everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack

Yakibest.com: everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack : Appliances
everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4: Jenn-air water filter is efficiently designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor as well as particulates and more for healthier, cleaner, better tasting water. Installs quickly and easily. Suitable for use with maytag or jenn-air side by side refrigerators plus cabinet depth, built-in and wide, side by side french door refrigerators.

What are everydrop by whirlpool ice and water refrigerator filter 4 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your refrigerator model number
  • Everydrop filter 4 is the only filter approved by: whirlpool, maytag, amana, kitchenaid and jenn air brands
  • Certified to reduce 99% of lead, offering superior contaminant reduction for you and your family
  • Reduces 23 contaminants including lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites (nsf 401, 53 and 42 certified)
  • Due to a packaging refresh, packaging may vary

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Why did they raise the price so much? I got this for less than $30 few months ago.

While i agree that the everydrop filters are priced too high (and unfortunately they keep going up), the first answer from d. Selvage is correct as to why they are more costly. The everydrop filter does much more than the cheaper filters, reducing many contaminants that the others let through. (and the published data on amazon and elsewhere from honest less expensive brands will not deny that fact.)

everydrop meets nsf/ansi standards 42, 53 & 402 while the less expensive do not. If the extra filtration is not needed, then go for the less expensive filters. I prefer better filtration due to concerns about public water supplies running through ancient infrastructure.

As for the poster who said the filters contained lead, that’s incorrect. However, lead is one of the contaminants the everydrop filters remove (thankfully). Furthermore, there is no prop 65 warning on everydrop’s packaging.

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Where is this product manufactured?

Made in china. Just sometimes packaged here. I used to work for the company that made them

Is this oem filter?

Yes, oem. This is a single #4 filter, not a 4 pack.
Manufacturers change their packaging all the time. Last filter i bought on amazon (same logo as shown in the picture here) shared the same exact logo as the one i previously purchased at home dep*t.

What is the shelf life for this item? If i buy a pack of 3, can the filter be stored safely till used?

There is an airtight seal that covers the openings on the filter. As long as the seal is in place it will be fine for a long time. Just store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight (a cabinet in your kitchen would work fine probably) and it should be fine for the 12 months or so before you install the last one (6 mo for the first, 6 mo for the second, 3rd one installed at 12 months).

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How much water do you need to run through after installation

I thought the 4 gallon directions crazy, but was willing to do it. I did go on kitchen aid/whirlpool site and if you go into the consumer question area, it says that the 4 gallon is for initial filter for new hookups and that subsequent filters just need to have water run through them until air no longer comes through the line. (they might have even said about 1-3 quarts, but read this awhile ago.) i think it was around a quart for me. I ran some extra just to be sure.

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What filters does this filter replace

ukf8001, ukf8001axx, 67003523, 67003526, 67003527, 67003528, 12589203, 12589206, 12589208, 12589210, 13040216, 13040216n, ukf9001
filter 4, 4396395, ukf8001, ukf8001axx-750, 67003523-750, ukf8001axx-200, ukf9001axx-100, edr4rxd1
sears/kenmore refrigerator
46-9005, 9005, 9005p, 46-9006, 469006, 9006, 9006p, 46-9992, 469992, 9992, 9992p, 469005750, 469005-750, 46-9005-750, 469006750, 469006-750, 46-9006-750, 4609005000, 46-9006-200
wf50, owf50, wf51, owf51, wf50-ni300, owf50-ni300, wf50-kni300, wf50-ni500, owf50-wi500, wf50-wi500, wf50-kwi500

Does your water stop and start right after installing a new filter?

Always happens because air is trapped in between filter and dispenser.
After installing a filter, i flush out 4 gallons as per the box. I have 64 ounce juice containers on hand for this. 64 oz = 1/2 gallon.
Jay (james) hind

Why does this not list bosch as a brand that it fits?

Don’t know, but best to use the filter that is recommended for the product.

Does this have the holographic sticker (the fake ones do not)?

Yes, but it’s a fake one. Take a look at the product picture and compare to the one on the manufacturer website. Pay attention to the contaminants numbers on the bottom. There are other differences, but that’s the easiest one to spot.

Is this certified nsf 53 or 42?

On the back of the box it reads ‘ tested and certified by nsf international against nsf/ansi standard 42, nsf standard 53, and nsf/ansi standard 401 in system models.’

Is this product really as good as advertised?

Yes. Yes it is. The taste and quality of the water is amazing and better than the cheaper alternative filters out there.

Will this water filter replacement fit a whirlpool side by side refrigerator model ed2shexmt00 ?

Not sure! I checked in my fridge and got the model number. From there i searched on line for water filter for my model. I have a french door fridge with freezer on the bottom. Hope this helps.

Will this filter fit maytag model # mf12269veq1

I don’t know. But don’t buy it. Ours broke after two months of use. Cheap garbage.

Will this fit a whirlpool #gx5fhtxvy

It this price i would buy directly for whirlpool

Does this product filter fluoride and chlorine?

Not sure about fluoride, but most definitely handles chlorine removal.

I have extra filters from my old kitchenmaid refrigerator mod# 4396508. Will they work on a jenair jfc2290rep00?

Check with the company.

Do this fit maytag model# msd2652kes?

According to the whirlpool website, your model refrigerator takes the everydrop 4 ice & water filter.

I ordered a 4 and received a 6. Can i use the 6? What is the difference?

Send it back and get proper one

What filters does this filter replace?

You should have a booklet on the refrigerator model that shows where the filter is located and instructions on when and how to replace. If this booklet is misplaced, you can look it up on the internet by referencing the make and model of the refrigerator… Model number info is usually located on the inside of a door. Hope this helps.

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Is this compatible with wrf990slam01?

I have no idea. I own an amana side by side model # arse665bc and it fixed perfectly

everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack AMAZON

Yakibest.com: everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4, EDR4RXD1, Single-Pack : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Inspect your filter before installing.

I trust whirlpool. Me and my family always went with whirlpool, basically all appliances etc. We never had any serious or expensive problems. Great products. Same with this filter, there are some after market ones 2x cheaper, but hows the quality and is it made by well known company? Not sure. Today i notice that one of my filter that i ordered was without seal. Easy quick replacement, thanks to amazon prime. The other one had some marks on the bottom, but had seal on it so i am ok. So whats my problem? My problem is this filter package. Yes its great easy to open. The problem is that its also easy to swap old filter in, or mess with filter and then put it back to original package and no one would notice. I would like whirlpool to change that package to something more secured. Just my opinion.

5Expert Score
Great filter for water from fridge

Recently purchased a house and got a new refrigerator. The fridge has a water and ice dispenser in the door. Used this filter in the fridge for the water dispenser. My subdivision is literally across the street from the uga extension office. I took a sample of water from the kitchen sink and from the fridge to them to test. Filtered water even though it still has some containments is a better result than water straight from the tap. On my fridge, you pull down the cover, twist the existing container counterclockwise to remove, install a new filter, and twist clockwise to install. The hardest part of the installation is holding the button on the front for 3 seconds to reset the light telling you to change the filter.

Please be aware that not every fridge manufacturer builds the same way so you have to use the check to put in your brand and model to determine which filter is right for you.

5Expert Score
Always is the right filter. Getting the old one out is the toughest part.

This filter is always easy to install and is the correct filter. Hardest part is removing the old filter because it gets sort of suctioned in place. I always date the filter when installed just out of curiosity as to how long it lasts- about 10 months.

5Expert Score
Recommended by manufacturer

Our last one lasted 9 months with city water. We were told possibly 12 months but we had a boil water alert and decided to replace it. We love having the filtered water to drink. Now city water tastes like bleach.

5Expert Score
Great price

These are a good deal. I buy them every six months and it takes no time to get them.

5Expert Score
Clean tasting

Six months ago i tried a cheaper brand. I flushed as per the instructions and the taste of the water was worse than without a filter. Everydrop filters are expensive but worth it. I learned my lesson!

5Expert Score
Beat filter for our refrigerator.

Easy to install.

5Expert Score

Quick and easy

5Expert Score
Very quick delivery

Quick delivery very easy to install

5Expert Score
Not much to say


4Expert Score
Installation instructions are difficult to read and use.

The filter did not fit easily into our viking refrigerator water source and ice maker. We needed the help of an appliance repair person.

4Expert Score
Work well, high price.

The filter works great but it is very expensive.

4Expert Score
It works.

It didn’t turn to lock in easily but i finally got it.

4Expert Score
Long-time satisfied user

Tried several non-oem but found not as reliable in flow or life. Not the value once was but still keep using. Note the brand versus generic for ansi standards & flow rate.

4Expert Score
It works

Replacement filter for the refrigerator icemaker, works great, put it in run about a quart of water to flush out the charcoal dust and it’s ready for duty!

4Expert Score
My fridge rated it as 4 star

My fridge alerts me to when my filter needs replacing after inserting this new cartridge, my fridge indicated it as not the best. The indicator took off a level and made it closer to me needing to buy another one soon.

4Expert Score

Need to get more

4Expert Score
Funny taste!

It took a while for the funny taste to disappear!

4Expert Score
Good dependable filter,

Good dependable quality, i’ve never made it 6 months. Water quality is consistent.

4Expert Score
Had a funny taste

I have purchased this brand before and had no issues but this last one has a funny taste to the water when its first dispensed. I have to fill about a cups worth, dump the water, then refill for good tasting water. I followed the instructions and ran 4 gallons of water through it upon installation.

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