Fire HD 10 Plus tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Slate

What are fire hd 10 plus tablet features?

  • Get more with plus: everything in fire hd 10, plus wireless charging, 4 gb ram, and a soft-touch finish.
  • Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 4 gb ram. 2x more ram than the previous generation.
  • Long-lasting 12-hour battery and wireless charging. 32 or 64 gb internal storage. Add up to 1 tb with microsd (sold separately).
  • Brighter display – vivid 10.1′ 1080p full hd display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected – download apps like zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done – check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like microsoft office, onenote, and dropbox.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Split screen – all-new feature for fire os that shows two compatible apps, like facebook messenger and prime video, open side by side for easy multitasking.
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Looking for specific info?

Can you pay later to have the ads removed.

I paid to remove ads on the first two fire tablets i bought. On the last purchase, the 2021 fire 10 plus, i chose not to spend the extra $15. The ads are no burden to me. They are limited to only a few. Sometimes the ‘ad’ is a blank screen – my favorite. There’s no minimum time you have to wait, so they don’t hold you up, and they don’t interrupt your work as they only appear when the device wakes up. They don’t play sound, or flash the screen annoyingly. These are not like the ads you get with some apps on the google store. If you discover that you really can’t stand to look at them, you always have a choice to remove them with an option in the settings app.

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Can anyone just break it down and tell me what is ‘extra’ about the plus? Thank you in advance.

If you go through the little bit of trouble to install the google play store, then that extra gb of ram will do wonders. You’ll be able to play the latest mobile games without a hitch. Processing pictures, videos, etc. Will be much smoother. Overall much faster. Also, since the processor won’t have to keep adding info into the ram, cause with 4 gigs most programs will completely load, you will save a lot of battery life. Wireless charging is nice if you use it.

If you aren’t going to be installing google play store, and don’t care about wireless charging, then there is no need at all to get the plus over the hd, except for future proofing.

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How do i trade in my kindle 10 for the new one

Go to customer service, click on returns and refunds, and look down the screen for ‘did you know’, and the last entry tells you how to trade in your kindle… You can get a credit toward the purchase of a new device, the amount depending on the condition of the trade in. I got a $10.00 credit and 20% off the purchase of the newest fire hd 10 plus tablet. You print off a return label and a lithium battery label, then drop your device at ups. Amazon will contact you and tell you how much your used device is worth….

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What is the default browser for internet access?

If you search youtube for ‘how to install google play on amazon fire 10.’ there are several videos that are helpful. With google play you can download anything that you like. Definitely replace the youtube! And any web browser you want. It is not supported by amazon, but i did it. It is great. The program name is fire toolbox v16.0.

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My new kindle fire hd 10 is listed as10th generation. Looking for new cover, i see 11th generation covers for the all new kindle fire. Which is it?

This fire hd 10 plus is the 11th generation, as indicated on the packaging. There was an issue with the device settings showing 10th generation, which has since been resolved through the latest software update. Contact amazon support if you have additional questions.

I haven’t had to charge in days but now plugged in and hasn’t charged at all in 6 hours?

This happened to me also. Got it cleared up.
1. The ‘padlock image’ at the bottom of the screen has a lock charging option when tapped. When tapped 2nd time, block is removed. . On/off
2. The shorter bar on the top of the tablet controls the screen light when it goes off if the phone is set idle too long and light goes off. Tap the bar very gentle, wait a few seconds, and see if the screen lights up.
3. Keep fingers crossed
hope this works for you.

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Has anyone used this to read textbooks on?

Can the 10 plus be used vertically

Can i download music and movies to a. As card?

Yes and no. The sd card mounts as additional storage for the tablet and is formatted during this process. But once it is mounted you can download the media on the tablet and save it to the sd card.

I would recommend downloading for offline playback on apps like netflix or spotify.

If you are looking for another option you can sideload the play store and download a media player such as vlc.

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Does it have a sd card slot?

The sd card slot is located under the rubber cover on the right side edge of the device (when the device is head in the letter position). It yo are holding it in the landscape position, with the camera that faces you on the top, the sd slot is on the bottom edge.

Does it have a camera? Does it have a sd slot?

Yes, front and back cameras. Micro sd port on the side.

Can i get email on it?

Yes, easy. I have my gmail accounts, my isp account and my personal email server all linked on this device. You can either use the standard ‘android’ email app which comes on the machine out-of-the-box or load a gmail (google) mail manager or a 3rd party app such as microsoft’s outlook. They all work perfectly!

What does web browsing over wifi means?

It means you can connect the fire to wifi just like you do with your phone or any other computer that is wifi capable and
surf the internet through the fire’s browser.

What is the difference between a fire tablet and an ipad?

The biggest difference is the availability of apps you might actually use and the fact that on the ipad they’re regularly updated. Good luck with finding the app on amazon or with getting updates before the app just stops working for a month or two.

Does it print

Yes, any modern wifi device can print.

Does this have text to speech feature?


I have an office subscription. Can i use it on this fire?

I’m not 100% sure on this; i have some office 365 that appear to be working, but i had to install the google play store on the tablet in order to have some things available. It’s early yet, so i don’t have a definitive answer, but i would ‘google’ how to install the play store on your tablet.

Can you disable alexa

Yes, go into settings and alexa and turn it off.

Can i use this outside of the us? (latam) i already have a 365 subscription, so i don’t need the one that is included


Funciona con microsoft teams??

Sí. Puedes instalar microsoft teams y conectarte para talleres y otras cosas. Puedes trabajar también tus documentos hechos en las aplicaciones microsoft.

Can my imformation on my old fire hd be transfered to the new hd10 plus?

Yes all my books and other info was transferred automatically

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Bigger and better! *update*

This is my third kindle fire device. I had the hdx for years then gifted it to my son. I then ordered the 8 plus most recently and have generally enjoyed it. However, as someone that has a giant phone with me, i came to realize that the screen just wasn’t big enough to justify using it regularly. Enter the new hd 10 plus with its larger screen. My assumption was that, for the most part, this would basically be a larger version the 8. Generally, my assumption was correct but amazon did a very nice job of tweaking some areas that desperately needed it. I will detail some of those tweaks here but, at its core, this tablet is still very much just a very reasonably priced entertainment device. I think some folks misunderstand the intent from amazon here. The fire line up is designed to meet the demands of most tablet owner’s needs; streaming music, streaming prime video / hulu / netflix, handling emails, general web browsing and more. I know, amazon is offering a “productivity bundle” here and it is nice to see amazon trying to make these more flexible but, make no mistake, there is a reason that companies like apple and samsung charge so much more for their devices. However, if you aren’t expecting an ipad like experience, i think most folks should be genuinely happy with the hd 10 plus. It does an awful lot incredibly well! Here is the breakdown:

-the screen: one of my biggest complaints about the fire 8 plus was the screen. It felt dull and lifeless to me. Functional and fine for a movie or bopping around online indoors but not a vibrant experience. Part of the issue is, so many of us have phones with these crazy perfect panels on them now. Hd+, fhd+, wqhd+, and more! Plus, some of have adaptive refresh rates. I mean these screens are amazing today! These phones often cost over $1,000. So, for devices that retail at less than $250, it would not be fair to expect that level of screen quality. That being said, amazon has definitely improved things here. We get 1080p hd and the screen does not feel as laggy or slow to me. Further, it is noticeably brighter to my eyes which was probably my single biggest complaint about the 8. You will not want to try and stream a show on a bright day on the beach, but it just looks and performs better overall. Combined now with the bigger screen size and i think this panel might actually be a strength of the new 10. Well done!

-form factor: i loved the fire 8 plus with one big nitpick: gigantic bezels! This 10 still has big ones but they feel so much smaller to me. Good stuff. The device feels good in the hand. Solid! Amazon claims a twelve-hour battery. I am seeing at least that. This thing is a beast with battery life!! Charging is handled via usbc or wireless. There is an included 9w brick but make sure to find a 15w brick as that is this tablet’s max charging capability. You will see much faster speeds. I have not had to recharge yet but figure around three hours. As with the last gen 8 plus the wireless charging was a great inclusion at this price amazon! With 4gb of ram and a slightly upgraded realtek processor, i was expecting this to be faster and smoother. Frankly, i am just not sure. Maybe a little bit. It handles everything i have thrown at it. It is a marginal improvement over the last 8 plus in this regard. If you were hoping for huge speed and performance upgrades over the 8 plus, do not bother here. It is smoother but it is somewhat negligible. Amazon is claiming almost 2x the durability in drop testing over the latest ipad 10.2 with significantly strengthened glass. Time will tell on that, but this is good news. Additionally, like the 8 plus, this can be dropped in amazon’s $50 wireless dock and it will basically become an echo show. Pretty slick! I opted for the 64gb model (there is also 32gb) but you can add up to 1tb via expandable memory. Unlike many others, amazon still supports a good old-fashioned 3.5mm stereo jack. There is a 2mp front-facing camera and a 5mp rear camera that shoots up to 720p video. If you have a smartphone built in the last 4 years, you will want to skip anything but, perhaps, a zoom meeting. The cameras produce below average images by today’s standards. This is an okay place to make a save in my opinion. The speakers here are improved over the 8 plus but are still just average.

-connectivity: you get 2.4 ghz and 5.0 ghz wifi here for networking and bluetooth 5.0 le. In my experience so far, i have had very stable wifi connection to my home network with solid range. Additionally, as i would expect with this version of bluetooth, my connection to my ear buds has been strong and can get 50’ plus of range.

-other important thoughts: i cannot find any codec support from either amazon or realtek. I did not anticipate that here. Despite that, i see very little latency when streaming video. Know though that, when streaming music services, do not bother with cranking up the stream quality. This device will not handle anything but fairly compressed audio. Fine in a pinch but an iphone with aac or an android with aptx (at a minimum) will sound better. Amazon does let you go to split screen here to take advantage of the bigger real estate. I do not anticipate using it but you could watch a video on netflix and answer emails at the same time. Might be handy to some. You will hear grumbling about the amazon app store in some of the reviews. It happens every time they release a new device. As a long time fire tablet and android user, i will say that i have never understood amazon’s decision here. Just so much work for a substandard result! That said, i doubt too many of you will find many apps missing. Amazon has given us access to all the big-name apps here. There might be some niche missing stuff but 98% of consumers will likely be pleased here. If you are wondering whether to pay for ad removal or not, i always go for the ads. Only on my reading kindle’s have i paid to remove them. It is not expensive to remove them, but they are only on the lock screen. I swipe the screen and they disappear. Inconsequential to me but, if they bother you, you can pay any time (even after purchase) to remove them so, if you are a first time fire buyer, i recommend taking the save initially to see how you feel about them. Also, plan on buying the amazon brand case. It has a premium feel and protects the tablet nicely. It also offers a unique approach to standing the device both in portrait and landscape modes. Well done.

so, i need to spend more time here and will update as i go but, given the similarities to the 8 plus, i am confident in my early recommendation. In comparison, i just cannot tell you guys what a difference the size difference makes. Between the smaller bezels and the increased screen size, this feels like a completely different device. The bigger brighter screen just makes consuming all forms of media a much better experience. I did not opt for the “productivity package” because, candidly, i just cannot see using this device for work stuff. The point of fire devices, at least for me, is to just have an inexpensive entertainment machine. Again, i hate to dismiss the idea without trying it but i just do not think a realtek processor is capable of creating a really robust experience for work and it doesn’t matter how many free microsoft apps you get thrown into the deal. At just over $200, i am perfectly fine with this. I embrace what amazon has created here. One other important note: if you have an old fire device, like the hdx lying around, amazon gives you 20% off here and $15 for the device, assuming it is still operational. That was a $60 savings for me which is much more than the device was worth. The hd 10 plus is a well-made high value device that makes entertainment on the fly easy. Whether you want to watch something on amazon or hbo, do some gaming, fire off some emails, or just surf around the net, this 10.1” fire tablet will put a smile on your face. I will update this review as i go here but, at least for me, this is an easy recommendation. Nice work to the amazon team here yet again!

*update* so it has been over a week and i am more pleased than i was initially. This is exactly what i wanted. The screen is really good. I no longer miss my s21 ultra when watching video during my elliptical sessions. It is also snappier than i thought initially. Moving around the tablet and interacting with various apps feels more responsive than the last 8 to me for sure. Amazon does include the aac codec here so apple users will have optimized audio when listening to music. I finally found that information. All and all, for the price, i continue to be amazed. Will update further but buy with complete confidence.

5Expert Score
Great option for comic reading, but get the plus!

I purchased this because the ios version of the comixology app updated to change the aspect ratios of comics to basically align with the kindle size format. This in turn shrunk the size of comics on my ipad leaving a lot of empty boarder space, essentially breaking comic viewing for me. The ipad was old and only used for occasional comic reading at this point, so i decided to play right into amazon’s hands and pickup a kindle fire to align with the format amazon was making standard. I’ve tried reading comics on 7′ and 8′ tablets and it’s just too small. So i opted for the 10 and did the ‘plus’ upgrade to get that extra gig of ram, along with the wireless charging. The price difference between the 32gb and 64gb was far too great so i went with the 32 and have plenty of old 128gb micro sds laying around the house to toss in the expandable memory slot if needed.

Initial impressions are the screen is crisp, clear and colorful – great for comic reading. Speed wise i wouldn’t call it snappy, but is plenty fast. Definitely faster than my old ipad but glad i opted for the 4gb model. The web browser is pretty slick. I tossed on the youtube app which works great. The app oddly allows me to change settings to 4k when the video has it available, which causes playback to be choppy. Since this device is only 1920 x 1200, i’m assuming it’s due downscaling so i stick with standard hd settings. There are a lot of amazon apps preinstalled that you cannot remove, so i just tossed them all in a folder aside from the few i wanted to keep. Battery life seems great so far. It’s a very slow drain, though i’m not doing anything taxing on it. The back molding does capture a lot of fingerprints. It smudges a lot, something i’m not used to with other tablets and phones i’ve owned in the past. A case would solve this issue, but i don’t like my reading tablets to be any bulkier than they have to!

Comparing it to my 9 year old ipad air, i’m surprised that the weights are about the same. The fire is taller and slimmer and perfectly fits a standard size comic making it display larger than when on my ipad. It is interesting to note that when the comic is a 2 page spread, it does actually display larger on my old ipad because of the wider size when held vertically. It is really nice to be able to purchase comics right from the kindle comixology app, something the ios app hasn’t allowed since amazon acquired comixology years back. When viewing the screen straight on, the fire seems brighter and clearer at full brightness than compared to my ipad. However, when moving around or looking over when someone else is holding it, the 9 year old ipad definitely has a wider range of viewing angles.

I did exchange the first fire i received after a couple of days. Had to speak with someone from amazon on the phone to do it, as the usual method of requesting an exchange was not available in my account for this product. The first one, while had no functional issues, did this weird thing where the screen and/or back molding would flex and squeak when holding it at certain points. I didn’t know if it was a manufacturing defect or was just cheaply made. The replacement unit does not do that at all so i must have received a bad one initially. Maybe it didn’t cure right at the plant? Who knows. One final note for those that aren’t familiar with kindle, i opted for the ‘ads’ version to save a few bucks. The only thing this does is lock out the ability to customize a lock screen and instead presents a forced ad of some kind, usually for a book (in my case). It had not at all seemed intrusive to me and i always have the ability to pay the same upcharge later in settings to unlock this ‘feature.’

to sum things up this is a great purchase if you’re looking a comic reader or all around budget tablet. Especially if you can nab it on a sale like i did around mothers day! Amazon does heavily discount these from time to time. If you’re debating, just go for it!

5Expert Score
Nice for passing the time.

Mainly bought this to watch something while at work with nothing to do and possibly take on road trips as entertainment. I have not even scratched the surface of it’s potential as i mainly just down load a show or series on it for watching later. Video quality is great. Sound is acceptable, it’s really all you can hope for considering the size of the thing and the available room for speakers. Since it has bluetooth i may get a set of ear buds or headphones for it later to help with sound quality but i can live with it as is for now.
I already have a kindle for reading so i don’t use this for that since the kindle is lighter and easier to use while laying down holding it above you with one hand. I know i’m probably going to regret that one day when i drop it on my face but at least it doesn’t weigh as much as this fire tablet, lol.
I guess some people may get more use out of certain features than i do, like alexa. I did use alexa to call my mother one time just to see how it did. Worked well enough but i have a cell phone that is more convenient since it does not require internet to function. I have used alexa to set a few timers while cooking and check the forecast and even looked up a recipe or two, but that’s about it.
I’m not overly impressed with the web browser but that’s ok since i have a cell phone and a laptop if need be.
Have not used the camera so i can’t say how good of a photo it may take.
I have not really even looked thru the app store on it to see what else there may be as far as utilities or games.
Over all i’m happy with my purchase because it does what i wanted and while i’m sure it can do more than that, i’m not interested in those things.
I think it would be great for people that may want to download some entertainment for a long road trip where cell service may be spotty. Beats lugging around a portable dvd/bluray player and risking damage to disks or getting part way through streaming an episode on your phone only to loose signal and stop playing or dealing with constant buffering. Plus the screen is bigger than your phone so it’s easier to see details and you wont be using up your phone battery that you may need in an emergency.

5Expert Score
Better than the sum of its parts (just don't look too closely at the appstore.)

I love my new fire hd 10 plus, far more than i would have thought.

I’m a longtime android user who, when it comes to tablets, gravitates to flagship devices from the big companies. I actually had my eyes set on the new lenovo tab p11 pro. But my husband managed to convince me to go with the fire hd largely because, even with the memorial day discount of 25% one p11 costs more than two fire hds. And there was a lot to like in these tablets: wireless charging and the fancy new keyboard case. And if you aren’t going to pay for a family plan, the office 365 deal is really good.

In your hands, its positive attributes really shine, and the corners they cut are either manageable or sort of charming.

The build quality is quite good, given the materials. You can’t use a metal body with wireless charging, so plastic makes sense. Higher end tablets use glass, but i don’t mind the plastic here, especially the soft-touch finish on the plus model. It feels well put-together and sturdy (i recently tried a cheap windows tablet that was made of similar materials and felt like it would come apart in my hands.)

the processor is old and underpowered, but it feels quite snappy to me. Granted, i’m not much of a mobile gamer, so the most taxing thing i ask it to do is play a podcast or music while i work on a word document. There is an occasional stutter, but it’s hard to know when it’s the tablet showing its weakness or an internet bottleneck. The swiftness of the interface is almost certainly the result of the on board 4gb of ram, which give the processor space to maneuver.

The screen resolution is hd, technically, but not very high. I have had older tablets with higher pixel density, and that’s a shame. But i’m very impressed with the screen otherwise, and the low density is easy to ignore after some time. But where it really shines is consistency—none of the light bleeding, weird bright spots, or dead or bad pixels that you would expect on a cheap lcd. Indeed, the colors are vivid, and the blacks almost shockingly deep for a non-oled display. You will certainly find better on a more expensive tablet, but not that much better.

The low pixel density and older cpu, it turns out, give the hd 10 excellent battery life. I charged it last evening and today, after a morning of near constant use, it’s only down to 75%. This is with the screen brightness set to a reasonable 50% (i will never understand how people can have it set to full brightness—it’s like looking at the sun).

My two biggest gripes are to do with the software.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful. Amazon did a great job adapting android’s core to fit their needs and, for the most part, it’s perfectly consistent. For the most part, you won’t notice that the android core they’re using is based on android 9, which in a few months will be a full three generations behind with the release of android 12. It makes sense for fire os to lag a bit, but sheesh.

Amazon services really shine here. Kindle books, audible audio books, amazon movies, amazon music and, of course, alexa are all great and modern, as you would expect.

I do find the occasional issue with the operating system or an amazon app that requires the tablet to switch to portrait mode, for reasons that beggar the imagination. I understand that (super irritating) behavior in third party apps, but you would think amazon would be able to make their software work better for their own device. Why must it switch to portrait mode to change the wallpaper, of all things? Or the fire tv app only work in portrait like it’s a phone?

It must come as no surprise that third party apps is by far the weakest part of the kindle fire experience.

When amazon first released its appstore it did so with the ethos that it would be known for quality over quantity, and their app catalog seemed to have almost all the apps i used regularly on my phone. I haven’t used the appstore until getting this tablet so i’m kind of shocked at the state of things.

If you read a review of any amazon device you will almost certainly read about the paucity of apps available. But what no one seems to mention is the decline in quality, and just how out of date everything is. It feels like walking around a store in a mall as it’s going out of business. The apps that are available are sometimes *years* behind their google play equivalents. It seems the developers added their app to amazon’s appstore then just abandoned it.

I guess i get it. Google’s play services provide a lot of great tools for developers and it’s probably irritating to try to develop two different versions of the same android app (to say nothing of then developing for ios). My concern is that the appstore will continue to atrophy, and even newer apps will fade away. Microsoft recently added their office apps, and that’s great, but i can already see them falling behind. Moreover, for reasons that i can’t understand, they didn’t include everything: no microsoft to do app (as a side note, it works great if you sideload it).

This evaluation is just of the apps that are okay from reputable developers. There is now a lot of app detritus: terrible, poorly made, amateurish apps, the kind that google and apple seemed to allow just so they could brag about how many apps they had in their respective stores.

What happened to the appstore?? Amazon, one of the wealthiest companies in the world, can, and should, do better.

I suppose the bottom line is hardware is good; amazon apps are great; the state of third party apps are alarming. But it’s a great tablet that is well worth the money.

5Expert Score
The price vs performance ratio is hard to beat!

A great performing tablet at a very nice price point. I decided on the amazon fire hd 10 over both the echo show 8 and other more expensive tablets. I watched a few videos on youtube which helped me decide on this tablet. It does everything that i need it to do; editing word documents, music, reading, shopping, browse the internet, etc. I think what i like most of all is the ease of accessibility to all of my amazon apps. I find this beneficial as a prime member and frequent shopper. This tablet came with microsoft office already installed, and it does not require a subscription. I love the battery life, especially when playing music. The split screen option is great also for multi-tasking. The amazon app store has the bare minimum, but sufficient for what i need. I did not even attemtpt to add the google play store, opting to just enjoy the tablet as is. I did get the recommend keyboard/case and i am satisfied with it as well. It is my preferred keyboard for various tasks, however, if i’m writing an essay(s) over the course of a couple of hours, i use my logitech mx-3 mouse and mx keys keyboard for extensive writing. I have not had any bluetooth issues that i am not familiar with. I have had no connection issues concerning input devices, but sometimes, when i stream music to my stereo via bluetooth, the signal may become distorted after a few hours, at which point, i simply restart my fire tablet and keep it moving. I added the recommended screen protector and 256gb microsd card. The camera’s are not the best, but i did not buy this for it’s picture taking capabilities. I would like to see amazon put a better front facing camera for video conferencing, but then i would have to say the same for laptop manufacture’s as well. However, my google pixel has the photos and videos covered. This is convenient for me because it is lighter than my laptop, though when attached to the keyboard case, this has a little heft to it too, but not in a bad way. The additional weight keeps the tablet stable and in the upright position when being used. At first glance, it looks like a mini laptop. The tablet and case/keyboard are held together by magnets; no complaints because it very easy and simple to detach and attach the keyboard.

Overall, i have no complaints. This can function as someone main computer or as complementary addition to your main computer eco system, which is my situation. My tablet, laptop and phone are all usb-c; life is peachy! No regrets or buyer’s remorse here! I gave this system a 5 star rating because it fulfills my needs. I would definitely recommend this tablet to anyone on a budget, but wants a very capable tablet.

Update: wednesday, 08/11/2021.
Earlier i mentioned that this tablet was very capable and that the amazon app store was limited; very. As a result, i downloaded and installed the google play store app (gpsa). The process was relatively easy and i did not need the use of an additional computer. This is an android device at its very core, produced by google. If you decide to install the gpsa, it is not advisable to use it to upgrade any amazon preinstalled or post-installed apps. This will create a conflict, causing amazon apps to not function at all. Additionally, the tablet will inform you that a default app has been sideloaded. It is better to use the amazon app store for all preinstalled and post-installed amazon apps. Use the gpsa to update only those apps downloaded from google. The reason why i needed the gpsa was because i have several licenses for kaspersky total protection and did not want to purchase another one through amazon. I installed it and it works fine. I am able to go into ‘protected browser mode’ on any web browser that i have installed for making credit card purchases. Additionally, i can protect myself in the event that my tablet is lost or stolen. So hopefully i addressed two things that i had mentioned earlier, capability of this tablet to perform and use other apps, and accessing those apps that you treasure for your android devices.

I installed duo and it works fine. Rather than have a bunch of apps all over the home screen(s), i created folders, i.e., google and microsoft in particular, and this is where i keep all of those goodies. My default browser and assistance is all amazon on this device, though i can access others if i chose to. So yes, this tablet is very capable! In closing, i only know about the apps that i have downloaded and cannot speak for those that we may not have in common. The apps that i have downloaded work as they should. And i only installed what i thought i would need to improve my tablet experience. Youtube is a game changer!

I am not encouraging anyone to perform this operation; only that it can be done, if those issues were going to prevent you from purchasing this tablet. For all practical purposes, my amazon tablet looks just as an amazon tablet should look; an amazon tablet. I did not want for this tablet to look identical to other android tablets on the market. My five star rating still remains.

5Expert Score
On sale this is a no brainer.

First and foremost back in 2011 i was about to turn 21 in college and couldn’t afford an ipad but wanted a tablet. All the android counterparts were fairly garbage at any price range. Then came along the gen 1 kindle fire. I preordered it and picked it up from staples on day 1 and still to this day for the price at that point in time it’s my favorite piece of tech. Fast forward, i’ve had multiple kindle fires and ipads. Ipads are still leaps and bounds better but at a more premium price. But for the price of the fire tablets especially when on sale which is a lot they are unmatched. Last year due to my health and back issues at only 32, i now work from home and sitting at a desk and chair every day with my sciatica it becomes unbearable and i want to move around. So recently i decided i wanted to invest in a cheap laptop so i could move around the house. As a mac owner i looked into a used & cheap macbook but under $300 most were too outdated for my job. Surprisingly one night i was playing around with my fire hd 8 plus and decided to try and get the remote softwares needed for my job on it and it worked. Screen obviously is too small and a little laggy. So i saw that amazon had the fire hd 10 plus on sale for $129 i decided to try it. I got the fintie keyboard case for $55 made for this and a $10 bluetooth mouse and within $200 i have a brand new laptop alternative and even though it’s a bit small for a laptop it works flawlessly and i can do my full time job from it when i’m in pain or feeling restless at my home office desk. Plus i can now take it with me when i’m out of town and instead of missing time from work or lugging my desktop i can take this. For the money this tablet is amazing. And i did later pay the $15 to remove the ads which makes a difference and i’m in love with it. It’s not super fast but fast enough.

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A true worthy update

Amazon has one of the best upgrades i’ve ever seen with this tablet. I have owned all of the hd 10 devices released by amazon. I also own many of the other 7 and 8 inch amazon devices. With this update, amazon offers one of the best value in the tablet market. I am a ipad owner as well and feel i am getting 85% of what i can do on my ipad with the hd10 plus.
I have to say this is if you install the google play store. I know it’s not officially looked upon by amazon or google by i have one with, and one without the play store. Both are very fast and responsive for games, movies and lite office work. I have found it a lot easier to get work done that may not have tried on the 2017 and 2019 models. I think the 4gigs of ram really helps to push this device to it top level. On this device you get true hd on netflix, disney,hbo max and others. You can’t say the same for lots of other devices in this price range. The battery life continues to be among the best, i’m getting about 9 to 10 hours.
I like the placement of the camera for video call and the quality is ….ok. Truly nothing to jump and shout about but it will get the job done. Amazon over the years has been great keeping their devices safe and up-to-date which is nice.
I also picked up the made for amazon case refurbished at a great price as well. This was the best after though purchase i ever made. It turns this tablet into a mini laptop the helps this device punch way above its weight. I now consider it a must have.
So to sum up, great update, great new device if you didn’t already have one. Great low price gift for the non tech snob. Not the spec chasing person, just someone looking for a solid low price quality device.

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Great value tablet

I am pleased with this tablet! I mainly use this tablet for content consumption, a device i have lying around the house, and for throwing in my work bag. So far so good! I don’t use it for “long loading” websites or heavy apps, or things like opening multiple tabs at once. It’s not great for that. It will if you’re willing to wait long enough though. I have an ipad and other computers around the house that i use for that stuff.

I enjoy amazon tablets more than i do other android tablets because i am heavily in their eco system. I love amazon. I am an amazon w’h0re! And the real reason i chose this over another android tablet is because of how seamless it works with their services. Amazon shopping, prime videos, kindle unlimited, novella, games etc. And i can still access the google play store for other apps that aren’t listed.

I love that i can read my ebooks on this. I have a kindle ereader as my main book reading, but for those nights at work where it’s really slow i love the ease of downloading my library onto this device. It’s as simple choosing the book and waiting for it to load. And it syncs automatically.

All of my children also have the kids version of this tablet. I can’t say enough how user friendly this tablet is. I have the parental controls set so that each device is filtered by their ages. I can also add or remove single content that i feel fits. The parental control dashboard is online so i can change it up literally from any device. My kids can do voice call, video call, chat with each other. I much prefer this over an ipad for my kids. Amazon makes it so easy to control what they can see online.

The play store. Which you’d have to google-was a fairly easy thing for me to do. There’s just some things in the play store that i like which amazon doesn’t offer. Youtube for example literally has no lag. It works better on this than my ipad, because it can continue playing while it is shrinked, if you get out of the app. On ios, you can’t do that with the youtube app itself.

To summarize my experience. The amazon fire hd 10 has been perfect for my family and i. The cost of the tablet is more than fair, it’s a steal! Compared to how it performs, it is wonderful. You won’t feel guilty splurging on it because it’s on the frugal end. If you destroy it or it malfunctions amazon’s customer service is usually really awesome. You can drop it and won’t feel like you just broke it because it’s made of durable plastic. If you’re still contemplating getting it, know that this is a wonderful content consumption device. It can multitask fairly well but don’t expect ipad results on a $200 device.

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The best fire tablet yet

The latest amazon fire 10 hd plus tablet is amazon’s best yet! Upgrading from the last generation tablet, i can tell you this newest tablet has a nicer 1080p screen quality and better color saturation. The size of the new table is a bit more wide compared to the older version. This tablet also has wireless charging capability, but i have yet to try that capability out. I was able to download and add in the google play no problem using youtube as my reference.

If you are looking for a low cost tablet for web browsing, social media consumption, and playing games on mobile, you will be satisfied with this product. My one tip would be to wait for prime day or black friday if you can because there are always steep discounts during that time.
The one thing i really don’t like is the 32gb of internal storage. Imo, the absolute lowest should be 64gb of storage. Having that micro sd card slot adds to the versatility and allows for you to add more storage up to 1tb.

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The best kindle yet!

I have owned five kindles so far and other than the one that my six year old dropped in the commode, they all died when the usb port quit working. That is why i am so pleased that i can charge this one wirelessly. The display falls just short of 3d. The extra ram really speeds things up and storage is certainly not a problem. You can add space till the cows come home.

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Bigger is not always better.

First things first. To all the people worried about how a slightly smaller tablet is going to affect your 10′ display. Just stop. Its not going to. The displays are measured diagonally like all displays ever. The size of the tablet over all is not having an effect on this. The screen real-estate is still 10′ just like the 2019 model. What has been shrunk is the dead zones of the tablet along the edges. My pictures should show that 🙂

now to the review.

Comparing to the kindle fire hd 10 (2019) blue vs the new kindle fire hd 10 + (black)

over all. The upgrade is very noticeable right from the first boot up.

Display: 10/10

the display itself. Is so sharp, and so vibrant the comparison was night and day. The 2019 fire tablet was good but its colors were more muted and over all more dull. When side by side with the new one. Its a no brainer. The colors were more vibrant and it was like someone turned saturation up in the perfect way. The colors were just so dang good. And the picture was incredibly sharper. They nailed the display perfectly. This is the kind of quality i like to see in upgrades hands down.

Camera 6/10

what can i say. It works? The camera isn’t as crappy as the 2019 model. Maybe a little better but not noticeably. But i don’t by the tablet for the camera. I buy it for other functionality. I have my phone or my canon for a camera if i really need a good picture. Plus amazon has never had great camera’s.

Sound 9/10

my biggest complaint about the 2019 models were the speakers. Don’t get me wrong they were great speakers but the lowest volume on the 2019 kindles were still very loud. Dear god. I couldn’t watch netflix or anything in bed because i was worried id wake up the wife. But these new speakers, they nailed it. The sound is super clear, and the lowest volume is actually low again heck ya! I love it. Another upgrade nailed.

Speed 9/10

the speed, the loading all of it is great. I’ve not had something as close to the speed of the hdx in so long. I missed that kindle for so long. And this, this tablet is equal to or better than the hdx in terms of processing speed. Compared to the 2019 model directly this one is also a bit faster. It doesn’t have this hanging lag time on apps that the 2019 model’s had. Nor does it take forever to load something just for it stall out.

Picture in picture and split screen.

Ok. I was thinking split screen was going to be buggy as all heck but man i was surprised. I spend a lot of time on messenger apps, telegram, facebook,discord, etc. Its not horrible to have picture in picture but for those of us with crappy eye sight it can be frustrating as heck to watch a movie on a tiny screen while your working on something else. Or to be surfing the web or opening a app while you have p.i.p. On and a pop up to just pop up and say. ‘ something else needs this. You will have to close your video to continue’ or w/e it says.

Split screen however doesn’t work like this. It is immensely better.

Now before you ask, not every app supports it. I tried it with disney+ and youtube last night. Netflix i know currently doesn’t support this. To find it. Hit the little square button on your 3 little buttons at the bottom of your screen. Tab the app icon in the top center of your screen for a drop down and you will see ‘app info’ and if it supports it. ‘split screen’ if it does not support split screen yet it wont be there. This isn’t something amazon has in its power. Its up to the app developers. Not amazon.

Now. Once you tap split screen on that menu it will snap that app to the left side of your screen and like in windows 10 it minimizes all these other windows that you can snap to the right. Select one. And do what you want. Between both splits is a solid black border that you can long press on and drag to the left or to the right to make one window more big to the other. Giving it more real estate on your screen. This can be done any time. Last night i did this with disney plus while i was talking to friends on telegram (which i side loaded, just look up telegram apk in bing or google. Warning: amazon won’t trouble shoot aps you install this way as technically they’re not supported by the devs on the amazon market place)

anyway. It was really nice to have my primary window open to have disney running while chatting with friends.

Another thing i tested was checking to see if i could play 2 video apps at the same time. So i loaded disney and youtube. Fun fact: you can have both split screen. But it pauses the video opposite to the one you just hit play on. Lol.

Overall. Splitscreen is a god tier feature that i love and use a lot now. I’ve not noticed any hit to performance other than it does tax the battery more but that’s expected.

Overall the only thing holding this tablet back is that the camera isn’t the best. But ill take that if i get all this other power and feature. Definitely a worthy upgrade. If you are considering upgrading from the 2019 model. Do it. Its worth it. I will say the buttons and the camera’s are in different locations on this new one as opposed to the 2019 models so you will need a new case to fit it. But i mean. Thats just another reason to update the look in my books lol. I like getting new things. And this is one of my favorites. So much that i had to post a review. I hope this helps anyone that is reading it.

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¡¡¡me encanto!!! Pero…

Para lo que yo la quería, que era para leer mis ebook y navegar por tiktok o instagram esta muy buena. Si es algo cerrado el sistema operativo ya que no acepta muchas app, pero no es algo que me preocupe ya que para ello uso el celular o la computadora.
Solo me parece super absurdo que siendo un producto amazon el app de amazon shopping ya no es compatible con este dispositivo. Señores, que cosa mas absurda, que su propia app no sea compatible con un producto de ellos.
No me podia quedar con eso, realmente eso me parece ridículo. Mientras no les de por decir que el app kindle ya no sea compatible!!!! Por eso no les doy 5 estrellas.

De resto no desarrollo mucho ya que hay aquí un par de rewiew que son demasiados completos y buenos.


for what i wanted, which was to read my ebooks and browse tiktok or instagram, it’s very good. If the operating system is somewhat closed since it does not accept many apps, but it is not something that worries me since for this i use the cell phone or the computer.
It just seems super absurd to me that being an amazon product, the amazon shopping app is no longer compatible with this device. Gentlemen, what an absurd thing, that your own app is not compatible with one of their products.
I couldn’t stay with that, i really find that ridiculous. As long as they don’t say that the kindle app is no longer compatible!!!! That’s why i don’t give them 5 stars.

The rest i do not develop much since there are a couple of reviews here that are too complete and good.

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Very impressed, i love this tablet!

I had an rca tablet i bought from walmart at least 8 years ago. I didn’t know at the time it could never be updated. I got 8 years out of it but when i wanted to use it for hulu, i couldn’t even download it to the tablet. I found another tablet on amazon some name that began with n r or an o maybe. Chinese brand. It was ok but the speakers were terrible. I needed my anker bluetooth speaker 100% of the time. The speakers on the rca tablet were better! I paid around 120 for the chinese one. I planned on sending it back asap. Then prime day happened and just for the heck of it i looked and there it was: a fire hd 10.1 quad core 32gb for less than i paid for the chinese one. After a bit of reading i bought it then promptly requested for a return for the other one.
I received the fire in two days and i was instantly blown away! I totally lucked out with the prime day deal i am so happy! (good things come to those who wait it’s said and i think ‘waiting’ 8 years with the rca led me to get this tablet).
The screen resolution is out of this world. I’ve never had a tablet look so crisp and clean.
The sound is astounding… No external speakers needed.
I only use this tablet for a bedside tv.. For hulu, netflix, prime video, youtube. Etc. And a few games. I might read on it but i have a paperwhite and i get distracted easily.
Because it’s not loaded with apps the battery life is awesome. I can watch video for upwards of 10 hours before a charge. However, i cannot charge and watch at the same time because it uses more power to watch a video than it has coming in when charging. So don’t let the battery get too low if you’re watching video.
Charging from 0-100 takes quite a few hours. Prob. 6-8 but that’s a good thing.. It means it’s a strong battery. (my iphone 6s battery is at 75% health and dies in 30 min. Of constant use but also charges in 3o minutes).
The only thing i don’t like is the app store. I feel it is lacking and the apps that are available aren’t the same as android or ios apps. Youtube for example. (which i use every day as i sub to many channels). It is cumbersome and is missing main features that android and ios has. Live chat during live streams for one. Absolutely no option for that. It took me a while to learn how to navigate the yt app as well. Getting from watching a video back to the previous page. There are no yt app controls for that. You must use the tablet on screen buttons for that. I’m thinking this is a third party yt app because it seems to be the only google app in the app store. There is no google maps, chrome, photos, etc. That’s a big pain for me as i use them all. I would get much more use out of the tablet if these were an option because i use them all.
There is also other apps that are missing that i use regularly: broadcastify, flightradar24, police scanner app., a note pad. Those are just off the top of my head.
Because all those apps are missing it further ensures this will only be a bedside and travel tv. (i took it with me on a road trip to florida from ny and i got to watch all my shows that i recorded on hulu. Tv anywhere is an awesome option. I never even turned on the hotel tv’s or the tv’s at the air bb i stayed at in florida).

Oh, one more thing that it annoying . The volume control. In order to mute you have to first press a manual button to display the on screen volume, then tap the mute option, or just hold down the volume down. What is further annoying.. If you do have it muted from say a 50% level, the only way to unmute is to press and hold the volume up to raise the volume. Muting actually makes the volume 0.. It doesn’t mute it from the setting you had it at. You always have to raise the volume to unmute. There should be a mannual mute button along with the volume and power.

The few cons that i posted is what dropped this to a 4 star but everything else about this is awesome.

For the case i bought a $5 case from five and below. I don’t take it out of the house often so i didn’t need a $40 case.

All in all, i would buy this again because the pros outweigh the few cons, at least what i wanted to use it for. If you want to use this for apps, just know because this tablet is not android based there are no google apps.

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Love the larger screen & battery life bigtime improved over older models

I purchased one of the older kindle fires – kindle fire hdx 7′, hdx display, wi-fi, 32 gb (3rd gen) and for a couple of years, we really liked it, the wife used it to watch some shows, netflix/amazon and i used it to read kindle books. But then as the technology improved, along with security, lots of apps were no longer available or supported, then the battery life started getting weird and it would ‘die’ after a couple of days in standby.
For this new 10+, i love that they gave you the option for 64gb internal storage, but also a microsdxc slot, that does support at least 512gb, and they say 1tb, but i’m not splurging for that just yet.
Regarding the microsdxc slot – yes, you do get errors that the card needs to be reseated, but that only occurs after a reboot, and if you can be patient, once the os fully loads, the error messages go away – but that is something amazon support should be looking at……….. You know, maybe stagger how the os boots so the microsdxc drivers fully load before reporting on them.

I am not a huge fan of the lack of apps on the amazon app store for the fire tab. Thankfully, with some searching, i was able to find some alternatives. I have a smartphone with apps i like, but the phone screen is so small. I mostly solved that with apkextractor (research it, it’s pretty good) on my smartphone. Then i found apkpure to install on the fire 10+, which acts like an alternative ‘google play store’, you just search for apps, and it also updates the apps you install from it.

All in all, not exactly a perfect solution, but as of now, there is only one app that i’m unable to install on the fire 10+, and it’s a banking app, so i can use the silk browser that’s included with the fire 10+, or use one of the other browsers i was able to install using apkpure (brave and opera; decided not to go with chrome)

i have not played around with taking pictures or video just yet, although i have checked out youtube and some other sites with video and the screen quality is just amazing, along with literally no buffering/delay when playing videos.

Social media apps on the fire 10+………….. Meh, i don’t do fb/twtr/ig and i try to avoid anything yahoo, but i was able to get telegram installed successfully and it works! I might try gettr next, and if they ever do come out with the android version of ts, i’ll have to try that as well.

So in closing, i’m pretty impressed with the fire 10+ with its speed, versatility, and storage options, and only wish amazon didn’t make it so difficult to work with other apps.

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Great for reading kindle books. Not so great as a general purpose tablet.

On the other hand, if you wanted a general purpose tablet, you would have gone with an apple or samsung anyhow, right?

The nice thing that you can do with this tablet that you cannot do with an apple ipad is buy kindle books using the actual kindle app. All of the links to the kindle store in the kindle books work, and it’s easy to buy multiple books in a series without having to pop out to a web browser and find the book on amazon’s web site. The amazon app store doesn’t have a lot of apps in it, but does have some of the more important apps in it like outlook, twitter, and facebook. You can side load some apps too, the libby app for browsing library ebook catalogs and checkout ebooks from your public library can be side-loaded onto the fire hd by following directions on the libby web site.

In the end, the only real regret i have is that it has no fingerprint reader, meaning i must enter a code every time i turn it on rather than touching a reader. That’s annoying enough to take a star off, but in the end this does what it’s supposed to do — provide an inexpensive way to read color kindle books.

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Low vision user

I am a real vision user and using siri to fill out this review please excuse any misspelled or strange words. I have been using the fire tan for approximately one month as a low vision almost totally blind user. It’s screen reader capabilities are wonderful it definitely reads everything on the screen to you. It just takes a little bit of time to get used to the format of the screens but after i worked on it for about two weeks i got so that i can navigate my way through the screens without much issue download applications and use the limited number of applications that are available but enough to keep you busy. Overall for the price it’s a great item and i am truly happy i have it and plan on getting many years of service out of it. I ho

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Does exactly what i wanted, but that wasn't a lot

I had been using a kindle paperwhite and got tired of it, frankly. I’m aging, and its screen was not as nice as the fire tablet, it had no color, no sound, and books with images didn’t show the images (on the kindle). So, this came available on prime day, and i bought it to see if it would be an adequate replacement for my kindle. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve listened to audio books on it, read a bunch of novels, watched some programs and videos… And for the price, you can’t beat it.

I only gave it four stars because, for me, the auto screen brightness was too low for the contrast i wanted… So had to set that to manual… The other reason is that i see icons on the top row of the screen that don’t mean anything to me, and i can’t ‘hover’ over them to find out what they do mean. The interface is a bit kludgy. All things i can get past.

So, for me and for my limited requirement of this, it’s worked great. It’s re-invigorated my novel reading that had pretty much waned for about a year.

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Somewhat limited but really nice

Without getting too technical this works out really well for some needs and not as much for others. As people mentioned the amazon app platform is really limited but you can get google play on it if you do some research. Screen quality isn’t quite as good as some of the more expensive tablets, and it takes some getting used to, but for a fraction of the price i think it’s well worth it. Still great for watching shows and internet websites/videos/etc. I’d recommend getting a case as it doesn’t seem as sturdy as others. Got one for $15 and works great, just make sure it doesn’t prevent it from going into sleep mode

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One big dumb thing

I already have a 10 inch fire tablet with a 512gb card. I picked up the new version and a 1tb card after i filled it up. Initially, i was pretty upset when i got the tablet and card because i couldn’t configure the card to save as internal storage without everything being saved simultaneously in system memory as well as the card. This is really stupid. Since i never intend to remove the card and switch it to another device – which doesn’t work anyway in my experience – i wanted all my downloadable content (purchased movies and tv shows) to go straight to the card and bypass the system memory, leaving it free. You can’t do that as internal memory and tech support was of no help. The reason i want to put my purchased video on a card is because i discovered that i don’t (and you don’t) actually own anything. You’re buying a license to watch content as long as amazon (or any other service) cares to provide it. If, for whatever reason, they no longer care to provide it, you are sol. I ended up configuring the card as portable storage, which does allow you to designate the card as primary storage for videos, music and books. You can store an enormous amount of video to a 1tb card as long as you do it at the good setting, which still gives you decent resolution on such a small screen. I do like the wireless charging stand.

4Expert Score
Love my new fire plus

I had to replace my old fire tablet after the charging port/usb failed. I decided to go with the hd 10 plus with wireless charging so that wouldn’t happen again. I received my new tablet, set it up, and put it on the wireless charger that amazon recommended. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I plugged in the usb charging port and it worked fine. I replaced the charger figured that it was faulty, and got a replacement the next day. When the tablet didn’t charge with that, i figured the tablet was at fault. Spoke to amazon, they immediately sent me a new tablet. Now everything works correctly and i’m very happy with my tablet and the customer service i received from amazon. The device is excellent, screen and speed is great.

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