Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with latest Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls), Dolby Vision

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with latest Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls), Dolby Vision

Yakibest Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote, Dolby Vision

What are fire tv stick 4k streaming device with latest alexa voice remote (includes tv controls) features?

  • Cinematic experience – watch in vibrant 4k ultra hd with support for dolby vision, hdr, and hdr10+.
  • Home theater audio with dolby atmos – feel scenes come to life with support for immersive dolby atmos audio on select titles with compatible home audio systems.
  • Endless entertainment – stream more than 1 million movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, disney+, peacock, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Live and free tv – watch live tv, news, and sports with subscriptions to sling tv, youtube tv, and others. Stream for free with pluto tv, freevee, youtube and more.
  • Alexa voice remote – search and launch content with your voice. Get to favorite apps quickly with preset buttons. Control power and volume with one remote.
  • Control your smart home – ask alexa to check weather, dim the lights, view live camera feeds, stream music and more.
  • Simple and intuitive – quickly access your favorite apps, live tv, and things you use most, all from the main menu.
  • Easy to set up, compact enough to stay hidden – plug in behind your tv, turn on the tv, and connect to the internet to get set up.
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Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with latest Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls), Dolby Vision AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote, Dolby Vision

Looking for specific info?

How long can this product be used?

As long as you’d like. You can use it 24 hours a day if you’d like.

Will 4k work on a regular hd tv?

Yes, as stated by alexandra paris, it will work on both hd tvs and 4k uhd tvs. And yes, to stream 4k content from the fire tv stick 4k, your need a 4k uhd tv, with and hdmi 2.2 port. I can’t remember from what year they started making it standard on 4k tvs but i can almost guarantee, it should be available from 2021 models and later.
Just a bit of tech info:- hdmi come in different series, 1.4, 2.0, 2.1 & 2.2. To put it simply, it is like a car, the higher the series, the more features it has or it supports.

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Better than roku?

I just ordered my firestick so i can’t comment on the quality of those. But i have 3 roku devices and i will never buy another roku device. I actually intend to trash/burn them when my firesticks come in.

Problems with roku:
gets stuck on an endless add loop (must unplug the roku device to fix)
overheats after 2 hours (i keep an ice pack under it to keep it cool)
when it overheats the wifi just disconnects or it freezes the screen and not the audio.
The time when watching the news is completely random and changes if you switch channels
constant hdmi errors (which restricts us to the 4 streaming service buttons (can’t watch prime or vudu)
plus many many more issues

oh and the best part is that my 4k roku devices are not eligible for customer service support. I can’t even send roku a troubleshooting message. They made it very clear how much they care about their customers and the quality of their product.

Do not buy a roku device!!!

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Does apple tv work well on it? Is it an authorized device?

On apple tv+, dolby atmos does not work. For example, all apple originals are in atmos and my soundbar display says dolby atmos when i use an apple tv. But with firestick 4k, no atmos.

How long can this product be used?

As long as you want, i wasn’t exactly sure what’s your question about but to make it more clear firetv is been out for awhile and the firetv 4k i have is my first and i have it for almost 3 months now and n everything is good except for connecting airpods if you don’t care about private listening then your good but all in all it depends on how and how long you will use it. Cheers

Does the tv have to have internet connection or do you connect the inter internet to the fire stick?

Tv does not have to internet access. You can access the internet thru the firestick.

Are there multiple settings for closed captions? I need an extra large font and prefer yellow text on a black background. Very important for me.

Yes. In the accessibility section of fire stick settings…text background color choices and text font color choices, also.
Get to settings from home screen, click on the cog wheel icon. Go to the accessibility tab.

Does this work with bose quietcomfort 35 ii bluetooth headphones?

U have the little bit older 4k model stick, but also i have bose soundsport earbuds and they connect and work perfectly, just ask the ol’lady who’s sleeping next to me quietly while i watch tv lying next to her in bed.

Does the voice control work without using the alexa function? Sister does not have alexa and does not want to download app.

Alexa voice remote means alexa technology is already built into the remote that comes with fire stick.
You press mic button if you wanna talk to alexa. Remote also works if you decide not to talk to alexa.

Funciona en un tv lcd?

Función en cualquier tv con entrada hdmi

Why does listed price change when added to cart?

It usually depends on if you are a prime member or not

How long can the product be used?

…… I think you mean, how long can it be used before there’s a mandatory software upgrade and a lot of your sideloaded apps start working for our bumped off because of storage and you basically have to go to one of the stores that have link in it and reload everything and then set up each side molding thing to your settings again so forth and so on, is that what you’re asking because i would like to know that too but i don’t think people are understanding that part of it they think you’re just asking long the product stays working lol

How do i access my xfinity cable account using firetvstick

Download the xfinity beta app from the apps menu on the fs. Then lunch and follow the instructions for logging into your xfinity account. Depending upon your xf account options, you can access live tv channels, your recorded content, etc. I used it this past weekend at an airbnb that did not offer any cable, satellite, or over air tv. I was able to watch ‘cable’ through the fs and xf beta app.

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Can i upgrade my reg fire stick to a 4k dolby fire with out starting from the begain?

All your apps will sync automatically on installation. You can also do it manually in the setting menu.

Can my baby use this product a lot?

Baby can use this a lot to put it in their mouth to chew which is potentially dangerous better stick to feet…

I already have the old hd fire stick, is there any advantage to upgrading to the 4k version before owning a 4k tv?

As mentioned previously, the speed is noticeably better. I had the hd version and hated how slow it responded. The 4k version responds almost instantly.

Has anyone used this in a hotel? Does it work? I travel here and there and hate being stuck with their television channels lol

Yes as long as you have a internet connection. I travel also, and i take fire stick with me everywhere i go

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

As far as i know it does not expire. You need a prime account to use features.

Is this the newer version of 4k stick? Mine doesn’t have those app buttons on bottom.

Ita the 2018 version of the 4k fire stick. You probably want to get the 4k max instead for latest software and higher end cpu.

How does this help when you travel? Don’t most hotels have smart tvs now?

Once you program your personal information onto the apps on your fire stick whenever you attach it to a tv you won’t have to be reentering it over and over and so for example if you’re watching amazon prime movies your informations already there you just go watch a movie. And also any other apps you add to your firestick will be accessible.

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Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with latest Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls), Dolby Vision AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote, Dolby Vision

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Superior product

This amazon fire stick is simply amazing. It turns a flat screen television almost to a fire television smart device. Really it has alexa which is always brilliant and will help you browse through the menus. Setting up is a breeze. Just plug the amazon fire stick into the hdm1 port and you are on your way. It hooks up through the internet, so you will need that. It has movies through amazon prime videos, so plan on spending about a little bit of money on that. Some videos you will have to rent or buy for such a small fee. Other videos (and there are a lot of them) are free as long as you are a member of amazon prime video. Freeve and pluto networks you can access through the amazon fire stick and they are splendid networks and they free. They have a lot of great shows and movies to offer, as well as cnn news. The remote is superior which has a button you can press to talk with alexa and she will help you navigate through the menus to access amazon prime, freeve and pluto networks. I do not know if all the amazon fire sticks have alexa or not on the remote so make sure you get the correct one with alexa. There are other content you can access through the amazon fire stick with alex’s help. Netflix and hulu are a couple from others that are too numerous to mention here. Also, you have to open a free amazon account.

5Expert Score
It's made my smart tv even smarter.

We live in an area with limited internet options and because of data caps we have never been able to do much streaming. Recently we were able to upgrade to a service with unlimited data so we can now use more streaming services. Our tv is an older insignia model. It’s ‘smart’ but apparently not quite smart enough because it picks up netflix and amazon prime but would not get disney plus or apple plus. So i took a chance on the fire stick. It works like a charm. I plugged it into an hdmi port on the back of the tv, connected it to power, and fired it up. Using the input button on the tv remote the tv found the fire stick without issue and i was easily able to connect disney plus and apple plus. It also connected to alexa without any problems and we can control some functions with either our echo show or directly through the remote which has an alexa button. The sound and picture quality is very good. There are only a couple of minor issues that are certainly no big deal. The fire stick itself would not plug directly into the hdmi port because the adjacent ports both have things plugged into them and the stick would not fit. So i had to use the little hdmi extension cable which was included apparently because of this very issue. It works perfectly but it does stick out a little and so the stick is visible from behind the tv which is no big deal at all for us. Also, we have dish. So now, to successfully run the tv, we need three remotes. The dish remote, the tv remote, and the fire stick remote. Again, this is simple and not a big deal. Overall we are extremely pleased with the fire stick.

5Expert Score
Muy buen producto!

Superó mis expectativa. Aunque al principio es algo difícil entender como funciona, después de que uno se acostumbra todo es sumamente sencillo.


1) si usted está en latam y la cuenta amazon está configurada para usa, las aplicaciones que descargue serán las versiones de usa y muchas no les van a funcionar, por ejemplo paramount+, en este caso deberá conseguir en otra tienda de app la versión para latam.

2) si por alguna razón la cuenta amazon vinculada es bloqueada, el dispositivo también se va a bloquear, deberá llamar a amazon y pasar el interrogatorio de seguridad para desbloquear la cuenta y reactivar todos los dispositivos, incluyendo tabletas, tvs, echo, etc. (todo lo que sea mazon se bloquea). Si luego no se desbloquean automáticamnete, deberá comunicarse con soporte para que lo reinicien y deberá descargar y configurar todo de nuevo desde cero.

Fuera de esos dos detalles que aprendí en carne propia, el equipo vale la pena, las actualizaciones del so y de las apps se realizan automáticamente cuando no está en uso el dispositivo, fluye muy bien (poco lag), la imágen es muy buena, el sonido es bueno.

Alexa a veces funciona, aveces no, pero es bien sabido que en idioma castellano ella aún está aprendiendo, sin embargo es funcional y cuando ella no entiende algún comando que le damos, con utilizar algún sinónimo puede que si sea efectiva.

En definitiva lo recomiendo.

5Expert Score
Staying connected

I would’ve liked it if we would’ve had a better instruction booklet describing how to record and how to race retrieve stuff you recorded because the one that came with it does not help at all not me anyway and then i mean i like the guy i love being able to see what’s coming on like the picture quality but every once a while it’s like it freezes and then when you go to ford through it the ninth of things start moving again it’s like it really skips or sometimes you’re sitting here and as i could all of a sudden it’s loses connection you got the picture and you got that thing sent their twirling in the center and then i’ll send it to connect again but yet i have internet on everything else

5Expert Score
Happy. Used to access xfinity stream after they stopped supporting on lg smart tv

Bought an lg smart tv that supported the xfinity stream app which was then discontinued shortly after. Annoying but that’s comcast. Got the fire stick since we do not have a cable line to this tv and can’t get one. So far we’re very happy. Actually gave us more functionality! It recognized our small sound-bar so we don’t have to use two remotes anymore. Bonus we weren’t expecting. Don’t really use the alexa functionality because it’s easier to just speak to the actual echo. Can’t seem to find a need to use via the tv. It doesn’t work within the xfinity app that we can figure (but maybe we’re missing something). Just wish we didn’t have to take up a plug for it but not the end of the world.

5Expert Score
Couldn’t be easier !

I lost the remote to my firestick. The only thing i can think is i accidentally tossed it when i tidied up newspapers what a pain. So i got on amazon to order another. Couldn’t have been easier or faster delivery. It was here in a couple of hours (hours not days!). And amazon even had it set up for tv. Just had to plug it in. That’s all i had to do. I like this one much better than the old one. Better streaming and features. And it was on sale half price! Thank you amazon.

5Expert Score
Works great!

Easy to install. I even hooked it up to my roku tv with no problems at all. Stream quality is amazing. Integrated with all my other alexa items with no problems at all. I have an echo 5 in my home and once i plugged the fire stick i’m and fired it up it was almost as if it was set up for me. I had to do nothing. As soon as i fired the fire stick up there was my name already on the screen already set up with my items and all that. Seamless. Would recommend to everyone.

I find the interface to be a little more jumbled up than say the roku interface. A little busier i think is the right word. So if you’re used to the roku straightforward and simple interface this may take some getting used to. But completely doable and after awhile you’re scaling through the options with no problem. But it looks cleaner than the roku’s kind of cartoonish look and backgrounds. I’d say it looks more adult or executive in a sense.


5Expert Score
It remembers your internet connection & login credentials for online accounts

Suggestion for amazon:
it would be great if the ‘keyboard’ had a button that takes you into a window/screen where you could save your commonly used email addresses. Not just the existing built-in ‘@gmail’ etc. So that you could store several family/visitor member email addresses that are associated with various login streaming account. It sucks having to retype the same email address repeatedly.

The volume control overrides our main tv/system converter, which is good.
The netflix & hulu built-in buttons are very handy.
We needed an hdmi hub (4 slots) to make this work with our system.

5Expert Score
Best decision to ditch cable ever!

Was debating on ditching my cable company for a long long time- was a bit nervous that i would loose out on some local stations- but this turned out to be the best decision ever to get rid of my cable, that high monthly bill and feel free! Was a little intimidated at first as i was new to streaming, but it turned out to be so very easy and the set up was super easy as well. I have had no problems since it arrived on my doorstep- looking to get rid of an extra monthly bill- get this… Just do it! You know you have been waiting for it for a long time.

5Expert Score
So glad i updated!

I asked a question on here… Was it necessary to upgrade your equipment or did it upgrade itself. I got some good and bad advice. The answer is.. Although your equipment does upgrade its self when needed, like all electronics, there comes a time when you absolutely do have to purchase upgraded equipment. I had one of the first, if not the first firesticks. Most everything was buffering to the point that it was impossible to watch, especially the newer streaming apps. Long story short, after trying lots of other things that failed to fix the issue, it turned out to be my old outdated firestick. I purchased this one, hook up was easy, and like magic… No more issues with streaming at all! No more buffering, no more resetting. Works perfect and solved all the problems. And, no, you don’t have to have alexa unless you want the voice activation feature. I don’t have have and don’t want or need it. Hope this helps.

4Expert Score
Fire stick fan

Let me first say i ordered a fire stick that did not work when i plugged it in. Nothing happened. So i contacted customer service and after being on the phone a good bit completing the troubleshooting steps with them, they finally agreed there was a problem and ordered a replacement. The replacement is working fine, so far, as all the others have. My experience has been that they work great for a while but they do not last long. I’ve replaced several of them. I figure they’re still worthwhile because of what they offer. I wouldn’t even consider a roku instead. So here’s hoping this one has a good long lifespan. Although, with prime day coming up i still plan to grab another one, at least, to have as a backup.

4Expert Score
Made in china

Flaw #1 you can only connect one set of headphones or one audio source via bluetooth. However, you can connect your bluetooth headset and bluetooth keyboard simultaneously. A keyboard will come in handy if you have to type in searches or passwords or profile stuff. Oh, and guess what? You won’t find anything in the directions about anything related to bluetooth or even on the box. But if you fiddle with the onscreen setting you will run across it.

Flaw#2: the directions suck

if your remote doesn’t pair with your tv correctly at first just remove your tv and redo the pairing.

You can download and install apps so you can watch movies and tv and you can uninstall them as well. So, if you’re not familiar with this, you can download hbo max or showtime max and sign up for a monthly subscription without having a cable tv service. There are many free tv apps etc but you will have to deal with ads. Roku has free tv and movies but you will have to watch a few ads maybe twice during a 45 minute episode of your fav tv show. If you have amazon prime you may be ad free. I don’t know. I don’t want to pay for anything or watch ads but i’m dealing with it for now.

Flaw#3: the firestick remembers i have headphones paired but when i turn on the device i have to physically go into settings and connect them but sometimes i don’t and it will connect them automatically when i turn the headphones on. If i forget to connect my headphones at startup and i go into an app and start watching a show. I have to go back to the home screen and go into setting and connect my headphones. Then i have to go find the app i was using and go back to my show. The stick doesn’t have a recently viewed section that actually works. The problem is there are so many apps that i sometimes forget which app i went into to watch that show. You can however ask alexa to just play the episode of whatever you were watching if you can remember what you were watching. I feel like this function of continuing watching the show you were watching could be better. You know how everybody likes to binge watch but at some point you have to turn off the tv, right? When you go back the next day there should be a section box that you can click on that shows you what show you were on last and allow you to go right to it. There is a recently viewed section that doesn’t really show you what you recently viewed. I call that useless.

You have to have good data speeds otherwise you’ll never see 4k. I have hotspot on my phone but the data speeds in my area suck most of the time. But i’m paying too much for cell service to buy home internet that isn’t much better.

Just so you know, this firestick will stay connected to your wifi even when powered off and it will automatically connect when disconnected no matter what. So, when i turn on my phone hotspot the firestick will jump right on and so will my vizio tv and so will my laptop. I have to go in my phone and limit my devices so be forwarned.

And that’s all i know for now

4Expert Score
Annoying buttons for certain streaming services!

I bought my new fire stick to replace an earlier version that gave up the ghost. What i got in return was one that has buttons for disney+, netflix, hulu, and amazon. It is really annoying to accidently pressing one of the streaming services i don’t use! I then need to exit that and return to whatever show i was watching. May be useful to someone who uses all those services, but i don’t and they are annoying! I wish i could disable them.

4Expert Score
Got 5 rooms on the same program!

I had a problem with dish, so i found a local network that covered my local sports teams and wifi, ‘tds tv plus’ ,that handled my internet and tv for much less! Your app came with the install, but the only tv that accepted your app was fire tv,,,,,so i had 3 tv’s that were in a funk!
I want to thank you for the access to the answer, fire tv sticks!!! I now have a house system working with @ room having control with fire tv, providing ‘tds tv plus’ to each as a cable internet and tv provider! Thats star quality!

4Expert Score
Hidden secrets

Device works fine for reception, clarity and voice recognition. I canceled my spectrum cable (went over to sling for which i have other comments if it comes up for review) and wanted espn for the fire tv. It’s in the app store and it let me download. But i was not able to activate it because i did not have spectrum access. Same catch 22 applies to other apps as well. Am keeping the device as it allows me to stream 4k movies in prime which i could not otherwise do.

4Expert Score
Still issues with disney +

This unit is 5g network capable. It stuggled with running those rates according to ookla. Router was about 20 ft. Away. Good signal strengths near the unit as checked on other devices at 5g. Switched down to 2.4g and it was more stable (less intermittent pixelation of images). Disney + had the same issue as the 1st generation fire tv stick with unable to connect errors. Worked with disney to get it to work. I had to completely uninstall disney app, reinstall everything from scratch working with disney on phone and eventually got to work. I don’t know who’s fault it is, but i have it working now. No issues with any other apps that i use on a regular basis.

4Expert Score
The power adapter is barely adequate

Once i got this working, then it works great. The instructions tell you to use the supplied power adapter and cable and i was indeed able to get it working that way. However, if you want to use a longer hdmi cable, you also have to buy an hdmi coupler female to female. However, using a longer hdmi cable resulted in the tv complaining of a weak signal and not showing a picture.

When i tried using this fire tv stick with the amazon ethernet adapter for amazon fire tv devices, the stick kept re-booting and would never finish the boot sequence. All the advice online says to use the supplied amazon power adapter and cable. However that advice is wrong.

My problem was solved when i replaced the amazon power adapter with a 1.5 a power adapter (can’t read the specs on the amazon power adapter but suspect that it is lower than that). Now, the fire tv stick and ethernet adapter work flawlessly. I can use any length hdmi cable i want.

So, if you are having problems, my advice is to replace the amazon power adapter. I would have given 5 stars if amazon had included a better power adapter. I would have given 6 stars if they had included a hdmi female to female coupler.

4Expert Score
Remote stopped working after 7 weeks

I bought this new set of fore stick and remote lat aug. 2 coz our old one stopped working. I was happy when i got this coz everything works fine. But today, our remote stopped working. We did all the tricks they’re saying on what to do when the remote stopped working but nothing happend. It’s a waste of money coz this things are not cheap. Now, i feel like i have to buy a new replacement remote. I hope amazon will fix their remotes and not give us trashy remote.

4Expert Score
It works great but..

I love the 4k fire sticks. I got a bunch of them. But there is a little problem. I need to download software that shuts down the apps that run in the background of the fire sticks. It is a pretty big problem if you don’t know how to fix it. It makes the ram so slow. But other than that. They work great! Just make sure to clear the ram and force shutdown each app to make the fire sticks run as smooth and you bought them.

4Expert Score
Does what i needed

My google chromecast streaming device i was using for ‘youtube tv’ failed on the volume control within a month of purchasing it. That meant i had to use 2 controls to watch tv.
So i decided to try this unit instead. So far it is working out although there are slight differences that are worth noting.
I have not been able to get my firestick to automatically come up on youtube tv. So i have to go through options and pick the app. The chromecast device did allow me to turn on the tv and have it come up on the youtube app. I have not used the voice controls at all and i consider most alexa types of devices to be too invasive. I have no desire to have apps or devices monitoring my activities and constantly making suggestions to ‘help’ me. If i didn’t ask then don’t suggest. Oh well, it is what it is, i just am not comfortable with the constant monitoring of my usage so i don’t use it. Probably doesn’t make any difference since my usage is most likely monitored whether i want it to or not.
Anyway the device is working fine so far.

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