Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black

Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black : Everything Else

What are elite gourmet ekt1001b electric 1.0l bpa-free glass kettle cordless 360° base features?

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  • Here’s the quickest way to enjoy your delicious hot tea every single day. Now you don’t have to wait for ages just to have a cup of tea. The elite gourmet cordless electric water kettle is here to help you enjoy your sizzling hot cup of tea quickly and easily. Just pour some water in the 1-liter tank and select the temperature. It’s that simple.
  • 100% bpa-free premium design meets excellent craftsmanship, the results will exceed even your highest expectations. Our sturdy electric kettle with an elegant blue led illuminated interior is here to make your life easier and add a touch of modern luxury to your countertop.
  • Cordless & portable: the glass kettle lifts on and off the 360o swivel base comfortably without burdensome cords. This easily makes the water kettle portable to pour and serve away from the kitchen wherever hot water is needed.
  • No more messy accidents or spills thanks to the large pouring spout that features a mesh filter for perfect, spill-proof pours. Plus, you can finally enjoy your aromatic tea, refreshing coffee or delicious hot cocoa anytime you want. With a capacity of 1-liters (or 4.2 cups) you’ll always have enough hot water for your tea, instant noodles, soups or other recipes.
  • So easy & convenient that everyone can use it without any hassle. The auto shut-off function will make sure that the kettle is turned off when the water starts boiling, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just set it and forget it.
  • Additional features: this powerful 900-1100-watt kettle has convenient capacity markings on the body lets you accurately determine how much water you need to prepare.
  • 1-year limited warranty and us-based customer support team lets you buy with confidence.
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Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

What’s the difference between black and graphite black? They look the same in the photos but the graphite is less expensive.

Graphite is basically a very dark gray.

How to open up and clean this clean the inside regularly? I see some mineral deposits on the heating pad but cannot reach

Are you opening the top? The entire black plastic top piece hinges open. If you still can’t reach use a brush or some form of scrubber. If your worried about breaking the water screen just remove it before scrubbing.

It has mixed reviews about temperature settings. Can you confirm whether it has the different temperature settings or not?

It does not have adjustable temperature settings. At 6,000 ft our water boils before shutoff.

Is the glass borosilicate (e.g. Pyrex)?

I don’t know what kind of glass it is. But it’s glass.

Can more water be added immediately after an initial boil or do you have to wait for the kettle to cool before adding more?

For the kettle safety- cool after boiling water than add more water

Can ants crawl into it?

They could conceivably get in through the pour spout at you can see on the left – the top isn’t entirely sealed, as the steam needs someplace to escape…

Where is this kettle made

China !

I would like to buy this pot in white. Do you sell them in white? Thanks.

I only saw black and graphite, or stainless steel in a different model

The description clearly states simply adjust the temperature dial to desired water temperature for the elite gourmet but no

No you cannot adjust the temperature. It just brings the water or other liquid to a boil and then it automatically turn off.

How much does the empty carafe weigh ?

It is quite lite. Probably not more than 8oz

Why the bill is issued twice?

Perhaps you accidentally placed the order twice?

Can i put into the kettle the ginger root to make the tea?

Yes. I make my tea in it. I put ginger cut in pieces, put aniseed, n cinnamon stick. I repeat the boiling twice let it cool n refrigerate.

How many amps does it use?

I do not know, hope so

Does the base stay cool or does it get warm?

The base stays cool. Works great- quick and efficient!

How long is the cord?

Since it has a base the cord can wrap around when its not plugged in i’d say about 1.5 feet?
I don’t have a tape measure but its a heavy cord, water heats very quickly and the cord does not get hot. I love it, especially for the price. I put my chai in it to have an almost instant hot cuppa.

Seller only: is this the content of your borosilicate glass? Boron(4.0%); o2(54.0%); silicon(37.7%); na(2.8%); aluminum(1.1%); potassium(0.3%)

Sorry not the seller, but does it really matter what the exact formulation is? As long as it’s a pyrex type borosilicate glass–for the purposes that this kettle will be subjected to–i can’t see variations in the ‘recipe’ affecting its performance or longevity. Except for the too-small-for-my-hand opening, i’ve been thoroughly pleased with this budget-priced kettle.

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How long is the warrant?

1 year

Can you boil milk in this?

Probably yes, but i wouldn’t because it’ll seriously be a hassle to clean it out. I only use mine to heat water.

I have purchased it a month ago. It has just stopped working. How can i get it replaced?

Instructions for returning the item in a purchase should be on the amazon website under ‘my orders’.

Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Elite Gourmet EKT1001B Electric 1.0L BPA-Free Glass Kettle Cordless 360° Base, Stylish Blue LED Interior, Handy Auto Shut-Off Function – Quickly Boil Water For Tea & More, Graphite Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Good little hotpot that works well

Excellent hotpot that is smaller than average. Not sure why they can’t make smaller cost-effective hotpots to heat just 1 cup of water. This can heat between a minimum 0.3l (1.3 cups) to maximum 1l (4.2 cups). The 0.3l is slightly more than a large mug.

Other pluses: the ring on the base lights up as a visual indicator it is heating and lets you see how much the water has boiled. Heats fairly quickly. The glass is strong and won’t easily break unless you drop it. There is a water filtering screen inside (i guess you could make tea in this but that would likely stain the metal base). There is an on-off switch in the handle. There is also an automatic shut-off which turns the unit off when the water has boiled, or you can turn it off when you want with the manual switch.

The cord is shorter than normal so it must sit close to an outlet. Also it came in its original box unsealed making me wonder if it had been returned, although the unit was sparkling clean inside. Good for its price and gets the job done quickly!

5Expert Score
Works awful as a humidifier because it does its intended job too well

Get it in the mail, pull it out? Pretty large, awesome. Fill it with water, place on the base, turn it on.
The water was boiling pretty damn quick! Sweet! Oh lord thats a massive boil this thing goes!
wait.. It shut off, your telling me this thing has safety features for 12 dollars??
How am i gonna humidify my room if i can’t leave it on as a safety hazard for 12 hours straight!
Now im just gonna have to quickly brew drinks in it and im not happy!

5 star review because its too good at its actual job that it can’t be abused for the job i actually wanted it for, keeping my rat pets humidified! (im poor don’t judge me).

5Expert Score
Perfect size and price

I was looking for a smaller kettle that my daughter could take with her to her dorm. A few important features for me were that it was stainless steel, had a concealed heating element, was cordless, had auto shut off and was easy to use. Most of the kettles that i found that met my specs were 1.7l or larger so i was really excited when i finally found this amazing 1l kettle for $18 that seemed to meet almost all of my requirements. The only requirement that it didn’t meet was the stainless steel feature but at least it is 100% bpa free. Anyway, my daughter and her roommate just moved in 3 weeks ago but have already used this kettle a bunch of times and they absolutely love it !! My daughter particularly loves the small footprint and the blue light that illuminates the bubbles as the water heats up. If anyone is looking for a small kettle, my daughter would highly recommend this one. It’s fairly new so i’m not sure how it will hold up but i’ll submit a follow up as the school year progresses.

5Expert Score
So far, so good!

I needed an affordable kettle for the office and came across this one. Although the reviews are mixed,, i decided to take a chance.. So far, it’s holding up…it boils quickly, the blue light is beautiful and it shuts off once the water gets to the boiling point. My only complaint……the power cord could have been a little longer.

5Expert Score
Great budget priced kettle

At a price point less than $19, hard to beat the cost-benefit of this kettle. It’s been performing flawlessly for me. Its advertised promise of boiling a full liter in 6 minutes has proved spot-on…its 1100w has been clocking consistently in the 5:50’s. The only negative is the opening is a bit small for my guy hands, making cleaning and drying difficult…may not be a problem for smaller hands. Durability/longevity is unknown, but for now, i’m pleased and would recommend a buy.

5Expert Score
For us instant coffee drinkers this electric kettle comes in handy. Really well made.

I’m an instant coffee drinker, so this electric kettle is great for me. It allows me to heat up my water for my morning coffee, and keeps the water hot until i’m done. Great design, easy to clean and perfect for those who need hot water for their beverages or oatmeal. Really good value for the size.

5Expert Score
Love it

My electric kettle is exactly what i was looking for. I have used it at least once every day since i received it a few weeks ago. If you are looking for an easy to use electric kettle, this is a great option.

5Expert Score
Best size for a small apt kitchen (apartment)

It works perfectly. Basic water boiler but no noise like others, and perfect small size which makes it fit for a small kitchen.

5Expert Score
Fast boiling, good looking

Arrived in 2 days, as always. Works very well, boils in 5 minutes, no complaints at all, 100% satisfied.

5Expert Score

Me imagine que podía controlar la temperatura. Pero aún así muy buen utensilio para calentar agua. Excelente

4Expert Score
Works as advertised

I’ve been wanting an electric kettle for a long time, but when i saw how much my local grocery store was selling them for, i decided it wasn’t worth the money. The other day, i was mindlessly scrolling through amazon and this electric kettle showed up as a recommendation. I was very surprised to see how inexpensive it was compared to the grocery store; less than half as much money. So, i decided to take a chance and buy one.

I was pleased to see how simple it is, with virtually no learning curve. You just put water in the carafe, put the carafe on the base, and press the button on the handle. It rapidly brings up to 1l of water to a boil, and automatically shuts off as soon as it reaches a rolling boil. It’s also got nifty blue led lights in the base that light up when it’s heating the water. Clean-up is a snap. Just put a little dish soap in the carafe with some hot water. Swish it around, and rinse.

The base is cheap plastic, and probably the least attractive aspect of this kettle. It does the job, but a more sturdy base would be preferable.

For the money, i think this electric kettle is fantastic value. No more boiling water on my stove top!

4Expert Score
Cheap but does the job

You literally just fill it with water, plug it in, flip the switch and within about 60 seconds you’ve got hot water. I’m just trying to make a half dozen mugs of hot chocolate each morning for children, and it does that efficiently. (i put the powder in the mugs, pour the hot water in, then stir. I don’t put that in the kettle, although you could.
Head’s up: i got mine from a warehouse deal, so the base had a slight crack in it, although everything worked just fine.

4Expert Score
Heats water fast

I am very happy with the way this looks and performs. The only drawback is that the lid doesn’t open far enough to fill the kettle from the refrigerator water dispenser space.

4Expert Score
Fast to boil. Cool to touch on bottom

Heating element in inside of pot, so it can be rested on power unit with no concerns of being too hot on surface. Very fast to boil.

4Expert Score
Super simple, very effective

I wouldn’t say that i have experience with several other electric kettles but this one does the job. I got sick a day after this arrived in the mail so it came in perfect timing and i’ve made 5-10 cups of tea a day for the past week and it has been very reliable.

4Expert Score

Inexpensive easy to use great price

4Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised

This replaced an expensive item with a keep-warm feature, disabled by a calcified thermocouple. I got way more than i expected for the price. It’s fast and far quieter than my (expensive) older one. The blue led’s are eyewash, sure, but cool. Speaking of cool, always use a lot of water and grip the handle from a low spot – otherwise the top inch of the handle gets rather warm. Lower grip and more water will provide more comfortable pouring angle due to simple leverage.

My inner product designer would suggest some improvements in future editions: reshape the handle to encourage a lower grip point; add a visor to the lid at the spot to deflect the heat and vapor that naturally escapes from any teakettle spout.

4Expert Score

Good not great. Boils a bit longer than needed before the auto shutoff kicks in which loses some water to evaporation. For the price not a huge complaint though.

4Expert Score
Did the job

Did the job. Great price.

4Expert Score
Fast and hot

Make your drink first, then prep whatever else you’re having because it will need time to cool. This kettle makes water that it hot! It’s fast. I would have given it 5 stars but i haven’t washed it yet and i’m not quite sure how.

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