Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades

Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades

Yakibest.com: Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades : Everything Else

What are enovoe car window shade – 4 pack – 21’x14′ cling sunshade for car windows – sun features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Absolute sun protection – do you want your child exposed to the sun’s heat? Mesh fabric design on our car sun shade is guaranteed to provide protection from sun glare and heat – the car window sun shade blocks over 97% of harmful uv rays. This can protect your baby and passengers from skin irritation and bright sunlight. The car sun shades will additionally help keep your car cooler.
  • Fits most car windows – enovoe car window shade comes in a pack of four and size of 21′ x 14′. These car sun shades are designed to fit larger car side windows of suvs, minivans and full size cars. Please measure your windows to ensure this size will fit,our sun shade is a breeze to install. Simply, place the sun shade on your side windows and run your hand across it. It’s really that simple.
  • An automobile must-have: you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a set of these in your car. You won’t regret it!
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Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

How well does the cling technology work in extreme heat? It gets over 105 where i live which only makes inside the vehicle even hotter.

It doesn’t get that hot here, but inside temp on a vehicle can reach 110. The cling has held up very well.

Would these fit a honda hrv?

I have a 2018 hrv and they do not fit in my windows without bending a little bit.

Does it damage tinted windows?

Nope,it doesnt damage tinted windows

Will this fit a 2004 toyota rav4??

It fits my 2010 honda crv

Is there pvc in this?

No. The edges are flexible wire.

I have a honda crv 2019 will it fit?

It’ll fit any regular window! Just not one of those half windows in trucks or something (like a crew cab). Should work our great in your crv though!

Can this work on the back window?

It will probably work. But, laws in many municipalities forbid putting anything on the front or rear window of a car that could obscure your vision. Unless you know the laws in your area and/or you’re on good terms with the local police, you could get a ticket or warning for putting these on a front or back window.

Are these made in the usa?


Does this stick to wooden windows?

Why would you want this for a wooden window anyway? Assuming the window is opaque and no light would shine through it since it is wooden…

Is this legal for the driver side window in virginia?


Why is a pack of three ,( side window shades ) sold separatly ?

I got a pack of 4 and we have a kia forte, it fit 2/3 of the window leaving front 1/3 clear and the back windows have a very small portion folded at the bottom with most of the window covered.

Can this be used on plexiglass windows

I don’t think so

Does anyone have a roll up auto sun shade?

Need to rub a little moisture on the rubber suction cups.

Will this product work on lexan? Can i fet custom sizes 40×40?

I’m sorry.. I don’t know what ‘lexan’ is. And i don’t think you can get a custom size.

Are these too big for rear windows of a hatchback honda civic ??

No. I have a honda civic and there is still a bit of window around the shade when applied to the window.

Does this fits in camry 2017?

Probably. It fits in my 2013 prius v windows (back seat windows)

Seller: what are thr gsm and s ratings ?

Cant decipher your question

Does it fit prius 2005?

I wouldn’t know i don’t have a prius, sorry

Well this fit my buick encore?

The product does not work – save your money.

Do these work for telsa model 3 front windows? Also, can it damage my tints?

I don’t know what works with tesla but my windows are tinted and they work perfectly.

Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Enovoe Car Window Shade – (4 Pack) – 21’x14′ Cling Sunshade for Car Windows – Sun, Glare and UV Rays Protection for Your Child – Baby Side Window Car Sun Shades : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Large and effective

I drive an suv so i needed sun shields that could cover as much of the back windows as possible. If the sun touches my two year old in the car, she will scream “sun!” and make a fuss until the sun is off of her (toddlers ). While this doesn’t completely filter the sun, it does provide a lot of shade and covers most of the window. It was super easy to install, i love that it just sticks on the window – no suction cups needed! I would purchase again if needed.

5Expert Score
It gets the job done and work as intended.

I purchase so much from amazon that it’s rare for me to leave a product review but i wanted to take the time to do so on this particular product.

Firstly, the product itself work as intended to keep the sun out as much as possible. I rate this 4/5 stars mainly because i wished it was darker. This is more a personal preference. But at the same time, because it’s not as dark, you are able to see through it with pretty good clarity. As i did not want to obstruct/distract my view of the side mirrors, i purchased different sizes for the front and rear windows.

Secondly, it’s quite easy to put on and take off as well as fold up and placed to the side for storage. It’s been holding up well so far. I guess time will tell how long this will last.

Finally, and the main motivation for me to leave this review is their customer service support. Whether a product meets your own expectations or not, offering great customer service shows (me) that the company stands by their product. One of the 4 packs i received had the stitching come loose so i contacted their customer service about it on 8/19. They were quick to respond and quick to send out the replacement. I received the replacement by 8/21.

Overall, i’m happy about the product and the purchase i made and will highly recommend.

For reference, my car is a 2021 subaru forester. I use the 21’x14′ for the front windows, and the 25’x16′ for the back.

5Expert Score
Easy to affix to window, blocks bright sun well

Easiest ever to affix to window, no suction cups make it a breeze to install in a jiffy and they stay put! Just place it where you need it and rub hand across surface. Just that easy.
Folds easily to place in pouch included with purchase. Available in larger size which i intend to order. These are a bit small for suv windows but suffice. Definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
Road trip necessity!

These shades were exactly what we needed for our cross country road trip! They fit the windows perfectly and folded easily. The suction was impressive. I rolled the window down a few times while the shades were attached and panicked. Rolled the window up and they were still attached and no rips. They just bended. Great product!

5Expert Score
Easy peasy lemon squeazy

These are a life saver for my little ones eyes. They are super easy to apply, remove and reapply. It leaves no sticky residue & doesn’t leave smudges on your windows. Literally clings and shades. That’s it. Comes with a pouch to fold and store. I just leave mine on the window unless we are traveling and i need to pack them for a rental. Perfect simplistic purchase.

5Expert Score
These really work!

I love these! I used them while traveling to northern california in triple digit heat for a whole week. I was a little sceptical about the sticky backing in the heat, whether it would hold up. They did great in all that heat! They kept the temperature down (mind you, it went up to 114 at times) and the sticky side didn’t melt all over my windows.

5Expert Score

Fits perfectly in the back windows of my subaru crosstrek. Now my baby isn’t baking in the sun on long car trips. Definitely not easy to fold. There are instructions on how to fold them but the wires have a mind of their own. Still fantastic as a sun shade.

5Expert Score
I use it for my house windows

There’s a spot with glares in the window. Because the sun bounces off other bright yellow or bright white houses. These help with sensitive eyes. They stay stuck on easy. You can use them in a house not just in a car. Then you can open the blinds or curtains more because the area with direct sunlight or a reflection is dimmed and the area that is not direct will light your room or home.

5Expert Score
Makes being a passenger so much more pleasant

When the sun is low and on the passenger side of the car, these make the temperature and visibility much easier to deal with. Easy to secure on the window and nice to have the storage bag when not in use.

5Expert Score
Work great

We bought these for one of our vehicles that did not have great tint. The great news is – these were absolutely fantastic for when the vehicle was sitting, to help it avoid heating up.

They were too dark to use while driving though. I don’t fault the product for that though, because on their own they are probably fine. They were too dark to use over the existing tint we have.

They were actually more durable than i expected. My teenager threw them in the garage and they got buried by a few things. I found them a few weeks later and they were still in great shape and sprung right back.

4Expert Score
Not too, too bad

I am a semi driver so my situation is a bit unique. I can’t find a large enough square shade to fill my whole driver side window. So i use two smaller ones interchangeably. I need lower window sun blockage for my left arm and upper left window sun blockage for my head.

So i can kinda switch these up a bit based on where the sun is. And i was trying not to block my mirrors too much, but i almost have to a bit to provide left arm sun protection. However i can still see through the shades somewhat decently.

Having things on my windows is technically a violation for semis. But recently the govt has become aware of the relationship between left-face and left-arm skin cancer that some long haul drivers have gotten due to excessive sun exposure. Now the govt allows a light tint/film on truck windows to reduce sun exposure. My company doesn’t allow me to modify my truck in such a way so i went with these shades.

What about sunscreen lotion? I find it too messy and having to constantly reapply it isn’t fun.

Overall not too bad. A pain in the butt to wrap up tho.

4Expert Score
Works well

Works as described. It sticks to the window well and is easy to peel off if needed. Not sure if it’s really helping with the heat, but it does block the sun better than nothing.

4Expert Score

These stick ok and block the sun fine… But they are big! If you have a bigger car they would be awesome and provide great coverage. I have an elentra and they are too big for my side windows. They stick well enough that i was still able to use them and just let them overhang until i find something else.

4Expert Score
Extra 2 shades should be smaller for back windows

I just bought 4 car sun shades on amazon (model x000rrin9r). They fit my front windows fine but they don’t fit my back windows which are triangular and smaller at roughly 18×10 at the wider sides. I could use 2 smaller shades that may grab on to the window better. The size doesn’t have to be perfect! They just need to stick on better.

4Expert Score
Works overall

We used it on all the windows of our suv, including the posterior windows( doubled up), during our road trip to arizona. Really helped control the temperature inside the car, as it was 105 degrees outside and the ac was already on full blast.

Only suggestion is for the size to be a little bigger, as each covered only about 80-90% of the window, leaving a big enough gap to still allow a significant amount of sunlight in.

4Expert Score
Made a difference

It made a difference in the temperature of the car after having car in 90 degree weather. It felt less hot in the car after coming back to it.

4Expert Score
I like it

I use this on a ‘14 sonata and i like it… However the shape of the shades doesn’t quite fit my windows so it’s tricky to get them to hold. Overall great product tho. I definitely recommend for any vehicle with bigger or more rectangular windows.

4Expert Score
Does what it's supposed to!!

We purchased these for use in our rv, and while they might be a little dark for the driver to see through on a side window, they certainly reduce the glare and heat gain. We haven’t had problems with them not sticking on the window, and the wrinkles are easily smoothed out to the edges.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

They stick to the window via static electricity- one side is plastic. I use them in a 2020 kia soul and they cover most of the window. You can’t roll the windows down when they’re up. Easy to remove and replace. They are good for what they are!

4Expert Score
Smaller and less dark than others. Ok.

I bought three types of these – all from amazon. These worked the least well for me.

For my minivan, i prefer the larger ones i got (also amazon) that are pretty much the same product – just bigger- and i also prefer the similarly sized ones that are much darker and the listing says something about being for pilots. I think those very dark ones are brand kinderfluff.

They do stick well on the windows, which surprised me. They provide some shade but a bit less than i expected. I think that a similar product that was more like fabric that could be cut to shape would be great, though i think the wire rim on these is probably what saves them from tangling and sticking to themselves.

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