Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office.

Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office.

Buy Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office.: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are euhomy nugget ice maker countertop features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Nugget ice type – euhomy nugget ice is a customized style of ice for people who like to chew on your ice. The softer airy ice makes you enjoy chewing without hurting your teeth. Soft nugget ice can absorb the drink’s flavor and bring you fantastic taste. When you desire a cold drink in summer, due to its unique size, nugget shape ice can fill the entire glass and cool the drink faster.
  • High-quality ice – it only takes 15-18 minutes to get the first set of ice from the ice maker. Combined with the water system, the nugget ice maker can work the entire day and produce 26-30lbs of ice, meeting the demand for various occasions. In addition, nuggets ice are great for dispensing and scooping compared to a regular ice cube that easily slides off.
  • Two ways water refill – we provide an auto water refill function for the nugget ice maker countertop in addition to manually adding water. Instead of wasting time adding water frequently, just simply connect the machine to your water system at home, and you’ll have plenty of ice to use every day !
  • Automatic cleaning – the ice machine provides the self-cleaning function to prevent limescale and odors. Simply press the ice maker’s ‘clean’ button for more than 3 seconds to enter the ‘self cleaning program’ before making the first ice. We recommend that you regularly clean the nugget ice machine.
  • One-year warranty & gift-package- euhomy offers a 12-month warranty and 24h support for ice makers. Moreover, the well-designed package of sonic ice makers can be a choice if you need to buy gifts. By the way, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.
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Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office. AMAZON

Buy Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office.: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What is the difference between the a and b control panels?

Not really much the b control panel just has more indicator lights for when it is making ice needs to be cleaned when ice is full and when it needs water a control panel only has the indicators for when it is full and when it needs water from what i can see. The both have a similar button for on/off and one for clean.

We have lost our manual and are unsure how to run a clean cycle.? Help?

The self-cleaning mode is similar to the way of ice making. You can add a bottle of water and press and hold the ‘clean’ for more than 5 seconds, and the machine will enter the automatic cleaning mode. During this period, the water will continue to circulate. You only need to wait until the cleaning mode is over and drain the water.

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Why is my machine making a periodic whistling noise? I’ve run the cleaning cycle several times and tried all the troubleshooting listed.

I would contact the company through their email link. They are pretty responsive and may be able to tell you what the issue is.

Misplaced my manual. Do you have an online pdf of the owners manual that i could dl and print? What ratio of water to white vinegar should i be using?

Please contact our customer service team and they will send you the manual. If you need to clean the machine please use diluted white vinegar for cleaning.

Just got my icemaker. When i take the ice out and put it in the freezer, it freezes into a solid chunk! 🙁 what am i doing wrong?

Not doing anything wrong, sometimes it happens to us as well. Seems like when the ice sits too long in the container, the bottom pieces tend to start melting and then when you scoop into a bag or container to put in the freezer, the slightly melted ones cause it to block up.

How often should you run the cleaning cycle? The manufacturer says to run the cleaning cycle ‘based on usage’ but i am not sure how often that means.

The way i understand it, if you use your ice maker a lot, you should clean it monthly. If you don’t use it that much, cleaning it every two months should be ok. We really love our ice maker so needless to say it gets used very much….and summer isn’t even here yet!!!
I hope this helps you.

I am a little bit confused by the ‘melting ice’. If the machine doesn’t keep the ice from melting, do you need to use the ice as soon as it makes it?

It melts and recycles through the ice machine therfore making more ice. But yes in a way you can use it as soon as it makes it. Also if the ice is melted to a point that the machine will no longer read it as being full you can just open and close the lid and it will start making ice again.

How long can ice be kept in the maker before it needs to be turned off or automatically shuts down?

The ice will melt and recycle through the machine continuously

Is this suitable to leave on and run 24/7? Does it keep ice bucket full overnight, or if you’re gone for a day, etc?

It can work 24 hours, but our machine does not have a heat preservation function. If the ice cubes melt, the machine will start a new round of ice making.

How long will it take to make ice after it’s plugged in for the first time?

Provided that you run a cleaning cycle before the first use, it takes about two hours to fill the basket for the first time. Subsequent ice cycles take less time, but please keep in mind that this machine is not as fast as the ge maker. However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in design. The lid design makes accessing ice much easier and less messy than the ge iterations.

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Where do i find the manual for im-03s

Should have had one in the box it came in otherwise i would say google it there are a lot of user manuals floating around out there on the internet.

Is there minimum required water pressure (i.e. Can this be gravity fed from a water jug)?

I hooked mine up to a filtered water source, i’d recommend that, love it. Otherwise you just pour water into the reservoir. No water pressure needed.

Where does the melted water go? Does it go into an internal reservoir?

The water is recycled when it the machine is on. The drain is used to when it needs to be completely emptied and cleaned.

I would like to see the manual and warranty information before i spend $400.00. Is there anywhere you can download these?

I have had my machine for almost 1 month. With me being an avid sonic ice chewer, (i’m highly anemic) this purchase is well worth it. I guarantee you, there is nothing to worry about. Plus, you have 30 days to return it if you don’t like it. So, it’s a win win for any customer regardless of the turnout. I hope you like it.

Does this unit use ultra violet light to disinfect water and ice making process?

Not that i am aware of

Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office. AMAZON

Buy Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Ice Maker 26-30lbs/day, Self-Cleaning & Auto Water Refill Pellet ice Maker, Sonic Ice Maker for Home/Kitchen/Office.: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best most amazing ice, even more spectacular customer service!

We bought this ice machine, not quite a year ago now. It makes the best ice. For americans who live in the south, think sonic ice. It’s sonic ice. It’s soft, it’s chewable, it’s amazing. Older people, or those with ice cravings, will love this. Your dentist will appreciate you not ruining your teeth on the harder ice. They’re fairly quiet, fit on top of your counter no problem, i’d say it’s a little taller & wider than one of those big plastic laundry bottles and probably the same length if that helps you when deciding if this will fit your space.

It has a self clean! Run the self clean! For the love of everything holy, please run the self clean. Mold will build up in any machine like this if you do not. This one alerts you when it needs to be cleaned, but i suggest cleaning it like it says in the book, once every gallon of water, i think it is. It’s not hard.

Mine did start making a grinding noise about 8 months in. We contacted customer support, and they sent us a new one. It showed up at our door like 2 days later. They were amazing. I’m hoping they are able to address which ever part it is that is wearing down, or give us a way to replace the part. The ice machine is amazing, and it’s such a shame to just throw them out for grinding and slow ice.

We’re going to take apart the old one and see if we can identify the part that is making the noise so that we can try to find a fix. If so, i’ll update this so that others can also fix theirs. These really are just the most amazing machines. I tell all my friends about this machine. Best ice machine ever!

5Expert Score
Makes great ice

This is a pretty scary purchase… Lots of money for fresh ice. But… I love it. I’m not too worried about the speed of its ice making, but i would guess that it produces what it claims over a 24 hour period. I typically start it up thursday evening (using filtered fridge water) and by friday at 5pm i’ve got enough ice for the week.

I bought a container that i dump the fresh ice into and store the container in the freezer. I use an ice pick to break it up in the container once it’s had some freezer time (5 -15 minutes). It does tend to clump up if i don’t do this. When preparing to remove ice from the machine i lift and tip the bucket since there will be some water to drain out. Not doing so will increase the clumping issue. But it is worth it to scoop out high-q pebble ice from the fridge all week.

It is moderately noisy… Not too much so, but when it’s running you will know it. It does need free space on its sides to all for heat dissipation.

And the ice… Amazing, chewable, and absolutely necessary for tiki drinks, soft drinks, water, et al.

5Expert Score
Euhomy stand behind their product!

This is a fantastic ice machine. Our neighbor would stop by and fill her yeti…. Until she finally bought one of her own. Great ice. The family love it!
So…. What is just as important as the product is the support. Unfortunately our machine started making a strange noise. In today’s world it is rare to find a 12 month warranty on any appliance. I reached out to support. They were extremely responsive and genuinely concerned. After following some trouble shooting tips they simply shipped me a replacement.
A great product. With the peace of mind that the warranty is truly backed by the folks in support. Couldn’t be more happy and highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Highly recommend

My family loves this ice maker! We use it constantly and it is quiet. So easy to use and clean. Love having the nugget ice at our disposal. Service has been awesome, over the top and very helpful when we have had questions. Quick reply. You won’t go wrong with this unit. I researched for several weeks before i settled on this item and have never been sorry.

5Expert Score
Great ice maker with halloween side effect.

Update. Manufacturer sent us a new unit, great customer service, we just got a bad first unit. My family loves the pebble ice, we have two ice makers and the family always uses this ice. Hooked it to a supply line and it works even better, no need to fill the unit.

First of all, we love the ice, easy operation and super simple to keep clean. However, this thing sounds like a screaming banshee, my friends keep making fun of me because of the halloween sounds it makes. It’s a screeching sound that my son can hear from his basement bedroom and comes up to shut it off. I emailed the supplier with no reply. My wife is mad i didn’t just buy the ge opal machine.

5Expert Score
Worked great for a while…

This little ice maker worked great for 9 months. I was very happy with the speed at which it made the ice and the quality of the ice nuggets. Unfortunately after 9 months it would never shut of the incoming water and would overflow the ice storage area. The out of water light is always flashing even when the water is over flowing. I have tried contacting euhomy thru their website support page but there is no response. What good is a 1 year warranty if you can’t get service. This thing is a very expensive paper weight now. Very disappointed with euhomy and their lack of customer support.

Update – i did hear from euhomy and they sent a replacement ice maker. I am changing my review to 5 stars because this ice maker makes the best ice and euhomy did stand by their warranty. My entire family loves the ice that it makes.

5Expert Score
Amazing-keeps the ice forever!

As long as you keep the the ice machine filled with enough water to continue to make omre ice, it wont melt and you will always have ice ready for you. It does not have to be all the way to the max mark. No! I am just saying keep it with at least a bit of water so the machine can continue to do its cycle. When she is running out of the minimum amount needed to make the ice, there is a like that will light up and tell you.
Seriously this is worth every penny if you really like nugget ice =)
my family loves it!

5Expert Score
Great company!

Love the ice that this machine makes!! After 10 months, it started going into the cleaning cycle on its own and would melt my ice. I emailed the company and within 72 hours, they had shipped me out a new machine. I would definitely do business with them again!

5Expert Score
Good nugget ice maker with a water inlet issue

Update: i was contacted by euhomy support and was issued a replacement device. The customer service is outstanding! Even though i had issues, i still recommend this product as it makes perfect nugget ice.


great ice maker that makes chewable nugget ice! Wish it had a internal light to see the ice.

I had an issue with the water inlet feature and almost had a disaster. The unit starting making a loud noise and water started coming in from the water inlet and almost overfilled before i turned it off. Not sure what happened there. The ‘ice-full’ light was on prior, and i believe when the ice melted, it detected it was no longer ‘ice-full’ and then triggered the water inlet to turn on. I lost trust with the water inlet and disconnected it and just fill it up manually. Don’t want a home water damage experience.

But i may setup a water source->water switch->water inlet and turn the water switch on when the ‘fill-water’ light is on to make filling up easier.

The product is good to bide your time before you get a premium, refrigerated, water-inlet nugget ice maker (ex. Scotsman scn60) which involves tearing up your cabinets and finding a drainage solution.

5Expert Score
Customer service and best ice!

I loved my ice maker it was fantastic it started having issues and not producing ice i had it for awhile and no longer returnable on amazon but had a 1 year warranty and i ended up contacting their customer service and they were fantastic to work with i had no issues at all they took care of me! My ice machine is running and making the best ice! My family loves the small ice pellets ! Would recommend this to anyone that loves the pellet chick-fil-a ice or in need of a good easy to use ice maker!

4Expert Score
Excellent customer service

We purchased this ice maker because it made the “sonic” style ice even though it was a little more than the kind which made regular style cubed ice.
The machine is easy to use and easy to clean. The ice it makes is just like the “sonic” ice pellets. You can fill the reservoir with water or hook it up to a water source.
It makes ice pretty quickly as well so there’s not a lot of waiting time.
After 4 months or so of use, i heard a few popping noises and turned to see that the top portion had popped up and the machine started leaking from the side.
I reached out to their customer service and they responded very quickly. After i sent them a short video showing them what was going on with the machine, they immediately sent a replacement.
The person i worked with was nicole and she was very courteous, friendly and helpful. So even though the first machine had issues, there were no problems getting the issues addressed.
We’ve only had the new machine for a few days but so far so good!

4Expert Score
Why four stars?

This is exactly what i was looking for…mostly.
My top reasons for buying this machine:
price. This was less expensive than most that made pellet ice and at the speed of this machine.
Good reviews!
It has the functions i was looking for. I live in arizona with my beautiful bride. We drink a lot of ice water. This machine produces plenty and does it quickly!
as noted by another reviewer, no restart after a “full” indicator. I have taken to opening the top any time i walk by the machine to keep it topped off, this is the reason for only 4 stars…
Having to fill it with water manually is kind of a pain, but i am installing water line for it.

It is extremely quiet and appears well made. It was well packed by the manufacturer, however amazon packers could use some training. It arrived with no damage, paced in a box twice the size of the shipping box it was already in (!?!?) with a couple of pieces of paper tossed in, doing nothing to prevent shifting. Again, it survived shipping fine, just a shame about the waste of materials.
Would i suggest anyone else buy it ? Absolutely, and i would buy another if the need arose.

4Expert Score
Review update!!…. Brand new and alll beat to crap!!

Final update: nicole from customer service was outstanding. The unit has been replaced , arrived promptly and has been working like a charm. Wife absolutely loved this ice machine.
Updated rating to 4 stars . I would buy this again.

Update: customer service has been great. They are replacing the unit. I will update once all is final

waited a week to get delivered , showed up packaged really well, opened it up and it was beat to hell.
I honestly think they packaged a used or abused machine as new.
There is no way this could have happened during shipping as this comes well protected with box and styrofoam.
This had to be sent this way from the factory.

Both sides were badly bent on top , there was a plastic piece broken off inside the basket , and a dent riht in the middle where the name is

4Expert Score
Quit working after 3 months but was sent replacement

I loved it when it worked but it quit working after only 3 months. I contacted their customer service and after a little back and forth i received a replacement machine which is working like a charm! It makes lots of ice and is quiet and fast!

4Expert Score
Not a perfect solution…

But definitely better than having to buy bagged ice. The nuggets are a good size but they are too wet—they melt immediately and water down drinks much too much. Maker does not keep ice nuggets cold enough—you’re supposed to transfer them to your freezer, but then they freeze into a massive chunk. Trying hard to appreciate having ice at
all, but for $300+, the cost was pretty steep for such disappointing performance.

4Expert Score
Great for the price!

Works great, makes ice fast, awesome price point, but it’s squeaky. Other than the sound it’s a perfect appliance.

4Expert Score
A bit noisy but make ice…

Connect to my ro system. Works fine, makes ice, a bit noisy, yet all-in-all i’d recommend it…

4Expert Score
Great ice!

Makes perfect chick fil a ice! It’s a little too tall and won’t fit under my particular cabinets, so it’s not great for my counter. I wish the water reservoir was separate (like on the side similar to a coffee maker) so you didn’t have to remove the ice basket to fill it if you don’t have it hooked up to a permanent water line. But for my house, it works great, and i never run out of ice now!

4Expert Score
Some hiccups but love the ice.

How it started: i love “the good ice”. “sonic ice”. The nugget ice we used to get from the movie theater. Nothing gets drinks colder faster. I have been coveting the opal nugget ice maker and hoping something comparable would hit the market at a slightly lower price point, patiently biding my time, like methuselah…and job….when finally, the gods took pity. So glad to have this in our kitchen now. Fits nicely on the counter and is quiet (we have small open floor plan ), only squeaking when it’s self-cleaning. We use the included water line for auto refill and it keeps ice overnight (lose approx. 1/3 volume, recirculates) w/o the compressor running. Looooove it.

How it’s going: three months and not performing well, seems confused (says empty when full, full when empty), barely producing ice.

Saving grace: phenomenal customer service. They are texting me 1:1 *from china* and have been very friendly and helpful. A new unit should arrive shortly and this overheating quasi-middle aged mama will again be able to function like a normal human.

4Expert Score
Great ice!

It does fit under my cabinet, but i found a spot for it

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