Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 6–12, 32 GB, (2021 release), Black

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 6–12, 32 GB, (2021 release), Black

Designed for kids ages 6–12, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a slim Kid-Friendly Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

What are fire hd 10 kids pro tablet features?

  • Save up to $70 on a full-featured tablet (not a toy) designed specifically for kids ages 6–12 that includes 1 year of amazon kids+, parental controls, a slim case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, versus items purchased separately.
  • Features an octa-core processor, 3 gb ram, 10.1′ full hd display, dual cameras, usb-c (2.0) port, and up to 1 tb of expandable storage. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Includes a 1 year subscription of amazon kids+: the only service with thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps and alexa skills from brands like national geographic, marvel and lego. After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel any time by visiting the amazon parent dashboard or contacting customer service.
  • In addition to kids+ content, kids pro tablets include access to a digital store. Kids can request apps and ebooks, while parents approve purchases and downloads. Plus, parents can add access to more apps like minecraft and zoom.
  • The web browser comes with built-in controls designed to help filter out inappropriate sites and let parents add or block specific websites at any time.
  • Stay in touch – kids can send announcements and make voice and video calls over wifi to approved contacts with an alexa-enabled device or the alexa app.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee and slim kid-friendly case included. If it breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free.
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Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 6–12, 32 GB, (2021 release), Black AMAZON

Designed for kids ages 6–12, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a slim Kid-Friendly Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Looking for specific info?

Can youtube be downloaded?

You cannot actually download the youtube app but you can get the web version of it instead. You can google how to install google play store so you can download the actual youtube app on there it what i did because the youtube app is better than the web version of youtube

Is the kids 3-7 interface available on the kids pro 6-12? If yes, is there a setting or is it the childs age that switches it?

As the parent you can log into the parental controls and change the age of the child from 6-12 to whatever age your kid is. It has the exact same options as the 3-7 tablet. The difference is when you buy the 3-7 tablet it has 3-7 yo games as soon as you turn it on. When you buy this one it has 6-12 yo games as soon as you turn it on. Easy change with a swipe of the age!

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Does the device have a headphone jack or can it only be used with bluetooth headphones?

It has a headphone jack

Can kids use alexa on this device?

If you go into the parents profile on the tablet under settings, you can disable or enable alexa. Note that if you enable alexa, you have to disable all of the children’s features and restrictions. At least that’s how i got it to work on my sons tablet (which wasn’t worth it to have alexa. Defeats the purpose of a kids tablet ‍)

Does this come with a charger or usb cable?

Yes, it comes with a charger.

Can you download any kind of game?

Yes; i downloaded roblox to my granddaughter’s tablet. Load it to your account then move the game to the child’s account.

Can the case be removed and/or replaced with a different one if chosen to?

Yes you need to get the one for 11th generation, 2021 release

Ya viene configurado con el usuario que lo compra o lo puedo dar de regalo, y que lo configuren el que lo adquiere ?

Lo compras y lo puede configurar tú o quién lo recibe. Eso si necesita tener cuenta de amazon o crear una. El niño debe tener una cuenta de correo también.

Does fire 10 tablet need sim card

I purchased for my grandson and doesn’t need a sim card

What is on the other end of the usb-c cable that plugs into the amazon charging block? Is it a usb-a plug?


Old charging issues, port loose or false water issue. Will this table allow it to charge with a charging pad?

This does not work with a charging pad. It does have a usb-c connector which, in general, i find to be better than the old micro usb connectors.

Por que dice que la tablet es para niños de 6 a 12 años? No puede ser para niños de 3 años? Cual es la diferencia con la misma que es de 3 a 7 años?

Tal vez por que el cobertor no es adecuado para niños chiquitos. Si se. Cae si se puede quebrar

Does this come with 64 or larger storage?

Yes….read the description.

Does this need a micro sd card or a full size sd card? And do you know which class it needs to hold media like pics and videos?

Takes a microsd card, so that is one of the smaller cards. You should buy a namebrand card like kingston or pny or samsung or something like that. You can never go wrong with using a class 10 card, because that guarantees a certain level of read and write speed.

Is the case hard or rubbery? Like a kid-proof bumper case?

The case is not foam rubber like the case for the younger children. It is a ‘hard’ case, but has a slight give/rubbery texture that makes it easy to grip.

Is adventure academy available for this tablet like abc mouse is? They are the same company but adventure is for older kids in the age range of this.

To my knowledge only if you do not put a age restriction on it

Is audible included with the kids plus subscription or is an additional audible subscriptions required?

Kids audible is included regular audible is not

I can’t seem to find the hulu app on this device. I found all the others like netflix, disney+ etc, why isn’t hulu available? Please help.

I think we had to download some apps, you may have to do the same suit your needs and want you or our children. Some apps are by age group

Is the charger that comes with it extra long or is that one you must order separately?

‘is the charger that comes with it extra long or is that one you must order separately?’

Does it support messenger kids?


Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 6–12, 32 GB, (2021 release), Black AMAZON

Designed for kids ages 6–12, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a slim Kid-Friendly Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Less than a month and it’s…

Updated: amazon contacted me and sent me a replacement which i received today. So far nothing seems wrong with the replacement! Therefore i’m updating my review to 5 stars. 🙂
i still think these tablets need to come with a better guide as far as setting up a kids profile and how to get apps downloaded on it (like how you can download apps from the adult profile and put it on the kids profile). If this one ends up breaking i’ll update again.

We’ve had this less than a month and the back of the tablet came apart from the front. I don’t know what’s going on with this one compared to the fire tablet 8 for kids, but it seems a lot more cheaply made. There isn’t anything really securing the two pieces together. It also came like this. I thought because of the way the blue cover was made, that’s why the tablet wouldn’t fit all the way. It wasn’t until tonight i tried to take the cover off, just to realize that the tablet was actually completely apart. It seems to have snapped back in, but if i was to try to take it apart, i’m sure it would. I’m going to try to get a replacement for this, but i wanted to warm others to look out for this before your return window expires. Lastly, these tablets need to come with a better guide that actually shows you where to go to setup the kids profile. For example, how to add the downloaded apps from the parents profile onto the kids profile, so that kids have more apps to play with (the apps that come with a typical kids profile aren’t that entertaining)

5Expert Score
Best battery on any tablet we’ve ever had

My daughter’s old tablet stopped working so i was forced to get her a new one and i’m really happy i chose this one. She’s dropped it plenty of times and the screen is still in tact almost a year later. The built in kick stand helps for when she’s just watching videos and playing with actual toys at the same time. My favorite part is the battery. Her last battery took something like 19 hours tk charge fully but this one charges swiftly just like a cell phone. I bought it on sale but i’d have spent the regular price

5Expert Score
Worth the investment

I had bought this for my 11 yr old god daughter and she loves learning on it and watching videos. The color is excellent on it and the touch screen is spot on. I started out with the 7′ when she was 4 yrs old then the 8′ when she turned 8 yrs. But then the screen cracked when she dropped it from her tree house accidentally ( one month after it ran out of warranty). She always took good care of her tablets. So for her 11 birthday i got her the 10′. She has autism and i would recommend anyone with children that has a learning disability to get one. The learning technic on there apps helped her read, write, focus and explore. I am very thankful i got these these. Totally worth the investment for your child and their education. And easy on your wallet.

5Expert Score
So far so good, but….

Everything seems to be in great working order, my daughter loves it…have had it less than a week, come to write a review and see that it’s now on sale…for $80 less than what i paid less than a week ago… Unhappy….it took us forever to save enough money for one and didn’t have enough for the last time there was a sale, only order too soon and miss the next sale. Great tablet the, order during a sale or u may be upset losing out on much needed $80.

5Expert Score
Finally we have a kindle fire tablet with usb-c

When we purchased our last one back in 2019, usb-c was not a new thing, it was already in wide spread use and yet they still decided to go with micro usb, glad to see they finally made the switch, easier to plug in, especially for little hands and generally you get faster charging rates. Screen looks amazing and we’ve been kindle tablet users since the very first one, do wish however they’d let us install pokemon go. Just saying, amazon! I like the new pro cases, definitely makes the tablet looks more for ‘big boys and girls’ and less childish. Love the handle/stand thats built right in, nice touch. The increased sd card capacity is great too. Highly recommended tablet!

5Expert Score
Absolutely the best ipad for children!!!

Honestly wanted to write a review for the parents- this is hands down the best tablet-ipad device for kids! Much better than an apple ipad! These tablets are specifically designed for kids with guardrails!!! There’s two options 1 for younger kids and then 1 for kids 6-12 which is what we got. Meaning it’s specifically tailored for a child!!! They put all the safety guardrails built into this tablet, so if they listen to music- it’s only the family station- it doesn’t allow explict language or mature adult content to be streamed to this device. Only age approriate games, music, movies. Etc- also the web- urgh. I do not allow my child to use the internet but for those that do this tablet is amazing becuz it has a web safety built in where it will not allow mature adult websites to be accessed etc or show up when browsing. Again only the age appropriate content ( you can even set the age of ur child so it’s even more specific) honestly it’s much better than an ipad where’s there’s absolutely no safety net built in at all expect parental controls- this is actually built specifically for the child’s age group your buying it for. Thank you amazon for making an ipad / tablet that’s specifically built for kids!!!
And it’s beautiful. Big screen. Beautifully vivid colors, really awesome home screen. Awesome case, has a cute keyboard you can purchase separately along with wireless headphones etc! It’s awesome. Might get rid of my kids apple ipad all together. This is so much safer!!! Battery lasts forever.
However as with all electronic devices you should still check and monitor everything even on this. Just in case. ( you do have option of parental controls if you wanted to custom set everything including time limits, goals. Etc)
ps set up was literally a breeze!!!!
Get this and get rid of the aweful ipad!

5Expert Score
Charging port

Overall the tablet was great, but the problem was the charging port and recharging it made it to difficult for a child. So we had to return this one, but we plan on buying this product again and just charging it ourselves.

5Expert Score
That i don't like

That i don’t like

on the part of amazon, my complaint is that i live in the dominican republic and the guarantee does not work for me… The bad part is that i have to continue paying for the tablet without being able to use it since the screen is broken, it is all on my part.

They must have a way to send the screen to the dominican republic and that a photo can be sent to show that the screen was changed.

5Expert Score
Great option for kids (better than an i-pad)

Really like this tablet for my kids, ages 4-9. Bought 3 of these to replace an old ipad. Kids mainly use them for long car trips. All three kids love these. I really appreciate the free year of amazon kids – there are a ton of things for the kids to download/watch/listen to etc. They mainly use disney+ and various games. The best thing is, unlike with our old ipad, we don’t have to worry about whether the content will be appropriate (from what i can tell it’s all been carefully vetted and reviewed by someone smart at amazon) and our kids aren’t bombarded with ads and in-app purchase requests. Highly recommend for kids.

One issue i’m mildly concerned about is screen durability. We ordered 3 of these and 1 screen broke almost instantly. I don’t even know what happened. Amazon was really great about getting us a replacement (we didn’t even have to send it back), but i’m hoping that’s not a sign of issues to come… Given all the other great features, the excellent customer service, and the fact that the other 2 are in great shape, i don’t think it warrants a star deduction, but i am going to be a little more careful with these than we were with our old ipad.

5Expert Score
My 4yr old loves it

Although it froze literally 1 day before the return window luckily we purchased the warranty. Only reason i didn’t return it was because we traded in the 7in for the 10in. And we never had any problems prior. But i don’t like the fact that you can’t seem to download abc mouse app. He uses khan academy and others now as well. My 4yr old loves the handle to the case but really wishes the case and tablet was red.

4Expert Score
Like the tablets. Dislike the lack of setup info for parental controls from amazon.

Tl;dr — the tablets are good. Amazon’s interface for setup and for parental controls has not improved since our last experience. I’m a week in to having these in my home and so irked that the experience hasn’t gotten better in the 4 years since our last kids+ tablet purchase.

This is our second experience purchasing the amazon fire kids+ tablets. We had a previous generation for ~4 years and they were fine for our kiddos at the time. As the kids are now 5 and 7 years old (and the other tablets were sllllowwwwwww), it was time to upgrade! They did some chores to ‘earn’ them. It was all very cute. I compared and strongly considered going with ipads for ease of use, but the cost savings with amazon fire tablets was substantia due to the trade-in value of the old tablets, the promo they were running for trade-in’s and some amazon credit we had saved up.

The screens are a far improvement. The larger size is wonderful, and the kids are enjoying their cool new cases which they got to pick out and have the stand/handle feature. (my oldest went with the black case and immediately decorated it to make it her own with her sticker collection. Our youngest went with the doodle case and its cute.)

i like that you can choose the ‘younger’ kids+ interface or the ‘older’ kids+ interface. (that is not mentioned in features on the shopping site here. But, i found it buried in the parental controls as an option yesterday and i’m so glad! My 5 year old is already benefitting from that, as she has not yet started reading, so it’s easier for her.)

the good: the screens are good. They actually charge and hold a longer charge than the previous ones. Cool cases. Fun games. In the end, my kids don’t care what i do with setup, as long as they get to play a few games they like and get their screentime. They do not know the difference between this and any other brand of tablet. Because, they are 5 and 7. And while they literally have opinions about everything. They do not understand that amazon is a commercially driven giant who just wants their parents money and mine our family’s data as best they can. (i get that i still bought the darn tablets. Life is about balance.)

issues with amazon’s setup and parent controls/dashboard:
– ok… The booklet that comes in the box is a useless waste of glossy paper. It basically says ‘hello. Turn on tablet. Follow setup instructions on screen.’ save the paper, amazon. It’s 2022. At least make it more recyclable so i don’t feel bad immediately throwing it in the trash. It makes the ‘climate pledge friendly’ icon look even more like pedantic greenwashing. Your consumers are smart, amazon. Get it together.
– setup instructions are so basic once you open it up on screen.
– there is seemingly a ‘parental controls’ option you can access from the amazon fire tablet that is not the same as the parent dashboard for kids+. This is confusing and frustrating. My husband and i are both very ‘with it’ millenial types who understand technology. And we were both just getting mad at these cheap tablets. We were very close to sending them back and biting the bullet on the price tag of two ipads… Just for our own mental health.
– parental controls are most easily accessed online from a computer. I couldn’t access all the options from the tablet or even my phone.
– once you get into the parental controls, there were no explanations of what the info really means. And there were lots of options buried that were just frustrating to find. The ‘call’ feature all of a sudden disappeared from my 5 year old’s tablet. I searched in all the places, tried ‘sharing’ the alexa app from the parent profile to the kid+ profile… Nada. I had to get onto amazon chat to manage getting that found and even that person didn’t quite know where to find it at first. They sent me 4 different things to try and i was thissssss close to doing a factory reset mere days after getting the tablet. I found the unchecked box eventually, but good grief. (this is merely one of many examples of my annoyances with this system interface.)
– speaking of the ‘call’ feature… Some notes: the video/call quality is roughly ~80% there. It’ll do. But, the call features are not available if my kids are playing certain games. So, i cannot drop in, announce, or call them from another room to blissfully say, ‘hey sweetie… 5 more minutes until dinner.’ it constantly tells me they are unavailable. And then when they call anyone else, it drops calls pretty easily. Real life with these tablets is apparently not like the commercials. (our family has really amazing fiber internet, so it is absolutely the tablet’s fault here.)
– i had — of course! — checked out the faq/help sections on the website first. None of them were helpful. All were basic, generic, etc.

Here’s what i think amazon should do:
– add some printing to the box insert that says ‘hello. Turn on tablet. Follow setup instructions on screen.’ and cut the useless waste of glossy paper.
– significantly improve the usability of the setup screen and instructions! Parents are busy and do not inherently speak your in-house ‘amazon’ language; some of which has changed since the last time we had to truly setup one of these things. Create a setup that literally walks parents through a ‘yes/no’ of features that they want to set up for their child right then and there with the option to find it easily later. Again… It’s 2022! Use pictures. Give me info on what you’re even talking about; maybe even some ‘best practices’ of what you intended it to be used like, what other parents might use it like, etc. Just ask me one screen at a time what i want my kids screen-time to be like, if i want them to be able to call people and who, then tell me how to setup that call system (not everyone has or wants an alexa device in their home – so you have to actually tell us how to set it up if someone doesn’t have a device)… Like, just do the whole ‘explain it to me like i’m five’ but respect me like i’m paying for your ceo’s space bill thing. Ok? Thanks.
– work on that ‘call’ app in the kids+ side of things. It’s a really cool option for us to give our kids, but it is lacking in interface design and ease. (why can’t i update the robot icon to a picture of the person they are trying to call? Wouldn’t that be gosh darn cute and easier for a kid who wants to call that person i’ve approved for them?!) and it should have the capacity to override – at least as a banner notification – when my kids are in whatever app they’re in. Like any other ‘phone’ call type of thing would be.

I’m a busy parent and just want this thing to work long enough so that my kids can stare at it, maybe learn some things, let them call my sister while she’s attempting to work from home, and then get dinner started without them asking me for snacks every few minutes. The hardware is there. The software is not.

Vent over. I hope this helps at least one person make the best decision for their family. And i hope amazon hears my pleas before i have to buy another tablet for the kiddos.

Be well, all.

4Expert Score
A review on the hd 10 kids pro also a comparison to the hd 10 kids

I would just like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time in reading my rateing and i hope it helps you decide on to get the hd 10 kids or the pro. Before we start getting deep into the rating i need to say that im almost positive both the tablets are the exact same the only diffrence is the case as far as ive heard besides some prental control features are diffrent on the pro. If you have older kids i would get the pro because the case is much slimmer and the power and volume buttons are way more simple to press on the pro. With the hd kids 10 the power and volume buttons are more harder to press due to the thicker case and sometimes be mistaken for eachother. This tablet comes with a 2 year worry free warrenty, this will allow you to rest easy knowing that if you buy this tablet you at least can get 2 years out of it being crack free. If it does crack just call the amazon phone line and they will sort it out there you send it back once they get it they will send a non broken one. This process might take up to 2 weeks most of the time only being less than a week (around 5 days.) if you are looking for something with a very good camra this is not the tablet for you the camra is not very good. Another thing i want to mention is that this tablet has the amazon app store not google play so apps you may like my not be availabe on this device. If you do decide to get this device there is a 1 year free trial to the kids+ what is $99 to a non prime member and $69 to a prime member free of charge. This will grant acess to little kids fav tv shows like peppa pig,spongbob, and even books from peppa pig and more. Honestly you get your moneys worth and if you do decide to get this tablet i would also recommend getting some things to go with it like a wireless bluetooth keyboard, a traveling case and some wireless bluetooth headphones because who wants to hear the kids loud annoying videos all day. This will wrap up my rating on this tablet i hope this helped and thank you for taking time to read my rating and have a good rest og your day. 🙂

4Expert Score
Love it but catch it on sale.

My son loves it and i have played with it, responsive and sturdy. I wish i would have waited 6 more days before buying, $80 dollars less but still a good value, i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
No sticker

They need to add a sticker after cleaning the screen to pick up dust particles. The rag that comes in the kit leaves a lot behind

4Expert Score
Purchased as a gift

The only thing i am questioning is how will it perform without prime…i won’t know until after christmas. I do not like that it needs to be connected to a prime account. Bought for grandchildren.

4Expert Score
It’s simply amazing!

Reasonably priced tablet by amazon, it’s fast and very good on the battery life. It gets the job done and beyond, a good deal.

4Expert Score
Just buy it !!!

Best investment ever !!!! My 5 year old twins love the tablets! Saved me from buying another apple tablet

4Expert Score
A safe tablet for my son

Love everything about this tablet for my 5 year old son except the non access to youtube kids. For some reason they only have select videos that are featured from you tube that the kids can watch. Otherwise if you have a concern about content this is the tablet to use. We read books, play, games, color etc. Trying to keep him away from minecraft and all the other games that aren’t productive for as long as we can.

4Expert Score
Better relation price – quality

Very good product, need more ram, and the case it’s not good in compare previous version

4Expert Score
Great for kids

Easy to use and set up. Pretty tough but definitely recommend a sturdy case and screen protector. I recommend buying a longer charge cable because the one that comes with it is pretty short. Parental controls are easy to set up and monitor. Highly recommend getting a storage card as it can run out of storage and the closer to full it is the slower and less responsive it gets. It’s not an ipad but, like i said it is a great tablet for kids!

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