Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue

Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue

Give kids a high-performance tablet designed just for them. Designed for kids ages 3–7, the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

What are fire hd 10 kids tablet features?

  • Save up to $70 on a full-featured tablet (not a toy) for kids ages 3–7 that includes 1 year of amazon kids+, parental controls, a kid-proof case, and 2-year guarantee, versus items purchased separately.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee and kid-proof case included. If it breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free.
  • Includes a 1 year subscription of amazon kids+: the only service with thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps and alexa skills from brands like disney, nickelodeon and pbs kids. After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel any time by visiting the amazon parent dashboard or contacting customer service.
  • Easy-to-use parental controls allow you to filter content and set educational goals and time limits.
  • Parents can give kids access to more apps like netflix, disney+, and zoom via the amazon parent dashboard.
  • Features an octa-core processor, 3 gb ram, 10.1′ 1080p full hd display, dual cameras, usb-c (2.0) port, and up to 1 tb of expandable storage. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Amazon kids+ includes thousands of spanish language books, videos, apps, games, and audible books.
  • Features a usb-c (2.0) port and includes a usb-c cable and 9w power adapter in the box.
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Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue AMAZON

Give kids a high-performance tablet designed just for them. Designed for kids ages 3–7, the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Looking for specific info?

Can this be used by adults as well or is this just for kids?

Adults too! I have a profile and so does my kid. We just switch between them. When it’s on mine i only see my content and apps. There’s a passcode that has to be entered to switch to the adults.

Can u watch youtube on it

Yes you can watch youtube. You as the parent control what the kids can download or use. There’s a feature under settings called add content or similar sounding. There you can allow it to be added to their screen. If you don’t want the whole app but just a video there’s a way to do that as well. Its an amazing tablet.

Can more than one bluetooth headset sync with this tablet? I want to play movies on this one tablet in the car for two kids in the back

Look into beats headsets… I believe you can pair two headsets, needing only one to pair with the tablet.

Can we get access to youtube kids yet?

I had to google it but my daughter has the real kids youtube on hers. It’s called something else in on the tablet but it’s the exact same as my ipad version.

Does it come with a over the seat holder for the car?

No, it doesn’t come with the cover for over the seat, it only comes with the case that goes on the tablet to protect it.

Can you down load netflix?

Yes you can. And you can even download shows to the tablet to use when wifi isn’t available

Can you download and save shows to watch from other apps like disney+ and hoopla (our library app)? Want kids to watch in car without internet access.

You would have to add the app to the kid’s account. My kids had no problems watching downloaded shows on netflix and disney+.

I bought this tablet 4 months ago and it will not turn on. I have tried numerous plugs and outlets. I tried hard reseting it. Can anyone help me?

Contact amazon for a warranty replacement. It has a 2 year warranty and sounds like it definitely has a problem. They can help with troubleshooting and replace it if needed.

How do you factory reset when stuck in kids mode?

How do i force a factory reset on my fire tablet?
1. While your kindle fire is powered down, press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time until a system recovery screen appears.
2. Use your volume buttons to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then press the power button to confirm the action.

Can this be used to buy books and used as a kindel for kids learning to read zdx?


Do you have to pay to use this tablet?

No, with a couple of caveats:

1. You’ll have to pay for any apps you want to use from the app store that cost money. There are tons of free apps though and purchasing apps isn’t required unless you want ones that aren’t free.

2. The kids mode, known as freetime unlimited, is included free for 1 year with the purchase of the tablet. After that you’ll have to pay. They have different plans that you can purchase for a single or multiple children. You can continue to use the tablet for free after the included freetime unlimited subscription expires but won’t be able to use that feature, it will work as a normal tablet without it though.

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Se puede poner una tarjeta con internet como si fuera una sim card ?


Hello.. I dont see the 10′ amazon tablet on any sort of prime discount?

Keep an eye out, they regularly discount it.

Can you download from pbs kids for instance? To watch on the plane and abroad?

We’ve got pbs kids on ours, so that you can do for sure. I haven’t tried to download content from that app, but if it supports it, it should work fine to watch offline. We’ve downloaded content from netflix, disney+, and plex and watched offline and while on an airplane with no issues.

Does it work outside the us,like say nigeria ?

Yes works fine internationally. If you happen to find yourself in a country that filters/censors internet access, that would likely cause issues.

When i try to download the abc mouse app it says “currently unavailable” can anyone help?

You go to the appstore library on the child’s tablet (while logged into the parent account) and download abc mouse. Then you can go to child settings and hit share content and access it off the child’s page.

Can you download youtube on here?

You will be able to? But if you want kid’s youtube, you’ll have to get another version of it. We found a good one in the app store and it plays like the one on ios

Can an adult use this as a kindle?

I’m able to view my own personal e-books on my child’s fire tablet, so i’m gonna say yes.

Is there any way to make the home screen less busy – aka with my own purchased content instead of ‘discovery, kids+, featured, etc’ contents?

Yes, in the adult profile, you have the ability to remove apps, so you can remove everything but the apps you want available.

Can you download utube?

Yes, but only if you download google to your tablet and it’s only on the parents side, it can’t be shared on the kids side. At least i haven’t been able to.

Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue AMAZON

Give kids a high-performance tablet designed just for them. Designed for kids ages 3–7, the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet features a vibrant 10.1′ 1080p Full HD display, 3 GB of RAM, and an octa-core processor. It also includes 1 year of Yakibest Kids+, easy-to-use parental controls, a Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for little learners

I know screen time isn’t the best for little people, but sometimes you need the help. The tablet has been such a great addition to our day. And without prompting from either parent, my child went right for the alphabet games. She knew the entire alphabet and most of the numbers before she hit 2 years old. I credit that to the plethora of educational apps and games available. I also love that a year of prime kids comes with the tablet. This is so nice! Now we play alphabet and number games for fun without tech, too. Never thought i’d be doing that with a barely 2 year old.

5Expert Score
It has so many apps.

My 3 yr old likes his tablet a lot. We have had this tablet for about 2 months 1/2. It has so many apps to choose from. I think the best park is the rubber case it comes with. My son has dropped a few times and it hasn’t broken. I hesitated on buying it because of all the reviews i was reading, but honestly it is a great product.
If i had one bad thing to say about it, would be that once we leave the house it doesn’t let my son see any videos. He can only see whatever he has downloaded unto his tablet. But he can at least have a book read to him, or play games. So its still great.
You might not have a problem with this if you have wifi everywhere you go. This is a great buy!!!

5Expert Score
Rockstar amazon customer service

Screen cracked less than 2 months after buying, and i talked to a couple of associates via chat and phone who couldn’t help with a replacement. Suddenly, like someone flashed batman’s rooftop signal, i received a call from an amazing csr who seamlessly handled the problem and sent the replacement promptly. She is my hero! The tablet itself does great and we couldn’t be more pleased… But the customer service is top notch.

5Expert Score
Love amazon’s kid tablet

Bought this for my son last year and i just had to get my daughter one. I was expecting it to be so much more ($$) but i got it for a good deal. I was also able to trade-in my son’s old tablet for 10% off. I bought it in the morning and received it right before she got home! It doesn’t allow them to watch anything not “kid-friendly”

5Expert Score
Get this tablet!

If you are trying to decide between the different fire kid tablets spend the extra money and go with this one. We’ve had the two most recent versions of the fire kid 7 tablets and had many issues. Some of the pros of the 10 are the larger screen, faster processing time and quick charging time. I would highly recommend adding a tempered glass screen protector.

5Expert Score

Everyone of my children have one of these tablets. I love them. They have the kids profiles and you can have the adult profiles. They truly are very helpful in helping children learn and grow.

5Expert Score
Highly recommend!!!

We love our fire tablets at our house!!! Especially the kids fire tablets! The foam bumpers are lifesavers !!!!! My 3yr old literally tosses his around like a bouncy ball and it actually kind of bounces but still works beautifully!!!! Highly highly recommended!!!!

5Expert Score
Perfect for kids

This tablet is perfect for kids and you aren’t paying apple prices. The battery life is impressive as we have only charged it 3 times in about 2 months.
You can also set parental controls to limit what and when your kids is playing a game or watching a show.

5Expert Score
Sturdy and durable

I started buying my son tablets when he was two. He burned thru and broke tablet. That or, the tablets weren’t ‘kid resistant.’ and so, they broke, froze, or just stop working. I then bout him the fire stick 8in. It lasted over 2 yrs. Given, the screen was cracked. Alot. But it worked. Because of this i upgraded to the fire stick 10in. It has 200$ price. But it’s worth getting it for your child. I even use it at time. Excellent thing (tablet.) a plus sign is it comes with a 2 yr warrenty(which i never had to use) and a year of amazon kids for free. Any problems you have, or that i’ve had, amazon customer service is real good a helping with issues. All in all, it’s worth the price if you’re looking for a good tablet for your child

5Expert Score
Perfect for kids! No ads or in-app purchases on kids content.

This tablet is awesome. We replaced an older ipad with this hoping it would have decent options for my son (4 years old) to play with but without the constant ads and purchase prompting. He would get frustrated because every minute or so on the ipad he’d have to watch an ad or click wrong trying to close it and go down an ad-ridden rabbit hole.

The fire kids tablet has a lot of the same games (particularly the sonic running game), but with the fire kids, there’s no ads/popups/purchases constantly and he can simply play the games.

The battery life is amazing. Every time i check it expecting it to be dead, it still has 60-70% life left. It charges with a usb-c cable, so its the same as the rest of my new devices.

It’s been dropped a few times but the big hefty rubber case has kept it save.

4Expert Score
Overall i really like it!

I bought this for my 3 year old and have had it for a couple of months now. Overall i really like it but there was a learning curve with the software. Here are my thoughts and experiences with it.

– price is excellent if you can catch a sale.
– case is very good. Great protection, good quality. I really like that they put thought into maximizing the sound with the case. The speakers are on the edge of the device and they make a cool curved area so that the sound from the speakers is redirected towards the user. Works very well.
– battery life is really good.
– curated list of age-appropriate content is very good.
– you can remove content as desired.
– great warranty.
– as your child grows, the list of content and interface can grow with them. The main interface is optimized for either readers or non-readers and can be changed if your non-reader learns to read. The curated content is age-based, so as they age, the content remains appropriate for their age.
– you have control over age range of curated content. You can set it to whatever you want depending on where your particular child is developmentally. You can also set the range in terms on age range, too. Say your kid is 8, you can make just 8 year old content available, or ages 2-8, or 7-10. Whatever you want.

– software could be a lot easier to manage for parents. Some of the content we wanted to remove. It’s possible but it took me a few internet searches and some fumbling around in the software to find. I work in technology/software and am pretty savvy and it still wasn’t easy.
– no button to show running apps, so you can’t directly switch between apps without going to the home screen first.
– hardware is pretty meh. It’s all pretty basic, lower resolution screen, processor is on the lower end, body material is plastic and feels cheapish. Ram is ok at 3gb.
– storage – only offering 32gb is inexcusable. It allows for very little content to be downloaded/cached on the device and will become a problem at some point for almost everyone. It should be 64gb as the base and they should offer 128gb as an upgrade. You’re basically required to use an sd card since the 32gb is so small, most people would be fine if it cost a few bucks more and storage wasn’t the problem it is now.

Other thoughts:
the software overall is really good in my opinion. It for sure needs to be more intuitive in regard to management for parents. However, my daughter has had no issues at all with using it herself. The interface is perfect for her age. It also includes some premium content as well through kindle books and nickelodeon shows/games. It’s shows and characters she’s already interested in, so all that content is fantastic.

Another surprise hit was the experiences available with many of the books, that there are options for the book to be read out loud to your child, or for them to read it, or for a parent to read it for them. A very thoughtful and useful feature. My daughter loves having the books narrated for her and is helping in her progress toward learning to read.

Some reviews have mentioned issues with certain apps, including abc mouse. We use that one a lot and have had no issues whatsoever. I assume that issues other reviewers had in the past have been resolved by software updates.

When you first dive into this ecosystem, it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of features and settings, as well as content. After learning how to use and manage it, i can say that i really like it and there’s nothing currently on the market that’s as good of an end to end experience. I highly recommend giving it a try and stick with it as you work to understand everything. Once you’ve got it figured out, it’s pretty easy to manage and great for kids.

4Expert Score
Warranty doesn't include the 'kid proof' case

My daughter’s ‘kid proof’ case is warped to the point that it has to be shoved aside to charge it. I have until november on my 1 year warranty (i guess the warranty has changed since last year, not a 2 year warranty like now) so contacted customer service for a replacement, only to find that the case isn’t covered. It is 35.00 to replace it, which is kind of a kick in the teeth. No other solution offered by customer service. I miss the old days when they at least seemed interested and sympathetic. Maybe they’re as tired and overworked as everyone else these days.

4Expert Score
Unreliable external storage capabilities

In general these are great. The options can get a bit overwhelming but that’s digital parenting for you. My only beef with this tablet is that it wont read an exfat formatted microsd card (the kind that are specifically made for this tablet and sell with it). It should read exfat, but it will only read ms-dos(fat)/fat32. I don’t think this is a global problem since most people seem to have no problem mounting the ‘sold separately but made for amazon fire’ sandisk microsd cards. I bought a 128gb card to go with this tablet and it didn’t mount in the system at all. I tried reformatting it on my computer thinking it was the card, and it still wouldn’t work. Finally i tried formatting it to ms-dos(fat) and that worked (though now i’m limited to 4gb on file sizes). I saw other people on the sandisk microsd page leaving questions and reviews about how the cards weren’t working and i’m pretty sure it’s not the card, it’s this tablet. My computer was reading the card just fine, and i tried various other microsd cards that i’ve used in other tablets, cameras, and fires and those also only worked if they were ms-dos(fat) formatted. Any exfat formatted card just wouldn’t work, sandisk or not. So that leaves the tablet. I wouldn’t let that stop you from purchasing one of these, but just know that if you try to mount a microsd card and it doesn’t work, you’ll want to exchange the tablet immediately instead of wasting your time with sandisk trying to replace the card.

4Expert Score
My toddler loves this tablet

My kid loves this tablet. You can set limits on time and content. The only thing i don’t like is that your kid is able to see all the apps and open whatever they want so storage fills up fast.

4Expert Score
Great meal distraction for kids

Light weighted and long battery. This tablet has the special toddler cover for durability. Processor is not the fastest but good enough for kids videos and games. Recommend!

4Expert Score
Beware: amazon does not honor the 2 year return policy

My tablet stopped taking a charge a year in. When i called to claim the 2 year worry free return policy. I was told it wasn’t an option, the amazon employee didn’t have the option on his computer.

So prepare for an hour long battle waste of your life if you want to try and fight them to honor it.

I wish they would just remove that all together from the page advertisement. If you don’t honor it, don’t put it on there, very strange.

Do better amazon.

4Expert Score
The tablet is awesome!!

I love the tablet!! It’s loud enough and the screen quality is great. The only reason i gave it a 4 star is due to the videos not playing back to back. If there are multiple videos (ex season/episodes) you have to select them individually to play them. Once the video is done the tablet will not play the next episode/video. That was my only issue with the tablet. Other than that, the tablet is great.

4Expert Score
2 year return?

Purchased the device june 5th 2021, happy that there was a 2 year replacement advertised with the product. It has been having issues with the volume buttons being responsive so looked at how i would initiate a replacement and now it says that the replacement expired on june 8th. Not exactly 2 years.

4Expert Score
A great device for toddlers to get ahead in early learning.

The screen is the perfect size, with excellent resolution and battery life make portability easy.

4Expert Score

La calidad de la imagen es buena, la duración de la batería también, a mi hijo le dura casi todo el día la carga, la compramos para navidad y ya teníamos 6 meses con el equipo cuando el touch empezó a fallar, la respuesta del equipo de amazon ante esta situación fue muy rápida y muy efectiva, fueron muy amables y respetuosos , me explicaron que la tableta tiene dos años de garantía, así que en este momento se encuentra en manos del técnico , la arreglan o la remplazan si es necesario y creo que por esto realmente vale la pena comprarla , los equipos para niños corren muchos riesgos pero tener la garantía por dos años ante cualquier situación, realmente vale la pena , fuera de eso, el contenido es muy bueno, tiene mucha variedad , buena calidad de imagen y de sonido.

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