Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device

Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device

Fire TV Stick Lite offers the latest HD Fire TV streaming experience with instant access to hundreds of hours of free movies, and live and local news.

What are fire tv stick lite with alexa voice remote lite no tv controls features?

  • Our most affordable fire tv stick – enjoy fast streaming in full hd. Comes with alexa voice remote lite.
  • Great for new users – start streaming with access to over 200,000 free movies and tv episodes from ad-supported streaming apps like imdb tv, tubi, pluto tv, and more.
  • Easy to set up, stays hidden – plug in behind your tv, turn on the tv, and connect to the internet to get set up.
  • Press and ask alexa – use your voice to easily search and launch shows across multiple apps.
  • Endless entertainment – stream more than 1 million movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, disney+, peacock, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Live tv – watch your favorite live tv, news, and sports with subscriptions to sling tv, youtube tv, and others.
  • Listen to music – stream on amazon music, spotify, pandora, and others. Subscription fees may apply.
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Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device AMAZON

Fire TV Stick Lite offers the latest HD Fire TV streaming experience with instant access to hundreds of hours of free movies, and live and local news.

Looking for specific info?

Can i use a firestick without the internet?

No, will require internet for set up. You can only cast with android devices, cannot cast with apple ios.

Does this allow for downloads from unknown sources?

Yeah, fireos (amazon’s modified version of android) does allow you to sideload apps from unknown sources. You can download any .apk file you want using any browser you want, and use any file manager you want to open and install it. If you happen to sideload an app not made for a tv, i recommend using a bluetooth mouse to navigate it since d-pad controls aren’t the best for mobile apps. Happy sideloading!

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Whats the difference between fire stick and fire stick light

Only the remotes are different. Go with the lite and use the $10 for a better remote, or a second remote.

Will it work off of a hotspot?

Yes. That’s the only way i’m able to use it. I have 18gb of hotspot and never ran out. Streams great with netflix and hulu as well as apps for discovery+ and history. The only time i see a slight slowdown in playback is amazon prime. But if you pause it, give it a minute and then play, it’s fine and plays normal. Just takes some time for things to load and open but the stick i’m using is like 3 or 4 years old.. But it will do it.

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What size is the battery

How do i change the battery

Thinking about buying for a friend and wondering if will work? . She has wifi and just local tv channels

Yes, this would be perfect! That is the same reason why i purchased it for a friend. As long as the tv has a usb port, you should be all set!

Tengo firestick pero pago mensual internet y spaceblue . No hay nada gratis

Hay muchas apps gratis

Is this good for all the tv in the house

Fire stick only plays content on the one tv it is installed on. You can move it to other tvs. It will not play tv and movies on more than one tv at a time.

Is there any way to use this without ever logging into an amazon account? It looks like a great android tv stick, but i just want to sideload apps.

No, cannot even complete the set up. You have an account the moment you purchase from amazon.

If you are outside the us do you need to pay to use this

Here are the details for use outside of the us…

Where do i get an antenna for the firestick

A firestick is not a tv tuner ‘box.’ broadcast tv has nothing to do with broadband wifi streaming. They are totally separate systems–with different programming, technologies and philosophies. The businesses involved differ completely, as well.

Cable tv and broadcasting tv systems are totally separated, too–likewise.

Apparently, cord-cutting tv antenna infommercials have have confused so many about such differences.

These cheapo antennas will not obtain broadcast streaming capabilities, either. Basically, the antenna tech is virtually the same, as before.

Broadband streaming is going to cost a great deal more. You’ll need monthly cable internet service, a modem, a router (or both in the same device), a streaming device (such as the frestick here) and perhaps some assisting devices.

Cable tv differs from cable internet–it costs a great deal more. For many years, cable internet generally had proven an add-on to cable tv service, serving customers’ laptop and desktop pcs. Proving simply an add-on to cable tv is no longer always the case anymore for cable internet.

Wifi boosters: airjock is right: it depends upon the location of your wifi transmitter, in relation to your firestick.

Obtaining a ‘stronger’ and much more expensive wifi router may not prove sufficient, even. If you invoke more than one floor, this is especially true.

An access point or ‘booster’ is more likely to improve wifi signal. Of course, the router’s signal must first reach the access point.

You need not overdo networking. The specs of many over-hyped routers indicate their dual-band nature–the choice between 2400 and 5000 mhz carrier signal. Wifi speeds differ from the speeds of the carrier signals. So, we seem to obtain two sets of combined networking power figures.

Not all of us need the higher-level carrier band. It’s true that many other consumer devices do rely upon the lower band–perhaps such devices might greatly increase interference. So, the higher-level carrier band does prove necessary to many.

My simple setup uses a 300 mhz, single band (2400 mhz). Trendnet wifi router, with a netgear 300mhz, single band wifi access point/booster. Branding need not match, either.

If need be, the passwords/passcodes and of the router and booster need not match, either.

My router is about 50 -60ft. Away–one story/level. Some walls and interfering structures intervene. The router signal does reach and work–solo–it’s significantly weaker, though

considering better throughput now–used this setup for many years. Saving buku bucks, avoiding hype: smiling widely inside–no regrets….

Yes, a booster often helps: it may prove one of the better and more satisfying tech investments you’ll make….

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I keep reading it has no volume, what does that mean? I have never used a fire stick so i don’t understand. Does it come with a remote control? Thanks

The lite comes with a remote, but you can not control the volume of your tv with it. Sounds works great, just have to have tv remote and fire stick light remote when using.

Do you have to subcribe to a cable co?

No it is not necessary. You can connect to your subscription service providers (cable or streaming) for additional viewing.

How much faster is the 2020 version compared to 1st edition version?

At least 50% according to presentations made at alexa hardware event 2020.

What is the cost for an existing prime member

Price for device is the same. You will get free shipping, prime video and amazon music if you have prime.

I can’t get the volume to work? There is no sound whatsoever

I had that happen recently. I had paused to go take a shower and back to a black screen and the audio of the show i was watching playing. I had a difficult time getting the screen back but then i lost the sound! After fighting that issue for about 15 minutes, i turn off both the fire tv stick lite and the television for about 30 minutes and if it was still not working right i was going to restart the fire tv stick lite but i didn’t have to.

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How do you set the fire stick up to mirror off of my iphone without wifi? How do i get past the select network screen?

‘the following devices don’t support screen mirroring:
ios and macos
android devices older than android os 4.2 (jelly bean)
android devices that do not support miracast
windows devices that do not support wireless display (widi)’…

No volume control button how do lower or raid volume

You have to use your tv controller the remote only controls the features

How is the fire stick connected to the wifi

The fire stick connects directly to your local wifi

How to stop amazon photos from appearing? On tv

Thst only happens when i stop what i’m watching, hit home icon and don’t go back to my cable programs.

Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device AMAZON

Fire TV Stick Lite offers the latest HD Fire TV streaming experience with instant access to hundreds of hours of free movies, and live and local news.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Amazon smashes the nail on the head with another great media streaming monster!

I have owned every amazon device known to man. This device is the lite version of the amazon fire stick. The main difference with this model is it does not come with the volume and power on off buttons for the remote. Other then that, the device is virtually the same at a cheaper cost then the original amazon fire stick. You can snag this device on sale as low as $11.99 – $17.99 – and $19.99 are the lowest price points i have seen this device sold for. Those are steals at those prices when on sale. The device is simple to use, comes loaded with thousands of applications, and saves you so much money on cable its insane. Great device that saved my family thousands over the years. I stand by amazon 100% when it comes to their media streaming devices. Try to grab on sale for maximum savings. You just create an amazon account or use your current amazon account, sign in and immediately can view tons of programs such as youtube, tubi, pluto and more for free without paying a dime. Great device! Heres some tips – always use the hdmi extender included (it gives your stick distance from the tv which improves wifi ability) and i also recommend the amazon ethernet adapter for the ability to hardwire ethernet to your stick for a more stable connection. – amazing buy!

5Expert Score
So much less than satellite tv!

My granddaughter convinced me to move to streaming tv. Seems i have amazon prime i bought a firestick. At first i just watched a few amazon movies, but then i ditched the dish and moved onto streaming services, and bought two more for other tvs. Love this thing! Works great.

5Expert Score
It works

I am not good at setting things up. My kids usually have to do it. I was able to set up and use the fie stick myself
very user friendly.

5Expert Score
Great alternative to roku

We have always used roku, and even though there were a few problems with it we were used to it and didn’t want to change. We found a fire stick for $11 on prime day and gave it a try. It is better than roku in most respects. One advantage is that you can see a lot of your available shows in one place. You don’t have to go in and out of the different apps to see what each has. If you are on the home page you will see things that are on your netflix and your hulu, etc, whatever you use.

This is actually better indexed than the apps themselves. There are movies missing in the apps, that if you search for them with alexa you actually have them available to you for free. This is already happened a few times.

There are also a few decent games like crossy road. We’re not sold on the idea of alexa integration, or any ai, but we use the voice search all the time. So much easier than typing in every letter with a remote control. And as i mentioned above, alexa has found movies that the individual streaming apps claimed they didn’t have. She found these movies on those apps!

5Expert Score
Better than chrome cast.

I bought my first one a few months ago. After learning and using it, i enjoyed it so much more than chrome cast. I got this second one to start switching all my tvs.

5Expert Score
Bought this to bring when traveling..

Love amazon firesticks and have one in each of my tv in the house which are 3. Purchased this one at a great price to take with when i am traveling and use in hotels.

Works great and at a bargain price.

5Expert Score
This fire stick lite wam

Low price for a brand new fire tv stick. Remote works well. The resolution is better than i expected. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to move away from legacy tv and movie providers.

5Expert Score
Excelente producto

Excelente producto, lo utilicé para un tv no smart, y me ha funcionado bastante bien… Lo recomiendo.

5Expert Score
For the most part, better than the old version i had

This version seems very similar to the one i bought many years ago. I like that the battery configuration has been changed, because my old one would burn through aaa batteries in under a week. So far, i’ve had it for over a month and i have yet to replace them. My only complaint, is the button that looks like a tv is located at the bottom directly beneath the play/pause button. I have accidentally pressed it when i was just trying to unpause the program many times, and thus the device kicks back into another program which i did not intend to do. I then have to find my way back to where i was previously, which is a bit of a nuisance.

5Expert Score
Excelente producto, calidad y precio

Muy bueno el producto, hace que tu tv que solo puede transmitir tv de cable, se convierta en una smart tv por poco dinero, también trae a alexa por lo que ya no será tan necesario comprar un eco dos y además te permite ver películas y series gratis, solo conectalo configura y listo puedes ver todo tipo de contenido gratuito y de paga en tu tv. Como punto malo ve el almacenamiento que 5 gb aunque que son 8gb.

4Expert Score
New lite version offers basic remote, but full range of features

I have several fire sticks, roku tvs, and a roku express. I don’t have a need for 4k so that feature, found on the more expensive models, is not important to me. Price and basic performance are what counts. The new firetv stick lite delivers–especially at the current promotional price.

All three of my basic fire sticks are standard models and identical in appearance with slightly different remote controls. The oldest standard stick has the most basic features and no volume or power button. The newer standard model has the same controls but with the addition of a power button, mute button and volume controls. The newest lite model removes the power and sound buttons, but adds a guide button, not on the other two.

They removed the power and sound buttons on the lite model. With these buttons, i pretty much don’t have to use the tv remote control at all. For a few dollars more, you may want to consider the basic firetv stick, just to get the power and sound buttons. Just make sure that you are getting a newer model with these features, and not the original stick without these buttons.

Update 12/13/2020: i discovered that you can control the tv power on/off with the fire stick lite if your tv is cec capable (most are.) pressing the home button on the fire remote should turn the tv on and switch to the fire input. If the tv is already on, pressing the home button will switch to the correct input. To turn the tv off, press the mic button and say ‘tv power off’ and it should turn the tv off. Make sure that your tv hdmi settings have cec control turned on for this hidden feature to work. So far, i haven’t been able to control the volume this way.

All of the remote controls use rf (radio frequencies) to control the stick, rather than the usual infra-red (ir) controls found on tv remotes. That means that they don’t have to be pointed at the tv to work. In fact, they wouldn’t work with the fire sticks if they were ir remotes since the stick sits behind the tv. The downside to the rf remote is that they are specific to the individual stick. The menu allows you to pair a new remote to the fire stick if you replace one. You can also access the fire stick with your cell phone with the firetv app. This has come in handy when i’ve misplaced the remote control, or worn down the battery and not had a replacement. By comparison, the roku express (and my roku tvs) use ir remotes that you have to point. They are interchangeable, and the batteries seem to last longer than the rf remotes used with the sticks.

Performance, picture quality and speed are good on all three fire stick models. The lite model is the newest of the basic models and should have the fastest speed, but i haven’t detected any difference. To save on network bandwidth, i force all of my devices to operate at 720p. The picture quality is quite good on my tvs (up to 50′) and pushing higher resolutions just wastes bandwidth, in my opinion. However, picture quality is heavily dependent on the particular app and type of content being watched, so i can’t really make any predictions how it will work for you.

The firetv sticks plug directly into the hdmi connector on your tv. A short extension cable is provided if there is not enough space for the stick to be plugged directly in. The unit is provided with a 5v 1.0 amp ac adapter and a short usb cable. Amazon recommends plugging the stick in to a separate outlet, rather than using the usb jack on many tvs. In fact, if the unit detects that the tv usb connector doesn’t have enough amperage, you’ll get a message telling you not to use it. It’s more convenient to use the tv to power the stick but there are drawbacks aside from the lack of power. The tv often turns off the usb connector when powered down, meaning that when you turn on the tv, the fire stick will have to reboot and reconnect to your network, slowing down your start-up. It would also be possible, in rare instances, to accidentally power down your stick with the tv when an upgrade is being performed, which could cause problems. All that said, i still use the fire stick with a smaller 24′ vizio that i carry out to the patio, and power it with the tv’s usb connector.

All of the firetv sticks have the ability to talk to alexa by pressing the microphone button. Because they are directly linked to the firetv stick, you can also tell it to search for and pull up apps. Before using the firetv products, i was accustomed to selecting a search box and keying in what i was looking for. With the firetv sticks, i can press the mic button and say what app i’m looking for and install it. Or, i can tell it what program i am looking for and it may search and find it on youtube, then start playing it. Neat feature and habit forming. The voice remote has many other features, like being able to answer my ring doorbells, view my cloudcams, and other alexa related skills. However, for most alexa related activities, i usually have an echo in the same room and use that, rather than the fire stick.

How does the firetv stick lite compare with the roku express? Because they are similarly priced, you’d expect them to be very similar, but they are actually quite different. I’ve always liked roku’s and the express is a very fast and capable unit. It doesn’t hang from the hdmi connector, but instead connects with a short cable and sits under or on top of the tv, positioned so the remote’s ir beam can control it. The roku express seems to respond faster, and with some apps, performs much faster. Again, that could be and app thing, and not the performance of the unit. With cec compatible tvs, the express is able to turn the tv power on and off with the basic remote. One big difference (and one that’s hard to find in the literature) is that the firetv stick works on wi-fi at 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. The roku express only works at 2.4ghz. If your network is heavily dependent on 5ghz, the roku express won’t be a good choice. Fortunately, in my situation i am able to use both.

Finally, with any smart tv adapter, make sure that you get one that will run the program apps that you want. They are mostly the same on the roku and fire devices but there are differences. For example, on the firetv stick, i can view my amazon photo library, including videos that i’ve shot with my cel phone. I can’t do that (at present) with the roku. You may find that the roku has apps that are not available on the firetv products. Ultimately, it’s the apps that make these things work.

4Expert Score
The streamer works well, the remote is low end

I bought this unit to replace one that kept rebooting. I already had the better remote with the old one so i ordered this one with the basic remote because older amazon remotes pair easily to new streamers. I used the older remote on the new streamer and the rebooting problem persisted. The problem turned out to be the power supply block, not the streamer. The new streamer with the new power brick works well with the older remote with tv controls and the new streamer has newer electronics so it’s a keeper. The old one is in the spare parts box. I rated it 4 stars because the new low end remote doesn’t deserve higher. If you don’t have one of the better remotes already. Buy the new unit with the better remote. It beats fumbling with 2 remotes for volume and on/off control.

4Expert Score
Works ok , would rather have a cart tv

I only got the fire stick so that i could see days of our lives. The fire stick voice doesn’t understand that i don’t want actors information, or beyond salem, i just want to see today’s episode! I guess i will catch on eventually, and i don’t know if that is the fault of the firestick or the programming on peacock.

4Expert Score
Best part: it works with your existing alexa

We hooked up this with an older samsung tv and turned it into a smart tv! Best part is that the remote control has a voice command feature and it integrates with your existing alexa, it means that you can for example turn off the lights by talking through your tv remote! So cool!

4Expert Score
Easy to set up and use.

I bought this to broadcast rsbn channel on my tv.
I loaded a few cable channels so i can stream and view them for free with my cable subscription.
Downloaded aps for pluto and tubi to get more channels.
I like the ability to be able to view the internet with the silk app.

4Expert Score
Works well, just a few quirks

Works well just doesn’t have the “volume” button that i see. Also, directions to open battery compartment is useless, you have to pry open with fingernail or a small, sharp object

4Expert Score
No es tan avanzado como uno piensa

Cumple con muchas de las funciones únicamente que no sirve para bajar o subir volumen siempre tengo que usar el control de la tv por que no sirve tampoco el comando de voz para el volumen tampoco

4Expert Score
Can be confusing

Seems to work as stated, it can be a little confusing at first but the more i use it, it gets better

4Expert Score
Easy & good price

Enjoy the fire stick. We have several. Ez to use & good value.

4Expert Score

Like the small
size and got for a good deal

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