Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging

Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging

Buy Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are eye massager with heat features?

  • 【2 levels compression】 with the high-tech motor, trigger point massage, renpho eye massager replicate the human massage effect of squeezing and kneading, helping to refresh your eyes. You can choose between 2 adjustable compression intensity settings to be totally relaxed and enjoy a better sweet dream
  • 【constant temperature】 the built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature 104°f-107°f (40°c-42°c ), better for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc. Our eye relax machine can effectively help you refreshed after long-day work or study. 〖note: renpho eye massager not suitable for who have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, etc.〗
  • 【upgraded version adopts remote & touch control】 renpho new version eye massager switches the mode randomly with remote and touches 2 methods. You can also enjoy listening to your favorite music tracks with its bluetooth speaker while massaging your eyes. Bluetooth name: eye massager
  • 【180° adjustable & portable design】 our electric eye care machine with a storage bag and can be folded into a smaller, so you can take it to the office, airplane, traveling. In addition, the head strap can be easily adjusted in size and suitable for all teenagers and adults. 〖note: if you feel too tight or too loose, pls adjust the headband to find the right size.〗
  • 【ideal birthday gifts】 the eye massager with remote control will be unique as a gift. Every renpho’s massager uses a well-built package & a good unboxing experience. Renpho is well-known for the highest quality products and the best customer service team
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Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging AMAZON

Buy Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Why would you sign up for subscribe and save?

I’m about to do this! I do this with everything that has a subscribe & save option that i don’t need immediately, and i’ve been doing it since s&s was first introduced years ago.

If i can save 5–20% on something and can wait a couple of weeks for it, why wouldn’t i? After i receive the item, i can simply cancel the subscription and never get another one. It’s a good way to shop for gifts, too. If you can plan ahead and don’t need something yesterday, it’s the way to go!

There are a lot of further discounts available on your first subscription delivery of an item that aren’t available (or are lower) on regular-priced items. For example, last year i got several cryomax ice packs, each for 15% off plus another 15% off the original price for the first subscription delivery of each; there were no discounts at all if choosing the full price option. They’re not cheap, but 15% off a $30 item makes it $25.50. An additional 15% off makes it $21. So my question would be: why would anyone pay $30 for a $21 item?

Some tips to help make it less confusing: there isn’t a sign-up process, per se. It’s essentially just a deferred cart. You pick your desired delivery date. Up until about a week before that date, you can edit, cancel, and add items to your s&s. You can also hit a ‘skip’ button and get it (or make a decision) next time. You can also pick the frequency of each delivery. It doesn’t have to be monthly. I buy soup mixes (and other dry goods, household items) this way, and have them delivered every three months. If i don’t need them, i can hit skip and won’t deal with them again for three months. (but there’s a master list in case i change my mind and do need it sooner.) note your cutoff date (it will tell you ‘last day to edit this delivery’) and on that date go to you s&s deliveries page (there are links on your account and order pages) and give it a quick check to make sure you’re getting what you intend to get. I also take this opportunity to do a quick price and coupon check on items to make sure i’m getting the best price. (if there’s a better deal, i just add it as a new subscription and delete the older one.) it may sound like a lot but honestly, i spend maybe 15 minutes on it once a month. Then all my stuff comes on/about the same day, usually in fewer packages than if i bought everything one at a time. It also shaves time and effort off my grocery trips.

So yeah, i’m about to ‘subscribe’ to a $57 face massager and get it for $49.14 with the current deals available to me. I’ll check on it on the 20th and maybe i’ll get it for even less.

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Is there a recommended amount of time to wear/use ?

I don’t know about a recommended amount of time. Each session turns off on its own, and lasts 10-15 minutes. I frequently use it repeatedly. When one goes off, i turn it on again. You get a warning to recharge probably on the fourth one.

What is the maximum number of minutes to wear per day?

It seems to work 3-4 uses per battery charge i would wait at least 2 hours in between uses

Why does the package weight say 1.1 lbs when the glasses weigh 1.65 lbs?

Because it’s cheaper to freight hundreds of 1.1lb packages per mile than it is to freight the same amount of 1.65lb packages 🙂

In my country the electricity is 220v, is it for 220v or just 120v?

To the best of my knowledge, it’s only 120v but maybe you could use an adapter?

Why did the price go up $25.??

Probably due to delivery issues.

Can you use if you have cataracts?

It is recommended that you don’t use this device if you have cataracts.

How often can you use it?

I use mine a few times before bed or when i have a headache. It’s probably the coolest piece of therapeutic equipment i own. Super relaxing.. Love it!

Is this product fsa/hsa eligible?

No, it isn’t.

What does a pulse mean? Is that like a electric current vibration for a few secs or a kneaded massage knob massaging briefly?

Yes, it like an electric current vibration for a few secs or a kneaded massage knob massaging briefly.

I think mine is defective. Strong compression option turns off after few mins.. I just got mine yesterday..should i return it?

Did you charge it before using it? If you did and still won’t work (turn off after couple minutes) then return it.

Does the updated version still have the brauty mode?

Hi! It now has “modes” and there are 5. They represent the different options, so you can have just pressure, just heat, etc.

What is the warranty on this? I purchased a different brand a year ago & it quit working after2 months so now im apprehensive to try another brand

Should say on the listing page

How do you connect the bluetooth feature to play my own music?

Instructions are included how to easily sync device.

Hi, if i lose the remote control, can the massager still be operated? Are there buttons i can press to get all the modes on the massager? Thanks

Sure, you can use it without the remote.
There are 5 modes, each mode lasts for 15 minutes.
1. Air pressure + heat + music
2. Air pressure + heat + vibration + music
3. Air pressure only + music
4. Heat only
5. Vibration only + music

Does it massage the area between your eyebrows?

Yes, it’s range covers from the edge of your temples your eye brow area, the sinus area below your eyes and your eyes, if you’re looking to spoil yourself this is the item you want

Why did anyone choose this eye massager over the others? Would you buy this one again?

Renpho made a great scale, so thought the eye massager would be a quality item – and it indeed is wonderful.

Can it be bluetooth connected to your phone so that you can choose your own music to play inside it?

Yes, it supports.
The product automatically enters the wireless / bt pairing mode when it is turned on , and the blue indicator light flashes slowly. In this case, please turn on the bluetooth on your phone and found the bluetooth name ‘ eyemassager ‘ on the mobile phone to connect. The indicator light will be solid blue after connection is successful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Best regards

How do i get warranty support? My unit will not charge.

Please contact us by amazon message or email from the manual.

Can you tell me the difference between size a and size b? I can’t seem to find sizing info.

Hi, this is a good question. The two eye massagers from renpho have the same size: 7.87’*3.93’*1.57′.

Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging AMAZON

Buy Eye Massager with Heat, Compression, Remote Control, Bluetooth, RENPHO Eyeris1 Temple Massage Mask for Relax Eye Strain, Reduce Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep, Birthday Gifts Delay Eye Aging on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for headaches and eye tension!

I use this eye massager for headaches, stress, or eye strain and it’s magical for all of these. My wife had purchased one previously and i had to have one for myself! The battery life is decent, needs to be charged every 10 sessions or so. Even if i use it once or twice a day it’s several days before i need to charge it. The different settings is very nice. I usually use the air pressure + heat or air pressure + heat + vibration, using soft or strong pressure depending on what i need. Bluetooth connects automatically if it was previously connected which i find useful. If you press the bluetooth button again it will disconnect perfectly. I’ve had problems with other electronics having to go into my phone’s bluetooth settings to disconnect. This massager hits all the right tension spots in the temples and eye area and i have fallen asleep using it because it’s so soothing. The only gripe i have about this product is that if there are two devices in use sometimes the remote controls the other one, which is a bummer but not a dealbreaker because once you learn the controls on the mask you have all the functionality there.

5Expert Score
If you have trouble falling asleep, this could be your solution!

I suffer from severe insomnia; specifically having issues with falling asleep (but not staying asleep – that i don’t have issues with).

It’s at an all time high and i snagged this on a black friday sale for ~$60 total. Definitely worth it now that i’ve tried it.

I used it twice on the heat/pressure/music setting and fell asleep the fastest i ever have in decades. I really hope this continues to help long term because i’ve never felt so rested as i do this morning. I tried the vibration but did not enjoy it at all, but could see why some people might like it.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend or anyone that has trouble falling asleep or relaxing! I would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

– instructions are super simple
– comes with remote, battery for remote and headset charger
– pressure and volume are adjustable
– voice/music is very soothing
– the massage was divine and the heat helped me relax. I melted into relaxation with this.

– when the airbags expand, it is definitely noisy even with the music at full volume. This is unavoidable given the proximity to your ears and because sound transmits through bone conduction. I did not find it distracting and was still able to relax. Some might find it too loud to relax though.
– there’s a slight skip or glitch in the music sometimes. Once you notice it, you can’t not hear it. Again not distracting for me but might really annoy other people.
– when the massage is over there’s an announcement from the headset that could be shortened; no need to announce the brand name at the end.
– normal price is over $100 i believe. I wouldn’t pay that much for it, but it was worth what i paid when it was on sale. I would probably pay up to $75 for it but not over that, and for context i’m not on a tight budget for items like this.

Features i wish it had:
– i wish you could choose certain massage “moves” to repeat vs. Just the standard pattern set. There were a couple that felt like magic that i wanted to put on repeat.
– i wish there were a couple of timer options vs just 15 minutes

what i haven’t tried yet:
– charging headset
– bluetooth pairing
– using it over a period of months/years (testing longevity)

5Expert Score
Worth it

I love mine. Story time incase it helps others.
I have a ‘rare’ autoimmune disease that effects my eyes. I get floaters and holes in my retina. My eye specialist doesn’t treat me, just spends 10 minutes looking at my retina and done. I was sent to a rheumatologist and they said i don’t have this so called condition so they won’t give me meds.
So basically i’m stuck loosing my eyesight because no one wants to treat me.
I seen a ad for a more expensive eye massager ($250). This was way cheaper and through amazon so at least i can return hassle free if it sucked.
I’ve had this for two days now and i absolutely love it. The massaging part rolls around your eye sockets hitting pressure points. I also use heat with it. Both together definitely helps with my eye pressure and pain. It’s only been two days so if i remember i’ll do some updates. I personally don’t like the vibration but just don’t turn it on. And they have calming music on it too, not a fan lol but they do have bluetooth.
There is a disclaimer about not using if you have certain issues (such as mine lol) but if no one is helping you. 100% recommend this product (as of now)

5Expert Score
10/10- 1000% recommend

My husband and i suffer from migraines and he’s always asking me to rub his temples. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I have zero regrets with this. The motion and pressure are perfect. The heat is perfect. I don’t care for the sound but it’s not bad, it’s a nice spa sound. If i could make a recommendation i’d say they should make one of the choices be one that focuses solely on the temples. Other than that it has really helped to relieve some of the migraine symptoms.

5Expert Score
Great product!

I bought this having zero expectations. I saw an instagram gal that showed it and thought i would try it out since i get headaches often. At first, the noise from the massager was annoying, but once you actually relax and let it do it’s job, it’s so nice and very relaxing. My husband and daughter also use it and like it just as much as i do!

5Expert Score
Best product ever!!!

I have headaches on a daily basis, and did not like the idea of continuously having to take over the counter medicine to try to get rid of them. I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product, unsure that it could actually do what it claimed. I was totally amazed on the first use, 15 minutes of using the product and my headache was completely gone. I love this thing!!!! Takes away my headaches every time, and no more taking all those meds that most of the time would not work. I absolutely recommend this device to anyone suffering from headaches, it will be the best investment you will ever make.

5Expert Score
Really relaxing!

I love this thing. I’ve had it for a week and i’ve used it every day. My optometrist has told me i have dry eyes and using warm compress can help. This thing has heat so i can do the warm compress but also get a massage at the same time. If you spend a long time looking at screens during the day, you need this. I also love that it massages your temples too. I like tomput relaxing jazz on the bluetooth speaker and just zone out when i get home from work. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
It works!

My friend has suffered from numerous health issues most of her life..
Her migraines often put her in the hospital..
I sent this massager with the hope it might help..
She has used this numerous times and tells me it has relieved the intense pain she experiences so often.
It does not eliminate the migraine but reduces the pain. That to me is a miracle as the drs. Have been unable to accomplish this without the use of heavy medication.
Whenever she feels a migraine coming on she puts this on and it helps!
Thank you for making a great product that has helped a good friend!

5Expert Score
We live this

We didn’t think we would use this but so far everyone wants to. It gives your temples the massage they need after a day of computer work. My daughter suffers from sinus issues. This helps with the pressure and headaches somewhat. The heat is nice. The vibration is very uncomfortable. Thankfully you can turn it off.

5Expert Score
Wife is impressed

Fast service as a christmas gift for the wife. She has sinus issues and thought these would be a good idea. She loves them, especially likes the rechargeable feature. Had received a similar product as a gift previously but those had to be plugged in. She will have a better use of this product.

4Expert Score
Love it except..

I love this product. I’ve been suffering from a migraine for about 23 days now and while this doesn’t cure it, it sure relieves some pain and pressure while i’m using it. The heat!! Just the heat in itself feels so good, and mixed with the air pressure massage, it’s really nice. My two complaints are 1. I wish you could turn the voice off or at least lower and-more significantly- 2. Whyyy are the buttons “touch screen”??? For an item that covers your eyes, you have to feel around to find the buttons and end up pressing the wrong one just trying to find them. They should be soft touch buttons where you can feel what you’re about to press before it makes any changes. Other than that inconvenience, i highly recommend!

4Expert Score
Great value for the money

I have headaches, really bad migraines. This helps and i really like the idea of this product, the design is great, the massage with heat is nice.its soft, comfortable and not expensive. I would atualy love this if i had an option to stop the music from playing ( maybe it just me who can’t find how to turn it off, but if i knew this will be a problem, i wouldn’t have bought this paeticuar model). When you have migraines you can be sensitive to noise and music is not helping. There i one more thing,i was charging this massager at night and all of a sudden it started talking. Omg. You are sleeping and al of a sudden there is a strange voice talking next to you – let’s say it was something that you don’t want happening you. Also, i could not turn it off, it was just continuously talking for a while,that was supper annoying. So, i love it, but it has some flaws

4Expert Score
Favorite christmas gift

My husband got me this for christmas and i love it! Never knew such a thing existed or that i needed it but i would totally get another if this one wears out or breaks! Highly recommend before taking a nap or going to sleep at night. It’s that relaxing.

My only criticism is i’d like to adjust the heat.

Pro tip: you can also scootch this up to your forehead and rub your temples.

4Expert Score

Awesome product! Helps soothe my eyes and face. Also helps alittle with my sinuses and the build up of fluid on my face. Only wish the motor was quieter and more relaxing. Good value for the money.

4Expert Score
Great product and value.

I really do like the appliance and use it nightly for oil gland production. Black friday made it an even better value. Only downside i see is the music, it needs to be optional on all programs. I want to be able to listen to a podcast or audio book while i use it without the annoying music.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

It’s not perfect, but it feels nice and has enough settings to ensure you find one you like.

4Expert Score
Music volume sucks

I use the product for the relaxing time but bluetooth is a great idea the volume sucks because the vibrator and massager is louder than my music so i can’t get the best out of this product like i should. I hope they fix this so i can send this one back for an updated one wit louder speaker

4Expert Score
Migraine sufferers

As a migraine sufferer, this product works wonders. I love the pressure on my temples, the heat and soft music but hearing the pulsing vibration of the motor inside does not help with a migraine and quite honestly it also drowns out the soft music. Just wish you didn’t hear the motor.

4Expert Score
In love….

Comfortable, calming, peaceful and relaxing. Kinda loud with the robotics of the device but nothing that can’t be overlooked. I say it it’s a win for the amount it costs. Your seldom going to find perfect but this you can work with.

4Expert Score
The eye massager is worth the purchase.

It is a little loud and slightly bulky but it is a good purchase. I suffer from migraines and tension headaches and find this product to be soothing. It has a high air pressure setting and a low air pressure setting but not a medium pressure setting which would be a nice option. The vibration setting is nice but takes a long time to kick in when using with pressure and heat. The music included is not pleasant to me but may be to someone else. I haven’t tries the bluetooth function yet but look forward to listening to meditations or soothing music while using it. Well worth the purchase.

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