Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 32 GB, latest model (2021 release), Lavender

What are fire hd 10 tablet features?

  • Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 3 gb ram. 50% more ram than previous generation.
  • Long-lasting 12-hour battery and 32 or 64 gb internal storage. Add up to 1 tb with microsd (sold separately).
  • Brighter display – vivid 10.1′ 1080p full hd display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected – download apps like zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done – check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like microsoft office, onenote, and dropbox.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Split screen – all-new feature for fire os that shows two compatible apps, like facebook messenger and prime video, open side by side for easy multitasking.
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Looking for specific info?

Are adds only on lock screen or do they randomly pop up when using an app?

I’ve had at least six kindle fires with ads, including three hd 10 ones. I have this newest one, too. If it didn’t state there were ads in the description, i would have never noticed there were any. They are strictly on the lock screen, the first screen you see when you turn on the fire. That’s it. There are no more anywhere. There are no pop-up ads. If you asked me what the ads were when i turned on the fire, before unlocking the screen, the vast majority of the time i could not tell you. Save some money and get the fire with ads!

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The description says google play store not supported. Does this mean that amazon prevents it from running or merely that they don’t endorse it?

I’ve had or gifted three amazon fires, beginning with the original hd 8, and two versions including the latest of the hd 10. Side loading google play store to load chrome took me days with the first one, and the last took me about 15 minutes, because i wasn’t paying attention. Lots of instructions on the internet, but if you can find someone with experience, absolutely go that route. I needs [sic] chrome browser, and while silk, the fire browser is ok, it is ok to get to chrome.

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I have the last 10” tablet so is this new one worth getting?

I’ve had a lot if kindle fires, right now i have the same you do. I purchased the newest one for my grandson for christmas 2021 & once i checked his out i deciced i’ll be upgrading to the new one. First thing i noticed is lighter which is big for me since i take it everywhere. Also the newest imo has better design; it has same screen size 10 and more screen, there isn’t that 1 inch black edge that puts has.
Amazon is amazing and easy with almost every return. My advice get the newest if you don’t think it’s worth it you can always return it.

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I would like to trade in my old kindle and apply toward this new one. I want to use my old til i get my new. Can i apply trade in $ and savings befor

Previously i bought a upgraded fire with a trade-in on black friday. I was able to use the black friday sale price and whatever discount i got from the trade-in on the same purchase. On prime day i traded in another fire because the $20 gift card for the trade-in and the 20% coupon plus the sale price made it irresistible. I didn’t need a new fire. However amazon refused to honor the 20% off and told me i can’t combine offers anymore because that’s their terms of service. Customer service was no help. The guy who said it’s a scam about the trade-in and the coupon is right . I would just drop it except he wireless charger i have doesn’t work to charge it and it didn’t even come with a cord so you have to run out and buy a usb – c just to charge it and then the videos keep crashing requiring hard restarts and the book freezes when reading a book so it’s impossible to maintain your concentration on the storyline.

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Fire won’t turn on. It’s charged. I’ve pushed the button for 40 sec. It’s just a blank screen. What’s wrong?

Mine does the same thing. If i turn it off completely, it takes forever to finally come back on unless i put it on the charger, unlike my older 8′ kindle. The other thing that makes me angry is that i cannot download and play any steam games on it, and apparently i cannot play any indiegala games on it either. I don’t use google, but it seems that too is not allowed. And now i’m having problems getting the overdrive app from my local library to download ebooks and audiobooks although it works fine on my older 8′ kindle.

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Can you download youtube tv?

Actually, if you know how to, you can sideload the google play store onto the tablet, it’s real easy to do and takes all of 10 minutes or less if you know how. Once that’s done, you can download virtually any apps you want off the play store and they will work just fine.

Can i disable alexa?

Yes. Do that in settings.

I know 4g is. Goig away by the end of 2021, but are the new current 2021 kindle.fires 5g or should i get a tablet?

Whoever told you 4g is going away is very misinformed.
Anyways, 4g and 5g are cellular internet services and this tablet has no cellular connectivity. They only connect to wi-fi using 2.4ghz or 5ghz.

Amazon gives me a geo location error when i try to buy this bundle?! But i am in the us, and it’s letting me buy parts separately (tablet+keyboard)

If trying to purchase using a device with a vpn installed on it, that could be the issue.
Click on customer service top of this page.

Does this version allow for use of amazon free time for kids and to set up kids profiles like on the fire tablets made just for kids? I want to share

Yes about free time and you can have individual set ups for each child in household by name.

How come i ordered my fire tablet 32gb but it shows 25.78gb internal storage?

It’s likely to be because the native apps on the device use some memory. I did not notice that mine had this issue.

Can you get procreate the app on this tablet?

Procreate is an ios app only. It works with apple systems, not android or amazon fire.

Printing capable? Does this print?

Yes, you can use your fire hd 10/fire hd 10 plus to print to a nearby wifi enabled printer.

How long is charging cord?

You can also use a usb c charging cord as well if you want longer

Can i take notes with a stylus and have them translate to text on this?


Any touch screen or how is gonna work on screen , i don’t see the keyboard having a touch option? Does itbhave that option ?

All kindle fires are touch screen

Can i read my kindle books

This is what i love my kindle fire tablet. I can read books, watch movies, play games, enjoy special interest channels through amazon, with subscriptions. I like the reader features on the tablet.

Can i write notes and highlight on kindle books?


Is this a good product for college?

It is great for entertainment and social media. I would not recommend it as a primary tool for college.

Will i still need my cell phone to connect this fire tablet to wifi, when not at home? Will all my apps from my current fire tablet automatically tran

Assuming you’re not somewhere that offers wi-fi, then yes you would need your phone. The tablet does not support cell tower access.

Amazon does transfer the apps to the new tablet. However, there may be some that you will have to manually load. The version on your old tablet may not run on the new one.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Buy it without ads!!

I like it but the ads are too frequent and very annoying’. I’ve been using a “paint” app and it is constantly flipping over to an ad, then i have to go back to the app and then when you touch a certain area (unpredictable) of the screen it opens another ad.

Sometimes when reading an article, it will suddenly revert to an as. Soooooo frustrating!

Other than that, it’s much cheaper than an i pad so you have limitations but i am willing to live with that as i use a windows computer for other stuff. It serves the purpose for reading, emails, solitaire and this paint app and for that it serves my purpose.

I had the smaller kindle before but i like this one more because old its size. I’m a senior and reading glasses are the norm but with this i can enlarge to a point i don’t need the glasses.7

5Expert Score
Tableta recomendada amazon fire hd

La tableta es un excelente producto por un precio sumamente accesible.
Su carga dura mucho tiempo, respecto que la utilizo solamente para leer libros y comics, también para ver películas y series. Sí recomiendo su comprar para los que busquen esas prestaciones en una tableta.
Tiene un sonido muy fuerte, muy bueno para la multimedia.
Es mi primera tableta y mi primer amazon fire obviamente.

Solo tengo un pequeño inconveniente no sé si es normal. Que cuando estoy reproduciendo multimedia la parte donde esta la micro sd, el puerto de carga, se calienta un montón, considero que pudiera ser que utilizo una micro sd de las primeras que salieron clase 1 algo por el estilo, tengo unas nuevas recientes pero no he probado si ese asunto es el culpable que se caliente puede ser que si pues ya va desafada en los años que corren.

Me quedo con la duda de la investigación o si bien el personal de amazon me puede orientar al respecto de mi única traba que tengo con el dispositivo sobre lo del calientamiento.

5Expert Score
I absolutely love it

Disclaimer: i bought this specifically to use as a textbook/e-book reader only, and i’ve had it for a week so far.

It is very cheap, at $150, i got a decent quality tablet for moonreader pro that reads all my textbooks and e-books. Battery lasts a long time, and can idle for days without a charge. I haven’t read an entire day with it yet, but i’m sure it would last all day and then some, even longer if you manually turn the brightness down. Fireos version is on the tablet i got, which is the last firmware update before all future firmwares break third party software ability to disable ota updates.

5Expert Score
A huge step up and big improvement over my older hd 8

I’m a ipad/mac user, but, for kindle book reading, i’ve used a dedicated fire tablet hd 8 that i’ve had for well over 2 years.

When this new model 10 inch fire tablet was reduced in price during the holidays in 2021, i decided it was time to make the jump to a larger screen (more (paper) book sized) and gain more battery ife per charge due to a larger battery.

This 10 incher did not disappoint at all. As a primary use for kindle books, i’m getting 20 or more % battery life then the 12 hours the specs suggest this tablet can get.

The screen quality for reading is perfect. I typically set it to lower brightness (fixed) and there’s no glare in the eyes nor any eye strain when using in a darkened bedroom at night.

The faster processor then my older 8 inch hd clearly adds some speed to anything you do on this tablet.

There’s no lag at all in trying it for video, gaming, etc. As stated though, for me, i use a fire tablet primarily as a reader, period.

Screen resolution and contrast is excellent, certainly not any better ( and a little less) than my ipad pro, but, of course we’re talking a big difference in cost between tablets here and very different display technologies as well.

That said, this 10 inch hd tablet is no slouch in offering a clear, sharp/detailed display with very sufficient color saturation and accuracy plus nice crisp text over-all.

Given amazon offers just about any app needed for this fire tablet, it certainly could be used for just about everything that an ipad could be and at a competitive price to the new basic model ipad model that sells in the $330+ dollar range now.

Some reviewers said due to where the camera is (oddly) located, one must use this fire tablet in a case with the cover opening to the right rather then to the conventional left, but, not true. Since this tablet can flip screen orientation based on where the top of screen is located, i’m using a hard shell case for my fire and the conventional left cover opening as normal. Granted the camera is at the bottom left corner in my configuration, but, that is no issue since if one needs to use the camera, they can orient the tablet however they wish and the screen (and camera) will orient as needed for photos.

The net here is you can use the tablet in a case and flip open the left cover as normal.

As an owner of both an ipad mini and an ipad pro 11 inch, i can say in all honesty, anyone wanting a tablet on a budget and hoping to get some decent performance and screen quality plus great battery life won’t be disappointed at all in this new model 10 inch fire tablet.

I got the base 32 gb version with ads. Ads only show on the screen saver when opening up the sleep/wake cover and a one finger flip up of the screen goes back to where you left off or the home screen. Ads really are not a biggie in this context at all.

Given one can add a micro sd card to gain more storage space, and micro sd cards are dirt cheap now, the 32gb version is fine for me.

No complaints at all and 5 stars all around for this fire tablet. A well designed tablet at a very good price.

I highly recommend it! If you order one, it’ll be a definite ‘keeper’.

5Expert Score
Truly impressed! Avid control surface users- don’t hesitate!!

Just before christmas in 2021, this item popped up on sale for just $75. We’re an apple family. We have numerous ipads in the house, plus our iphones, mac, macbooks, apple tv, etc. I’m an audio mixer, and use a product from avid called the s1. It’s a control surface for pro tools that is meant to house a tablet for additional functionality- or eye candy. My older ipad worked, but looked tiny in the cradle, and wasn’t all that useable. I wanted something bigger, but didn’t want to spend the money on yet another ipad. For $75, i was willing to roll the dice.

It fits great, looks great, and does exactly what i bought it for.

But then i started to explore it deeper. It has built in alexa with the wake word amazon. As an audio engineer working from home, i sporadically have actors coming to record. I’ve got ring doorbells at the entrances, and echo devices in nearly every room. But for the first time, i can say “amazon, show me the front door!”, and actually see it- and a lot faster than the ring app on my phone would allow. This was a nice bonus. In fact, in my experience and opinion, alexa works for much quicker and more reliably than siri, that i’ve found myself relying on it a lot more. Having alexa in the tablet to verbalize reminders, appointments, phone calls, etc- all right in front of me, is amazing!

I became fascinated with my new toy, and downloaded all the steaming media we subscribe to, plus other apps for news and weather that provide lots of content. I quickly found that i enjoyed watching tv on a 10 inch screen a lot more than on my iphone. It’s nice to have lunch at the table with my kiddo and share a video we can both easily see and hear. So- this little guy has a great screen and works perfectly for watching shows, movies, youtube, news, etc.

Now- i love my iphone, and have my music library in itunes. But when i purchase music, it’s always via amazon. This is because i get my mp3 files instantly for most albums- but then have a physical disc arrive that often goes unopened. I just like know that have the disc if i ever need to load it again or want to enjoy it in my stereo system. My iphone can store a decent amount of music internally for when streaming isn’t an option. But i was floored to learn that the hd10 2021 has a micro sd card slot that can store up to 1 tb!!! That’s amazing to me. I can preload entire series, movies, music, photos- anything i need for a long trip or chilling in downtime. For like $25 i added a 400 gig card. Why ipads don’t have this is beyond me.

I work with and coach voice actors outside of my day job as a recording engineer. Having that much memory on a tablet and access to an app like wavepad, gives them the ability to record in a pinch while away from their studios. On-screen editing is also fun and easy. I actually added a nifty stylus and case to my hd10, along with a bluetooth keyboard. It’s essentially a mobile studio, albeit limited.

While i haven’t experimented a ton with this- silk browser (which seems to run on chrome) allows me to use source connect now to tap into actors or listen to sessions remotely at “cd quality”. Of course you can also use zoom, skype, etc.

As an apple user, i still want access to my icloud apps, like contacts, calendar, pages, keynote, numbers, etc. You can log into your icloud account and get it all. The trick is to choose “request desktop site”, otherwise you dead-end at “find my device”. You can even log into apple music via the browser. So all my apple stuff is still with me!

I chose outlook email to run my various work and personal emails and have a unified calendar. It’s perfect for what i need.

For $75, i’m finding myself using it more than i have ever used my ipad. It’s the right screen size for me to actually be productive with it, while also having endless entertainment in reach. Add a case, keyboard and stylus- and you’re good to go!

5Expert Score
I was shocked how much bigger the screen was–all the better to read with, my dear…

I thought my standard-sized fire had stopped charging, so in a panic, i ordered a backup, a kindle paperwhite. As i waited for its arrival, i discovered my original fire was just fine. The charger had been loosened in the plug. Nothing was wrong with my fire at all. I didn’t cancel my order though, because i couldn’t imagine having to go to bed without some way to read. My eyes can’t handle most books. Kindles are my reading salvation.

The paperwhite arrived. I got it open and downloaded the service. Immediately i backed all my information out and arranged to return the device. With my eyesight, the small screen size, and the black-and-white images on the book covers, i was lost. I couldn’t recognize the covers nor could i read the titles. Obviously, i was back to fires.

I started thinking that a larger screen would make visualization easier as my eyes worsen, so i considered the 10-inch model. I don’t think numerically. I should have gotten out a ruler to estimate how much more screen i was getting because when i unpacked it, i started laughing. This baby is the imax of kindle screens! But, yes. I could enlarge the print and still have a decent amount of print to enjoy on the larger screen. It even improved my reading speed because i didn’t spend a third of my time turning pages.

I have gotten a keyboard to use with the 10-inch but haven’t had time to get the hang of it yet. I have several cases for it, but none are quite comfortable to hold. The one that works with the keyboard is the best for tabletop reading. I spent one whole saturday reading at my desk. (and the charge level hardly dropped after hours of straight reading!)

oddly, bedtime reading, the reason i got a new kindle, is what i haven’t solved yet. Previously, i could lie on my side, change the orientation to horizontal, prop the device on its side and read away. However, the new device is such a whopper, i have to lie so far away, turning pages is uncomfortable. If i move closer, my eyes keep going out of focus. My preferred method of lying for hours on my back with my arms stretched above my head does work. However, there always are moments of drowsiness when i lose my grip. Rarely do i miss my catch. However, i’m afraid that my hands might not be as quick to recover the falling 10-inch as they are the standard size. If i miss, that sucker would leave me with an impressive shiner! Visiting students and teachers to my library would silently wonder if i were ‘safe at home,’ as they say at the doctor’s office. Who would think of someone getting a black eye from a falling kindle?

I have another case coming that looks more slender and lighter than the two i have. That should make my grip more secure. I do love the larger screen. The 10-inch fills my needs in every other way. I will make this work! This is a great device. I have more capacity, a larger screen, a crisper picture, better speakers, and a better camera. What’s not to like?

Yes, i am happy with my purchase. And since i’m also creative, there will be no downside as soon as i come up with a plan for nighttime reading.


5Expert Score
Works for my kid's clever homeworks

I bought this for my 3rd grader to do his clever homeworks on. This works with google class, seesaw, and all online class work they have nowadays. I connected a bluetooth keyboard and it works just like a laptop with touchscreen (tablet is touchscreen). Also, you can add google playstore to it so you can download apps for android and use them on the tablet but you did not read that from me. Really glad there is this option vs. Buying a touchscreen laptop.

5Expert Score
Android works fine for an old guy like me

I bought the fire tablet as i am getting ready to retire at 55. I plan on traveling in my motorhome. Seeing some of this country. I bought the pad to use in place of a laptop. I also purchased the keypad that was recommended for it. It works very well with the fire tablet. The picture is extremely good on this one. Much better than in past. I also like the fact that this one has alexa built into it.

5Expert Score
If i had known..

If i had known how great this fire hd tablet was i would have bought it instead of my current name brand tablet. I could have saved so much money. I bought this for my husband to replace my very old ipad that he had been using as a book reader. Now he rarely uses his laptop. He said he only has to charge it about twice a week. The screen is crystal clear. This is a fantastic tablet at an affordable price. When i need to replace my current tablet, i will be checking out the fire tablets first. If i had only known.

5Expert Score
Be careful ordering.

Bought this item as a gift, gave it all stars for the product itself, unfortunately i had to open it and make sure it worked because the amazon delivery person threw it. Not too happy about that. The item itself is great, and it’s exactly what i’m looking for in a tablet for my mother for christmas. I just have to explain now why it’s opened. Just be careful with ordering, maybe be present when they bring it.

4Expert Score
A great buy to consider for a tablet, especially if you live in the a.alan environment

This is my third amazon tablet. I own the the original 8 hd, the next generation, and now the latest. Obviously if you love the amazon environment as i do, you can’t go wrong with this tablet. I never ventured into the apple world simply because i couldn’t afford it on a teacher’s salary and because i was already invested in prime.

All of my tablets continue to function without any issues. The 8hd is beginning to show its age because the operation system can’t update to the latest and greatest due to hardware issues. But it still will be grabbed for reading and listening to music.

Durable. That is what i would call these tablets. If i was going to use the tablets for other than recreational use, i would be looking for.something else. But as it is, the tablets do what i want them to do at a price point that happy.

There are a couple.of issues that have been consistent across the three versions i own. The first is that the battery life has been ,’meh, ‘. All models promoted themselves as having really decent battery life. That was true when new. All three seemed to begin losing battery life within the first 6-10 months of usage. I am very careful with my charging protocol, making sure i don’t just leave them on charge overnight like some people do.

Nowever, with three tablets, i always have one fully charged and ready to go.

The second issue i have with the amazon tablets is the placement of the volume and power buttons. You would think amazon could afford some decent investigation into now people.actually handle the tablet when using it. This latest version has been the absolute most annoying. When holding it in my hands, i frequently find i’ve accidentally changed the volume or turned the tablet off. The 8hd’s buttons were recessed enough i never had this problem. But the later versions of the tablet all have the buttons sticking out farther from the case making them easier to locate but also.easier to accidently hit. And, whoever thought the on/off button should be directly under the volume button should never be allowed in a product design studio again.

A minor complaint is the spellchecker. Absolutely the worst i’ve ever seen. If you don’t mind random periods and single words changed into two that don’t make sense, like ‘because’ being change into ‘be wise’ (huh?), then this probably won’t bother you. Also if your high school english teacher drilled poofreading into your mindset, you should find this spellchecker subroutine an extension of heaven!

All in all, i would give these amazon tablets a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars for the price point, durability, and ease of use in the amazon environment. If you’re looking for a tablet more for its entertainment value , you can’t beat one of these.

4Expert Score
Pretty good, but consider….

I received the tablet on august 2nd and i’ve used it extensively for a month, and i think this tablet is pretty good in general.
Tablet is a good size, and you what they say. Battery life i found is good battery lasted me 2 days and the 3rd started with %34 and i found that great. Been able to expand the memory with an sd card is awesome too, so you can buy the 32gb and expand it to a 1tb.
Display is ok i guess for the price range and model, not amazing but adequate. You can migrate all your amazon accounts so it’s a breeze login to amazon music, prime video, amazon photos, amazon appstore, kindle and shop. It’s very light so it is easy to carry.
I bought the ads version to save a little money, ad version shows you ads on the lock screen for a price cut, it’s not terrible but personally i didn’t liked it. Comes with alexa so all your alexa features are here too. Also with show mode you have everything at a glance. Highly customizable.

For the cons, the ad version is kind of lame and i don’t get why amazon do it. Being so light weight means that it’s all plastic so don’t drop your fire, and if is for children use buy a cinder block cover. Sound is pretty good in my opinion with dolby atmos. Cameras are definitely lacking not a good tablet for taking pictures at all, it serves the purpose of taking pictures, just that. With no fast charging (at least hd version) charging is tortous. And the biggest con ever, does not work with google. So no playstore, gmail, photos, chrome, calendar, etc… Prepare for life without google. The amazon app store is very limited on app variety so that is a drag, a huge drag.

In conclusion even though my review has a lot of big cons, this tablet is pretty nice, if you’re willing to overlook some. I have watched movies, series, wrote notes and send email pretty fast and with ease. It comes with an ms office trial so can check that out.
If you deal a lot with amazon and don’t mind to let go of google, knock yourself out. Db

4Expert Score
Pet peeve issue

I mostly love my kindle fire. The only issue i have with it is why i must have things i’m not ever going to use on it. For instance, i have no children in my home. My grandchildren all have their own devices. The younger ones have the kids kindle fire. They are not going to use mine. So why must i have the kids app on my kindle? It takes up space on all my kindles and i will never use it. I do accidently click it which just ticks me off. With all the options amazon gives us concerning children and devices, i fail to understand why this isn’t an option. I mean, i can buy a children’s kindle or i can create an account for them that limits access on my device so why is this useless app forced on me? Just as amazon allows us to select if we want ads or not, we should be given the choice of if we want amazon kids on our kindles. A second wish would be to easily switch from the audible app on my device and the audible app on the fire stick. I can’t see all my audiobooks on the tv app so being able to select a book on my device to cast to the fire stick audible app would be amazing.
The rest is good. The battery life is as expected. Touch screen works fine. I would suggest you get the clear protection. The lighting is great. I love being able to resize my font. Movies look good. Sound is acceptable. I love the app info pop up that you can access on home screen. This makes it easier to empty the cache. Games look great on it.

4Expert Score
Solid lil tablet for the price, but screen sleeps too easily & too much.

Ok, so i’ve been an apple products user for cell phones and tablets since iphone2. Figured it wise to disclose this up front. I’m not adept at all android os devices yet, but learning on the fire tablet has been decently intuitive and relatively easy. For the past 8 years, i’ve used an apple ipad air 2013 model that i got refurbished in 2014. It was always a crisp screen view and has held up since i bought the one with the most memory available. This spring (2022), i noticed that more and more apps were not opening because the outdated os no longer supported those apps. I kept using the ipad since streaming services were still working. That ended in june 2022–suddenly several of the streaming apps i regularly used stopped opening. I really didn’t want to spend upwards of $1,000 on a new or recently used ipad, so i looked into this recent model fire tablet. This has been a good alternative so far! The screen resolution while streaming is good. The home screen resolution isn’t nearly as crisp as my old ipad was, but i got this fire tablet on prime day for well under $100 (so freaking solid quality nonetheless given how much money i saved). Setting the fire up was pretty easy, and i’ve been using the kindle feature on it far more than i ever used on my iphone. I liked how the screen can be personalized, and have generally enjoyed this fire for the few weeks i had it so far. The only real pain in the @$ though is despite extending the screen sleep timer to 10+ minutes this thing routinely auto dims or sends its screen into sleep mode frequently while i am actively using it! It’s really annoying, because i can’t just hit a home button to awaken it—i typically have to close the magnetic cover & reopen it. I’m getting used to the exercise, but it’s sure noisome! Maybe this a user error issue?! I’m a bit ignorant on this point and my lack of experience with fire tablets must be acknowledged. That said, it’s why i knocked off a star. I’ll try to update this review in the future once i’ve better familiarized myself with the os and researched some online troubleshooting remedy discussions.

4Expert Score
Transfer of file from previous kindle

I guess you get what you pay for and stuck with it. Files from my kindle 7 did not transfer and you can’t just copy the files to a micro sd. The whole filing system is proprietary. One thing it did do correctly is sync with my samsung phone and transferred everything to the amazon drive. But, i didn’t set it to sync with my phone or my phone to this kindle. Do i know what i’m doing? With 30 years of it experience, i do. I guess for the price you really do get what you pay for. Note: the micro sd slot i assume works because the kindle does detect it, but every time i turn the kindle on it gives me a screen about what i want to do with the sd card. Use it to save data for offline use or use it expand storage. I set mine to take data offline but every time i turn it on i get a pop up that wants me to set the sd card up again. I’ve also tried to set the sd up for expanded storage. Doesn’t work so i had to remove the sd card so i would not get the pop up. Update: i decided not to use the sd slot and just backup my data to my own network cloud. Other than that storage issue and me still working through amazon’s proprietary version of android the kindle 10 is a pleasant upgrade for useabilty. The screen is nice and big compared to the 7 and performance is good. I wouldn’t have wanted half of the apps that come installed that you can’t remove but some can be disabled. However, if i were to buy this again i would buy it with the max memory and storage available. The kindle 10 is great for reading books and the organization of all your books is well done. Being a techie i will eventually figure out the sd issues but its not a deal breaker. So, because of my earlier review amazon customer service called me and we had a pleasant conversation. Because of that i am raising my review to 5 stars. Most companies won’t just call you unless you request it and even then you may not be contacted.

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Why do amazon equipment upgrades lose features???

This first happened, for me, when i innocently closed my first kindle in the car door. Oh, sure. There were hurtful rumors that it jumped, but i still insist it was an accident.

Anyway, the replacement did away with the keyboard, and installed an infuriating pop-up version on which i am forever making typos.this was presumably to increase the screen size. More importantly, they removed the earphone jack. As i spent a fair amount of time listening to the electronic voice reading, while did something else….big issue.

Now we come to my decision to upgrade my smaller fire tablet to a bigger screen. Being that i put thing off at a professional level, my wife ended up getting me this as an early birthday present. I encountered yet another ‘dump’: i can only listen to a book if i own the audible version. Which means, in essence, about 20 titles, most of which are books i wrote and released through acx. Since you would literally have to beat me into submission to abandon a ton of better books to listen those…well, you get the general idea. I have probably 900 books that i can’t audible skim through while working crosswords or balancing the national debt. So, okay, that latter bit is just an excuse i give my wife, and i suspect she’s starting to catch onto the fact.


I’m keeping the smaller fire to essentially replace my kindle, but this is a huge omission for me. Would it have taken up that much memory to leave the auto-read feature in place?????????

Good tablet, bad decision.

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Alexa is aggravating

All in all, i am satisfied. Initially, i wanted only a reader, but found out the kindle readers’ memories are not expandable; the tablets are with a separately bought card. Having an e-library of over 7200 books & documents, i wanted a unit where as many items as possible could be downloaded & then accessed without wifi; as best as i can tell, this is doable. What i find most aggravating is the over riding alexa, as well as some other settings like notifications. No matter how many times i check every possible setting for each app, fire 10 (2021) repeatedly over rides. I don’t use it for playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. I don’t access any email or social media accounts, not even a calendar. As i said, i really only wanted a unit that could hold a lot of downloaded reading materials. There isn’t the option to uninstall useless apps & the disable buttons are nonfunctional; the only viable option is to force stop. In the month of ownership, i’ve had to stop all of the alexa apps & all notifications more than 4 times! I am unimpressed with its battery life. In a typical usage of 2 & 1/2 hours, the battery reduces 25%. The touch screen is not as sensitive to finger touch as it is to a stylus. I bought the fire 10 on a prime day & am very glad about the $95 discount. Had i gotten it at full price, i doubt i would’ve put up with all of its aggravations.

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Battery gone bad?

We have two of these tablets, but only one is having these issues. It’s been less than a year and the battery has been acting weird. I’ve reformatted back to factory settings, hoping that would fix whatever issue is going on, but unfortunately it has not. The charger it came with sometimes does not charge the tablet. Thinking it could be the outlet, i’ve changed to several different locations and it’s the same every time. I don’t feel that the charger is the problem, but more something internally has gone bad. On occasions it will have plenty of battery and suddenly turn off without warning. Once turned on again it will say there is only 1%, then there is that battle of trying to get it to charge once again. Charging, like i said, has been weird for this one tablet, not like the other one we have that is an exact same model, just a different color. While on 1%, i can leave it for several hours and come back and it will still say 1%. Very rarely will it charge like normal, like the other tablet. I feel the battery is the issue. Yes, we are still less than a year having this tablet, but unfortunately past the return items dates. I hate to say it, but sorry amazon, i might just trash this one and go buy a samsung instead.

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More impressive with the productivity bundle . . . .

I got this new fire as part of the ‘productivity bundle’, that included a keyboard and a 1-year subscription to office 365 personal. There’s really not that much difference between this fire and the 2019 one, as far as i can tell. It is faster, though, and turns off faster. However, i have to hold the ‘on’ button longer to get it to turn on.

That button, as well as the charger port, are not exactly in the same location as the 2019 model. The moko cover, with a handle, i use with the previous models partially covers up those two things on the 2021 fire. No big deal, though, since i could still turn on the fire in the case, and could just take it out of the case to charge. Most of the time anyway, except when i’m only reading, it’s going to be in the keyboard case that came with the included keyboard in the bundle deal.

Speaker wise, this model sounds no different than the 2019 model. It’s better to listen to music from a fire with an external speaker, however. Since i never use the fire cameras, i don’t know how good any cameras are on any fires. I’ve had six, including three hd 10 ones. A charger and cord are of course included, and it’s the same charger cord as the 2019 model, not the 2017 model.

One difference in the 2021 model than in the previous two, however, is a difference i truly appreciate–none of my kindle books are showing on the home page. The last software update for the 2017 and 2019 models put kindle books on the home page, and i have no idea why they started doing that. You can ‘hide’ a book, but another one will appear to take its place. If i want to see my kindle books, i’ll just tap my kindle app. I don’t need any on my home page!

As always, i got the fire with the lock screen ads. There are no pop-up ads. I rarely even notice the ones on the lock page. Most of the time they seem to be ads with cute, colorful cartoon characters who want you to play some sort of game. It used to be more books, i believe.

If you want a keyboard, with a fire case, for this 2021 model, do check out the one being sold in the productivity bundle–‘all new, made for amazon bluetooth keyboard with detachable case in black, for fire hd 10 (11th generation) 2021 release’. It will turn your new fire into a small chromebook. The typing is excellent, just like a laptop keyboard, only it does not have a touchpad.

The productivity bundle also comes with a year of office 365 personal, which is going to save me money. I was subscribing to it by the month, and only use word. The office subscription is now on my amazon ‘memberships & subscriptions’ page, where i can turn on or off auto-renew or cancel. I don’t have to go to microsoft to manage it. Plus, i traded in my 2019 fire, got a $30 gift card and applied that to the bundle, which saved me even more money. If you get just this 2021 fire, though, you can currently not only get $30 for a trade-in, but also get 20% off the fire.

Personally, even without the 20% off offer, i guess i am more impressed with the productivity bundle as a whole than with this 2021 fire, although there is nothing at all wrong with the new model. It just doesn’t seem that different to me from the previous two models. If you can wait to get the new one, get it when it goes on sale, which it will without a doubt soon in the future. Particularly look out for prime days (june 21-22), around any holidays, or check out daily deals. I put electronic items i want on a wish list, and then check it daily to see any price drops.

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Good for the sale price

Good if you can get it on sale and don’t plan to use it for anything too intensive. The wifi is slow, processor slow, ram is small, but the battery life is great. I think the ads are slowing the tablet down more than the specs would make you think. Many apps are slow to load and if you don’t pay (or use other means) to remove the ads it is a pain to use. There is a bug with sd cards that will force close your apps when the tablet goes to sleep. You can fix it by turning off the battery optimization on certain apps but it resets with each update. If you only plan to use it for light streaming, internet browsing, or reading books it’s great. Any more than that and it struggles.

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