Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy

Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy : Toys & Games

What are fisher-price pretend video game controller baby toy with music lights and learning songs features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Pretend video game controller with light-up face and 2 musical settings: learning and play
  • Press the abcd shape buttons and directional number pad, or move the joystick, to activate music, lights and phrases
  • Songs and phrases introduce shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers, and more
  • Move the clicker disc and toggle the switch on the top of the controller for more fine-motor play
  • Exciting educational and pretend play for babies and toddlers ages 6-36 months
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Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy AMAZON Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Does this work for the nintendo gamecube?

Yes absolutely works with xbox one, gamecube, and ps5.

The side of the box indicates there are cheat codes. Any idea what this means?

Old school games occasionally had cheats that used controller input, such as the konami code. It might provide a different music when entered.

How safe it the product?

My baby has played with this since 6 months. I don’t see any safety issues, except when he drops it on my foot.

Esta en español

No, el idioma es inglés

Can my baby use this product a lot?

We bought it for our 6 1/2 month old grandson. He does play with it, especially when he is playing on a blanket on the floor. It’s not too heavy and he can grip it. As far as playing with it a lot, it probably depends on the child.

How long can this product be used?

Just bought it xmas 2021. Still early in toys life!

Does this count from 1-10 and alaphbet a-z?

Shapes and letter , colors, numbers and more 1 to 10 songs and alphabetical song too

Can i send to mexico

That would be up to amazon if they ship to mexico, but i hope so
.i hope this helps you

Has anyone received this toy and it speaks another language? I found one in a store, box was all english but it speaks french! I’m scared to order

Mine is in english

Is spanish?

No, it is only in english

Buenas tardes , este modelo es el fwg10 ?? Viene en español ???

No, y no tiene forma alguna de cambiar el idioma del ingles.

Can i use this on my pc?

No this is not an actual working controller. It is a toy designed for little ones to pretend to play games with you and live your controller away. Helps teach numbers and colors and talks.

Does it come with batteries? One post says needs aa batteries and another one aaa batteries?

It includes 3 aaa batteries.

Are the batteries removable?

Yes you can remove them and change out the batteries.

Does the product contain harmful substances?

No not to my knowledge. It is recommended that you wipe down all toys with a warm washcloth with some soap on it that way at least you know that you’ve taken most of the dirt and bacteria off of the toy before giving it to the young child. Just remember babies put everything in their mouth.

What ages is this for?

The suggested age is 6-36 months!

Why did mine not come in a box? Thrown in a bag with the “on switch” still on.

I’m guessing yours was a return and possibly used? Mine was in a box, like how they sell them in the stores…

Mine speaks spanish. How can i switch it to english?

There is a mode you can switch to however i think they only come in 1 language.

Why no box included? This was supposed to be a gift

My products are shipped from amazon warehouse and i have no control of packaging,i think you can request from customer service for gift wrapping.

Does it come with batteries?

Mine did. But we replaced them with better ones.

Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy AMAZON Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller Baby Toy with Music Lights and Learning Songs, Fine Motor Toy : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
So perfect

My husband and i are both very big gamers, so naturally when i saw this i had to get it for our baby. He won’t be able to use it until he’s a bit bigger, but it definitely fits in lol. Our daughter is four and she thinks this is really neat. So i’m sure that our son will like it. Not only is it a cool toy by itself, but it’s something you can give a child to play with to make believe they are actually playing video games with you before they play video games for real.

5Expert Score
Got a slick toddler?

Got a toddler that steals your xbox remotes? Do they scream when you take the batteries out and they realize the one you’re using lights up, but the dud you gave them doesn’t? I do! So i got this for her, and now she happily plugs away at her bright and noisy controller, while i enjoy a few minutes of gaming. We’re no longer playing tug of war over my controller while i’m trying to get in a few moments of fable. Don’t judge me! I like old games 🙂 now she plays with hers and thinks she’s helping on my quests. Baby gamer in the making!

5Expert Score
These are amazing

This toy put the biggest smile i could have ever wanted to see on my granddaughter she just loves it we want thank you for such a joyful gift

5Expert Score
Fun toy

My son always wants to play with daddys controller so i got him his own, he still wants daddy’s controller but he likes his also. It says all kinds of games things, it’s a fun toy.

5Expert Score
Great toy for my baby boy.

I take this toy with us on car rides my son likes it. Not his favorite toy at home but he still plays with it every now and then.

5Expert Score
Great toy.

Keeps kids occupied. While you play your video games, give them their own controller. Very durable. Many sound and functions.

5Expert Score
Great gift

My son really enjoys this toy. Would recommend for gift for any occasion.

5Expert Score
Had batteries and was ready to go right out of the package!

This toy controller came ready to go, already had batteries and immediately got the attention of my six month old son. He loves it. Definitely recommend!

5Expert Score
The toy is not loud

I bought this for my 18-month-old. He enjoys playing with it and i enjoy that it is not a loud toy.

5Expert Score
Great value for the money

Perfect size for the little ones, nice bright colors

4Expert Score
My son absolutely loves this toy!

My 8 month old son loves this toy. The music keeps getting stuck in my head, otherwise it’s great.

4Expert Score
Nice feel and selection of noises

Wish it was maybe a little softer

4Expert Score
1and 3 button arrived not working

The toy arrived on and the 1 and 3 button arrived not working , i suspect that i got sent a returned toy

4Expert Score

What i liked about it was a toy that gets your attention. What i didn’t like was that the picture made it look larger than it is. The toys also will sound easily by touching it lightly. I bought it for my grandson for his birthday when he turns one. I hope it is also safe to play with.

4Expert Score
Durable, engaging, a good toy

Our granddaughter, 11 months, was very engaged by it. When she wasn’t, she has a goofy desire to chunk it (and any other thing she was playing with), very hard behind her or straight down as hard as she could. And this toy is made solid. Its a little big, ya know, somewhat bulky, but she had no problem lifting it with one hand from ground to stand back up.
She liked the lights and music and sounds. And so did i for that matter. 2 modes. Off button. When it was on it wasn’t annoyingly loud at all. Good toy

4Expert Score
Not as good as the real thing

I love my baby. But darn it if every time i’m playing my game she isn’t drooling over my controller. I purchased this in hopes that she would be satisfied with having her very own controller to play with while i play cod. Sometimes it works, but she gets bored of it and still wants my controller. I think she more so prefers the smooth, silicone parts of my controller that this toy just doesn’t provide. We might just have to give her one of our old controllers.

4Expert Score
No volume control

The only thing i don’t like it i can’t turn off the sound, so it will go off at the slightest touch. Was supposed to be a surprise, but it was going off in the package.

4Expert Score
Great gift for babies

Great toy for babies! Easy for them to hold. Good sound quality not to loud or annoying!!not to heavy in case they accidentally hit themselves with it. Occupies babies for a decent amount of time. Only down side i have about this toy is there is no on & off switch.

4Expert Score
Cute toy

Our son likes to sit with his dad and watch him play so giving him a controller of his own was a great idea. He likes it, it keeps his attention for a while at least!

4Expert Score


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