FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558)

FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) : Tools & Home Improvement

What are firefast™ torch features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Variable soft yellow or blue flame torch with adjustable flame size
  • Heats up to 2,400°f/1,300°c
  • Provides flexibility and high-precision heta flame for hobby and household use
  • Patent-pending child resistant palm lock ignition
  • For optimal performance fill with zippo butane
Categories: Automotive

FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) AMAZON FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) : Tools & Home Improvement

Looking for specific info?

Is this made in the usa or china ?zippo =usa but recently they stared to have products made in china and that is where i have to check first.

Made in china at the bottom.

Can you use other brand butane gas in this lighter?

Yes, i use coribri’s butane gas.

Where is this made?

The zippo firefast torch is manufactured outside the us, according to our high-quality standards.

Can it be used upside down?

Yes, i have used it this way with no problem

Can this melt metal?

The only metal is in the valve and nozzle
the rest is plastic which can melt

How to use coleman butane refill for this torch?

We recommend zippo or ronson butane fuel for use in the zippo firefast torch.

How lond does it last on a full tank?

When used for fireplace and charcoal grill 3-4

How long will it run with a blue flame and a yellow flame?

Not a good idea the small torch body gets too hot to handle b4 out of gas

I think everybody on here has weak hands but i can’t get my flame to work at all?

It’s definitely a task to perfect. I had to use 2 hands until i got down. Silly question, do you have fluid in it?

Would this work to brown a steak after i sous vide it?

It could, the small flame woild take a long time

the torches with the big cannister butane work better about 4x the flame

i own one of each

I purchased zippo fuel (recommended) and i tried to attach to intake, and it would not stop spraying everywhere, whats wrong, why won’t it xfer clean?

I think your using the wrong plastic nipple. Usually on the cans of butane i buy have about 4 or 5 plastic cone tips built into the lid. You gotta use the correct tip or you will cause excessive spray or insert air into your torch. Use a good quality butane not cheapos because it will ruin your lighter/torch. I have a perfect plastic tip that i use flawlessly. Another tip is when your torch gets down low and come time to fill always make sure you release all of the old butane and air until every bit is gone then fill your lighter/torch. It usually takes me about 2 medium size bursts when i fill mine or there’s too much and it will splitter or sputter. Hope this helps someone

Is this safe to use with food?

I was unable to use the zippo for any use. Could not get it to consistently light or stay lighted

Does it come loaded with butane?

No, it does not come pre-filled; must be loaded with butane prior to first use.

How far does the flame go?

Hi theresa, the zippo firefast torch has an adjustable flame.

FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) AMAZON FireFast™ Torch, Gray/Red, One Size (40558) : Tools & Home Improvement

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for smoking drinks

I bought this lighter specifically to use to smoke my cocktails with. You need a good torch like this that has distance away from your hands. Works better than i thought. Love it.

5Expert Score
You're holding it wrong!!! This torch is top quality!!!

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Everyone who is rating this torch poorly because it’s ‘hard to hold’ or ‘difficult to light’ is holding the torch incorrectly. This torch is supposed to be gripped with the whole hand wrapped around it. The safety switch is supposed to be suppressed by the palm/ base of the thumb and the trigger is pulled by the first joint in your pointer finger. It’s actually very very comfortable when it’s held correctly and it’s an amazingly strong and dependable product. Anyone who rates this torch poorly is just holding it wrong!!!!

5Expert Score
No regret purchase

I got tired of buying el cheapo torches from the lil arab tobacco mart here. Every one of them wouldn’t last maybe a week if that. So i finally came to my senses and thought about looking on here. So glad i did, haven’t had to buy another since the day i got my zippo torch. That’s been 2 months now, amd i like how you can pick your flame either torch or regular flame pretty cool. I knew the name zippo wouldn’t let me down

5Expert Score

Good for lighting charcoal, burners, etc. Also sears the skin of duck and chicken.

5Expert Score
Works great

Works great

5Expert Score
Name brand

I’m just collecting zippo lighter

5Expert Score
Great torch lighter.

Great torch lighter. Very easy to use, lights every time and with a easy switch on top of lighter it works as a normal lighter.

5Expert Score
Didn't know i needed this

I saw this as a daily special and ordered it on a whim. Works well and very handy – didn’t really know i needed such an item and finding different uses for it.

5Expert Score
Be really careful

It does what it says it does. Feels legit in your hand and it has great flame power, learn how to refill it before hand and follow precautions and you will be fine.

5Expert Score
Best under $20 torch on the market

Great!!!! Needed: strong hands, it’s safety features are on point. The best on the market for under $20

4Expert Score
Great product but like anything else that has a safety on it…

I like this product. It packs a lot of heat in a small package. I use it to light cigars and my fire pit.

My only dislike is the trigger mechanism. You basically have to hold it sideways in your hand to light it.

4Expert Score
Difficult to light with big hands

Big hands make this small torch a little difficult to light but once it lights it works as it should.

4Expert Score
Works great once lit

Good little torch. Two flame adjustments. A little difficult to fill. Only problem which is okay for me is that it is hard to light. Has a safety for lighting which makes it difficult to squeeze safety while trying to get spark. For me it’s just a small backup torch.

4Expert Score
Good torch for the money

No complaints at all and does what it’s supposed to do

4Expert Score
Simply aim & fire

Troublesome safety make sure you’re using this very simply to just aim fire light or frustration will ensue.

4Expert Score
No fluid level window

The only flaw that i can think of is that there it’s no fluid level indication window. There’s no way to see if the torch is going empty. Otherwise, it’s great

4Expert Score
Works every time but needs 2 hands to light

Great little torch but difficult to light and keep going. I’m sure it’s a built in safety design but for frequent use in a hurry, you may need something easier to light and maintain.

4Expert Score
Works great, not the easiest to use

This torch fills up great, burns great, and looks great, but the safety is hard to depress while pulling the igniter, my smaller hand friends have difficulties, and ive had to adapt a special technique to light the torch easily, that i like to call ‘the claw’

4Expert Score
Good flame, weak ergonomics

Honestly this is great if you’re trying to start up a fire place or bbq. The flame is pretty powerful but it’s more compact than carrying around a propane torch. I just wish the button was a little easier to press. Since it’s kinda cumbersome i fail to light it sometimes.

4Expert Score
I would have expected at least a moments worth of use for the money.

This is a good little torch but i would have expected at least a moments worth of use for the money: it comes with zero butane fuel.

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