Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black

Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black : Everything Else
Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner: Cooking is quick, easy and consistent with the elite gourmet electric double buffet burner. This portable electric hot plate offers reliable heating and takes up minimal cooking space with one 6.5-inch and one 6-inch cast iron flat cooking plates. At 1,500 watts, it heats up quickly with dual adjustable temperature knobs offering low, med, and hi settings. Power indicator lights offer added safety. The non-stick cast iron hot plates will ensure even cooking and make clean up a breeze. Use it when you need an extra heat source for holiday cooking and entertaining, or simply to keep food warm at a buffet station. The perfect addition to any cooks collection, it is compact enough to be stored in a cabinet, yet stylish enough to leave out for everyday use.

What are elite gourmet edb-302bf countertop double cast iron burner features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Easy to clean: 6.5-inch and 5-inch cast iron flat cooking plates are nonstick and easy to clean with a damp cloth or non abrasive sponge
  • Adjustable temperature: quickly reach and sustain the desired low, medium or high heat settings with the variable temperature knob to keep food warm or boil hot water.
  • Built in safety: dual power indicator lights on the front of the burner remind users when the item is powered on; non skid feet ensure the burner remains stable during use.
  • Compact and portable: the compact size of the burner makes it an easily accessible item to take on the go wherever an extra cooking device is needed, at school, office, camping trips or home.
  • Efficient power – with a combined wattage of 1500w, dual hot plates and individual temperature controls, delicious meals can be cooked simultaneously.
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Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

What is the burner size

The large burner is 6.5 inches diameter.
The small burner is 5 inches diameter.
The large burner is 930 watts.
The small burner is 605 watts.
With bother burners on at the same time is 1490 watts.
That could be an inaccuracy in my killawatt.
I forgot to do a surface temperature measurement. My bad.

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I would likely use this only near the table in a small skillet to keep some things warm (e.g., naan). Seems like it would work for that purpose?

I use this to keep a metal coffee carafe warm. Works fine. When needed, i will also use it to keep other things warm. I did not get it for the purpose of heating or cooking.

What cookware can be used for this burner?

Any cookware works fine. Treat it just like any other appliance.

What is the durability? How sturdy is the product?

Physically i found it to have reasonable weight and width for steel cooking pots. I have not put very large pots or cast iron skillets on it as that seems unsafe for any portable stove eye. It is not flimsy: the legs are sturdy, the dial is not loose or wobbly, the cooking surface is solidly attached to the base. It was excellent for 2 months and then it just flat died. I suspect it has a loose connection inside or a non-resettable fuse that reviewers talk about from similar competing models. Something like that must be cutting off the current.

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How hot does this get? Need 1 that gets at least 450

I use it to make coffee in an expresso maker and the burner gets hot pretty quick. I also think that it reaches 450.

Is the large burner 900 or 1000 watts?

One burner is 600 & the larger is 900

Does the bottom of this hot plate get hot?

It does a little, will not get hot enough to hurt a countertop. I put piece of aluminum foil under it to just keep counter clean.

Is this hot place safe to use in a science classroom with glass beakers?

I would think that the hot plate could be used in the science classroom, remembering that some of the glass beakers had a direct flame under them.

I just wana cook mac and cheese and ramen noodles. Will this do the trick lol

Yes, this should do whatever a single electric burner on a stove could do. I made a big pot of chili – first browned the meat, then simmered the whole thing for an hour or so. Had to fiddle with the dial to get the simmer just right (between 2 and 3).

Will it boil water in 12′ diameter steamer pot

This maximatic is the second single burner i have owned. I remember reading that one should not use a pot or pan that is wider than the burner. (possibly for safety reasons – – think of accidentally tilting. The model i have is ~ 8 1/2′ in width.) 12′ pots or pans would overhang. Also, my burner is elevated about 3 1/4′ above the cabinet top surface. (easier to tilt an overhanging pot or pan.) the burner is certainly powerful enough to bring liquids to boil. I actually use mine more than the burners on my range top. So convenient, and has good levels of controls to adjust for whatever food is to be cooked.)

Can i keep a cup of coffee warm on it, or will it get too hot?

If you keep the temperature at the very minumum, think you can. But if you just need something to keep your mug warm, this is not the product you are lookinng for. This is like a real hotplate and gets really hot.
If you are using a ceramic mug, i don’t think this is ideal.

How long will stay hot?

I take the question to be ‘how long will it stay hot after you turn it off?’ i don’t know an exact time to tell you, but the top is a solid piece of iron and i say it stays hot about as long as an iron skillet does. It stays hot much longer than a coil type electric stove eye. I think of it as allowing you to cook with a steel pan/skillet that will heat or cool down like an iron skillet, but without the weight and with the freedom to move the skillet off the burner and instantly end the iron skillet effect.

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How many inches is the cast burner? I am trying to figure out if it will fit my cast iron pan.

6 inches…i love it…. I have a frying pan 7 1/2 inches and it heats wonderful on the elite burner.. The price is great! And it shipped in a box it’s a great buy i would recommend this .. You’re going to love it

The one side of the burner broke after 3 months. ,if i sent in the one that broke and get a new one ?

No sure what you are asking. If one of the burners is not working, i would contact the seller to see if they will replace the entire unit. Hope that helps.

Has anyone boiled 4 or more cups of water to a hard rolling boil? If so how long did it take- i will be using a stainless pan

I haven’t boiled water on it.
I use an electric kettle and it is very fast.

What is the minimum temperature? I’m wanting to use for candle making which requires like a 120-130 degree heat source

There are 5 different temperature settings. They do not say how they relate to actual temperatures in degrees. I used it at 3 and 4 settings for regular cooking. I would say these may be medium to medium high. Lowest setting at 1 is low temperature to keep warm.

How is the temperature controlled, voltage or current or time modulation?

The device is either on or off. No in between. The adjustment knob controls the cut-off temperature. When the cut off temperature is reached, the device will power off for a period (details of this dormant period i have not troubled to notice) and then automatically come back on until the cut off temperature is reached again. It ‘appears’ to be functioning like that.

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Looking at this for melting beeswax so need the warm setting to be pretty low, any idea what temperature warm is?

I find it’s pretty low heat. Since i can keep a plate on it to keep food hot for an hour and the plate stays warm and not too hot…i don’t have a thermometer to tell you exactly the temp…i’m sorry…but i hope it helps…

Is this maxmatic burner 120v or 220v

All electrical appliances sold in the us run on american circuits…120v so you’d be better off getting another hot plate suitable for traveling outside the us.universal travel adapters (to convert voltage and adapt plugs) would cost more than this hotplate.even if you’d have a switch on your appliance to change the voltage (sometimes still available to change voltage when using small traveling electrical appliances) you’d still have to consider the half a dozen different plug adapters to fit different countries.even within the us, you have two different types of plugs and sockets (but using the 120v us standards, different from the 220v european standards).usa is not one country, more like 50 different states having different city, county and state laws (+ federal laws like if you kidnap somebody and cross a state line).more like europe now where they all having 220v but still use different plugs and sockets.

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Can i use a cooker with flat surface on hot plate?


Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Countertop Double Cast Iron Burner, 1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Surprisingly, it works quite well

Who doesn’t like the controlable heat of a gas stove? Changes instantly and is continuously variable from low to high. Vietnamese restaurants invoke huge gas flames, 80,000 btu’s surrounding the sides of a wok to stir fry a meal put together in one or two minutes.
Modern electric portable cooking appliances don’t work that way. Temperature is controlled by turning the heat on and off for a duration controlled by the temperature knob. Unlike many electric cookers that have preset temperature settings – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, this little gem’s temp is continuously variable, but still regulates heat via the on – off method. I was skeptical at first. Infra red hot plates turn the heat on and off very quickly. Imagine turning the gas on medium for twenty seconds, then off for 15 seconds. The old-style concentric ring of glowing orange coils worked very well, but i think safety concerns for a portable device that can cause a fire or serious harm to a curious child have taken precedence over old style designs. My main four-burner is an induction stove. Flameless.
Skeptical, i conducted an experiment. I have a ceramic slow-cooker type bowl/pot. Relatively heavy, about 5/16 thick with a glass lid. The base of this pot just fits the ring of the elite hot plate with about 1/16 of an inch to spare. I filled it with 5 1/2 quarts of room temperature water to within an inch of the rim and turned on the heat to max; that equates to number 6 on the temperature control knob. Keep in mind the overall weight and thickness of the pot, designed as a slow-cooker. Not like regulation aluminum or stainless steel. Also, there’s a lag in heating the cast iron plate of the burner and cooling it down. It took about two hours to heat the water to a raging, furious boil that was splashing over the edge onto the counter top despite the glass lid. The pot is shaped like a flower pot so no water got onto the burner plate. I turned the heat down to 4 1/2 and slowly, the water settled into a nice steady boil, perfect for slow cooking had there been any food in the pot. There was a barely imperceptible surge as the heat turned on and off, hardly even noticeable, that has no practical effect on cooking.
The thick cast iron plate acts as a heat sink that disperses the heat evenly when the plate is off. More so the large thick pot full of over a gallon of water retains a lot of heat. The ultimate test, i think. I suppose that for cooking bacon and eggs the elite would work well. I bought it solely for use as a slow cooker since the heating bin for my big pot gave up the ghost with not a whole lot of use. This will do for a replacement.
I have a vintage 50’s glow orange coil type hot plate that also works to heat this pot. In direct contact with 1100 watts of glowing coils, it heats 5 1/2 quarts in less than half the time of the elite.
I made a 20 amp 110 vac on/off set-able timer – e.g. 8 hours 30 minutes – out of three dollars worth of parts to be used as an in-line timer. For unattended use – just set it and forget it – i’d prefer to use this elite hot plate rather that the old glowing coil set up. Cooking time not a problem with a slow cooker. It can cook while asleep, or at work; on the back patio – cut the upper two-thirds off a 55 gallon drum and set it inside against the wind… Or not. Crude, but effective.
Overall, i agree with other reviewers who give it a good rating. I’ve tried different products of this type that i returned for one reason or another. Used as a portable fifth burner, it works well enough to be of good use. For me, it’s a keeper.

5Expert Score
Worth it!

I bought this product in feb 2020 for my apartment that did not have a functioning kitchen due to renovations so we planned on using it to make food for the few months we had to wait. Cue the pandemic and i ended up cooking on this thing for two years. Did it take me 10 minutes to boil a pot of water? Yes. However, it got the job done. I could have two pans going at once or a pot and pan, with the bigger one being the breadwinner for heat. I did virtual cooking classes using this and a toaster oven. Best $25 i have ever spent. It never died or failed me and now i will never get rid of it even though i have a kitchen now.

5Expert Score
Ideal for travel/off-grid cooking and/or keeping food warm

I almost tossed this…glad i gave it a second chance. I bought it for cooking while traveling away from home. It seemed to be a good option for that…cooking in hotels or in an unfurnished apartment/home when on an extended stay.

The first couple of times i used it it didn’t seem to get hot enough to boil the water but in hindsight it seems to work better and get hotter after the first few uses. It kind of seems like it needs to burn off the coating first before it’s fully functional, but once it does it works great and is pretty efficient just keep in mind that due to its reduced wattage it may take longer than expected to get hot. Think of the light as a preheat…when it first turns off, it only means that it’s ready to start cooking.

There is an initial smell that comes from the burner and maybe even a little smoke i’m not so sure about the smoke because i first used it outside and the room that i was in was fairly large and well ventillated not sure if the initial smoke was from what i was cooking or the residue. Whatever coating, residue, or what have you that causes it does eventually burn off and leave you with no smell but it did take quite a few uses (even after initially leaving mine on 1 much longer than the recommended time).

There were a few options with the burner tops. Mine is the iron one. It retains some heat after the burner light cuts off. I saw some reviews complaining about this but now after using it i see it as a feature (if efficiency is important to you) because the heat turns off once the desired setting is reached yet the burner is still cooking. The downside is that sometimes you will need to turn the burner off (or down) earlier than you may be used to.

At home i have an electric stove and while it does take longer to warm up or cool down compared to a gas stove, the response time is still much closer to a gas stove than it is to this burner. It can take quite awhile for the burner to completely cool down after turning off. A nuisance at first but now that i’m used to it i kind of like it since it does save me a lot of power. I’m on an extended stay now and there is a gas stove here that works great but i find myself using this burner most of the time to save my expense on gas. Recently got the electric bill and it was so much cheaper (a fraction) than the gas which was really great and i was using it the burner a lot.

One other downside is that it takes the burner a lot longer than expected to heat up. I have been turning it on early to ‘preheat’ it and this helps a lot to get things cooking. I have even used the burner to cook stock in a large stock pot. It did take longer to get the water boiling and i had to use higher settings but it worked fine otherwise. My only worry was whether the burner could handle the weight. The burner is still new (i’ve only been using it a couple months so far) so the jury is still out on that.

All things considered i’m very happy with my burner and even considering getting another one. It is very efficient, takes very little space, and is great for travel or on the road. A second one will allow me to cook two things at the same time.

5Expert Score
Perfect small upgrade from double burner

I have been using the double burner method to melt my candle wax. Without investing in a large melter, i went to this first to get my feet wet. This melts evenly and fairly quickly. The controls are easy to read, very simple. The unit is not too hot to leave on the table while melting as i prepare jars to pour wax. Very good buy.

5Expert Score

I literally use this thing for everything, my friends laughed at me cause i was cooking my tail off in my bedroom, cause i share a house with my sister and my rooms upstairs, so it’s convenient so i don’t have to go up an down the steps. But now all my friends have purchased one, and they said girl it better and faster than the stove, especially when it’s hot outside! Amazing!!!!

5Expert Score
Heats up fast

Did a comparison test for my stovetop vs this countertop burner with a small pot of water. Preheated both heat sources for 1 minute. Placed a small pot of cold tap water. Ths little countertop burner heated to boil in less than 5 minutes. My stovetop took over 7 1/2 minutes. Love this little helper!!!!!

5Expert Score
Repeat purchase

My kitchen is too small for a stove so this is my main source for cooking. I use it every day. I was so pleased with the longevity i purchased another. Everything i cook, i cook on it. Controls are true. Heats good. Works good for delicate heat or rapid boil. It’s easy to keep clean. Very reliable.

5Expert Score
What's not to love?

Bought this for hot pot at home. Temperature control is excellent, it heated a two sided pot and brought quite a bit of liquid to a boil within a reasonable time and kept it there for as long as i had the heat up. I can’t speak to the longevity of the hotplate but it does as advertised for a good price. What’s not to love?

5Expert Score
Nice and very clean looking

Perfect for my boat. I don’t need to take up space with a huge two or three burner insert. I like this because i have a little shelf under the counter and can just put on the shelf and out of the way when done. Easy to use, easy to wipe down and very good price. I will buy more of these for sure. Arrived pretty quick too.

5Expert Score

Great burner i use for making candles since it’s hard to get to over 200 degrees using the double broiler method. And this got me to my perfect temps of 215 quickly! Love this and i should have bought sooner!!

4Expert Score
Does the job, good temporary replacement

So i recently moved into a new apartment and on my first night the stove coil popped and broke. So while i am waiting for a replacement i needed to get a temporary stove to use. After a bit of looking this seemed to be a good cost effective option.

As someone who is not seasoned at cooking i think this works pretty okay. Water, especially when you have more than a cup, takes a decade to bring to a boil and sometimes it is difficult to tell what the temperature really is. Sometimes it feels like the temperature is lower on some days and higher on others. I todens;t really affect it at the end of the day but it is noticeable enough.

One minor complaint is i wish the instructions had better documentation of the unit itself. For example whenever the burner shuts off after reaching a heat, until it needs to heat up again, it seems to make this clicking noise. I assume it is working as a sensor of some sort while it waits for the heat to drop below a certain level.. Or maybe as a sound generally just to let you know it is still powered on. It isn’t a hazard but i wish that they better explained what some of the more potentially anxious sounds and quirks mean.

I have been able to make mac and cheese, ground beef, hot dogs, chilli, fettuccini alfredo, shrimp, eggs, and oatmeal on this thing without much trouble. Although the ground beef to quite a while and the water for the mac and cheese took what felt like a few years.

It works for what it is but if you have a full kitchen stove as an option i’d choose it easily over this. This is really perfect for a college dorm type use or as a backup emergency when something eventually goes wrong with a full kitchen stove. Can’t make everything on it, but what you can make is more than adequate, especially for the price.

4Expert Score
How hot can it get?

I thought this product would be the equivalent of an electric range’s burners. I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s to keep food warm. But the brochure show pans on the plates as if ‘cooking.’
i tried to boil water on the larger burner, but never got a rolling boil. That’s not to say that it’s worthless. You jsut have to learn its capabilities. It has a lot of uses. It almost works as a slow cooker with a corning ware type dish set on the burner and medium heat.

4Expert Score
Not for large pots or for dyeing

I’m sure this is a great product for cooking, but i bought it to heat up a large dye pot in the garage to dye some fabric and it would not get the water much above 140°. My dye project failed because the dye bath wouldn’t get hot enough. Just wanted to leave a review in case anyone else was thinking of using it for dyeing! Probably no complaints for using it for cooking but don’t try to heat up a dye bath with it 🙂

4Expert Score
Great little hot plate

I use this to melt my candle was that way i don’t dirty my stove. It works the way its suppose to and heats up quickly.

4Expert Score
Hot 2 burner stove

It a little slow to heat up., but worth the slow start. Has great even heating. Regulates well. I like it and would buy it again.

4Expert Score
Can’t beat the price!

My induction heater died on me after a year of not-too-frequent usage. Before i find the next reliable product, this countertop heater is an ideal transitory product. It is cheap, easy to use and works for cooking or reheating a meal. I even used for an outdoor hotpot. Only draw back is its base size. It is not stable to hold a large cookware full of liquid and not safe when there are kids around.

4Expert Score
Misleading but it works well enough

It’s alright, will do in an emergency or if you just want to keep something warm for a party. Power rating is a complete lie! No where near 1000watts ! But in my case that’s better as i plan to use it in a battery backup system.

4Expert Score
Good, affordable stove

I’ve had this for a year and it just stopped working. I’ve used it on a daily basis so pretty good value there. The heat you get from it is very good though i did discover that you can’t use both burners at the same time, it seemed to split the heat output between the burners and would take forever to get anything done. I’ll be repurchasing this but i’ll just get the single burner. Look no further for a good, affordable counter-top stove, this is your guy!

4Expert Score
Muy buena

Excelente inversión fácil de limpiar muy potente

4Expert Score


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