eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible : eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible : Electronics

What are eufy security solo indoorcam p24 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Relevant recordings: the on-device ai determines whether a human or pet is present and only records when an event of interest occurs.
  • The key is in the detail: view every event in up to 2k clarity (1080p while using homekit) so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.
  • Smart integration: connect your indoorcam to apple homekit (download our homekit user guide in the product information section below), the google assistant, or amazon alexa for complete control over your surveillance.
  • Follows the action: when motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object. Pan the lens 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to get a clear view of the whole room.
  • Communicate from your camera: speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.
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Eufy security solo indoorcam p24 details:

Product dimensions

2.97 x 2.97 x 4.21 inches

Item weight

10.6 ounces

Item model number



1 lithium ion batteries required. (included)



Country of origin


Product guides and documents

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible AMAZON : eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can you view live camera and receive notifications remotely (away from the local network/router)?

Yes, you can view the live camera and receive notifications remotely on your eufy security app when you are away.

Are you able to download/save videos from the eufy security app to a mobile device/pc to view outside of using the app?

For our eufy security products, the eufy security app is the only method to access the video information. In this case, you can choose the video or saved events on your app and saved on your mobile (photo album or local folder). And then you will be able to transfer the file to your computer device.

For the privacy concern, we have made the sd card encrypted, and make sure the mobile device is the only resource to access the video content.

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Does the camera timeout after a certain amount of time? Looking to stream it continuously through the night as a baby camera.

The wired camera will be continually working as long as the power is supplied. And yes, it works for 24/7 recording as a baby monitor.

Does it have ir leds for night vision?

Yes, it does.

Labeled as “indoor”, but can it tolerate heat and humidity without rain? My garage gets pretty hostile but stays dry.

The operation temperature 32°f~104°f / 0°c~40 °c, and operation humidity is < 90% at 104°f / 40°c.

Does this camera require an sd card? I would like to use this camera as a live feed to let me know if i have any customers waiting in my lobby.

If it only for the liveview, you don’t have to have the sd card. The sd card is only for the video recording.

How much doed the cloud service cost

Basic: $2.99/month or $29.99/year
plus: $9.99/month or $99.99/year

plus covers up to 10 devices. Basic only covers one. Cloud storage is not needed to use the device as you are able to install a microsd for local storage

Does this camera have an audible alarm that can be activated?

Yes, it does.

Can you save different location views to preset positions?

No, the app team is still working on the preset positions, and it should be available in the future.

Does it have good phone support when cam has problem or installation runs into problem ?


Can i use a 256gb sd card?

We recommend using a class 10 high-quality micro-sd card; the largest card our indoorcam supports is a 128 gb micro-sd card.

What is the difference between the eufy app, homekit app and homekit secure video app? Which one is the best for this cam?

The home app allows you to add the device to your apple account. The homekit secure video is allowed you to purchase the cloud plan and store the video via the home app, so it is an add-on service. The eufy app as the original app, it needs you to setup the camera in order to get it to work.

After it tracks motion and then stops recording, does the cam stay in its last position, or does it return to its original position? Can this change?

Once the motion stops after the 30s, the camera lens will return to its original position. It can be changed in future development, the software team is still working on this feature.

I don’t use alexa, sirri or other devices/services. Can i still use this camera? It seems so with the eufy app, but please confirm for me. Thanks!

The eufy camera works independently from these services. The main reason you would want to connect to the services is for convenience of access. Make sure you purchase an 128gb sd card to be able to save your recordings.

Can this camera be set to record only when motion is detected? I really don’t need 24/7 recording.

Yes, the camera supports the motion&sound detection.

How to make it work at night when it’s placed against the window? I want it to record what’s going on outside of the house.

Turn off the auto night vision. Make sure you have enough ambient light outside.

If this camera tracks and follows motion, does it return to original position afterward?


Does it make sense to record 24/7? If there is no event triggering an alert, there is no useful info in the recording and waste of time to go thru.

Personally, i wouldn’t. If it does get hacked, who wants people watching you walk around your house. I use it just when i go out for security or when i want to keep an eye on the dog

Can i use this camera without wifi just download it to the sd card and view it when i want?

Yes, the camera can be record without wifi access. Only when you need to download teh video or access the liveview screen, you will need the internet to do that.

Mine does not have an sd card slot on the front

‘if you turn off the camera it will point the lens all the way up revealing the slot (on the black ball part).

Alternatively, you should be able to point the lens all the way up as well to expose the slot.

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible AMAZON : eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K, Pan & Tilt, Indoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi Plug-in Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Incredible indoor camera!

I purchased this item to use for my recently adopted kitten. Set up was incredibly easy, and the associated app and device are very userfriendly – which was what i was worried about. You’re able to customize the recording and monitoring in many different ways: manual, scheduled, geofencing. I’m currently using the geofencing timer for this device, and i got the alert that it switched the second i stepped into my vehicle to leave. The camera quality and zoom feature are great. You’re also able to easily rotate or communicate through the camera easily. I got an alert of pet movement, and it was when my kitten woke up and walked a few feet to the feeder. The motion sensor works very well. I would definitely recommend this item to friends & family. There is also a setting to alert for crying if you have a baby or toddler.

5Expert Score
Awesome & great price

Impressive! This camera does so much for the price. All you need is wifi! Fantastic picture quality, camera moves when motion is nearby and stays on target, you can talk into the app and it plays through the speaker, it has a icloud for playback, you can set up notifications through the eufy app when motion occurs, it even comes with mountings for the ceiling or wall, overall great camera! I have piece of mind now and plan to buy more eufy products! Oh and delivery was next day! Thank you.

5Expert Score
Great cam but i couldn't figure out how to install until i found a youtube video on it.

This is a great cam, i didn’t want to pay monthly fees, nor have my video sent out to the internet. I can get notices when i’m away. I can use my cell phone to check up on the puppies and even talk to them and hear them. We tested it and my wife said the sound quality of my talking was like i was right there in the room. You must buy a micro sd card if you don’t want to pay for their cloud service. The stall manual does say how to set up, but i think my difficulty was terminology was written for someone already familiar with them. The youtube video saved me. I bought this and was given nothing to endorse this. Also, this is the single cam only, don’t confused it with the tree pack which can connect to each other.

5Expert Score
Very good camera's

I chose this eufy camera because of the brand name and the reviews. I wasn’t disappointed! This camera works very well for me in all lighting conditions, it has a great picture, and the downloadable app is very nice and user-friendlyl. The directions that comes with the camera could be more informative; but i figured it out. For example: the indicator light on the camera will be off until it starts recording, at which point it will then turn red until it stops recording. I would definitely recommend this eufy camera.

5Expert Score
Nice secure-cam

Hey, this was easy to install and the app is intuitive and just plain works. Geofencing took a little time to settle down, but it too is working without a hitch.

Soon my free cloud subscription demo ends.. Will i be able to remotely (via app) access my clips on the microsd card? Hopefully so.

Overall excellent value.

5Expert Score
Great security camera that operates easily with app and no required subscription

We have several outdoor eufy cameras that we are very happy with. So we purchased this one for indoors expecting the same quality and performance. It works really well and i was surprised how well it it rotates to track motion/sound.

5Expert Score
Great picture quality

Bought this and replaced my 3 years old puppy cam because i constantly had hard time to connect to old one. What a huge difference on connect and picture quality when compares to my old camera. I regretted i didn’t buy it sooner. Higher my recommended this camera for a cheap indoor camera.

5Expert Score
We love these cameras!

We were surprised by the quality, for such a good bargain we expected it to be not-that-great. The picture is clear and the voice and alarm features are great. If you have slow internet, expect it to become even slower. But as for this product it’s a great bang for your buck! I recommend these to everyone i talk about cameras with.

5Expert Score
Great product

This is my second eufy product and it doesn’t not disappoint. Set up was easy took about 5 minutes, functionality and camera quality is great. Got this to check in my dog and for the price it’s wonderful. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Good quality

We got this camera to watch our puppy as she is learning how to be alone. The picture quality is good and the motion sensor is sensitive. Recommend snoozing when not using it!

4Expert Score
Pictures good, speed not so much

I bought this to keep an eye on my digital printer. It works well, has a good range, it was able to connect to the wifi in the basement, 2 floors to where the modem is. Night mode is very good, better than the lights i have now.

The software needs work, i would love to be able to create zones of interest or a program but it doesn’t have that. The sounds in the camera viewing are loud, but the camera itself moving, is not. There is also a loud click when the nightmode turns on, not sure if the camera makes that noise or its just on the recording. But if you are listening for sounds in the room, the camera makes it while watching.

There is no graphic on the screen showing the viewing angle or limits.

It does have a nice feature where you can hit 360 and it will spin around then go back to the original position.

There is a notification if there is someone in the room. But only when viewing the camera. If the app was open it will send the notification, but often it doesn’t send me anything if it wasn’t open. It seems intermittent.

Now the good and bad – i can access this camera anywhere on any network. Which is good, i can view my house from my hotel room and move it around… But that also means it has to go through their network which means:

1. If the cable is out, i can’t access the camera (i haven’t tried that yet but it makes sense). There is no way to switch it to just my own network.

2. Because it goes to their base first, its not really protected. While they claim its encoded, they have the decryption key and anything can be hacked. So don’t be naked in front of this camera.

3. Because it has to go to home base, the keys are often not all responsive. So like in the morning, i was trying to move it but couldn’t because it lagged or something. But at midnight it moved around without any effort at all. So if a lot are using their system, you may not be getting a responsive touch.

I’m also not seeing where it stores the videos on the card.

And it also bugs me that there is no way to disable the very obvious light on the front of this thing. If its hidden, you can totally see that light.

The tracking works pretty well but its not smart. So like if i have it on and i put a hand in the screen, it does nothing. If there is a head, it will track it, but if i quickly jump back out of view, it stops tracking. I haven’t tried the sound alert yet.

The controls are jerky, i want a smooth transition, this is more like a pump the gas, pump the breaks sort of movement. Hard to fine tune it.

Its a good camera for the price, does a lot, but has some issues.

Updated 5-6-22

a few things i learned.

1. If you lose connection to the net, you can’t use this camera. If the site is down, too bad, if they go out of business, you can’t use this camera. There is no option to have it on your own network only, everything has to go through them.

Which also means that if there is lag and there is a lot of lag, your camera lags. So like if there was a person in the room, and you wanted to spin the camera, it may not respond at all. I’ve had that issue with the night vision turning on and off.

2. The motion works but not well. Its not smart. If you quickly run under it you can move behind it fast. If you are static in the picture and move your hand, it focuses on the hand or the movement. If you are in frame and move out of frame fast, it stays in that position and then in 30 sec then it goes back. But it doesn’t look in the direction you left in. I think it should rotate a bit if it lost the prey.

3. If you set motion to everything, it catches invisible dust flakes, even on the lower positions. I kept getting alerts it was annoying. And if you have a black out period on your phone, it won’t show you that someone was seen unless you look at the camera in the app.

4. You must have a phone to use this camera. They don’t have a pc app, only a phone.

Would i get another one of these cameras? No. I would look for something that used my own internal private network with the option of using the cloud. I don’t like the thought that someone could hack the line and become an intermediate. And as much as they say they respect my privacy, the thought that my signal is traveling across to who even knows where, does bother me. And it bugs me that there is a lot of lag in the system. I won’t change my rating, because the camera does work, it has a nice picture. I do wish i could turn on the night vision as an exclusive option, i can only turn it off.

I use this as a way to see my shop, printer, etc. As a security camera, i would probably choose something else. Not to mention that i think if someone were to scan the bar code on the bottom, they would probably have a feed too.

4Expert Score
Updated my review. Was able to locate and resolve the problem

Out of the box, the setup was pretty simple, and the motion and sound detection worked great. I don’t want the motion/sound detection to be on when i’m at home, so i toggled them off. Now i can’t get them to toggle back on again. Keep getting an error saying someting about ‘couldn’t connect to camera (-3)’. I can still stream the video from it, and the wifi signal is showing very strong, so the connection is obviously good.
Figured i’d try a firmware update to see if it was a bug that needed fixing, but after watching it ‘update’ the firware to 99% over 10 minutes of time, it fails, saying that i should check the connection to the camera. I tried to contact support, but they weren’t much help.
Without the motion/sound detection, this camera is pretty useless unless you plan on watching the live feed constantly.

***update: i was able to resolve the problems i was having by removing/replacing the micro sd card. After replacing the card, the problem seems to be resolved. Updating my rating to 4 stars.

4Expert Score
Good overall

Overall the camera does what i need it to. I can see clearly with the night vision. When set to “away” if you enter the room the alarm goes off (pretty loud for a small speaker, sounds like a phone alarm) and it sends you a video of the person that set it off.

My biggest complaint is that the “pan and tilt” is extremely limited. The camera would have to be pretty much near the ground to catch everting in the room. I bought it to support my in home dog daycare so if i put it low enough to see, they will definitely break it.

Also, i wish i’d known it needs an sd card that it doesn’t come with.

The “home” feature is pretty annoying as well, it sends you alerts all day, so i just set to disarm.

4Expert Score
Notification delay

I bought this camera system in order to monitor my dad with alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, there’s a significant delay in the notification and my father had a pretty bad fall before i could get to his room to help him. I’m still using the cameras, but in conjunction with a bed alarm system. The bed alarm gives me a faster notification and i can double check the situation with the camera. The night vision is excellent and the overall detail of the camera is pretty good, better in daylight, as expected.

4Expert Score
It works for the most part.

The only think that i don’t like is that some times i turn the motion detection off and still send me notifications that is someone in front of it. So i have to turn it off completely.

4Expert Score
Works well for watching the dogs when we're gone.

My son has this camera and he really likes it. So i gave it a try since we have a new puppy in the house. It works very good and was easy to set up. The dogs know when you are watching them ,i guess they can see the red activater light come on. They’ll start barking at it but you can speak to them and calm them down. The pan and tilt works it’s just not instantainous so be patient. You can set it to ignore people and only record animals if you want. Overall a nice camera to watch your house with inside.

4Expert Score
Great indoor camera

I got this to check in on my dog when we’re away and take it with us when we bring him on trips in strange places. He’s generally very well behaved but wanted piece of mind.

The camera picture quality and night vision are a++. No issues with using it and seeing the surroundings.

Setup was a bit odd, it only uses 2.4ghz wi-fi which i find absolutely absurd in 2022. But it does the job, also it couldn’t find my wi-fi connection at riders so i had to restart it and try again for initial setup but since then, no issues maintaining connection.

Ai/motion detection works well however the camera identifies the dog as a human which i found a bit strange so as my dog was going up and down on the bed in the room, my phone was blowing up saying it’s detecting a human in the room.

Overall, pleasantly surprised with this cam, we opted for this over the eufy dog camera because it freaks my dog out to talk to him through a camera and while it’s an option with this cam we do not use it.

4Expert Score
Very clear picture

I really like the quality of the video.

4Expert Score
Good security camera

Excellent camera good picture quality, night vision. Motion detection too sensitive out of the box but this adjustable with the app. App could use a little work but does function fairly well.

4Expert Score
The sd card recording defect should be your concern.

I have two tilt and pans and a fixed position unit. I needed another and choose the tilt and pan model. It works but the sd card did not record. I performed a comparison test with a reliable sd card exchange between the new and established camera. No results. Sent it back. I’ll try another. It could be a defective unit and not a model deficiency. If the same happens then, the present quality of these cameras is suspect.

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