Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver)

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver)

Buy Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver): Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are euhomy ice maker machine countertop features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Euhomy – give you the best ice – have you experienced a new type of bullet ice cube? Euhomy’s newly designed bullet-type countertop ice maker machine brings you a brand new ice cube experience. Ice machine countertop can produce about 26 lbs of ice per day. Only 8 minutes can produce 9 pcs delicious ice cubes, you can do it anytime you want. Chewable ice cubes are perfect for drinks/food/seafood/smoothies.
  • Super ice-making capacity – euhomy’s counter ice maker machine is equipped with a highly efficient compressor, which is not only excellent in refrigeration, but also does not make too much noise during ice-making. All this allows you to enjoy ice cubes and drinks in a quiet environment. Not only the characteristics of the ice cube machine compressor make the ice maker consume little energy, but the tabletop ice maker machine has a recirculating water tank, which will not cause water waste.
  • Self-cleaning & easy use- euhomy ice maker machine countertop is user-friendly, so you don’t need to install it. The silver stainless steel surface is not only very beautiful but also very easy to clean. Ice. Hold the power key for 5 seconds to enter cleaning mode. Always clean the ice maker before first use. You can place the portable ice maker countertop top rated prime anywhere, perfect for any countertop/kitchen/living room/bedroom/office/party.
  • Control panel- compact ice maker has two optional ice cube size buttons, you can choose different sizes of ice cubes according to your needs. Small ice machine has the most advanced infrared sensor technology. When the ice basket is full, home ice maker will stop the ice making to prevent ice from overflowing. You can view the ice making process through the transparent window. When the water level in the water tank is insufficient, the indicator light will remind you to replenish water in time.
  • Everything we do is to satisfy you – whether you are a single/student/family member, you all need to live an exquisite life. Euhomy provides a one-year warranty service. If you have any issues, please contect us to solve the problems. Note: if the ice maker you got is blue/green, that’s the protective film.
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Product guides and documents

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver) AMAZON

Buy Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver): Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How many watts does it used?

It uses 240 watts at max. The device 2 amps at 120vac.

If i buy this how will i clean it so it will not get slimy on the bottom?

These are maintenance type cleaning. You will need to disassemble it to get the top off to clean where the ice is made. Also the tube where the water is pumped up there. Search yt for instructions. It gets nasty. I did not know and we got sick.

Small and bigger ice chips? Can show the difference in size? Can you make flavored popsicles? Tia

They are not ice chips… They are hollowcore bullet-shape. I would suggest not running any sugary fluids through the machine (maybe sugar-free popsicles? But who knows what’s in the artificial sweetners?).

If i’m having issues with my ice machine leaking from the bottom who can i contact?

?? Look at warranty info

How long will the ice stay frozen in the unit? I understand it’s not a freezer, but is it like a cooler where it stays frozen a few hours?

If you bag up the ice and put it in your freezer, does the ice become one big mass? In past experience, these ice cubes are wet. How can the wet bullets be put into the freezer without sticking together?

If some ice mels, will the water just be made into more ice?

Yes,the ice will keep melting back into the water tank unless you move the cubes to the freezer. It makes the ice ,it does not keep it frozen

Will the machine shut off when the water runs out

The machine will shut off when the water runs low before it will ever run out. If you are not going to use this ice maker for a while you may wish to pull the plug on the bottom to drain the residual water out. Love our euhomy ice maker.

What kind of warranty does this have? We’ve purchased a couple of different brands of these and they’ve failed in less than a year.

It states one year. I had one to fail after 4 months. When i contacted the euhomy for the warranty, i was told that amazon would have to honor because i purchased it there. Amazon did step up and returned my money. Only after i posted a bad review about euhomy not honoring the warranty, i was contacted by them for a replacement.

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Can i get an extra removable ice basket?

Im not sure but i make my ice then put in a freezer bag in the freezer to store it. It doesn’t have freezer capacities so ice eventually melts. I don’t mind that and like the unit. Makes ice fast but a little noisy with the fan. The basket that comes with is removable.

How long do i need to let the unit sit before starting it after unpackaging?

I heard from another reviewer that also speacializes in refrigeration that it needs to sit for at least 24 hours to let the machine and the coolant settle before starting up.

Is there a replacement lid for this model?

Yes, a replacement lid for this portable ice maker im-01 is available. It will be shipped from our factory in china since currently we do not have it in stock in the u.s. It will take about 3-4 weeks to deliver.

Will the stainless sides show fingerprints and hard to keep clean?

It’s like any other stainless steel appliance. Truthfully i don’t touch the sides that much. It’s on a part of my counter that doesn’t get used much. Last night something got splashed on it and i just wiped it down this morning. I’m just so happy with the way it makes ice that i never really thought about it.

Has anyone ever had a problem with this an do you just refill this an it is not cleaning the problem ?? It last long ?

I am in love with this ice machine. I use bottle water. You need to take the ice out once in a while put in a plastic bag and put in freezer till your ready to do it again. The trick is to let the machine use up all the water you put in it than just wipe out the bottom of the machine. Makes great ice! Select large size. Small ones just seem too small. You hardly know it’s running. It turns off by itself. But, you have to scoop out ice once in a while. Otherwise it will melt. Remember it’s just a machine not a freezer. Not long at all. Just be patient.

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Where is the “water level line” located on the ice-maker?

The water is located under the basket where the ice collects. In the front of the machine, under the lid.

How long does it take to make ice? I waited over 24 hrs before the first use, cold purified water, room temp is 67°f. 3 hours and still nothing.

Something is wrong then. From start up to the first batch of ice, probably about 20 minutes. After that, it was regular and i made over 3 lbs of ice in 3 hours,

Does this machine make clear or white ice cubes?

White ice cubes. I believe it freezes so fast that the air bubbles remain in the water as it’s freezing.

The color of the product really bugs me. It says sliver instead of silver.

I get what you’re saying about the spelling. It makes you second guess the company and the quality when you see grammatical errors. Most likely not made in the usa!

This machine contain cfc refrigerants gas? What refrigerants contain?

It has the refrigerant has to be left set up right for several hours for it to settle before using it

I have an euhony im-02 it starts to make ice and then stops, e1 in lower right corner

I’m not an expert but make sure you have enough water in the machine—that it’s filled to the line inside. And make sure the tray inside the machine is fitted inside properly. If it’s off kilter, it can stop the machine from making ice. Good luck.

Can this be used 24hours a day as a primary ice maker?

There does not appear to be a place to plug in a water source. As a result, to use it as primary ice source, you will need to fill up the reservoir by hand when it empties. In addition, it does not have a refrigerant so i’ve will melt into the reservoir is no removed to a separate freezer.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver) AMAZON

Buy Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Self-Clean Electric Ice Maker Compact Potable Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket. for Home/Kitchen/Office.(Silver): Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Sweet ice maker

I truly don’t have any complaints about this unit, it makes ice fast and a perfect size , i only made the large size cubes and they are perfect for me, it’s easy to use easy to clean simply fill up to water line select cube size and within 5/7 minutes you have enough ice for a decent size glass for your beverage selection, what else could you ask for or expect, when i purchased this machine i didn’t know what to expect or if any tabletop ice maker was worth the money or effort i went on yt and looked up this particular brand and watched a few videos explaining how/ what the product did, i chose this maker and have had nothing but praises concerning the functionality and performance of this machine, i stand on my purchase and share with the world if you need a inexpensive tabletop ice maker this unit will and can get the job done.. I have to let everyone know this i’m not sure if other makers provide a way to keep the ice stored for future use this machine doesn’t you have to remove the ice from the storage bin and put in freezer for future use, if other models allow you to keep ice in storage bin til ready to use that’s great this maker does not , it’s not a freezer for ice it’s a maker of ice just a little fyi. If that’s a dealbreaker for you don’t get a tabletop ice maker if you understand that this unit will only make ice and not keep it frozen til use then grab you one you want regret it,,, i haven’t…hope this helps someone .. Good luck .

5Expert Score
Handy for us

Works for us. Our frig doesn’t have ice maker. Big bags of store bought ice or a bunch of trays takes up too much freezer space.
This takes up quite a bit of counter space as it has to have about 8 inches around it to work properly.
Can make up ice to stock up, then store off counter. We may move it to laundry room.
Took 1 star off for noise. It’s fine except when the cubes are released into the bin. They clatter. We turn it off at night.
Took 1 star off for easy to use. Since this ice maker doesn’t keep the ice cold, you have to either use it or let melt and machine remakes the ice. Or put ice in bags to store in freezer. So, it makes about 10 cubes every 6-8 minutes. If you don’t pull the cubes to bag and freeze until the bin is full, the first cubes can be a bit melted. I leave it on to make ice when when i can multi task in the kitchen, stopping every 6 min to gather the cubes, bag them. Once a gallon size bag is full, the machine is off & tucked away.
For a party, it’s great to make ice up ahead to start, and let it crank away for your guests.
Not sure why flavor is a rating point. The ice tastes as good as the water put in it. We use filtered.
You can not put other liquids in it without potentially ruining the machine.

5Expert Score
I love my ice machine

When i bought the machine i had in mind it was like a mini fridge but it isn’t, it just makes ice and it will melt if you don’t use it. Even though it pops ice fairly quick, it starts small and then they start getting larger as it makes more ice, i always have it in the large ice option. I work from home so i fill up a big jug of water quite often with ice so i need to make ice like 3 times a day to get me through the next day. The noise when the ice drops is the only annoying sound that makes the machine but it’s bearable and you get used to it. I always use bottled water to fill the machine so i don’t find any flavor on mine. When i need to wipe it just take off the little plug on the bottom and voilà! I don’t even do this that often since i’m always making ice and adding water. It has been a worthy and very useful purchase

5Expert Score
This little ice machine is a dream come true!

I was miserable last summer visiting my daughter in nyc because her tiny refrigerator’s freezer couldn’t fit regular ice trays, and we couldn’t keep up with the amount and speed of ice we needed, so this year, i bought her the euhomy ice maker after reading tons of reviews and then choosing based on those reviews and price (i didn’t want to spend a ton of $ if it wouldn’t last). It’s the perfect countertop size. We’ve been using it for a week now, and we love it! Ice in just minutes! And i have the routine down now for storing ice, too! I bought gallon-size ziploc sliding-close freezer bags, and when the ice basket is full, i empty the basket into a ziploc bag and put it in the freezer flat (a 1-gallon sliding-close ziploc freezer bag can hold two full baskets of ice). Then, when we need it, we can take out a bag, drop it flat on the tile floor to separate the bullets of ice, then stand it on its bottom end and slide zip it open to take out what we need, then pop it back in the freezer until the next time we need ice! Tip on ziploc freezer bag type: slide-ziploc bags work great, the pull-apart ziploc bags tear. This ice maker makes perfect, fabulous tasting ice! It’s important to remember the ice maker is not a freezer, so you’ll need to use the ice as it’s made, freeze it for future use, or use it to fill up an ice chest. No worries if the ice melts in the basket while making ice because it will just be recycled to make more ice. Great for having friends over when ice is constantly needed! The noise level is no big deal, it sounds about as loud as my refrigerator ice maker at home. We use water filtered with a pur faucet mount water filter, and the whole process is easy breezy! Love this little machine and i hope it lasts for years and years!

5Expert Score
Nice but will break quickly- edited for great customer service!

We ordered this ice maker in january 2022. It worked wonderfully for a few months but by summer (may/june) it was broken and not making ice any longer. We’ve tried using filtered, unfiltered, cleaning it, etc. Nothing works. I feel like a product should last for more than 5/6 months. Super disappointed.

Edit: changed from a 1 star to a 4 star because of their excellent customer service. Customer service contacted me soon after i left my review and offered to replace the ice machine or refund full cost of the ice machine. I decided on a refund because we already purchased another brand of an ice machine to replace our broken one. I love good customer service! Received a full refund for the broken ice machine. Would recommend the purchase, since they back their product and will replace/refund if it breaks. Thank you!

5Expert Score

Our refrigerator died. We have a temporary one which does not have an ice maker.
Yes. You do hear it. But it makes ice so rapidly that you will up a couple of plastic bags in no time and can turn it off. The only downside is that sometimes a piece of ice will get on the side and the machine gets its red light on and stops making more ice. Only takes a second to fix. I have recommended it to several others who also bought it and like it.

5Expert Score
Works well, but need info on how to clean

I love my machine and it’s worked really well. I’ve had it for a bit over a year, and i can see that the inside is getting a bit dirty. Would love to know the best way to clean it. Regardless, i would recommend this ice machine.

5Expert Score
Great customer service

We bought this ice maker in june, using only distilled water to prevent any buildup. It makes ice quickly and kept up with a summer on the lake, until it died right before labor day weekend. It was a bummer to be without for the weekend, but i was very impressed by the customer service. After a bit of correspondence with photos/videos of our issue, they sent us a new machine. I would not hesitate to buy again

5Expert Score
Makes plenty of ice

Ice cubes are small, but they get made faster by this machine and that’s all i care about. Shuts itself off when finished and sits nicely on my counter.

5Expert Score
Works well

A little noisy. But not too loud.
Works well with the same bottled water we usually drink.
It just has to cycle a few times before ice is produced that lasts in the hopper.

4Expert Score
Great ice machine, but good luck cleaning it!

I bought this ice machine 2 years ago. I find myself back on amazon today weighing pros and cons to replace it as i have broken the basket loading mechanism while trying to clean the dang thing.

standard rate of making ice
relatively quiet
relatively small amount of counter space

cleaning! – i didn’t even know this was supposed to be self cleaning – there are no instructions or buttons for this, and the euhomy youtube video on cleaning says that you need to clean by hand. (ps. They advise to clean every 3-7 days)
it is clunky and awkward to clean – as you would expect any ice machine to be. However, the moving basket that scoops the water that forms the ice is impossible to access, and thus impossible to clean. I thought i had been cleaning it ok but recently caught a glimpse of how filthy it was and (after gagging with how gross it was and wondering how dangerous the bacteria i have been ingesting was), ended up breaking the whole machine trying to access it. There may be a way to dissemble the whole machine with tools and do it more delicately, but i wish this area had a hinged door to access the basket.

I however am back looking at possibly repurchasing this same unit as it seems that this is a common problem with these types of ice machines, and liked the machine otherwise. Maybe i can be more gentle and creative with cleaning the new one?

4Expert Score
Not perfect, but is a good machine.

The machine is a good ice maker.
1. The third and beyond batches of ice are perfect. I make them big.
2. The big ice lasts longer and just fits my water bottle.
3. No irritating noise while making the ice.
4. Holds plenty of water for ice making and holds plenty of ice for drinks. I use 20 bullets per drink.
1. Does make noise while pushing cubes into tray.
2. First batch of ice, well, sucks. Come out small. Not worth using. Second batch is better, but not as good as the third.

The cons are pretty minor. I find the operation of making the ice interesting (freezing inside to out, rather than outside to in like a freezer ice maker).

If this thing lasts a couple of years, i’ll make it a five star (if i remember).

4Expert Score
Affordable ice machine

I really like this ice machine. I originally wanted the nugget ice but found out quickly that those machines are more than triple the price of this one. Decided to try it and am thrilled. Wanted a machine to use with our berkey water system.
machine isn’t very loud
when ice melts the water is recycled
easy to use
soft chewing ice (my favorite thing about it)
there is 2 size settings small and large. I have tried both and not a huge difference.

4Expert Score
I love it

I love this ice maker. It can get a little noisy but nothing to crazy. Makes ice every 10 mins or so. There are no instructions on how to work the self clean mode but you can youtube it.

4Expert Score
Mold build up – but company willing to help – updated review

This ice maker started developing a ton of mold that we could not seem to reach. The company reached out with instructions on how to remove the backing and top to clean it (pretty simple process). This worked and we now can use our ice machine again.

4Expert Score
Good ice maker

The product does work well in making ice fairly rapidly. It was a little noisier than expected but not terrible loud, but you can hear it. It did arrive dented and the box was damaged from the manufacture. The box that amazon put it in was fine. I wrote the supplier but never got a response. I am not sure what it means by self cleaning as it tells you to clean the machine weekly. I guess they mean you (self) must clean it. If you are looking to have ice made quickly this machine will do it but you best have gallon jugs of water handy to fill it.

4Expert Score
Good little machine

We’ve been very happy with this ice maker. It produces a good amount of ice cubes very quickly and is a good amount for our family. It seems to be a little on the loud side when it dumps the cubes but that’s probably because we have such a small place right now.

4Expert Score
Nice machine

So far it’s a great machine- usually every ice maker i have gotten and i think i’m up to 6 breaks within a year. I’m only 1 month in so time will tell. My only complaint so far is that there is no difference between small and large cubes even though there are 2 buttons labeled small and large. This machine makes very large cubes compared to my past machines.

4Expert Score
Good but large ice maker

This ice maker is a good solution if you have adequate counter space. It is extremely easy to use (just add water and hit the start button). Noise level is low compared to most ice makers. A minor complaint is that the receptacle for ice cubes isn’t refrigerated. I would recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Great little ice maker

It does make a small amount of noise. Nothing that would keep me from buying again.

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