eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required)

eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) : Electronics

What are eufy floodlight cam 2 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Drop-in anytime in 2k: live-stream and record in full 2k hd so you can see exactly who’s there in crisp clarity.
  • No hidden costs: designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience.
  • Turn night into day: 2,500-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights deter intruders and ensure detailed, full-color recordings even at night.
  • Smart siren: a harsh warning for any intruders. A high-volume alarm can be triggered to scare off any unwanted visitors.
  • Intelligent detection and notifications: the built-in ai reduces the number of false alerts you receive by intelligently differentiating people from objects.note: not compatible with homebase.
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eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) AMAZON eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Are you able to replace the bulb inside if it goes out eventually, or do you have to replace the whole unit?

You need to replace the whole unit.

How does this compare to the non 2k version? I can’t find specs (even on your site) other than it’s 2k and has ai. Storage? Homebase 2 support?

1080p vs 2k and no ai vs ai. That’s really all i’m seeing.

How much internal memory does the camera have ?

The camera has 3.7gb of internal memory, some of which is reserved for the system. I’ve had mine up for 9 days now in a heavy traffic area recording lots of clips and it’s just under 3/4 full. Eventually it will overwrite the old stuff, but i don’t need to keep every clip it records. It has the nice feature to download clips you really want to save to your local phone or device. I have two more of these cameras in less heavy traffic areas and they are barely 1/4 full, if that!

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Does it have expandable storage?

You really don’t need expandable storage since once filled it will overwrite and 4gb is enough for months of clips for most settings. I have both 2k and 1080p hardwired eufy doorbells and they work the same way.

Is this different than the 2k one being sold at best buy. The one at best buy says 2000lumems and has a round light fixture compared to the square on

Box says 2500 lumens and definitely square lights.

If the wifi is down for some reason, let’s say thieves jammed the wifi, will it still record and store the video?

Not on the floodlight, but the new cameras from eufy still continue to record if wifi is down or jammed, and they are solar and/or battery powered – just another option to look at. Check the latest reviews on youtube at the lifehackster channel, he does very good reviews, and just completed the newest eufy products.

Can it send an immediate push notification to your phone as soon as the camera loses internet connection?

No. It will not push a notification to your phone when the camera is offline. But the eufy security app will show the camera is offline

Does this work with apple homekit?

It doesn’t work with apple homekit

Do you need an sd card?

No, mine came with memory.

Does this record to internal storage when the wifi is out?

It does record without the wifi but not if the power goes out… Also you have to wait for the camera to reconnect to the wifi before you can access the camera/videos.

Can the lights be turned on and off to function as a regular floodlight, or do the lights only turn on with motion detection?

Yes, these lights can be turned on and off to function as a regular floodlight.

How long do the light bulbs last?

It’s led so should be a while. Bulbs are not replaceable though.

Any other color options?

Only white one available at this stage.

One of the lights glows permanently when the light is off. Is this normal?

No. These should be off when the lights are off.

Can this camera be mounted to a soffit instead of a wall?

As long as there is outdoor wiring and a junction box available, there should be ok to mount the camera to a soffit.

Anyone else’s quit recording? It serves alerts but you can’t watch them and it no longer records. Yes, i’ve deleted the storage.

It can be a bit cranky, two ways i reboot. Shut the power completely down, or sometime just flicking the switch on and off quickly

How much internal memory does the camera have ?

The detailed item description says there is ‘4gb for internal storage . . 30 video clips per day, 1min length per recording, the 4gb emmc can store about 16 days of footage’.

Mine is fairly busy but stores at least 2 weeks worth of footage. I usually manually delete clips after a week or so, but have gone over 2 weeks with no lost/overwritten clips.

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Is this only 2.4?

Yes, it only supports 2.4 ghz wifi.

A review says cam cannot see straight down. My mount is 10′ above a driveway. Will there be an area below where a person could walk undetected?

There may be a spot that you can’t see. Mine is mounted in the back yard and it does not see right under it. But it shows everything else. Is someone walks by the house on the sidewalk the light will go on. It does not record but it would possibly scare someone away.

Is this camera ndaa compliant? In other words, does it have any backdoor access for the manufacturer to illegally access my data and my wifi network?

Not only the manufacturer, but also various law enforcement agencies. Several police departments have admitted to hacking neighborhood cameras to watch people. Look it up.

eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) AMAZON eufy Floodlight Cam 2, 2K, Built-in AI, 2-Way Audio, No Monthly Fees, 2,500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof, HomeBase Not Compatible, (Existing Outdoor Wiring and Junction Box Required) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Reliable and crisp image quality

Install was quick and easy with the thorough instructions provided. I definitely would not consider myself handy, but i was able to get it unboxed and installed in about 30 minutes. Since installing it, motion detection has been spot on with timely notifications to my phone. Only thing was that i had mine installed over the driveway, and the light is always turned on when a car is driving by. I tried lowering the sensitivity of the light sensor, but it seems to trigger regardless.
Overall though would definitely recommend to anyone looking to beef up their home security without having to worry about paying for cloud storage.

5Expert Score
I liked this so much i bought a 2nd one for the backyard

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I already had the eufy doorbell camera, so i had high expectations and i was not disappointed.

Setup was very easy. The unit comes with a ‘pigtail’ pre-wired so you can plug it into a standard outlet to set it up from the comfort of your home, and mount it later. The management app is easy to navigate, set up motion detection zones, sensitivity, etc.

This is probably the best non-subscription home security camera on the market. The only issue i had is that when i added the backyard camera, it would go offline after a few minutes. Turns out, having more than 2 units on the same wifi ssid seems to overwhelm it. My wifi base has multiple ssids, so once i configured the backyard camera onto a separate wireless network, they all work flawlessly.

Watching the cameras on a live stream through the phone app allow you to watch indefinitely, regardless of whether you are on the same home wifi or over a cell network. You also have the option of a web portal hosted by eufy, where you can live stream as well, but those streams disconnect after 60 or 90 seconds (at least on the free plan). They also have paid plan options with more features, but i haven’t found a need for them yet.

Daylight video is crystal clear. Night vision is a little blurry, but for this price point it can’t be beat. Attached is a still out of a video from a recent amazon delivery (it was raining), 2 stills from a night capture (before and after the motion sensor triggers the flood light), as well as the full night video capture those stills are taken from.

5Expert Score
Great security cam

Works as advertised. Easy to install and motion detection works pretty good. We are facing towards a busy street so, i enabled activity zone and have only human detection in the mornings but, all motion in the evening. So far no issues and the best part with eufy is with their customer service.

5Expert Score
Excellent in most respects-motion detection not filtering out non human activity yet

Installed under my eaves, and only took about 45 min. Using the procam 2 floodlight for my backyard, and it does cover all areas with no problem. It’s very bright (love the adjustable brightness and warm/cool adjustment feature). The reason i gave motion detection a 4 out of 5 star rating is it’s oversensitivity in picking up moving creatures (like birds). We have lots of them in our yard and the eufy camera records them most of the time. I have sensitivity set on its lowest, and set to pick up human activity only. I’ve only had the unit for a week, so hopefully the ai learns to screen the birds out. Other than that, this is a five star rating. The pictures are very clear, night vision works well, and i have no other issues. I highly recommend this product.

5Expert Score
Love this camera

Got this camera after my old one stop working. I love this camera. It was easy to set up and works very well. The picture is clear and the many other features available make me and family feel much safer.

5Expert Score
Easy setup and it works.

Once i got the qr code read everything was straightforward. The range is not a full 180 degrees but this sensor system does what i need it to do.

5Expert Score
A quality flood light camera.

I like this product due to not having a subscription tethered to the equipment. I highly recommend it for those that are looking for a quality system. There are a lot of reviews on it and despite the lack of cloud services, the storage is manageable from the app.

5Expert Score
Great unit, highly recommended

After the great experience i had with the dual camera doorbell from eufy, i decided to get the floodlights cam 2 2k. Both devices show up on the same app, which you would expect, but never take these things for granted. One app shows both.

The installation was easy and quick; the setup was painless. It took longer to remove the old set of floodlights than to install this one. Do follow the procedure though and set up the lights in the app while you can connect them into the wall inside the house instead of outside precariously standing on a ladder.

The picture is truly excellent, and the night vision is awesome. I set up an activity zone and set the detection to fairly sensitive (4). Still playing with those settings as sometimes i get motion detected due to shadows of trees moving on the concrete driveway.

I have been monitoring a cat going by every morning around 4am.

I like how the recording has the 10 seconds prior to the trigerring event; you get a good idea of what’s going on.

5Expert Score
It’s just not homekit compatible

It’s good build quality. Camera is decent. A little latency but nothing intolerable.

Just wish it was homekit compatible. Going to install a dumb floodlight with a smart switch instead that triggers in motion from the eufy 2c cameras

5Expert Score
Better than expected

Pleasantly pleased with quality of the product. Good app, because you always need an app with these wifi cams. So far just as good as the ring, but i got it for no monthly fee. I like the choice because they offer cloud storage.

4Expert Score
Security improvement to garage and surrounding area

This product is serving its intended purpose of offering security improvements to the garage area of my property. The installation was straight forward and relatively easy. The total installation took approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Prior to initiating the install, an installation video found on youtube was particularly helpful. Initially, i was encouraged that everything appeared to be going well. Unfortunately, i would soon learn that the first floodlight camera was intermittently disabling my entire wifi network. A disappointment to say the least. The only method found to restore the wifi network included a complete reboot of my netgear router. I reported all information directly to the tech support team at eufy. The tech support team was highly responsive and made the necessary arrangements to send a new replacement floodlight cam, at no additional cost. Prior to the receipt of the replacement, tech support made the following request: when the new replacement floodlight cam was received at my address, kindly send back the defective floodlight via a usps prepaid postage label. I have never worked with eufy in the past. However, in my humble opinion, i thought it was a thoughtful good faith gesture to make the assumption that i would indeed send the original defective floodlight cam back to eufy. It is important to mention that i have worked with electronics and it-related products for a number of years. I do understand that from time to time everything does not always go according to plan.

The replacement floodlight cam arrived within a reasonable amount of time. The seconf time around, installation also went very well. I am pleased with the durability and technical capabilities of the floodlight cam. The floodlight cam’s accompanying eufy security app was installed on my android phone with ease and i find the app to be intuitive and easy to administer. The night vision can be adjusted to the desired settings and the picture quality is above average. Overall, this has been a good purchase and good purchase experience with a company that appears to stand behind its products.

4Expert Score
Easy and fast installation, setup ok

I’m structuring this review in 2 parts: physical installation, and hardware setup. First, the installation….this is easy; all the parts needed are included, and the installation guide and video are clear and correct. They even included a hanger, so that one doesn’t need to support the light while attaching the wires (which often are too short, but not in this case….plenty of extra length). There’s an integral rubber gasket to ensure water doesn’t get into the junction box. The motion sensor (which turns on the floodlight) is very sensitive, and wide-angle. The led lights a very bright, and illuminate the entire field-of-view of the camera.

Second, the hardware setup. This is straightforward, but might confuse a non-expert. As an electrical engineer, i had no issues with the process, which involves first connecting to a phone app, then bootstrapping that into the local wifi access point. Once connected to the wifi, the rest of the setup is easy; one needs to go through the settings to select the operating parameters, and the activity areas, if any. I find that the ai false-alarms on things that look like circles with something attached….hats on a coat-rack, for example, or a grill-chimney sitting on a table. Even without motion, these things tend to get the ai reporting ‘someone spotted…’. But in general, the people-finder aspect works, and it doesn’t alarm on the local cats or birds flitting through the field-of-view of the camera.

Overall, i think the build quality is good, the package includes everything, and the setup is well-documented. I’m pleased with this product.

4Expert Score
It's a pretty good security camera

We had a series of break-ins and need something reliable to help keep our property secure. It is pretty dependable when on a budget and it hooked easily. Keep in mind i already had a motion flood light installed… So i did have a junction box in place with electrical lines ready to go. I could see how it could get expensive if you don’t already have a junction box available/accessable and you need to hire an electrician to install one. So it’s good at letting me know when something or someone is moving around in the back as the little app sends me a notification on my cell which i can then load up the app and look at the live feed. I’ve had it installed for a couple months now and i’m definitely happy with my purchase. I looked at the others and i just couldn’t see myself changing batteries every week or so… Especially in the winter time. I have had a few visitor’s with bad intentions that i was able to scare off with the alarm and the other i used the voice control to scare off the potential intruder’s. We haven’t had any break-in attempts and i couldn’t be happier. The video quality is pretty impressive for such a cheap price. It’s not the best, probably 720p with it being the only light source i would say if they’re if 15 ft away you could get a clear picture if needed for the police to be able to use… But if someone gets close enough you could pause the video and take a snap shot of the video and send it to yourself. I heard other cameras have issues sending and receiving videos from ring on other cameras. I was able to download and send it through messenger no problem. The only issue i really had was the actual motion sensor… I have the sensitivity set to high and setup my activity zones but there is still quite a bit of a delay when notifies my phone. I could drive up 10 ft away and the sensor won’t notify me till i get out of my car. I do have it set to all motion, not just a person. I just wish it had a bit of a quicker notice to my phone from the activity zones i setup rather than when someone is 10ft away…. The no monthly fees is pretty nice. It does have limited storage but it’s easy to clear up space when need be. All around it’s been a life saver, i was getting tired of having to buy more tools cause thieves kept breaking in… Not anymore, thanks eufy

4Expert Score
Works well, but a little to sensitive

We order this for our vacation house, but have been testing it at our home first. It has great video quality. Put it does seem a little sensitive. I have it on the lowest setting. I have it set on ‘human’ but the dog keeps setting it off. Also the floodlight will come on for no apparent reason as the video does not start (and there is nothing out there). And it is very sensitive to the wind noise.

I am hoping when we take it to our other house it will do better because there will be no dog and will be mounted higher up. All in all, i like it though. I had been told by their chat customer service that i would not be able to save recorded videos from my phone. That is not true. You have a lot of options. You can download them or share the with other apps (facebook, email, texting, the usual). So this means i don’t have to pay for their cloud service. I can email important videos to myself if needed.

4Expert Score
Works well enough

It works well enough as does other eufy items. When mounting low in high-traffic area, it’s very hard to dial in the right motion sensitivity.

2k is good @ $130 for now, but hopefully eufy moves into 4k as the first really cheap cameras are coming out now (not super reliable hardware though)

4Expert Score
D.i.y. Installation notes

Excellent camera. However, intallation needs a junction box. Can place junction box on the outter wall, or recessed in the outter wall, or inside of wall less than 6 inches from the outside. My wall is 11 inches width. There are other ways. Just few notes to consider.

4Expert Score
Good but not great

Cons – the motion detection is to sensitive. Turned down to the lowest setting the camera goes off way to often for bugs/rain.
I cannot get the microphone to work to talk to anyone.
Pros – the picture quality is very good. The app is free. The light is very bright.

4Expert Score
It works

This device does work as says and i love the security options.
But, it thinks my cats are humans. I have it on human detection only, no matter what setting i put, i get notifications everytime my cats roam the area.

4Expert Score
Good product but needs few modifications and upgrades

Good product. Excellent picture quality and pretty consistent. However, there are few cons which eufy should try to resolve.
1. If you turn the camera off the light motion detection feature gets disabled as well and the lights will not turn on when motion is detected. The light motion detection function should be independent of the camera. Many a time i want the recording to be off but the light to function with motion but that doesn’t work.
2. Should make it compatible with homebase.
3. Night detection mode is pretty weak and doesn’t detect motion unless really close to the camera. Daytime detection distance is excellent.
4. Increase the range of the lights motion detection. I have had a previous garage motion light that detects motion upto 70 feet and even if a car passes by it would light up which helps to know what’s going on outside. But with the eufy it’s like 30 to 40 feet so i literally need to be in my driveway before the motion light would turn on.
5. Integrating the camera with other lights or bulbs that turn on automatically if motion is detected on one camera ( should be selectable if multiple) just like the ring cameras. This will help eufy to make it more attractive to customers who want to create a more eufy based environment with lights in the yard or other lights.
If eufy can resolve these minor but frustrating issues it would probably be the best floodlight in the market. Overall i am happy with the product but my major gripe is the light and camera not being independent of each other when detecting motion.

4Expert Score
As advertised

Does its job well but i can pull into my driveway and garage before the light comes on, a long delay it seems

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