Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive]

Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] : Everything Else

What are fisher-price baby gym with kick & play piano learning-toy featuring smart stages educational content and 2 soft maracas rattle-toys [yakibest exclusive] features?

  • Baby toy bundle including the fisher-price deluxe kick & play piano gym and rattle ‘n rock maracas
  • Baby gym has 4 ways to play as your child grows: lay & play, tummy time, sit & play, and take-along
  • Light-up piano toy has 3 smart stages levels with 65+ songs, sounds and phrases help teach animals, colors, shapes, numbers and real music notes
  • Includes detachable keyboard, 5 linkable baby toys (mirror, bpa-free elephant teether, crinkle panda, rattle lion & monkey cymbal clackers), plus 2 soft rattle maracas
  • Super soft & thick, machine-washable playmat features loops to attach toys
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Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] AMAZON Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

What is the size of the mat

Once assembled, the gym measures 27′ l by 36′ w by 18′ h.

If i order 2 fisher price kick and play piano gyms can have them sent 2 different addresses with free shipping for both?


How thin is this? Can i put it on the bed or on a sofa? We do not have a rug in the house?

It is a great size for a bed or even some sofas. Currently, i have it on my bed when baby is playing. She loves this toy. Good buy!

I added an item to my registry from here the piano gym with maracas, it said temporarily unavailable but now i don’t see it, will it be restocked?

It might be restocked or might be from a different seller meaning coming from a different store

Why is the music so quiet? It’s on high and i can barely hear it.

Sorry to hear this! Our consumer services team i happy to help! They can be reached by phone at 1-800-432-5437 and are available monday – friday, between 9a.m. – 6p.m. Est.

What’s the material of the hanging toys? What kind of plastic you are using?

They are all a little different. The panda is material with crinkle under it. The lion is hard, not sure exactly what plastic it is

How do you get the mat off to clean it? I bought from a friend and it needs to be washed.

Remove the tabs on the mat from base. The mat and soft toy are machine washable. Wash separately in cold water on the gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

Para que edad es ?

Para bebés como de 3 meses en adelante pienso yo

Is it good for small bamboo?

Do you mean baby? Yes. And the toys part could be placed on a bigger blanket, if needed.

I need size of out carton.

This product is easy to

Can i compare the price?

Yes – but i don’t believe amazon does price matches. If you find a better price you may contact your local store to see if they will price match.

How long can this product be used, is it easy to be damaged by water?

Can be used as long as you’d like. Our almost 11month old plays with his still. We moved the arched section to the side and he loves playing with this still.

As for damage with water the mat and legs would be fine with water. I would recommend just wiping down the piano bit

Need by june 26th is that possible?

Amazon prime

My baby 100% loves the song this plays! I’m excited because she does not respond to music. Please someone tell me what song this is. I can’t find it

Try using sound hound or some other music recognition app and see what it says….worth a try.

Return gift

You can go to amazon to return it or you can contact the company

How much does it cost?

Price is on the listing.

What age is this good for? Up to 6 months? My child has ‘typical’ development.

My 10.5 month old still plays with the keyboard all the time. She stopped using the pad and the rainbow of toys when she started actively crawling everywhere (about 8-9 months). Most babies get bored of the same toys after just a little bit of time, but that keyboard is a standard that is out and available for her at any time. We just leave it turned on. It hasn’t run out of batteries in the 5 months we’ve had it.

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Is it worth ?

Yes, the baby plays with it several times a day.

Who sings the songs? They’re amazing!!

I don’t know who wrote the songs but my grandson loved it

How small it can get if i remove from the box? Would it fit to a suitcase?

It would definitely fit in a larger suitcase but probably not a carry on suitcase.

Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] AMAZON Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano Learning-Toy featuring Smart Stages Educational Content and 2 Soft Maracas Rattle-Toys [Yakibest Exclusive] : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Purple monkey song slaps

I bought this for my baby when he was around 3ish months old and he loved this thing from the start. He’s about 10 months now and its still one of his favorite toys, although we’ve basically disassembled it into parts lol.

When he was young enough that all he could do was lay down, he loved reaching up and playing with the little toys that hang down! Now that he’s older we took off all the toys from the arch and he enjoys them all individually. He also likes to swing the little arch around! The arch is padded and lightweight so it’s not a concern that he’ll hurt himself with it. One of the toys was a panda with crinkle paper inside and my little boy has played with that thing so much that it basically doesn’t crinkle any more!

The piano part is also very fun. He likes listening to the songs it plays and, fortunately, they’re not annoying to listen to for parents either haha. The keys light up as it plays and he likes to slap the bright lights! Keeps him happy and occupied.

The only thing i didn’t like about it was the mat that came with it. It seemed so flimsy and thin i just didn’t use it. I just put my own blankets down underneath it and kept an eye on it to adjust it if they ever got bunched up.

5Expert Score
Baby's favorite

When i bought this before the baby was born, we had no idea how central it would be to our lives. Husband first put it down when baby was only a couple weeks old, and was skeptical about it’s utility. So wrong. We have relied on this thing every day since she was born and she’s now 10 months old. We watched as she went from not seeing the hanging toys, to being intrigued by the hanging toys, to reaching low, reaching higher, to touching purple monkey, to finally grabbing people monkey, grabbing the other toys, and then ripping them off. We watched her just laying there, to squirming, to rolling, to crawling away. She plays with it a lot less now than before, but until she was crawling, it kept her amused in one place longer than anything else. This has been the most used non-furniture item in the room. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Occupies baby!

This is absolutely fantastic for young, non-mobile babies. It entertains our little one for quite awhile so we can actually get a few chores done while he’s awake! It is also easy to clean (pad baby lays on is machine washable and dryer safe) and the songs it plays are surprisingly good! I love the purple monkey and stomp stomp stomp song 🙂 highly recommend you buy and keep your baby entertained every day!

5Expert Score
Get it!

My child loves this toy. She kicks and plays and loves the songs and light up piano keys. The hanging animals are super cute; some crinkle, some are bright plastic, etc. The only downside is the songs being stuck in your head all day….

5Expert Score
Best purchase ever for babies

This is the best thing ever for babies! Once our baby became more aware, we were able to lay her on the mat and she could kick away at the piano. It helped me to get a few things done around the house! Now at 7 months she still uses it. The purple monkey in a bubble gum tree song is now her favorite!

5Expert Score

Easy to install and works fine. We currently use it for tummy time but i love how it can be converted to multiple toys as your child gets older.

5Expert Score
Keeps their attention

I bought this based on other reviews and needed to add my own: just buy it! It’s perfect. I bought it for my 6 week old to do tummy time on and he lasts way longer with this mat than he did before we got it. It’s also perfect for when i need to get dishes done or fold the laundry l, etc; just pop him on his back and he’s happy for pretty good stretches of time! I put some foam puzzle mats under it to make it a little more comfortable. Wish i would’ve had this with my first son!

5Expert Score
Wonderful for development!

A lot of moms rave about this play set. It is very easy to set up, even came with batteries! My little one loves it! I have another play set that is all plushies, nothing battery operated. With the other play set, my little one learned to kick because the toys were high. I wanted something a bit more interactive. This fit the bill! The toys overhead are reachable by hand (she’s almost 3 months old). Within a day, she was using her hands to reach for things! She *loves* kicking and adores the piano. The songs are fun, some with lyrics, some without. I actually really like one of the songs! This play set will grow with your little one, turning from a “kick” piano to an upright one. My little one’s occupational therapist is also a fan! The other play set i have is plushy and muted colors. Baby is definitely “wowed” by all the bright, primary colors. She just entertains herself and smiles and laughs! And it gives me a break to do laundry, etc. While she’s happily engaged!

5Expert Score
Perfect for playtime

My three month old loves to lay and look at his toys. The piano feature is also really fun for him. He kicks it over and over. This playmat helps keeps him engaged for quite awhile and i’m so glad we got it!

5Expert Score
Awesome got!

My baby is only 6 weeks but engages for a solid 15 minutes with this mat! She loves the way the piano feels on her feet and listening to the music. I saw all the good reviews and thought for sure she was too young to enjoy it but i was proved wrong!! This is so awesome and i love watching her engage with it. Buy this!! She hated her skip hop gym.

4Expert Score
Baby loves it, however, had to replace batteries very quickly

My baby loves this, and loves watching the lights and listening to the (annoying) songs. However, the cheap batteries it comes with only lasted a couple weeks. It’s nice that batteries are included, but at least put decent batteries in a $40 toy. Also, the play mat itself is very thin and not cushioned at all.

4Expert Score
Cute but good for a growing baby

This mat is so cute and worth it for the fact the babies can continue to play with it as they grow. It does take up a good amount of space and screws together at the base making it a bit harder to store after use. It’s kinda bulky but overall a good investment for cognitive growth.

4Expert Score
My baby loves it

My baby is almost 4 months old and plays with this everyday. The songs are addictive though!

4Expert Score
Happy times are here!

Best thingi ever bought for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it! She is only 2 months old and will play for a good half hour or more each time i set her down. I did have to change out the hanging toys for soft/plush toys as she was getting too excited and hit one hard enough that she cried. Easy fix. Happy times are her to stay!!!

4Expert Score
My little niece loves it!

Bought this for when i watch my niece as it was the same one her parents have. But – mine came with a mirror and she really loves that. Can’t wait until she can sit up on her own and watch her play with it differently.

4Expert Score

Was a gift

4Expert Score
Works great until rolling. I purchased a wider mat. But he loves this piano.

I just washed it in the bathtub with free and clear. Hung to dry through the night.

4Expert Score
First ever product bought for my lil to play on

I love this product , specialy for lil one who is unable to sit and play ..this is colorful so babies like it so much ,the hanging toys in this make babies to learn grabing things …also the music and lights in the toy make it babies favorite’s light weight , easy to assemble ,can carry on bags…

4Expert Score
Mat and toy doesn’t stay in place when keyboard kicked.

The mat is thin and moves and crumples easily. We put our babies on blanket. The only other thing is that the toy doesn’t stay in place when the piano keys are kicked. Rubber padding on the bottom would really help. Otherwise, i’m constantly moving it back in pace so that the babies can interact with it. With that said, i still think it’s a great product that facilitates interacting.

4Expert Score
Baby loves it

My 3 month old has gotten a lot of good use out of this. My only complaint is the positioning of the arch. My son seems to prefer being directly under the toys, especially the mirror (i attached mirror to the top middle of the arch) but with his feet at the piano, he is too “tall” to be under the arch of toys. But he still loves it & id still recommend it for his age. I wish i would’ve gotten it for him sooner

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