Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS

Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS

Yakibest.com : Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS : Electronics

What are elikliv edm9 7” lcd digital microscope 1200x features?

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  • 【7 inch rotatable screen】featuring 1080p high resolution,12mp camera technology and precise focus, elikliv lcd digital microscope supports display amazing images and videos, which is convenient for easy and accurate observation and soldering. With rotatable (90 degrees) hd screen design, it is more convenient for user from different angle to view it.
  • 【continuous 10x-1200x magnification】allow to zoom in and see the incredible details of observations at a magnification range from 10x to 1200x. The actual magnification differs due to the distance between camera and observations.
  • 【adopted 10 led light design】the 8 adjustable led illuminator ensure your specimens are clear and bright; with 2 extra auxiliary lights, provide more excellent detail and optimal clarity and allow to capture pictures or video in some dark places.
  • 【photos and videos】elikliv video microscope is not only a microscope, but also a camera, which can take pictures and record videos. You can save the images and videos that obtained during the observation process to the micro card and output.
  • 【hook up to pc for larger view 】the pc view supports windows and mac os so you can observe on a larger scale and facilitate data sharing and analysis. No extra software download needed, just run the default apps ‘windows camera’ for windows 10 and ‘photo booth’ for imac/macbook
  • 【wide application, perfect for adults and kids gift】 this digital microscope is very suitable for circuit board testing, watch/clock repair, textile industry, error coin identification, kids education testing, biological observation (not suitable for cells), researchers, jewelry, stamps, plants, qc inspection, it is the popular and meaningful gift for children, students, hobbyists.
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Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will this take clear pics of my coins for listing on ebay

Yes, and video as well

Does this also take pictures or only video?

Takes both photos and videos.

Dis this do freeze frame and measurement and text editing?

Sorry, i don’t know for sure. It seems like to me it came with a calibration slide, but i didn’t use the app that came with it much. I needed a stereo dissecting scope and didn’t keep this one very long. It’s good value for what it is. You’ve asked another customer and might want to click on the ‘contact seller’ link to ask your question.

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What is the field of view? How large of an area can be seen at the same time?

Sorry, i can’t answer, don’t have this scope anymore or would shoot a ruler for you. It says ‘a whole coin’ in the description and is sold as a ‘coin microscope’. When i sold mine on ebay it went to somebody who wanted it for coins and she was happy. You’ve asked another customer, might want to click on ‘contact seller’ and ask them…

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Dose the battery included allows the use of the microscope outdoors and for how long?

Hi,it’s almost 2 hours when it full charged.

Does this item have an output for a larger monitor?

I don’t recollect that this has ‘video out’. It uses micro sd to record its high-definition images. It’s good value for a cheap scope if it does what you need. You’ve asked another customer and might want to click on the ‘contact seller’ link to ask them…

What is the ‘line assist’ option for in the setup menu?

I only know what’s plainly shown in the manual, it works the cross hairs. I’d suggest you read the fine manual:


How d you attached the light barrier to the microscope

It just slips on, is held by friction. There are two that come with it. One is a clear plastic snoot with no use that i can see, and the other is a wider shade that i liked better.

How do i turn on my 2 extra auxiliary lights?

There is a wheel tab on the back of the stand. You turn it back and forth to control the goose lights.

Will you stop advertising a misleading x1200 magnification? It more like x100 at most.

You’ve sent this complaint to another customer, might want to click on the ‘contact seller’ link. I agree with you, btw, this is not very useful at the higher magnifications, and it is not a true ‘zoom’, needs to be focused if the scope is moved up or down, and it’s hard to focus. It’s good value for a cheap scope, but there’s no way the itty-bitty optics can do what big, compound optics can do…

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Can the scope be used while it’s charging?

Yes it can.

Can you use this without a computer

Yes, you can use this without computer. One of the best purchases for our family.

What is the actual useful max magnification?

This little scope is good value. I got it looking for an inexpensive camera to get some images of what i was doing and it worked fine for that, but i need a trinocular stereo ‘scope for what i do, working with brushes and dissecting needles and got one instead. What i recollect is that this was excellent for lower resolutions i used, was good through a couple hundred, ok for a few hundred, and not very useful past that. Getting sharp 1200x is difficult with a big compound scope, need oil immersion to go higher, there’s no way the itty bitty optics in this can do 1200x as well as a compound scope. The lady i sold mine to was delighted with it for coins, and i think that’s a good use.

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How can i look at pond water with this? I feel like the silver tray is interfering with the view. Did i order the wrong type of microscope?

You can remove the lcd/microscope assembly from the base and stand assembly, and then use it to look at pretty much anything. But keep in mind it has only a very tiny/shallow depth of focus, so looking at any object other than a fairly smooth/flat surface, you will have focus issues.

Does this also take pictures or only video?

It takes still photos and also video

Need more room for question as well as very usefull for you how to go about an e-mail or can i call you youll be glad will be glad

Shoot me a email and will answer best of my ability

I want to know the method to install and use the software, thank you.

U must download to computer and use usb cable from microscope to computer and the two finish installing after that

The magnification says 50-1200 but a photo says 10-1200 magnification. I need 10x magnification can this microscope do that?

Sorry i can’t answer. I don’t have this scope any more, sold mine on ebay, got a camera for my dissecting scope instead. Pulled way up, this will get most of a culture dish, but i don’t know how that translates to magnification power. This is better suited for low magnification, isn’t very good when you get more than 100 or 200x.

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Can you get a microscope to view a whole coin

Yes, it will get a whole coin. I was surprised at the results with this cheap little scope, especially at lower magnification. I sold the one bought to a coin collector, and she was happy with it. Having it showed me that i need a binocular scope, working with brushes and tweezers, counting insect eggs &c. For something flat like coins, i think this is excellent value.

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Can the screen and the computer screen be used at the same ttime

The split cord doesnt come with

Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Elikliv EDM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Coin Microscope with 12MP Camera Sensor, Wired Remote, 10 LED Lights, Soldering Electronic Microscope for Adult, Compatible with Windows/Mac OS : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It is a small world after-all!

I love to do macro photography and blow things up to as large as clarity allows. So much we give no thought to other then being a pest or nonsense is really some beautiful specimens of creation. Even the weeds we pull and kill have much more to see when magnified. I thought i’d give this a try to add another tool in the tool box especially with the ability to take stills and video with it of a high quality but also be able to interface it with my computer or any hdmi input device like the 55 inch tv. It has been a ball to use and will inspire the grand and great-grand kids to look at things around them with a different view of creation. Simple to set up and very easy to use. I personally wanted it for my electronics troubleshooting of circuit boards but so far have used it for even medical examination of skin cells and cancers. Was well worth the price. Think big in this small world!

5Expert Score
Great value perfect for or use

We need to inspect a production knife edge to see imperfections and wear.
We could see the original grinding clearly and the imperfections. We could see the wear after use and reinspect after sharpening.
It is well constructed and easy to use

5Expert Score
Great for viewing coins

Loved it

5Expert Score
Great little viewing microscope

Quality of picture is great. Holds full charge for more than a week without use. Bought for hobby use, but grandson used to remove a very small splinter on his own. Very pleased with this product.

5Expert Score
Smart purchase

Really easy to use new-type of microscope, usefull for all ages and purposes!

5Expert Score
Coin collection

Excellent for my coin collection activity. Magnification is great. Wish i could see the whole coin but i see enough for my purposes. Just received so i have not used the taking pictures or video function yet. Anyway i am satisfied with product .

5Expert Score
This is a fine, inexpensive digital microscope

I was pleased when i put this little scope together and used it. I’ve been using a small stereo dissecting scope for years but needed a camera, so i tried this little digital scope. For the low magnification i need it’s fine, it’s not so good at the extreme 1200x it claims, but it’s usable at the higher magnification. It may be a plus that the rig has a rechargeable battery that will power the lamps and the display for at least an hour or so without it being plugged in.

The focus is a little bit touchy to use, is not a knob with a rack and pinion like an ordinary scope, is a knurled ring that’s turned directly. And it’s not a true ‘zoom’ scope as advertised since it needs to be refocused when the head is moved up or down to adjust the magnification.

But, it can be focused sharply and it does have adjustable magnification. I believe it’s excellent value for somebody who wants to get good video or photos of biological samples, or the coins in the headline.

It didn’t work so well for what i need to do this time, which is brushing through samples in a petri dish looking for microscopic eggs and hatchling worms. I’m spoiled by years of working with a stereo scope and find it’s much easier using tools with the stereo and betterdepth of field of an optical scope. I bought the trinocular stereo zoom scope and camera i’ve always wanted. I had to pay nearly $600+ for that rig.

Of course the new scope with binocular stereo and big optics looks and feels better. But, for about $100 i don’t think this little scope can be beat for good value if you don’t need stereo vision.

I sold this scope on ebay after using it for a few days, added an sd card to it, and got back $80 from the happy buyer. It was worth the $20 bucks to see that an inexpensive, digital scope can be this good.

I love my new, huge, trinocular dissecting scope that puts the binoculars right at eye level and has an 18 megapixel camera. And, i like this little digital scope fine, for 1/6th the price.

I’d suggest it’s an excellent scope for somebody in school or for somebody with a hobby that doesn’t need stereo. It’s ideally suited as the ‘coin microscope’ it’s advertised as, is also fine for anything that needs looking at.

5Expert Score

My husband loves it!

5Expert Score
Excellent product

Highly recommend. Well worth the money and it works great!

5Expert Score

Mejoro mis expectativas en cuanto a su función, sin embargo, la base es bastante pequeña aun así, es un excelente producto!

Totalmente recomendado

4Expert Score
Cost effective toy for a 10 year old for christmas

I didn’t know what to expect at the price point, but it works pretty well as a toy for a child.
I might get one for myself for coin collection inspection, etc.
Instructions could be better, but you can figure it out anyway.

4Expert Score
It works well.

In less than 5 minutes after unboxing, this was in use. The manual is helpful. For the discounted price of $90 this is an excellent device so far. The biggest concern was how truthful the advertised magnification is. It matches sample images from other reviewers, and they don’t make false claims that can confuse someone into thinking it can be used to examine cells, etc. 1200x magnification should be interpreted as 10x magnification zoomed in and focused to maybe several times that (including digital magnification). In effect, maybe you actually get 750-900 times magnification? Hobbyists should consider this a bargain; any professional scientific microscope will cost several hundred dollars more (at least and without the camera).

4Expert Score
Nice picture

The picture quality was very good. You cannot however see the whole coin at one time. Unfortunately i had to return because it only worked on the charger not when it was unplugged.

4Expert Score

I can’t seem to get it charge, when you power it on with blue light flashing then couple seconds later it it’ll say battery low. Can i replace the battery to make it work or what should i do? Anyone having the same problem?

4Expert Score
Good for electronics and education, not 1200x

I am giving it 4 star as the digital microscope did what i would expect of it. I use for electronics on need about 10-15x magnification so the microscope meets my needs.
Ok, now the technical stuff: magnification factor = (screen size/image size)
screen is 15.5 cm straight across. Looking at a ruler is show 1.35cm of the ruler on minimum zoom, at maximum zoom it shows .24cm of the ruler gets:
11.5x min magnification and 64.5x max magnification.

Digital picture viewing on 31 inch (79cm) 4k monitor at a 1:1 pixel image gets:
53x minimum magnification, and 320x max mgnification.

looking past the bs spec of 1200x magnification. Overall, good microscope for the price.
If you are really want to see a 1200x image get a projector monitor that is at least 428 inches, 12.66ft (1087cm) across.

4Expert Score
Funciona, pero roto.

El producto funciona y hace su cometido, desafortunadamente por el mal manejo del envío, me ha llegado roto.

4Expert Score
Great for board inspection out of the box. Awesome focusing ability.

Didn’t like the short vertical post – doesn’t allow you to do smd work but does allow you to inspect for bridges and check traces… But, i drilled a hole in the base and mounted the stand (inverted, to a movable arm. With the microscope 18: above my workspace i can view an entire smd practice board on the left 22′ display. I use the right display for youtube videos and parts lookup. I’m loving the video output feature and focusing capability. Also, the variable intensity lights aiming down on my workspace provide plenty of light!

4Expert Score
Better instructions

Loved the quality and screen sharpness. Also liked the remote. Instructions need more clarification as to what plugs into where and what port is used for charging or that the two plugs from the remote need to plugged into the scope before it turns on. No where does it state that in order for the two small extensions lamps to work you need to plug power into the micro usb port at the base of the scope. On top of that instructions do not show the 2 ports or the fine adjustment wheel on the base of the scope. Quality inspection needs to wake up.

4Expert Score
Good for coins and small objects

Pros: large 7′ screen, solid base. Clear images.
Cons; wired remote is slow to respond at times. Side lights are awkward to adjust by tiny wheel on back of base.

4Expert Score
Need instructions to use.

. The instructions to use were just not there. Had to figure most everything out on my own. Other wise its a great product.

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