Fire HD 8 tablet, 8′ HD display, 32 GB, (2020 release), designed for portable entertainment, Black

What are fire hd 8 tablet features?

  • 8′ hd display, 2x the storage (32 or 64 gb of internal storage and up to 1 tb with microsd card) + 2 gb ram. 10th generation (2020 release).
  • All-day battery life – up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music.
  • Now with usb-c for easier charging. Fully charges in under 5 hours (with included cable + adapter).
  • 30% faster thanks to the new 2.0 ghz quad-core processor.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported).
  • Stay on track – check email, make video calls, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like zoom, outlook, and onenote.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • 2 mp front and rear-facing cameras with 720p hd video recording.
  • Dual-band, enhanced wifi.
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Looking for specific info?

Does this support google?

When i got my kindle hd fire 10 in 2017, i went to youtube to see how or if i could add google chrome. I was able to find a video right away, followed the steps – and within minutes i had both google chrome and the google playstore. It has worked without a hitch since. I’m a 60-year-old grandmother who is not very tech-savvy, so i was very grateful for this! I just got a new 2020 kindle hd fire 8 and will be doing the same thing with this one.

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Whats in the box?

The hd 8 plus comes with a faster 9w charger with usb-c cable, only the regular hd 8 gives the normal 5w micro usb charger.

When i select any color but black i can’t order without ads. How do i do that?

It’s barely noticeable when you have the ad screen. Spend the $15 on a more memory and get a mini sd card. It takes about 1/2 second to swipe away the ad screen, it doesn’t stay on long enough to even read it

What is the largest gb expansion card you can use in a kindle’s fire 8?

Officially, 1tb.

In regards to current prices/market:
1tb costs above $200, and 2tb is not available for purchase yet. Most economical high capacity would be a 400gb card. 512gb can be had for a little more.

When higher than 1tb is available, it might work? But most likely has not been tested, hence the official 1tb “limit”.

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Will this support text-to-speech for kindle books and magazines?

Not sure i understand….are you saying text to speech is done with in 2020? It’s not, i use it every day and this is march of ’21.

Can i delete the amazon shop amazon app?

If you haven’t already (and if not, why haven’t you?), download the kindle version of your fire’s manual. Every manual provides step-by-step directions on how to both download folders from your computer and how to create a folder on your tablet. There may also be a youtube video. Last but not least, call amazon customer service. In my experience, they have always been very helpful. If they don’t know how to fix it, they’ll direct to someone who can. (no, i don’t work for amazon in any capacity and i don’t expect any renumeration. Lol) -peace-

Esta tablet tiene para agregar la tarjeta sim

Si tiene para adaptar una tarjeta de memoria

Will the cover for my current hd 8 (2019) fit the new 2020 hd 8?

How do i find out if my hd 8 is 2019 or 2020? All i’m seeing is 10th generation.

Can you read kindle on this device?

Yes. Kindle works great on these. I bought this specifically for kindle and integration with my prime video and music.

What can i do to fix my keyboard is black in middle and keypad seperated

Go into your tablet settings and scroll down to ‘device options’, then click on ‘keyboard & language’ and click on ‘current keyboard settings’. Near the bottom, you will see an option that says ‘split keyboard’. When you click on that, a window will pop up where you can uncheck the boxes to disable the split keyboard.

When screen goes to black wont restart without power source? Just had it replaced and same issue. Is there a fix?

I had this happen before, and the fix i found was to hold the power button down for 20 seconds.

Top positive review below says we can download an apk of google play store. What does that mean? Can someone give more detailed direction on this?

So, amazon doesn’t want us to be able to install standard android apps on ‘their’ fires (that we own!), so even though these devices are android tablets, the play store does not come pre-installed. If, like me, you want to use apps outside the amazon ecosystem, you need the play store. You get it by downloading four apk files (apk is an android app file extension) to the device and then installing them. Once you do this, you have the play app and can install and run pretty much any app you can find there.

Google the process and follow the easy directions. You can either download the files by using the fire’s pre-installed silk browser, or by downloading them to your pc and transferring them to the tablet (side loading). If you use the silk browser, you have to ‘enable unknown sources’ first. Otherwise the fire won’t let you download the needed apk files.

It is pretty easy to do, just takes time, and you need to be sure to download the correct four files for your fire, and then to install them in the right order.

Take that, amazon! (i also either delete the bloatware that comes pre-installed, or, if this isn’t possible, put it all in a junk folder so these unwanted apps don’t clutter up my home screen).

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Is the memory card included in purchase?

No. Scroll way down in description to see what is included.

I have an iphone does it matter ?

If you are willing to live dangerously, you can even install amazon photos on your iphone and, and if you’re a prime member, save on apple’s storage fees. However, be aware that amazon’s unlimited storage for photos doesn’t apply to videos. Even for prime members video storage tops out at 5gb, but i’m sure old jeff would sell you more.

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I have an amazon fire 7 should i replace it with this?

I used a 7 for years, but find that i prefer bigger screen and sharper resolution of the 8’s. I wouldn’t go back to a 7 or smaller (might as well use your cell phone then).

Anyone found a case that makes it easy to hold with one hand? ( hand slot on back with drop protection) ?

Moko case compatible with all-new kindle fire hd 8 tablet and fire hd 8 plus tablet (10th generation, 2020 release),slim folding stand cover with auto wake/sleep – black

Hello, has anyone used this tablet for home schooling? Does it have writing apps? Thank you.

There are many available apps and i think it is an excellent tablet for homeschool.

Is this good for webex meetings

Should be. I do ot do such meetings.

Can this one read that book with the computer voice?

Yes, it can read books in the kindle app using text-to-speech, if it’s available for that particular book. The text to speech is surprisingly good, not too robotic. In the kindle app, go to reading settings, and select the checkbox for text-to-speech to enable this feature. Then in the book, tap the page you’re on and at the bottom of the screen, below the reading progress bar, you should see ‘tap play to listen to text-to-speech’. Tap the triangle ‘play’ icon to start. I love this feature. You can also read along while the voice is reading to you.

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How do you take a picture with the camera on this device?

When you open the camera app there is a button that appears on the bottom of the screen, just like on your phone !

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

Pensé al compararla que seía una tablet muy básica, sin embargo para mi sorpresa ha sido la más funcional de todas las que he tenido.

Tiene excelente rendimiento a persar de mu memoria ram, tiene poco lag y en general es muy fluída.

Le he descargado más de 50 app y todavía no ha llegado a su límite la memoria a persar que la mía es de 32gb.

Se conecta muy bien a internet tanto en 2.4ghz como en 5ghz, el blutooth funciona excelente, sólo le faltaría un infrarojo para controlar los televisores.

De vez en cuando veo películas en este dispositivo y tienes excelente fluidez de imagen y sonido. Acepta la mayoría de las apps de streaming mas importantes.

Se integran excelente con el resto de los otros productos amazon que poseo, aunque alexa a veces no es muy efectiva con los comandos.

Recientemente descubrí, que al conectarlo con mi teléfono móvil por medio de un cable tipo c – c la tablet empieza a recargarse y desde el teléfono puedo acceder directamente a los archivos de la tablet tanto de la memoria interna como de la memoria externa.

Con respecto a la cámara no puedo opinar, no he realizado fotos con ella ni hecho videollamadas.

Si se hace necesario una batería de mayor capacidad, pero en mi caso que sólo uso la tablet en mi hogar no representa mayor problema al poderla cargarla facilmente. Pero si alguien va a usarla en el trabajo o de viaje, si debe considerar un powerbank o conectarla a la corriente eléctrica por lo menos una vez a en la tarde. Pero con un cargador de carga rápida hace este trabajo muy rápido.

A pesar de ser una tablet bastante barata, no tiene nada que envidiarle a alguna que le doble en precio, de hecho esto considerando compar la fire hd 8 plus.

5Expert Score
It's a kindle, with a color screen.

Right up front i want to address the negative reviews that tarnish this product because, as usual, people buy this at a very budget price and expect an ipad or samsung tablet. It is not an ipad or samsung, it is an amazon content delivery device. It is inexpensive because amazon provides the content and they want you to have a cheap way to enjoy it. It is an e reader, music player, video player not a full fledged android tablet. Like most amazon devices it has ads on the lock screen. Any other ads are the fault of the apps. It can be massaged to load apps from google play but it wasn’t designed for that and results will vary. Expecting this to perform like an ipad or samsung is wishful thinking of the highest degree. If you can’t afford an ipad, don’t blame this unit. Don’t buy it to do anything but read, listen and watch. I’ve worn out several of the fire units over the years and i loved them. They are electronic devices and as such are likely to fail at some point. It’s reality. I own 2 ipads as well as this kindle, an old fire (usb port finally died) and a kindle paperwhite. They all serve a purpose. I read constantly and sometimes the paperwhite is right, sometimes the fire is right. The ipads are pc replacements for me and do everything i need to run a small business and record music. I don’t expect any of the kindles to be ipads. Warranty is commensurate with value. 90 days is enough to verify operation. After 90 days you’re just unlucky or you dropped the unit so many times it gave up. Ipads have a 1 year warranty and you pay for it. My last ipad cost me over $500. I expect a lot more from it than i do a kindle. I apologize for ranting but it sucks that good products suffer because of bad expectations. A kindle fire is a great device for what it was intended to do. I don’t really like backlit screens for reading, but sometimes they’re desirable. I can watch movies, listen to audiobooks, listen to music, stream content and read books and magazines. All on one device that has a screen i don’t have to squint at to enjoy. All for a very reasonable price. I had some a-hole grab my fire and run while i was getting a drink refill and it wasn’t a nightmare… Like if he had run off with my ipad. Buy this for what it is, don’t complain about what it isn’t.

5Expert Score
Perfect for use as a hubitat dashboard

I’m using this tablet as a dedicated, wall mounted interface for my hubitat home automation system. It is running a sharptools dashboard under the fullykiosk browser in full screen mode. It’s absolutely perfect for this use case. Rock solid stable and more than powerful enough to make everything run nearly instantaneously. The camera serves to wake up the display when it senses motion. The microphone wakes up the screen when it hears noise and also acts as an alexa device for audio control.
It’s truly perfectly suited for this. And the price was crazy low.
Big thumbs up!

5Expert Score
Love this tablet. Hate the ads.

This is my 3rd kindle fire and i really resent having to pay to remove ads from the last two. Amazon explanatiin is they gave me a discount to display ads. I reviewed my order and that is not true. I do recall something on the setup that flashed about settings for ads and i may have bypassed it in my eagerness to use my fire. I also do not like the way amazin took over my fire with this years device updates. I liked my old setup and would have preferred the optiin to retain or use new as window does. My biggest beef is how much more difficult it is to use primarily as an e-reader. I liked the old way where my books and library were displayed and if i wanted to venture off to facebook or email, i coukd go to those app icons. I do not like this defined dashboard concept. But i did choose to stick with a kindle rather than buy an ipad or other brand because of the great amazon prime day price. And i thiught i would have less new stuff to learn.

5Expert Score
Excellent, fast 8' tablet

Bought two of these recently. It’s so much faster than the previous 7′ 16gb i previously purchased. That one still works, btw. This one has lots of new features, including hands-free alexa, and a one button screen shot option. It also has decent two speaker stereo sound, a bright 8′ color screen, and more features yet to be explored. I haven’t monitored the battery life on mine, but my wife tells me that hers still has about
30% power after more than ten hours of usage.
So, for the price, this is a real steal.

5Expert Score
Love my new tablet w/more storage space …

I am 83 & a voracious reader … I have been my whole life … I have to read every day … Sometimes more than one book … My daughter had been trying to convince me for years to get a kindle because of my love of reading … But i always thought i would just hate it because not the same as real books (love the smell, the way they feel, look – everything about them – & always will) … My son found a deal on a small one a few years ago & got it for me … I reluctantly started using it & my daughter told me ways to get books for free &/or really good deals on books from my favorite authors or genres (bookbub & earlybird i think – she tracks them for me – otherwise i would wind up getting every deal that popped up) … I filled it up in no time & it just recently died on me … My daughter assured me all my books were not lost (she tried explaining about them being in clouds but i don’t do computers) … She helped me pick out a replacement kindle fire & suggested i get one with more storage because i already own hundreds of books … I liked this one – plus it came in a pretty color … When i received it my daughter easily walked me through ‘restoring’ all of my books & things that i had before on my old tablet onto my new tablet … Once this was done i was pleased with how much faster i could download new books & with how much more storage i still have available (i had to delete books off my old one if i wanted a new one) … She showed me how i can turn it long ways (like a wide-screen tv) & helped me adjust my font & brightness – so now reading is even more enjoyable than ever … I also got the 3 year accident protection (just in case – i am 83 after all) …
I highly recommend this kindle fire to everyone … Including stubborn old timers like me … If you don’t have someone to help you set it up (like my daughter) – that’s ok too because amazon has wonderful customer service & they will be happy to help you set it up at no extra charge (they can even take control of your screen to help fix things – but only if you give them permission – they have helped me several times this way) … So if your not sure about these things – but love to read as much as i do … I say ‘for the love of reading take the chance’ … I think you’ll find yourself as pleasantly surprised as i have been (i can take a whole book series with me in one hand … Woohoo!) …
Ps … I still read physical books too … Never too many books! … Just not enough time! …

5Expert Score
Kindle replacement

My original kindle which i had for many years quit working. I tried to get it repaired but best buy said they did not repair them and that it would be easier and probably cheaper to just replace it. I looked at new kindles, but pricewise the fire was a better option than the paperwhite kindle that i had thought about purchasing. I have a larger one for gameplay and bought this one strictly for reading and it works great for that purpose. I am enjoying my purchase daily.

5Expert Score
On/off button to close to the volume controls

The touch screen is so sensitive that if i just hover a finger over something the screen will change. There is a learning curve involved if you have been using an older tablet. The on/off button is only 1/2′ from the volume button and it is too easy to hit off instead of volume up. On my older tablet the on/off button was at the far end of the top of the tablet. Otherwise, it is easy to use .

5Expert Score
It's a fabulous product, just…

…don’t get one if you already own an ipad! Let me explain.

Everything i can do on a kindle fire, i can do on my ipad better. Reading, streaming, e-mails, social media, games… Literally everything. The os on the fire tablet is clunky in comparison. Even the virtual keyboard doesn’t work as well for me.

Oh, and with the alexa enabled on the fire, when i use it in the same room as an echo (which is everywhere in my house), they don’t work together very well. I’ll say ‘alexa, display the weather on my kindle fire,’ my echo briefly lights up, makes a low beep, and says nothing. The weather doesn’t display on my fire.

Right now my fire tablet is mounted as a display for showing me the time and weather, and i rarely pick it up anymore. It’s essentially an echo show now. Maybe if i were going somewhere and was afraid my ipad would get stolen or damaged, i’d take it with me. But i have a kindle paperwhite too, and i’d rather have that stolen or damaged than my fire.

If you’ve never had an ipad and you want a solid tablet device, by all means save money and get a fire tablet. But my ipads (i’ve had 3 so far) have totally spoiled me! I now read from my kindle library on my ipad’s kindle app. It’s much easier to use than reading on the fire. The fire’s user interface is slow & clumsy. There’s a reason the kindle tablets are priced much lower than an ipad’s. My sling bag feels much lighter without both my ipad and fire since i started leaving my fire at home every day.

Sorry, amazon! Quality over quantity every time.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my needs!

I bought this to replace an older one for a light and portable platform for book reading and to play games on. The old one still functions great after five years, but i felt an upgrade was in order, so opted for one the same size. I decided not to go with the bigger model simply because i already had something in that size in the form of my ipad, and going with a bigger one would defeat my reason for going smaller and lighter. So far i’ve been extremely happy with it. While it’s no speed demon, i didn’t buy it for that, so i’m very happy with its performance. The big key i see in being happy with this is using it for what it’s intended for and not as an ipad type replacement. If you’re looking for a speedy platform that can handle all sorts of video play, then this is not for you. If you want something that will handle book reading, watching prime videos on, or just playing some games, then you will not go wrong with this. The price is hard to beat for what you’re getting. I’m very happy with both my tablets!!

4Expert Score
Designed for amazon world, but still pretty great ~~~ pros & cons to consider

**please note that this review is for a 64g (with ads) ~~ white ~~ adapter and usb cable incl
even though amazon is posting this is as a 32g black**

a great little tablet for what it is.

If you’re a diehard amazon customer like i am, then amazon devices can’t be beat for hooking one up to everything that amazon world offers. And let’s not forget alexa makes it all even easier.

I never thought i’d need or buy a fire tablet, since i’m already covered with a new laptop, kindle reader, 2 android tablets, and a samsung phone. My bases were already covered and my nearly 3,000 kindle books were accessible in several ways. Prime video and music work great on all my existing devices, plus i have 2 regular firesticks and 1 4k firestick. So why get a fire tablet?

Well, my two tablets were made obsolete for kindle when amazon recently somehow deregistered both of them from my account and i wasn’t able to download the newest kindle app and repopulate my library. Long story. Enter fire tablet hd 8 just when i needed a new device for the kindle app and the prime day price was unbeatable …

Buying the tablet was really a no-brainer, and a necessity at the time. I ordered the newest 64g with ads and am ecstatic with that choice. After considerable research in comparing capabilities, the 8 was better than the 8 plus or the 10′ tablet. I don’t recommend going lower than 64g even though the 32g is less expensive and memory is expandable. That perk has never worked out well on any device, and we all know that music, movies, and books will gobble up memory faster than a cheetah runs. The white matte finish looks great, but there are things to know before you buy.

** long battery life: surprisingly, i recharge this tablet once every 3 days, despite having it turned on all day with wifi, and doing alot of kindle reading.

** simple operation: after some glitches during setup, and a thorough investigation of the tablet and settings, operation was a snap.

** setup issues: i had lots of setup issues due to the endless system updates that were necessary and had to be done in a certain way and order that i couldn’t have done on my own even though i’m very savvy with electronics. There are no instructions and it was confusing. That meant being on the phone with tech support to get it all squared away properly. If you’re typically android, this tablet is not android. It’s amazon. There are similarities, but it’s an amazon device through and through.

** sidewalk option: once set up, if you want to opt out of sidewalk it’s very easy within settings.

** android convertible: for those concerned that it isn’t android and can’t download google play apps, just go on line for easy instructions on downloading 4 apk files and a launcher in order to turn the tablet into android and download any apps you want, then create a separate home screen for the android apps. The current screen is all amazon apps. Once done, you’ll have the best of both worlds combined.

** quirky glitches: i’ve only had the tablet a few weeks and already there are glitches. The screen occasionally freezes, won’t respond to touch, or pages won’t open or navigate properly. If you’re a heavy reader like i am with an extensive kindle library and also frequently use goodreads, there are more glitches. The books that you have ‘read’ do not always synch into your gr account on the tablet. My ‘friend’ count on gr is also incorrect. Gr notifications are spotty. It helps that i double check on my phone app and also email, which are both accurate and up to date on gr notifications.

** a brick: heavier than expected. If you’re used to samsung or apple, this tablet will feel like a brick and also a bit thick. Expected it to be slimmer and lighter in design.

** screen quality: picture quality not as sharp or good for movies as my samsung. You’ll notice the difference, but it’s still good enough.

** differences: amazon versions of apps are not quite the same as android versions. Microphone dictation notes and highlights on kindle books sucks. It doesn’t understand most words you say, and you need to close and re-open the microphone to repeat. Very cumbersome and ineffective. This feature works flawlessly on android, but i often have to type notes manually when i get fed up with the wonky microphone. The whole page layout of books in kindle app is a bit spotty. Noticed a big difference in the way the tablet kindle app operates as opposed to google play version on an android device. Sometimes, i get fed up with the issues, and just read for awhile on my phone when i want to do lots of highlights and notes on a book for reviews.

** don’t be afraid to get the tablet ‘with ads’! You’ll save $15, and can pay it back later if you want the ads removed. The only time i see ads is when i first turn on the tablet on the opening screen. That’s it. See my photo of the book ad. No other ads appear during use or at the bottom of the screen as with my kindle reader. It’s more of a screen saver that swipes away. As long as you are on the tablet and the screen doesn’t go dark, no new or additional ads will appear.

** touch screen responsiveness: the screen doesn’t always respond. Locks up. Not sure if this will get worse or ‘it is what it is’. Not an issue that i have with android.

** different layouts: amazon prime video not laid out the same as android. I couldn’t even find my watch list, until i noticed my profile icon and ‘my stuff’ at bottom of the screen. Why so different amazon?

** adjustment period: this tablet will take some adjustment, especially if comparing to android. Although it’s geared for amazon apps, there are more glitches than i prefer, the same as has been happening with all the recent website feature changes on the pc.

It’s an okay tablet and perfectly functional especially for kindle books, music, and prime video if you have those subscriptions. 1st 6 months of washington post is free. Personally, the tablet needs some improvements and is adequate, but a bit less than expected. It’s not the ideal option if you want android capability, but remember that it is convertible. Because i bought it on prime day, i also got a free 3-month, first-time subscription to disney +, hulu, and espn. I see that offer is still available in another way on amazon that still might apply to this purchase, so if you’re thinking of buying be sure to check the promo with customer service first.

Overall, i’m happy with the tablet, the memory, and the functionality of amazon world in general which i navigate on a daily basis, but there are some limitations from an android standpoint.

Fyi: my photos show the main screen with pre-loaded amazon apps, an example of a ‘free ad’, and one with the prime video screen.

4Expert Score
Excellent tablet for the price but not a powerhouse

I’ve owned a few kindle fires since the very first one. I got this one on sale for $50. Really you can’t beat the price for all of the features that you get. I like the new ‘alexa’ integration which turns the kindle hd into an ‘echo show’.

The only ‘downsides’ are:

1. It can be a little slow sometimes… But really for $50 that is actually expected and can be overlooked.
2. The amazon app store is really small compared to the standard google app store so there is a lot less available to download. Which leads us into… #3
3. The other thing that i don’t like about the kindle fire tablets is that there’s never been any integrated native support for google apps or the play store which is ironic because you can access amazon apps from non-amazon android devices. It _can_ be done (i’ve done it on mine) but it takes a little bit of ‘googling’ and technological tinkering to get it to work correctly. Definitely not an option for users who are not tech savvy.

4Expert Score
Be aware of what it is

It’s not an ipad. It’s not a samsung tablet. It has some inherent limitations, but for the price, it ain’t bad.

The kindle fire hd is a tablet. It was designed to be an entry point into amazon-world, and it is optimized for shopping, games and entertainment (streaming). But it can do a lot more as long as the user understands its limitations.

The biggest limitation is that it is connectable only via wifi, so anything that you want to do that requires an interface to the internet requires that you be within range of an accessible wifi hub. That mean you can’t web-surf or stream a video at a campsite in the woods. But it’s just as responsive on our home wifi as my wife’s ipad or my iphone.

The kindle fire uses amazon’s proprietary version of the android operating system, so its basic functionality will be familiar if you are accustomed to an android phone. However, it also means that the normal channel for obtaining apps is via the amazon app store. Like google play and the apple app store, the selection of apps is pretty extensive. However, the amazon collection is limited in some areas – eg, the on-line apps for many local banks aren’t available.

While it is not possible to download apps from google play to the kindle fire directly out of the box, there is a way to augment the basic offering so that apps can be retrieved from google. Do a google search for installing the google play store on a kindle fire – note that the instructions are a little involved and must be followed carefully.

There are a number of basic apps included on the device – none of which can be removed. Some are simply other versions of more familiar apps. For example, the native browser is silk – seemingly different from firefox or google, but with much the same functionality. Likewise, the native map app is actually here – which is highly respected in many countries outside north america. After devoting a little ‘play time’ to these, i found that they are quite usable. Apps that you don’t need/want can be clustered in an ‘unused app’ folder so that they don’t clutter up the screen. E-mail works well.

The price is very attractive, and i was surprised at the apparent build quality – to my mind, it compares very favorably with an ipad. Only time will tell how it holds up. The screen is bright. Sound is ok but if you want higher quality audio, i suspect that you could use the built-in bluetooth to link to an external audio system.

4Expert Score
Lighter and more features than my old one!

My wife had one of the original amazon kindle fire tablets. We enjoyed it for many years. Mostly reading, but also some streaming, games, and internet. The micro-usb port finally failed and we couldn’t charge it without doing ‘charging cable yoga.’
this new unit has a few ups and downs: ups: the device is much lighter and easier to hold than the old one. The screen is bright and responsive. It has lots of features for use as a tablet beyond just reading that allow it to compete with samsung tab and ipad. Downs: the battery does not seem to last as long in the new version. This may help make it lighter, but for moderate use, you will need to charge daily (before, my wife plugged in the old one every few days). Ad-supported price. We got this one for an incredible deal during prime day. In the smaller print, the price is ad-supported, so customer directed ads would appear on the lock screen. Not too bad, but my wife didn’t like, so we had to pay amazon the $15 ransom to remove the ads. (on the up-side, the $15 is a one-time charge, not a subscription).
We are currently having some trouble with a feature that alerts you if moisture has entered the charging port. We keep getting the alert even if the fire tablet has not been near any liquid. I have to do a little more research on that. It may have a defect.
The last comment is that the swipe navigation is a little less intuitive to us than the old device. We are still learning it, so sometimes it can be a little frustrating to get to the screen we want-just like my iphone!

4Expert Score
Great device. Poor screen.

I have been an android user for most of my online life. I am a barnes and noble e-reader user and it is time to make the switch. The kindle fire hd 8 is a good replacement for my nook. It is also a very good tablet. It took me only a couple of days to get used to the device. It is actually not that much different from an android device. You will have to side load the google play store to get some of your favorite apps. Otherwise, i had no problem with speed or functionality of the kindle. However, i am not all that happy with the screen. It is a slightly dull finish that seems to attract fingerprints out of thin air. My other devices have fingerprint resistant screens which are great. This is the only fault that i have found so far.

4Expert Score
Curb your expectations and it might be worth it

The fire tablet can do everything it claims to do, albeit very poorly. The specifications are atrocious. Web browsing experience is horrendous, the screen resolution is awful for image quality, the speakers pop in and out when receiving power making any audio and video unbearable, the amazon os is bogged down with ads, and under any other circumstances i would never recommend this dumpster fire of a device to anyone looking for a standard android tablet experience.

It is however, a very good reading device. Technically the main intended purpose of the fire tablets, and it does that job really well. Light weight, very long battery life, and thick bezels that let you grip on to it easily without constantly making inputs to the touch screen. Do yourself a favor and look up how to remove all the garbage amazon os applications and load in google services. It’s a fairly simple process and it does not void your warranty as you can easily factory reset at any time. I’ve been reading epubs and manga on it for a week now and its been very comfortable reading on the couch or in the bed compared to the laptop and phone i’ve been using previously.

I picked it up at 45 dollars during prime sale which i think is a pretty solid steal. I think amazon is selling these at-cost even on retail pricing so its hard to complain about the value, but i still have a hard to recommending it for 90 dollars. Wait for sales, more will happen.

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Getting a bit put off

For the most part, i have been very happy with my hd8 tablet. Lately, not so much. I have had it for a couple of years now and although the performance meets all of my needs and expectations i have had a few problems with it in the time i have owned it.

For the second time in about 6 months or so i have had to do a hard factory reset causing me to lose all of the downloaded apps (including the side-loaded google play apps) that i had downloaded. This takes me about an hour or so to reload everything if i can even remember what was there to begin with.

The first reset was due to the tablet completely freezing up. It took a soft reset so that i could get back into the settings. If i selected any app it would appear to load the app and then freeze. After several soft resets i finally had to do the factory reset. This has happened twice in the past year.

This morning everything was fine. The tablet had a full charge. I read the news at breakfast and had it on and off for the next hour or so with no problems. At lunch i woke it back up and the screen had an orange tint. Everything worked as it should but there was no way to get the full screen color spectrum back. I tried all of the suggestions from google searches and once again had to resort to a hard reset. It is back up and seems to be working fine with good color, but now i have to load everything back in.

One more problem and it will get replaced with a samsung or lenovo tablet. The affordable price isn’t affordable if i continue to have problems and have to replace it every year or so along with the frustration of having to restore all the apps each time it has to be reset.

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Good quality, worth the upgrade

I had a 2019 8th gen fire and wanted to upgrade to the latest (10th gen, 2020). The battery life is better on this one. I am not charging it as often. However, i did not realize this model is wider. I wanted to save money by using my old fire’s cover but it does not fit so i had to by a new cover. Also, the on/off button is in a different place and too close to the volume button. The other thing that i did not see is that the usb port on the new fire is different (usb-c) than the old fire. So i cannot use my old power cord as a spare.

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Better than i thought .

Battery last a very long time. Display is good enough, especially when you fine tune it. I find myself grabbing this tablet more than my other more expensive ones. It’s simpler, than they are. But, i had to download the yahoo email app, in order to use my email on this tablet. Wasn’t possible otherwise. I like this, but like others have said, you have to know what you’re getting. I did, and it gets 4 stars easily.

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Text to speech success – but no wifi??? Ok it was my wifi bandwidth that was insufficient

Second update 5/2/2022 – i’m sorry amazon, it was the skimpy wifi at my dad’s house that was the problem all along, not the last 3 devices that wouldn’t stay connected. When i moved to my brother’s house with his generous wifi the 3 devices in question worked just fine. The older devices that kept working must not have needed as much wifi access as the newer devices. Thank goodness i kept them. I’m bumping my rating back up to 4 stars.

update 9/13/21 – ok i mostly use my fire tablets to read and text to speech, but i also like to play a little candy crush and gardenscapes. But. The last three devices i bought on 3/29/21 and 8/3/21 and 9/5/21 will no longer connect to wifi. It’s not the wifi, i still have a few older kindles and tablets and other devices that connect just fine.
The fire hd 8 i bought 3/29/21 is nearly six months old so i thought maybe that’s the current lifespan or i got a lemon oh well. The kindle paperwhite i bought on 8/3/21 connected for a few weeks before refusing wifi so i had already invested the time to load it with my essential library and figured meh i can load new books by connecting the cable to my computer no biggie not worth the hassle of returning. The fire hd 8 i bought 9/5/21 to replace the lemon bought on 3/29/21 lasted all of six days before refusing to connect to wifi, just long enough to register the clunker and put the time into loading it up then splat no wifi.
Either the amazon kindle fairy has put a curse on my house or amazon got stuck with a bunch of cheapie wifi connection parts that don’t last in their recent devices. Very disappointing.
I’ll use them as grudging backup readers since i can use my computer cable and load them that way but they are useless for anything but reading after side loading via computer cable. Since i hate the hassle of returning things they’ll be sitting around reminding me of how disappointing they are having failed their stated use and being used as limp third rate backups for a long time.
original review – like many others i purchased my fire for it’s text to speech ability and find the 30 minute shutoff window intolerable. There is a way around it.

First i disable alexa and turn the wifi off. Then i turn on the airplane mode, do not disturb, and portrait orientation. Then i turn on the text to speech on my book and use the on/off button to switch off the screen.

Basically i eliminate every distraction from solely doing text to speech. This works on both of my recently purchased fire 8 hd tablets as well as the older one. Since i primarily want to move easily between reading and listening to text to speech i don’t miss using alexa, and i suspect it is the attempt to multi-task that switches off the text to speech.

The portrait orientation is important, if the fire is trying to switch between orientations with auto rotate it will turn off the text to speech. Also i use old fashioned earbuds that plug into the device with a wire so i don’t know if blue tooth would also need to be turned off.

Using this method i’m able to listen to text to speech as long as i like which important when i want to use it on long drives plugged into my car radio. Yes it would be nice to use all the abilities of the tablet at once but for the price i’m content to just use text to speech in a tablet that will hopefully last a year or so. And i can always switch the settings back when i want to play candy crush.

Just in case you’re having trouble finding it, the text to speech voice option is under settings>device options>keyboard & language>text to speech to select the voice you want to hear. To turn on the text to speech you need to be in your book in the kindle app, click on the aa to pull up the font layout themes more menu and select more, then move down the more menu to turn on the text to speech button.

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