Yakibest.com: EISENHOWER (IKE) DOLLARS SET OF 4 DIFFERENT DATES BETWEEN 1971-1978 : Collectibles & Fine Art
EISENHOWER IKE DOLLARS SET OF 4 DIFFERENT DATES BETWEEN 1971-1978: Great coins. Hand-picked. $ separate dates — one of the dates will be the dual dated 1776-1976 coin. The others will range in date from 1973 to 1978. On hand and ships immediately..

What are eisenhower ike dollars set of 4 different dates between 1971-1978 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Great set of 4 coins — all different dates. Ikes were produced from 1973 to 1978 — an exceptionally short run.
  • One from the 4-coin set with be have the dual date 1776-1976. The other 3 coins will be dated 1973 to 1978
  • Coins have been picked for quality and eye appeal. The coins will grade from average circulated to bu
  • No holes, grime or counter-stamps. Great collectible at an extremely affordable price
  • On hand and ships immediately.
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Eisenhower ike dollars set of 4 different dates between 1971-1978 details:

Package dimensions

4.09 x 2.36 x 0.71 inches

Item weight

1 ounces

Manufacturer recommended age

12 years and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer



Yakibest.com: EISENHOWER (IKE) DOLLARS SET OF 4 DIFFERENT DATES BETWEEN 1971-1978 : Collectibles & Fine Art

Looking for specific info?

Are they bu

Definitely not. Mine were obviously well circulated but not too worn. I got these as an example of the coin and for another reason.

To the seller, i had wanted two sets (8 total) what would be the cost for the 7 of them that you have left?

I can fill an order for 8

Gracias recibo el pedido pero las mo esas no son de plata como dicen ustedes ??

Pero como pueden pensar que estas monedas son de plata por lo que cuestan???? No son de plata

Are these authentic?

They are ‘authentic’ in that they are us currency, but they are all post 1964 and contain no silver. In that respect, they are as ‘authentic’ as any other modern us coin.

Is there any way to order so that all four coins have the same back? I use these for magic performances and they all have to be the same design.

Yes, just let me know when you order, i can even send all the same date.

I previously got a order from yall can u send different dates on my next order

Good luck, i have ordered multiple lots at same time and still many duplicates

What’s bu?

As far as i know it is part f the e pluribus unam, it means ‘one of many ‘ that’s the only bu i find. Hope this helps and i’m looking at the correct bu.

Tengo una moneda americana de dollar año 1776 1976 tiene algun valor???

El valorque se le en el mercado

Usps claims that my order could not be delivered because of an incomplete address. So it was returned to you. Will hou resend it ?


Can you deliver on the 4th

Do you mean feb 4- if so i don’t think so. It’s already the 2nd i ship same day, but it usually takes 3-4 days v ia usps

Are these coin real currency ?

Yes . They are 1 dollar coins minted from 1971 to 1978 no 75- bicentennial year 1776-1976 they were also minted in 40% silver proofs i have all these listed for sale on amazon- wfm coins

Are these eisenhower dollar coins silver plated coins or regular coins? Thanks

This is the third time i have answered this question to the same question—there is no silver content in these coins—– unless you buy uncirculated silver and proof silver coins

I don’t want the bicentennial eisenhower dollar coin. Can i have a set sent to me that does not have this bicentennial coin?

It all depends on what years you want. There was only one ike dollar in1976 and that was the bicentennial dollar.

How many different dates can i get if i order 3 sets

At least 8 different dates and mint marks, since they were only made for 8 years and 1973 is only available in a mint set but all would be from 2 different mints so you could possibly end up with 12 different

What is the silver content?

These particular coins were minted with 60% copper and 40% silver with melt value approximately $4.20 at todays market value. Hope this helps.

Estas monedas son de pura plata


I would like 3 sets will they all have different dates? Are they all 1.5 inches

Yes, they are going to be 1-1/2 inchs in dia. Asi previous said it may be possible to have 12 different coins but their will only be 7 actual different dates, because they were only made from 1971 to 1978 and the 73 is only available in mint sets. I can sell you the 1973 seperately

Are these coins pure silver?

No. These coins are not pure silver. Even older ‘silver’ dollars were only 90% silver. After 1964 the % is far less. You might find it interesting to research this.

I ordered this and received it today. But only got one coin the description says a set of 4 coins.

Yes,you are supposed to receive 4 coins,4 different dates and 1of them has a 1776-1976 double date on it, call amazon customer service and tell them what happened, then they should tell you to return the 1 you got for a full credit and then you can reorder a new set of 4 coins if you want to,but call them right away, i also had trouble and sent them back and then can reorder.
Call today and customer service will help you.

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Is it silver coins?

Only the ones minted before 1935, i believe, were silver


Yakibest.com: EISENHOWER (IKE) DOLLARS SET OF 4 DIFFERENT DATES BETWEEN 1971-1978 : Collectibles & Fine Art

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I'm completely satisfied.

I got my coins on time and they were exactly what they were supposed to be

5Expert Score
Arived on time no damage


5Expert Score
Love these

First saw these kind of dollar coins when i was 8 years old and could not believe how big and heavy they were. Got these for the grandkids, and hope they experience the same as i did

5Expert Score
Just as described

Loved it. Came just as described.

5Expert Score
Received what was advertised

Received just what was ordered. Circulated dollar coins that are in decent condition. Pleased on dates. Yes, one could go spend these as a dollar and contrary to popular belief doubtful one could stop by ones local bank and buy these. These are being collected and are quite hard to find now. These coins are for a collector who just wants some in their collection in decent condition and that’s what i bought, decent circulated dollar coins with decent dates.

5Expert Score
1 of 4 was a different, more valuable coin

Came on time. One coin was a different, seemingly more valuable coin.

5Expert Score
Tooth fairy must have.


5Expert Score


5Expert Score
Love the coin

I love the coins

5Expert Score
2 mint condition coins and 2 neat ones

I received all 4 coins relatively fast (from overseas no less) and one of them is a bicentennial which is awesome. I carry the bicentennial around as a lucky coin and it has not worked at all.

4Expert Score

It’s money. What else can you say?

4Expert Score
They were in decent condition.

They were a good price for 4 of them.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Coins were good for their age

The coins are nice for their age. I am happy with my purchase. I would buy again! I got all 4 dates

4Expert Score

It’s exactly as you’d expect, two of the coins were kind of rough and well circulated but i knew what i was getting but the other two were good and one of them turned out to be a bicentennial ike dollar which was a nice surprise, so all in all they are satisfying and would satisfy anyone else who enjoys coin collecting

4Expert Score

Acquired with a specific purpose in mind, they will suffice.
Item arrived discreetly packaged. Not much luster but these were neither marketed or intended as ‘collector calibre’ coins.
Besides a elder magician once taught me how to make them look like new h thg rubbing with cigar or cigarette ashes. Which happens to work admirably.

4Expert Score
Not silver

You are paying for a value of $4.00 us. Consider that before you order.

4Expert Score
They are not mint

The coins are nice oh, they are not great they’re decent .

4Expert Score
Ike $

Coins were not of ‘proof’ condition. They showed ‘light circulation’. All coins in acceptable collector condition. Thanx

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4Expert Score
It was an alright buy

I’m giving this four stars only because i was hoping to receive what the picture portrayed: both types of the dollar coin. I only got the ones with the eagle on the moon. That, and they weren’t in great condition. Other than that, a good purchase.

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