sound quality is amazing. Sounds better than my 700$ sound bar! Now i can drop in on my pups and the camera will follow them. I love this thing and i got the best deal on it because i ordered it on the prime day early access sale. I’m feel like a winner right now =d receiving this today was much needed, turned my horrible day right around. Now i just need to get the alexa plugs and light bulbs. I’m going to be a full alexa girl

5Expert Score
Very functional and useful echo device

I bought this show device mainly for displaying photos. Having never used amazon photos previously, i was pleasantly surprised to see the near seamless integration between the service and my echo shows. I have a special album to which i upload select photos, and it turns up on the show! My family and i love this feature. The rotating screen is adorable – we love seeing the current song playing, and the ability to remotely monitor the room is great as well. Sound quality is very good. Overall – very impressed with the device. There are some software issues occasionally, and the random occasional movie ‘sponsored’ ads that turn up mysteriously are annoying. But if you spend enough time setting up the device and working through the issues, it’s a fantastic device and a really useful addition to our family. Do not expect it to be plug-and-play – it does take some time to setup (and troubleshoot).

5Expert Score
Alexa responds from across the room

I was looking for a home intercom to announce dinner was ready. My previous system ceased to be supported. All online reviews pointed to the echo show 10. I thought it was more than we needed, but i ordered that for the kitchen, and the echo dot for my basement where i spend a lot of time at my workbench. The echo show 10 arrived promptly and was well packaged. The setup was surprisingly easy. I chose to have the background run pictures of nature, and they are really nice and sharp. The screen moves from left to right to follow whomever is interacting with it. I want to see if i can figure out how to make a video call with it.

5Expert Score
Impressed so far!

The screen and sound quality are very impressive and i use it a lot for listening to music. I also like that you can drop in to the device away from home and swivel around, great for checking in on my dogs! Although the swivel controls are a bit janky.

The functionality that lets the alexa follow you is pretty cool however i’ve noticed it will start following other people in the room too so that can be annoying if you’re trying to follow a recipe! Luckily you can turn the tracking off to avoid this.

4Expert Score
Is it better than the previous 10 inch alexa? Yes, but maybe not by as much as you think.

Full disclosure, i receive gift cards from my place of work from time to time and i used some of that money to pay for half of this unit, though it is not related to amazon of course so this review is fully of my own opinions.

I own a few of the amazon echo show units dating back to the original gen 1 echo show (7 inch). I currently still own that unit and had a place in my kitchen for several years. My wife now working from home needed an echo in her upstairs office (where it was becoming troublesome to reach her from the other end of the house) so instead of purchasing an all new one, we decided based on her casual usage that we would replace the gen 1 echo show with the latest generation for the kitchen. At the time, i wasnt aware of the new echo show 10, but was intrigued to find out there was a new version with a motorized screen display. I am somewhat of an early adopter, but my profession is in computer/electrical engineering and wanted to see if this was worth the substantial increase in costs. The gift card funds just help take that sting out of the purchase that made the decision easier over the costs of the non motorized show product line.

unboxing was straight forward if you are familiar with the show lineup and not much to say other than that reviews had led me to believe the unit was big, but i was not surprised by what i found. Essentially a large speaker base with what appears to be a tablet stuck to it, not that surprising and what anyone would expect. The cable like many others have mentioned on the charcoal colored unit is a bit annoying that it is white, but not the end of the world. Just would have appreciated more attention to this detail. Packaging looked well capable of protecting the unit as it was a box within a box, within another amazon box, but this is where i have a small gripe. Did we need 3 boxes for this, amazon, please work on the overuse of packaging for wastage.

setup was pretty standard if you have ever performed an echo setup, but a bit elongated to perform the turning radius setup limits which is handy if your show will have objects nearby or walls to contend with. I have none in this case as it is going at the end of the counter bar that divides the den area with the kitchen area. It can turn 360 degrees freely and this was easy to see how to limit or run unhindered. The rest of the setup was just confirming the amazon account, wireless connection, and home screen details. All within about 3 minutes or less.

First impressions:
my first impressions were the unit is very sleek looking and the weight seemed adequate for the unit to be stable on the bench. The screen was perfectly bright and just the right size to view from a reasonable distance. The speed of the rotation as some have mentioned being too slow i found just fine as i want it to be quiet (which it is in motion – perfectly silent) and yet not aggressive in the movements as to call too much attention to the unit. My family thought it was pretty interesting how it can follow if you interact with it, but normally it stay put unless you ask it a question. In locating the person to point at with the voice trigger, i actually found the unit a little less sensitive to the wake command than any of my other generation units including the latest 8 inch and 5 inch show units (i own 4 x 8 inch units and 4 x 5 inch units, along with 3 echo dots). In fact i have an upstairs echo show 8 (open ceiling through the den into the movie theater room, that many times ‘bongs’ to the wake command sooner than the kitchen one will standing within a few feet of this new unit. This isnt a huge issue once you get used to it, but i hope amazon tweaks the sensitivity of the wake command to be more in line with other models in the lineup. One of the reason i got this new unit was my impressively fast results with the other latest generation echo show 8 units being so fast to work a command over the 1st generation.

After a few weeks of usage:
i have found that the unit motorized feature is a little bit of a novelty, but in daily use it has been a welcome change. For the price difference, i am right on the fence of whether i would pay the difference knowing what i know now and i know that may not help anyone reading this, but it is really right there with i would or wouldnt pay the extra. As the price knowingly will come down over time, this should become easier to make a decision.

Sound quality:
sound quality is above par for my expectations, as it is more clear than the preceding model. It has more depth to me and sound dispersion to 360 degrees is far better than the rear/side facing speakers of the past. Potentially largely due to the screen being out of the way which is a bit expected. Louder volumes were reached without distortion compared to previous units and the highs were clear and pronounced without overdoing it. Happy with this as an area speaker, but this wont replace your bookshelf stereo for instance. It can be paired with other devices so you can expand this if necessary.

Motion tracking:
as mentioned from others, this is a bit laggy, but in the ‘works well enough’ category. It is not quick to jump around, but can trail someone easily walking around. What i found is that it rarely loses focus of the individual completely even though it will trail the motion. And if the user is continuing to speak, it almost never loses track of the user in my testing. Of note, it of course does not track up and down as the motorized function is swivel only, but the wide angle of the lens makes this mostly unnecessary.

Final verdict:
would i get this again? In this same scenario, definitely, no regrets. Had i needed to pay the entire amount? At $250 at the time of writing while the 8 inch is $109, this is a hard justification, but when we remember that a year ago the previous 10 inch model was selling for $229, it gets a lot easier to see that the extra $20 delivers quite a bit. Better sound, motorized swivel, a better screen, and a much better tilt/angle/level than the previous unit had out of the box. I think this is a win, if it isnt a solid win over the previous generation. I hope that the mic sensitivity gets better with updates, but i dont have many complaints over what is delivered today from this model.

4Expert Score
Good product overall

I use this on a daily basis to set alarms, play music, listen to podcasts, and do weekly reminders. It works incredibly well and its nice to have a good interface to look at while you’re setting anything up. The only bummer about it is sometimes it has a hard time tracking your face and will flip around completely away from you even though you’re standing right in front of it. Would love a better version, but this works great as is if you’re keeping it stationary and pointed at you in a kitchen or office.

Things to keep in mind if you’re buying this:
• if you’ve seen videos of people putting their own sound to routines, nix it now. They got rid of the feature that allowed you to use your own sounds and now apparently its a painful process to do.
• its not the be all, end all. You still have to set up routines using the alexa app on a phone and go through all the hardship of learning what its actually capable of doing.
• if you’re setting up voice operated routines, they have to be exact. So if you set up the routine to activate when you say ‘cheeseburgers and fries’ it won’t understand what you want unless you specifically say ‘cheeseburgers and fries’. No variation will be accepted for the routine.
• this thing gets what i’m saying to it wrong all the time and i don’t even have an accent. I’m from illinois originally and i annunciate fairly well on what i’m saying about 99% of the time and it still has issues picking up what i’m saying correctly.
•it does allow for camera monitoring on multiple systems. I have a blink camera setup around my house / garage / etc.. That i can ask it to display camera 1 etc… To see views on the fly. Works extremely well. Would highly recommend setting it up.
• splurge and get the monthly amazon music. I can spout off anything, including comedy specials and listen to them whenever i want through voice commands. Extremely nice to have even if it costs a bit.

4Expert Score
Great for keeping on task!

I wasn’t sure how i would like this given some of the reviews, but this device is pretty great. Not only can i look up recipes, keep time, and watch shows while in the kitchen now. But i can also creep in on my cats when i’m away and see what they’re up to while i’m away (always on the counter when i’m not here apparently…jerks!). I also love that i can connect this to my personal calendar. I am one of those people who live by my calendar so i love that it tells me what’s happening day to day and coming up. I’ve also never really used routines until i got this device. They’re pretty cool when you have a screen to leverage.

The 1 major flaw, which many others have noted in their reviews, is the placement of the camera and how that affects the ‘follow my face’ feature. Because the camera is located in the right upper corner it does not seem to ‘follow’ very well and constantly bumps into things. I did try to adjust the ‘follow’ range, and that did not work very well so i eventually just turned it off to avoid more frustration. In all fairness, it’s a cool idea but not at all necessary.

4Expert Score
Check if refurbished

I bought this and no where did it state it was refurbished. Paying full price. When i get it, i didn’t think much of it but it was taped shut. When i opened it, it was missing the little user manuals booklet and the power cord was just playing inside which i thought was weird. But when i turned it on it worked well enough except i had to yell at it to get it to respond after the initial prompt. E.g., i would try to tell it to stop playing music (music was not loud) and it wouldn’t. Not even a day of having it, it stops being able to move. It kept saying ‘movement temporarily unavailable’ and i did everything to troubleshoot. After getting a replacement, i realized they had sent me a refurbished one. Because the packaging was different. This one had the user manual and warranty booklets and the power cord is supposed to come in a separate cardboard holder in the top brace. No issues with this new one so far and it actually resounds well when i tell it to stop playing music.

4Expert Score
Great sound and fairly useful…

Update 4-17-21: still working fine, no issues. Only thing i wish, is that i had just waited a month to purchase this as it went on sale super quick for $50 less. What’s the point of being an early adopter if it’s a negative?! I’d rather have just waited; next time i will. ;(

update 3-30-21: our video apps crashing issue came back, so i contacted amazon again and they decided it would be best to replace the unit. A new one will be here in another day, so i can see if that one has any issues. I do like the show 10, but i’m a little less smitten with it then i thought i would be. Again, the motion part is not as useful as one would like due to it’s ability to actually track you properly without getting lost. I do really enjoy having a device to watch something in the kitchen while chilling out or cooking, and playing music on it is actually quite nice. Maybe it just needs to grow on me some more, and absolutely have the video apps stop crashing that is a definite.

So we’ve had this for a month now. It’s been fun to get to use it and see what it can do. That being said, it’s not as useful as i thought it would be. This is much less a tablet and more a media player. You can’t customize it like a kindle or other tablets and put your own apps on it. It does play music really well and it does okay with smart home stuff. But that is an alexa issue not echo show problem. I was hoping we had more customization with this but the os is pretty closed loop.

Motion: hit or miss. It will follow you when you tell it to, but it will lose you easily, especially if you are too close to the unit or move to rapidly. There is a happy space of probably about 5ft to 8ft where it will follow you well. Too close and it will focus on something else, same thing for too far away. It loses you and once it does it forgets who it was following. Too many people around can confuse it as well. If it’s just you and your cleaning dishes or cooking, you should be okay.

Video: we had an issue with our unit crashing any video app such as prime video or netflix after about 5-8mins of watching something. It would just go back to the home screen and forget what you were watching. If you started the app up again you had to start back from where you began as it would not save your progress. Calling support just recommended a factory reset which was going to be our next step anyways, and so far that has corrected the crashing.

Security: it’s easy enough to view the camera on the show and move it left or right to see what’s around the area. Just remember you can’t move the screen up or down remotely, so if it tilted too far up it will limit your view. Otherwise it works well, and the screen notifies you when someone is remotely viewing on the screen.

Customization: meh, it’s okay but will take some time getting used to the os. It works like a tablet in the fact you tap or swipe to get to stuff, but again you can’t add any apps from an app store. The os is locked to what it is, and maybe that’s a good thing so it doesn’t get corrupted by junk we all like to add. Still, it limits the functionality and use of this device.

Overall: it’s a sound bar with a video display that can control smart home apps. The sound is really good, loud and crisp. Video is nice and smooth and if you have issues try a reset of the device. Not as full featured as a full on tablet, but pretty good over all. I gave it a four star rating. Really it’s a 4.5, but not a full 5 so i’m not picking that just because they don’t give us half ratings to use. It’s not cheap at $250 new right now, but it is worth the price if you want a good setup for say the kitchen or other room except for living room.

4Expert Score
Nice 1st try

As a larger screen alexa, this works really well. Bright display, little to no lag and great sound. Camera image is also quite good.

Where it gets a bit pokey is the following feature. It gets lost some times, trying to find me. Loud noises makes it turn in the wrong direction. And sometimes it just refuses.

So if you buy this, note that it’s not going to be without an occasional glitch. If you can tolerate that, this is pretty cool. If you’re looking for a flawless execution, look elsewhere.

4Expert Score
Me gustaría poder jugar pero todo lo demás

Lo tengo como mi asistente y compañía en la cocina…me ayuda con lo q debo anotar para volver a comprar….m da el resumen de noticias y me relaja con música clásica mi favorita cuando estoy largo tiempo en la cocina…también m recuerda mis citas médicas y mis pagos o compromisos programados y desde mi celular puedo monitoreos mi apto. Cuando estoy fuera de manera remota .observo q hace mi mascota mientras no estoy..reza conmigo diario los misterios del santo rosario….traduce de igles a español y viceversa…es genial!!!!

4Expert Score
Great for what it is, but it has issues.

I have various issues with this device.

First is the way it reacts to ‘show me how’ commands. Sometimes it will pull up a video on youtube, and other times it will just pull up web options for you to tap on, which doesn’t help when you have your hands in food.

Second is the face tracking on this device. It always overshoots to the left because the camera is in the top right corner, and if you move your face in front of the screen, it will turn away from you. It also will occasionally lock onto something else when it overcompensates like a paper towel roll causing it to basically face the wall.

Last complaint is the unnecessarily tedious process to use your own recipes in alexa. You have to manually go through and add them to the recipe database for alexas ‘all recipes’ app, and i haven’t found a way to just import an existing recipe from other sites.

4Expert Score
It’s an improvement over the 2nd gen echo show 10. Looks:10, sounds: 8, practicality? 5.5

It’s an improvement over the 2nd gen echo show 10. Audio is great, screen is great. It is of imperative importance that you: a.) make sure it has a clear footprint to do it’s spinny looky thing and b.) don’t put your drink anywhere near it, it will find away to pivot and knock it over. It’s cool when you’ve moved somewhere in the room and it looks over to you. It’s not cool when it’s 2 in the morning and your stumbling through to get a glass of water and it scares the heck out and of you.

4Expert Score
It’s ok

Overall good but for that price i was expecting better voice recognition, also it takes some time to respond compare with the echo dot it takes more time.

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