Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Lavender

What are fire hd 10 tablet features?

  • Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 3 gb ram. 50% more ram than previous generation.
  • Long-lasting 12-hour battery and 32 or 64 gb internal storage. Add up to 1 tb with microsd (sold separately).
  • Brighter display – vivid 10.1′ 1080p full hd display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected – download apps like zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done – check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like microsoft office, onenote, and dropbox.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Split screen – all-new feature for fire os that shows two compatible apps, like facebook messenger and prime video, open side by side for easy multitasking.
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Looking for specific info?

Are adds only on lock screen or do they randomly pop up when using an app?

I’ve had at least six kindle fires with ads, including three hd 10 ones. I have this newest one, too. If it didn’t state there were ads in the description, i would have never noticed there were any. They are strictly on the lock screen, the first screen you see when you turn on the fire. That’s it. There are no more anywhere. There are no pop-up ads. If you asked me what the ads were when i turned on the fire, before unlocking the screen, the vast majority of the time i could not tell you. Save some money and get the fire with ads!

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The description says google play store not supported. Does this mean that amazon prevents it from running or merely that they don’t endorse it?

I’ve had or gifted three amazon fires, beginning with the original hd 8, and two versions including the latest of the hd 10. Side loading google play store to load chrome took me days with the first one, and the last took me about 15 minutes, because i wasn’t paying attention. Lots of instructions on the internet, but if you can find someone with experience, absolutely go that route. I needs [sic] chrome browser, and while silk, the fire browser is ok, it is ok to get to chrome.

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I have the last 10” tablet so is this new one worth getting?

I’ve had a lot if kindle fires, right now i have the same you do. I purchased the newest one for my grandson for christmas 2021 & once i checked his out i deciced i’ll be upgrading to the new one. First thing i noticed is lighter which is big for me since i take it everywhere. Also the newest imo has better design; it has same screen size 10 and more screen, there isn’t that 1 inch black edge that puts has.
Amazon is amazing and easy with almost every return. My advice get the newest if you don’t think it’s worth it you can always return it.

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I would like to trade in my old kindle and apply toward this new one. I want to use my old til i get my new. Can i apply trade in $ and savings befor

Previously i bought a upgraded fire with a trade-in on black friday. I was able to use the black friday sale price and whatever discount i got from the trade-in on the same purchase. On prime day i traded in another fire because the $20 gift card for the trade-in and the 20% coupon plus the sale price made it irresistible. I didn’t need a new fire. However amazon refused to honor the 20% off and told me i can’t combine offers anymore because that’s their terms of service. Customer service was no help. The guy who said it’s a scam about the trade-in and the coupon is right . I would just drop it except he wireless charger i have doesn’t work to charge it and it didn’t even come with a cord so you have to run out and buy a usb – c just to charge it and then the videos keep crashing requiring hard restarts and the book freezes when reading a book so it’s impossible to maintain your concentration on the storyline.

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Fire won’t turn on. It’s charged. I’ve pushed the button for 40 sec. It’s just a blank screen. What’s wrong?

Mine does the same thing. If i turn it off completely, it takes forever to finally come back on unless i put it on the charger, unlike my older 8′ kindle. The other thing that makes me angry is that i cannot download and play any steam games on it, and apparently i cannot play any indiegala games on it either. I don’t use google, but it seems that too is not allowed. And now i’m having problems getting the overdrive app from my local library to download ebooks and audiobooks although it works fine on my older 8′ kindle.

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Can you download youtube tv?

Actually, if you know how to, you can sideload the google play store onto the tablet, it’s real easy to do and takes all of 10 minutes or less if you know how. Once that’s done, you can download virtually any apps you want off the play store and they will work just fine.

Can i disable alexa?

Yes. Do that in settings.

I know 4g is. Goig away by the end of 2021, but are the new current 2021 kindle.fires 5g or should i get a tablet?

Whoever told you 4g is going away is very misinformed.
Anyways, 4g and 5g are cellular internet services and this tablet has no cellular connectivity. They only connect to wi-fi using 2.4ghz or 5ghz.

Amazon gives me a geo location error when i try to buy this bundle?! But i am in the us, and it’s letting me buy parts separately (tablet+keyboard)

If trying to purchase using a device with a vpn installed on it, that could be the issue.
Click on customer service top of this page.

Does this version allow for use of amazon free time for kids and to set up kids profiles like on the fire tablets made just for kids? I want to share

Yes about free time and you can have individual set ups for each child in household by name.

How come i ordered my fire tablet 32gb but it shows 25.78gb internal storage?

It’s likely to be because the native apps on the device use some memory. I did not notice that mine had this issue.

Can you get procreate the app on this tablet?

Procreate is an ios app only. It works with apple systems, not android or amazon fire.

Printing capable? Does this print?

Yes, you can use your fire hd 10/fire hd 10 plus to print to a nearby wifi enabled printer.

How long is charging cord?

You can also use a usb c charging cord as well if you want longer

Can i take notes with a stylus and have them translate to text on this?


Any touch screen or how is gonna work on screen , i don’t see the keyboard having a touch option? Does itbhave that option ?

All kindle fires are touch screen

Can i read my kindle books

This is what i love my kindle fire tablet. I can read books, watch movies, play games, enjoy special interest channels through amazon, with subscriptions. I like the reader features on the tablet.

Can i write notes and highlight on kindle books?


Is this a good product for college?

It is great for entertainment and social media. I would not recommend it as a primary tool for college.

Will i still need my cell phone to connect this fire tablet to wifi, when not at home? Will all my apps from my current fire tablet automatically tran

Assuming you’re not somewhere that offers wi-fi, then yes you would need your phone. The tablet does not support cell tower access.

Amazon does transfer the apps to the new tablet. However, there may be some that you will have to manually load. The version on your old tablet may not run on the new one.

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