Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count

Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count

Buy Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are elmer’s swirl glam glitter glue features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Rainbow of 31 glitter pens add a sparkly pop to slime, writing and art
  • Customize slime with an endless combination of dazzling shades
  • No run, washable, safe and nontoxic formula
  • Brightens up drawings, posters and school projects
  • Use the kid friendly recipe on the back for quick and easy custom slime
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Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count AMAZON

Buy Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can these be used to paint sun catchers?

Elmer’s glitters glues are ideal for drawings and posters. These adhere to paper, cloth and foam sheets. Note that these should not be used on photos, bare metal, dirty, submerged or heated surfaces.

How long does it take for the design to dry?

A thin layer dries quickly. Another layer can be done in about one hour…wait about 24 hours before letting paper touch it.

Can you use these to brighten up a 3 ring binder

Yes, you can use the elmer’s swirl glam glitter glue to brighten up a 3 ring binder.

Will these work with wood sticks?

Elmer’s glitter glues are recommended for drawings, posters, school projects, and making slime. These glues adhere well to paper, cloth, and foam sheets.

In the 50 count set or the 31 count set, are there any that are just plain color without glitter? Or are all the pens glittery in each set?

In the 50 count all the pens are glittery. I have not purchased the 31 count set.

Where are these made?

This elmer’s glitter glue set was manufactured in china. Not all of our products are produced here in the u.s. This enables us to provide the highest possible quality at a reasonable cost for our consumers.

Gold tube with specks of black in it what color is that?

The color of the cap indicates the glue color. For additional questions or concerns, please give our consumer care team a call at 1-888 435-6377 and we will have this addressed. For your convenience, we are available monday-friday, 9am-5pm est. We look forward to assisting you!

Are any of the pens swirl color?

There is no swirl color in this set.

Does the glitter stay stuck once dry?

Yes, the glitters stuck once dry.

Add glitter and sparkle what color is that tube under the pink ‘g’? Be

The color of the glue under the pink letter g is maroon.

Do you have to mix the glue or are the pens filled with glue?

The pens are already filled with glitter and glue.

In 50 count what color is that tube from 3rd in the left bottom row?

The third glue from bottom left is dark red.

What color glitter is the 3rd 1 from bottom right?

Hello brian, i found that not all glue pens have glitter so the 3rd from the bottom right is a light pink without glitter. Most of the bottom row is solid nonglitter glue. They are still nice colors. I hope this helps!

Can you use with paint brush on fabrics?

These glitter glue pens are recommended for slime, writing and art. You can try to apply it using paint brush on fabric, but the result cannot be guaranteed as these have not been tested for such usage. These are washable as well.

How big is the opening/hole in each tube? Can you get a small dot out or is it bigger blobs?

The tip can produce a small dot.

Could i mix one of these into a regular size clear elmers glue container?

Yes, you can mix it with other elmer’s clear school glue container.

Could this set of glitter glue be used on window suncatchers & once dry the sun will shine through them ?

Elmer’s glitter glues can be used to make bright, colorful sun catchers. Please note that there is a 48-hour waiting time for glue to harden.

How long does it take for the design to dry?

It depends on how much glue you use. If you draw thin lines it doesn’t take very long. If you create big globs, like my 6 year old, it takes a very long time.

Would these work well to write names on christmas stockings?

I don’t think it would last as long as real fabric paint, but if it’s just temporary (for this year) and not something that needs to be saved they would be fine.

Can these pens be used on fabric?

Yes, elmer’s glitter glue pens can adhere to fabric.

Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count AMAZON

Buy Elmer’s Swirl Glam Glitter Glue, 0.36 Oz. Each, 31 count: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love this set

Amazing price for what you get. I got this for my daughter for christmas and we got one for a birthday party and the kids loved it. You can mix this in slime to add glitter and the pastel colors are so pretty

5Expert Score
Perfect gift

I’m always reluctant to buy stuff like this because you get dried out items.
This set was not dried out, beautiful colors, and my 4. Yr old grand daughter loves them and easy to use. She loves arts and crafts and these keep her busy for a long time!! She gets super creative and excited to show everyone!

5Expert Score
Can’t beat the original!

I bought these for myself probably 20 years ago and then just bought this pack for my 6 year old son. These worked perfectly back then as they do now. Great variety of colors and glitter and there are countless ways you can use them.

5Expert Score
Neat item for personalizing

Ordered these two personalized some stockings i gave out at a networking event. I am not very crafty so a little hard to write names using this, but a lot of people were able to do a better job than me.

5Expert Score
My grand daughters had a field day with these. Very good quality

Gonna need to buy again. Very good

5Expert Score
Love these!

My son loves these glitter sticks!

5Expert Score
Love it!

I bought these to help decorate cards that i make. Definitely puts a beautiful sparkle on them!

5Expert Score
Nice assortment

Plenty of colors for crafts.

5Expert Score
Great for stocking decoration

These are great for decorating stockings for the holidays. They’re easy to use and the glitter is packed enough so that the colors are true to the tube once dried also. The only issue is it’s hard to completely empty the tubes, the way the plastic is formed at the end is a bit harder than the rest of the tube so you can’t really squeeze them out completely.

5Expert Score
Bright and fun for young artist!

Fun, bright colors and glittery!

4Expert Score
Nice glitter glue

I bought the glitter glue to write names on my stockings. This work perfectly and came out beautiful. Also i used it to make snowflakes for my ugly sweater. I let the glue dry over night before touching it and no problems. I will be using it for other projects in the future. I liked the different colors it came with. The only issue i had was when i was getting close to the bottle being almost empty, the harder it was to get the glue out. The price was not bad for how many it came with.

4Expert Score
Love this product

Love this product, love the colors, only problem is not too much paint in each tube

4Expert Score
Versatile and fun

I am a youth services librarian and enjoy using these for a variety of activities. They work great on different surfaces and i have ordered them multiple times. I am somewhat disappointed as the last pack i got there were 4 tubes where the glitter was not mixed into the glue. I thought i could turn them upside down over night to mix them back up, but nope they are defective. They are pricey to not have them all come functional.

4Expert Score
My kids love it

My 6 year olds love this stuff (and i do too, since it’s less messy then glue plus powdered glitter), what i don’t like about it is how fast my kids can use it up (ridiculously fast!) and some of the colors dry to a different color than what it looks like wet (for instance, one of the lighter pinks dried almost red–my kids were disappointed by this, since there was no indication the dry colors would be different than the wet ones). I would buy it again, but i’d buy more (much more) since my kids really plow through this stuff like there’s no tomorrow–we’ve only had the set for a few days and some of the colors are practically empty. They do love it, though and i’m glad i got it!

4Expert Score
Loved it

Did a great job

4Expert Score
So many colors!!

My toddler loves these glue pens. I’m sure if you make slime it would be awesome, but we haven’t tried that yet, so we use them as a different medium for arts /crafts. They are easy to squeeze for young hands, as well as cap. Sometimes the tip will get stuck in the cap so an adult has to screw it so that the tip reattaches to the tube. That’s the only reason for 4 stars. Note that it is glue so if you get it on carpet, it’s not super easy to remove it once dried. Easy to clean off of tables and other hard surfaces. No problems with clean up on our wood tables either.

4Expert Score
6 year old loved this gift!

These were a gift for my daughter and she loves them. That said – there seems to be a design flaw in that, once the tube is nearly 1/2 way gone, it is very hard to squeeze the tube to get the rest of the product out. And since the tubes are so small, that essentially limits them to only a few uses before the product is ‘gone’ or rather, ‘unusable’. You’d need to store them upside down at all times to keep the glue in the tip to allow for immediate use. Otherwise it’s banging the tip on the table to wait for gravity to run its course! Still a fun purchase and activity for looonnnnng winter weekends 🙂

4Expert Score
Wide variety

This is a great glue set. I like that there are so many different types of glue (clear, sparkle, matte, etc.) they are easy for my daughter to squeeze. I wish the cap was easier to take off and put on, sometimes the whole top comes off overall they are easy to use with a fun variety.

4Expert Score
Good quality, no duds

Good deal for so many colors. All the pens worked. My only frustration is sometimes the caps wouldn’t go back on (even after wiping off the tip) but we used them all up in my classes within a couple days anyway. I’m sure the large, flat box is good for marketing but it would be nice if it came in a container that could be used for storage. But it’s good quality glue (nice and “glittery”) and worked well for our project.

4Expert Score
Tons of pens

This came with a lot of pens and that is a good thing. They are hard to use. They do not distribute the glue/glitter evenly. Especially hard for a child, but even difficult for an adult

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