Fire TV Stick Lite with latest Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device

Fire TV Stick Lite with latest Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device

Yakibest Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite, HD streaming device

What are fire tv stick lite with latest alexa voice remote lite no tv controls features?

  • Our most affordable fire tv streaming stick – enjoy fast streaming in full hd. Comes with alexa voice remote lite.
  • Great for new users – start streaming with access to over 200,000 free movies and tv episodes from ad-supported streaming apps like freevee, tubi, pluto tv, and more.
  • Easy to set up, stays hidden – plug in behind your tv, turn on the tv, and connect to the internet to get set up.
  • Press and ask alexa – use your voice to easily search and launch shows across multiple apps.
  • Endless entertainment – stream more than 1 million movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, disney+, peacock, and more, plus listen to millions of songs.
  • Live tv – watch your favorite live tv, news, and sports with subscriptions to sling tv, youtube tv, and others.
  • Enjoy music – listen on amazon music, spotify, pandora, and others. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Control your smart home – ask alexa to check weather, dim the lights, view live camera feeds, stream music and more.
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Fire TV Stick Lite with latest Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite, HD streaming device

Looking for specific info?

Is this fire stick 2021? I don’t see it anywhere that’s says any year.

It says date first available is december 8th 2021. Hope this helps

Tiene idioma español?

Si, el fire tv tiene idioma español.

Can i get the peacock network on firestick lite

If in the us yes!

Is this product really as good as advertised?

You have to have a fire stick for each tv
i like it because it’s cheaper then my comcast’s or infinity bill was
all my family’s have it in there homes as well
we think it works you have to get use to it and how to navigate around channels but once you do
i think you’ll find it acceptable?

See less

Does the product contain harmful substances?


Can my baby use this product a lot?


If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

It will grow mold

Will this make an older tv “smart”? Our tv isn’t “smart”, so it doesn’t have wifi. I’m hoping this device will make it “smart” and enable netflix etc.

Yes it will.

How long can this product be used?

I have one and my son has one at college for a couple of years so i long time i am guessing. I have had my for at least a year and my son 2

May i know if it is safe to use?

Its as safe as any other tv remote.

Can i surf the web to watch tv on off-brand websites?

Yes there’s a browser and apps like google, so you can do whatever you’d normally do on the internet

Is this product really as good as advertised?

Yes and better price for this b/c it doesn’t have an on/off button.

How is the quality ?

The quality depends on how good your tv is. Some of the shows aren’t recorded in high quality, but that depends what channel and show you are watching

Is this product safe?

From a physical perspective, this purchase is safe whereas a child should not choke in it and there are no protruding parts. From a performance point of view, it works very well.

Can the product connect to the tv with the usb option? I have no more available hdmi ports?

Try a usb/hdmi adapter

Will it work on an emerson tv ?

As long as u have the usb port shouldn’t be a problem

Does this support directv stream app?

Yes the direct tv stream app is available for firestick.

Hola cuál es el peso total de producto con todo y caja??

En las descripciones del producto sale el peso y dimensiones

I cant get fire stick to work

If have everything plugged in correctly, the stick is on the correct input channel, with power and you don’t see the amazon firestick screen, your stick could be burns out. The most common issue is the firestick being on the wrong input channel.

Could i use this to make the tv as my computer’s wireless monitor?

If you mean mirroring then yes this has that
in the form of an app

Fire TV Stick Lite with latest Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls), HD streaming device AMAZON

Yakibest Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite, HD streaming device

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Amazon does it again with the upgraded fire tv stick lite – a great buy!

I have owned every amazon device known to man. This device is the lite version of the amazon fire stick. It will also come with the hulu/netflix/disney/prime video buttons as well the main difference with this model is it does not come with the volume and power on off buttons for the remote. Other then that, the device is virtually the same at a cheaper cost then the original amazon fire stick. You can snag this device on sale as low as $11.99 – $17.99 – and $19.99 are the lowest price points i have seen this device sold for. Those are steals at those prices when on sale. The device is simple to use, comes loaded with thousands of applications, and saves you so much money on cable its insane. Great device that saved my family thousands over the years. I stand by amazon 100% when it comes to their media streaming devices. – great buy – try to grab on sale for maximum savings. You just create an amazon account or use your current amazon account, sign in and immediately can view tons of programs such as youtube, tubi, pluto and more for free without paying a dime. Great device!

5Expert Score
Fixed my problem with a fire tv

Every since i switched to hulu i’ve had a problem being dropped when viewing live or dvr programs.
Fire tv was also slow to respond to me switching back to channel line up.
I though it was hulu it was not ,it was the fire tv. I purchased a fire stick on hdmi 2 location
now i turn on the tv with the fire remote and also control the volume with it. I then switch to hdmi 2
and use the fire stick which fixed all the problems i was having.

5Expert Score

This is the easiest way to make an old tv new again! My sister had a 60 inch tv and talked about getting rid of it because it didn’t internet like the newer tv’s. I told her let me buy you a amazon firestick and you’ll be able to get all the channels and apps you get on your other tv’s! She loves it and goes to bed watching her favorite shows in her bedroom and didn’t have to buy another tv!

5Expert Score
A lot better than i expected.

We have been using our ps4 for years for streaming and i got the fire stick for 11 bucks during the deal days and we played around with it but never really used it. I realized we haven’t turned on the ps4 for about 3 weeks now because we’ve been using the fire stick. It’s easy to use and everything you watch is on the front page. Definitely user friendly. Getting one for my mother in law for christmas.

5Expert Score
She listens

Wow am i impressed. Finally a lady (alexa) you can talk to and she listens. Improved picture quality as well. Recognizes all you say and cheerfully responds. Channels galore. Anything you can think of watching or listen at your command. Music too! I so very highly recommend this fine product. Up and running in minutes. Link your account and she’s there for you. Some little surprises as well are in store for you. So great i bought an extra one for my son. I hope you will love alexa as much as i do. Try it!!

5Expert Score
Fire stick is fire!

I have very few dislikes for this product. The fact that it’s portable and able to be used on most tv’s is champion. I travel for work and i don’t miss a beat of my favorite entertainment.. Movies, shows and music streaming… Even games! One of my favorite devices at home or away. There’s also different versions.. I have 3: lite, the first generation and two (2) with 4k. They are a great gift and a better travel buddy.

5Expert Score
Home & abroad

If you are old enough to recall pay-per-view movies in hotels, you will easily understand why you need to travel with an amazon fire stick.

Fire stick lite bridges the gap between nighttime tv in your living room or in a hotel room (or away visiting friends or family). Where there’s and hdmi port… There’s all your usual watchables.

Buy two.

5Expert Score

Super easy to set up and get ready to go. As always i had to relog into everything. And even though it says it is using my profile i still had to download some of my apps. It wasn’t hard just a little bit of a pain.

5Expert Score
Fire stick works better then an onn roku tv!!!

I just got the fire stick lite and i’m very happy i did. I used it for my non-roku tv. So far it’s working great.
This amazing fire sticks actually works better then the onn roku tv. I returned my brand new onn roku tv and bought a fire stick because after one day the onn roku tv actually quit working on streaming and wouldn’t connect to the internet. So now i’m using the amazon fire stick on my insignia non-roku tv and i love it. This fire stick is great.
The photos in this review are examples of how much better fire stick is compared to some roku tvs.

5Expert Score
Something to see here

There is no way to not find entertainment through this device. You might need to pay for some of premium streaming services. There are free options and some can be accessed via your cable or satellite tv provider. The price for this device is criminally low however.

4Expert Score
Good but not great

This little device does its job, which is to make a dumb tv a smart tv, but it does not do it with many frills. This is the toyota corolla base of streaming sticks. It’s small, it serves a function, it’s reliable (i smashed into it with the full weight of a tv on accident), and most importantly, it’s cheap! But also like the base corolla, you don’t get many bells or whistles. Things like – an on/off button, volume buttons or anything programable, are either missing or only available in the more premium fire models. Kudos for the inclusion of voice controls though, which is not available on the base models of other streaming devices. If i had to it again, i would have probably just spent $10 more and got one of the competitors mid-premium models.

4Expert Score
I don't like the new interface as well

This user interface i find more difficult to use than previous fire sticks. (we have had multiple generations from the very beginning!) it’s harder i think to access non-prime apps and content, which i suspect was on purpose. Sometimes pressing the ‘netflix’ button on the remote doesn’t even bring up the app, which we have downloaded and for which we have a membership and for which i have previously signed in on the device. I don’t know. It seems like this particular one (purchased prime day 2022) makes me crazy. Haha

4Expert Score
Looks to work as it should

Bought this so i could use playon app and take advantage of both the playon server and the adskip function for my home library after roku discontinued allowing the channel. Not the most user friendly when you’re used to roku, but works. Just gotta figure out how to remove/hide the preloaded channels that i don’t use

4Expert Score
Love my firestick but… Remote, not so much

I live by my firestick. I only have one issue with them. After a few months, the remotes give out on me. It’s not the batteries. I can put brand new batteries and in a day or so it acts up again. The remote just stops responding to me. I have to take the batteries out. Play with them, sometimes only working again when i put new batteries (sometimes daily) in to trick it. And it’s not just one firestick this has happened to. I’ve gone through about 6 with the same issue. I keep buying new ones because the firestick and the replacement remote are just about the same price. I really wish they had an affordable option for a replacement remote as $20 seems steep. Otherwise, i love what the firestick has to offer. If only the remotes lasted longer, it would be perfect.

4Expert Score
I'm on number 7 or 8….

Why do these gadgets only work for 18 months tops? I feel like i’m always having to get a new one or that the ones i have all go out one after the other. Is it too much to ask for at least 2 years of use?

4Expert Score
Works better than first gen model, but sideloading apps has been made harder

Replaced an ancient first-gen fire stick that had started to randomly lose wifi connection temporarily during use. No such problems with the new version – stays consistently connected and is still just as easy to use.

Knocking a star off because the downloader to sideload applications was much more accessible in the old fire stick. It is still accessible, thankfully, but now requires first enabling developer options (search ‘how to get back developer options on firestick’) for instructions. Going through this process remotely with an elderly family member in order to put her apps back on the new stick was not fun, but in the end it worked and i’m hoping for another 5 solid years of use from the new stick.

4Expert Score
Easy to operate

I would of given it one more star,if it wasn’t for the picture goes from being light to dark when the show is set in daytime.there isn’t any setting to adjust it.this doesnt happen when i return to cable and its not my tv.also the sound will become louder then get quieter.overall i like the firestick very much but these 2 issues need to be fixed.

4Expert Score
Good, but you have to plug it on the outlet

Good product but you will have to plug it on the outlet. One more cable coming out of the tv

4Expert Score

Lo compré por que mi tv dejo de ser smart t funcionan a la perfección, ahora puedo usar youtube,netflix etc como si la tv fuera smart

4Expert Score
We don’t have volume control on this remote!!!

We don’t have volume control on this control!!!

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