Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK

Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK

Yakibest.com: Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK : Industrial & Scientific

What are electactic ice maker countertop features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Easy to carry: the size of this ice maker is 8.7(d)*11.6(w)*11.4(h) inch and the weight is 14.74 pounds. Also the ice storage capacity is 1.5l. This portable ice machine is suitable for many place, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and party.
  • High efficient: our product has higher ice efficiency than most ice maker on the market. This maker can produce 10 pieces of ice in at least 10 minutes in different environment; because sometimes the surrounding ambient temperature will affect the ice efficiency of the ice maker.
  • Two-step method: our product is more convenient to use than traditional ice maker.this ice maker don’t need you to set up a lot of things before making ice. We just need to put water into the machine and then press it to start. That’s all.
  • Special design: there is visible window on the top of the ice machine, so that we can see the interior of the ice machine. There are three lights on the machine’s front , which are used to indicate that ice maker is making ice, ice is full and lack water. Also, there is a free plastic spoon in the ice machine to make it easier for buyers to use the machine.
  • Shape of ice cube: according to research, round ice cubes are less likely to melt than square ice cubes. Therefor, we have redesigned the shape of ice cubes to allow ice cubes to touch the liquid more widely, so that the liquid can cool down quickly.
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Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK : Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

Does it have an electric cord to plug in?

Yes, with a standard plug in.

Can this be set up outside? Exposed to the elements?

I have it outside under my tiki bar and it works well. Not sure about having no rain protection.

How long will it hold ice that is all ready made?

The cabinet that holds the ice is insulated but not refrigerated. It depends on the ambient temperature, but the ice will start to melt upon being released into the bin. In my garage a full bin of ice could last up to 4 or 5 days meaning that there would still be some ice in the bin after that time. Ice that sits and melts for a while isn’t very pretty though.

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Do the led stays on when it’s turned off or on standby

It stays on while in use.

The on n off button don’t work.but there is power on the display what could be wrong?

I would need to see a photo of the complete display to answer this.

How come the 100 pound and 265 pound machines have the same exterior dimensions?

I only have the 100# ice maker so i can’t say what the 265# has, but they do tell you what their storage capacity is. The 100# ice maker has a storage capacity of approximately 33 pounds. The unit says it will make 100# per day and i think it will it does produce quite a bit of ice. But you have to remove the ice from the bin which will fill up in about 8 hours and then stop production. My guess would be the 265 has to have the ice removed more often.

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Where is this shipping from?

Hilton head island sc

Why do i see multiple different types of machine in the reviews?

They are all the same brand. You have to look for a review that is specific to the one you are looking at.

Description doesnt say if it goes through the process of making the ice like,’the opal’..is it soft ice like sonic or just regular ice (hard)??

??? – no soft ice, just hard cubes

Does it make alot of noise?

Yes. Sounds like the dryer running. It’s a little louder when the ice drops. Another thing to remember is that it is not a freezer so the ice doesn’t stay cold.

What kind water for ice machine? Distilled water or spring water or filter water or drinking water ?

We use spring or water out of tap. I believe the direction said do not use distilled water.

Is it soft ice or really hard ice. I run a home for the elderly they want soft ice. Does it make soft ice?

Actually in between it comes out hard then softens a bit

Mine hasn’t made any ice it’s been an hour. Why?

Make sure to run the cleaning system first then press button to make ice. Mine only took about 20 minutes after i ran cleaning system

I need a pdf manual for ice maker. Or a paper manual.

I am not exactly sure what the reason for the question is. When you purchase the ice maker it comes with paper instructions. It didn’t come with a manual like you might expect. In my situation i already had an ice maker in place so removing the old one with the new was very easy. I am guessing that most ice makers are the same. Periodically they need to be decalcified and then sanitized. On this machine when you open the door and look in you can see the ice being made. So, it’s all right there with easy access. Hope this helps

What size is the water line for the supply?


Is the 26lb nugget ice? The pictures posted look like it makes bullet ice.

The ice look like caps. How they are made is like they form on these little pegs, then they form into little caps, easy to blend or crushed.

How much amperage will this draw?

2.5 amps

Is the 44# nugget ice maker plumbable to constant water supply source


Is their a auto sensor that shuts off ice making when basket is full?

The ice maker will shut off when out of water which if was filled up to the fill line would be about a full basket .

How many watts does this unit pull at 110 volts

Ice making uses roughly a little over 500 watts. The harvester uses about 100 watts less.

Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Electactic Ice Maker Countertop, Efficient Easy Carry Ice Machine, Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket, 9pcs/ 8mins 26.6Lbs Per Day for Home/Office/Kitchen, Black, Z5812H-BLACK : Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Ice maker good to go!!!

Ok, i love this ice maker but there are a few quirks that need be known to those wanting to buy one.
First, this is made to be hidden under a counter top or behind a bar. It’s kind of an eye sore sitting in the middle of my kitchen but i plain on building a shelve to hid it in.

Second, the instruction pamphlet’s that come with the ice maker have a lot grammatical errors and are a little hard to understand. Especially the area pertaining to the timer delay portion of your ice maker.

Third, on the first day i used the fill with external bottle technique and the ice came out crystal clear and tasted amazing. Had a full harvest within several hours but it used a lot of water making ice that way. I am an engineer so was able to tap into my fridge water line and add an inline filter for the supply line to ice maker. Now i still get the same amount ice as before but it’s not as clear as before. As a hvac tech i know that this means there is possibly contaminates in the water or air. I guess one could solve this problem by investing in a good quality water filter.

Fourth, and this is my biggest complaint. You can see by the pictures that i had to add an external pump to remove the water from the ice bin as the ice melts. This is not a cooler that holds the ice for days on end. I would have thought the manufacturer would have tried to reuse the water as it starts to collect at the bottom of the tank. This ice maker is made to be tied to a sewer drain line so that the melted ice water can be removed from the ice storage tank. I tried several different ways to drain the tank by hand but it makes a mess in doing so. I now use a water pump bought off of amazon. The gravity fed water flows out of ice tank and into a small pump. I reengineered the pumps water outlet line to supply the unused water into my dogs water bottle. Again when i bought the unit i hoped the ice maker would reuse the water to make more ice but i was wrong. .

So in conclusion i would say the ice maker performs to the quality as sold and i’m happy with my purchase but in a world where water is so precious i would like to see the melted water somehow get reused to make more ice. Also with the user manual please correct the grammatical errors and give a better description of operations on how the settings affect the operation of the ice maker.

5Expert Score
'sonic' ice maker

This ice machine was the best purchase ever! I have been obsessed with sonic’s ice for years, and was so excited to see they sold a similar machine so i can munch on the delicious soft ice pellets to my heart’s content.
It works well, i haven’t had any issues. It’s fairly quiet for the most part, i like the self cleaning function and prefer to use filtered water but tap water is fine as well. It’s literally the easiest thing to work, you literally plug it in pour in some water and hit the start button and let her go!
A little trick i do is to put the ice in gallon ziploc freezer bags, -i double up each freezer bag because after being stored in the freezer it can tend to clump together a little due to a very small amount of excess water naturally because the ice is wet when storing the ice. So i gently break up the ice a little on the counter top or gently separate the frozen pellets using a small rubber cooking mallet or mashed potato masher tool on the outside of the bag(s) which i think is a brilliant way to store it. Love this ice maker and i would highly recommend! It is a little pricey when not on sale, but i splurged for myself and bought it for a great deal on amazon prime day, just a little tip.
However i do wish they offered some kind of a warranty for peace of mind going forward.

5Expert Score
Love it

This thing is perfect for someone on a budget who wants an ice maker. I hate using trays as i always go through ice too fast. This thing is compact and works well. My only complaint is that the ice sometimes gets stuck causing the sensor to think it’s full. I can usually fill one 2.5 gallon plastic bag in a day pretty easily.

5Expert Score
It was better than my manowtec, but it stopped working

I lovedthis. Wish i knew how to clean and descale. I’ve had it for 5 months now, and it has stopped making ice. I believe it’s a setting but i can’t find a manual for it anywhere. What are these codes?

5Expert Score
Makes lots of ice

It’s working now! With all the controls in the front it accidentally got shut off. It’s quite and could be put in your home.

5Expert Score
Don't buy name brand

Let me start by saying i own a lawn company and have two crews. They needed ice water jugs during summer months so i decided to buy an ice machine. Thought name brand was the way to go. I bought a scotsman.
It was over $1300. Ran constantly, was noisy and really didn’t produce that much ice. I did like the quality of the ice that the scotsman produced, solid clear cubes. Then it just crapped out right after scale removal and sanitation it just quit making ice.
The new ice maker was very easy to set up. I already had everything ready from previous machine. Started making ice right away.
I turn it on before i go to bed and in the morning it has already filled the cabinet and stopped producing ice. I then turn it off, fill the water jugs and leave it off until night.
I wish i had bought this one to start with. Have had it for a few weeks and it performs wonderfully.
Check back with me next summer and i will let you know how it is holding up.

5Expert Score
It's very fast

It works great. We have a household of three and if we keep adding the water, we don’t run out. It runs until it creates enough ice. If no one uses that ice, it melts and becomes ice again.

5Expert Score

This ice machine has surpassed what i expected by a long shot. My only issue is that it makes ice so fast its more than i needed. The capacity and speed is great. Run it for 2-3 hours in the am and i can fill a cooler and still have ice for the day for the house. And the best part is that my wife loves it. Excellent product so far.

5Expert Score
Easy to operate. Makes ice fast.

Great product. Met my expectations

5Expert Score
Makes soft ice

Doesn’t make very much but works well

4Expert Score
Love it

I love it i eat a lot of ice and we’ll spending too much money and gas and a dollar a cup for ice in my area because you know cups are so expensive now it makes a little noise when it’s dropping the ice but it’s expected once it gets going it can pack out some ice it just has to get cooled or cold and then it starts pumping out the whole cubes otherwise the first couple are really wet and thin but after the couple cycles they start getting thicker and i’m so glad i got it

4Expert Score
As advertised

There are numerous reviews and they all seem correct. The bin isn’t a freezer so the ice will melt. The instructions are hard to follow. It comes with some kind of adapter for permanent water hook up. I got an ice maker self tapping saddle and it works fine.
I like the ice it produces. Makes a full bin in a short time. It is loud when it drops the first few blocks.

4Expert Score
Does not hold 48 lbs.

Product came damaged due to shipping or storage but arrived quickly. I didn’t want to hassle with returning it, so i kept it. It was fairly easy to setup. The water line adapter (1/2′ adapter) does not fit on a sink faucet without another adapter. Seems to produce about the advertised 100lb of ice in 24hrs but it is hard to tell as the storage only holds about 25-30lbs and shuts down the ice maker.

4Expert Score
Fast ice making in about 8 minutes.

You can get 9 pieces of ice in as fast as 8 minutes. The ice is soft though can will melt away if not used quickly.

4Expert Score
Small capacity but works well

The ice produced is consistent shape and size, and does well. However the ice is dropped into a tray that while still internal to the machine, does not keep ice frozen. You end up with a mix of half thawed ice and fresh ice that will half water a drink down. Not the worst, but could be better.

4Expert Score
Just love it

Love it

4Expert Score
Good ice machine

It’s not crazy fast, but it’s not super slow either. If you’re having a party, or filling up a cooler, you want to keep emptying the bucket into a bowl in the freezer and over the course of the day you’ll have enough. It’s a good purchase and would buy again

4Expert Score
It’s nice quiet and efficient

It’s nice and quiet, the only issue is the ice were come in a big block, have to many break it into small individual pieces

4Expert Score
Nice machine.

I wasn’t sure of the ice machine, but since i got it i have plenty of ice. The only thing that i dislike about it is when i take the plug out to empty water it takes a little bit of time. The grandkids like it. They can get ice when they want.

4Expert Score
Rec'd earlier than stated. Product works very well.

Quickly started to make ice. Very happy with purchase. I would recommend to family and friends.

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