Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

Buy Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are fitbit versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch with heart rate features?

  • Use amazon alexa built in to get quick news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms, control your smart home devices and more all through the sound of your voice (third party app may be required; amazon alexa not available in all countries)
  • Based on your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness, sleep score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night. Also track your time in light, deep and rem sleep stages and get personal insights
  • Get a 90-day free trial of the fitbit premium to help you stay active, sleep well and manage stress. Unlock it all in the fitbit app. (the valid payment method required. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. Offer valid for new premium users only)
  • With a larger display and an always on option, your information s always a quick glance away (always on display requires more frequent charging)
  • Play your favorite songs and playlists with spotify app controls on your wrist. Also make secure purchases with fitbit pay and get called, text and smartphone app notifications.
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Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) AMAZON

Buy Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Does this watch show blood oxygen (spo2)?

What does show up on my versa 2 is a graph of estimated oxygen variation. When you bring up the graph showing the sleep stages during a nights sleep, then scroll down past the bars showing the time spent in each stage, you find a graph of the estimated oxygen variation. A low variation is good and shows as a fairly stable green line – probably in the range of 90 percent oxygen saturation and above. A spike to higher variation – which might indicate apnea – shows up as an orange peak.

A couple of nights ago,my wife woke to get me to roll to my side because had been snoring loudly for a while. When i looked at my sleep trace the next day the oxygen variation was low and steady until about a half hour before she woke me, then jumped up and continued rising as an orange line until it suddenly dropped to a normal range – probably when she woke me. Note: i had a sleep study done in february, which confirmed i have episodes of sleep apnea – mainly when i roll onto my back. I am being fitted for a cpap on friday,

Can i get this without alexa?

You do not have to activate alexa when you setup. But it is very cool. I was just driving and i asked alexa how far to destination. Bam!

Can it work with my iphone 8 plus?

:can it work with my iphone 8 plus?

A: you can not use the quick reply or voice reply feature if you have any iphone. These are convenient features but are of no use on an iphone. Wish i would’ve know i wouldn’t have gotten this fitbit

Can you receive text messages from an iphone?

I have an iphone 11 and a versa 2 and yes, you can receive text and phone calls, just not reply or answer without the phone nearby. Nice feature with phone is, you can reject the call from the watch. It needs to be close enough to the phone since it’s bluetooth. It will not do it if it’s not connected to the phone. This feature worked even on the blaze i used to have connected to an iphone 8.

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Can you send text replies on the watch?

Yes! The android app let’s you customize 5 responses to use. Either you can use one of those replies or tap on the text on your watch to open the text automatically on your phone. I use it with my google pixel 3a.

Is it waterproof?

Specs say wayer resistant which is different than waterproof. The international organization of standardization (iso) has banned the use of the term ‘waterproof’ to describe watches. No eatch is waterproof and resistant ratings only mean it can withstand that amount of pressure for a short period of time and not frequently. Any google search will tell you what the ratings mean as far as use. If you want a watch for prolonged swimming or diving, get a 100-200 m resistant watch.

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Does this work with an iphone7

Absolutely. I have an iphone 7 and the fitbit app works well.

Will amazon music be played on this?

Sadly only pandora and spotify premium accounts work with this and you don’t get access to your own playlists. You can load your own music and podcast (playlists only, not single tracks) via your computer (not phone). Download the fitbit app onto your computer and follow the instructions (or a youtube how to video) to load it up. Don’t forget to make your playlists on your computer first!

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Does it have a charger that comes with it?

Yes, it comes with a usb charger chord. You will need the pronged wall charger usb piece to plug the chord into (that’s the only piece it doesn’t come with).

Phone capability?

Not sure what the question is specifying, but, to answer, calls and texts (with contact name) appears. You can respond to texts (via quick responses or speak directly into the device for talk-to-text capability with option for editing). Phone calls can be answered/ignored from the device, however, actually talking on the phone, you will still need to use your actual phone. Hope this helps.

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What’s the difference between the special edition and the regular one?

Special edition you get two bands. The reason i bought it was you get coach premium subscriptions for free for 3 months instead of 7 days.

Does this watch use the fitbit app for android?

It is compatible with android. (that’s all i use)

How does it connect to the internet? Wifi only? Or phone? Or do i have to pay for another device to stay connected?

It needs to be connected to your phone, also in order for alexa to work it needs to be connected to your phone. Because it doesn’t have a sim card or cellular you don’t have to pay for anything but it also means your phone needs to be connected to it all the time.

Hay alguna página donde se puede saber que paises son compatibles con alexa o en todo caso si peru es compatible?

Yo le puse ubicación méxico porque no era compatible con panama. Y me funciona perfecto.!

Have they solved the rash issues?

I used to get rashes with the fitbit charge 2. I changed bands to a nylon or some synthetic band and rashes stopped.
The silicon bands are supposed to be inert. The problem comes when we perspire with the silicon, it gets itchy,
we scratch it and bring outside bacteria that lives under the band. If we do not wash our wrists and the band
we get a rash. I am not a doctor, but have had all kinds of jungle, heat, and every day rashes and most come
from bacteria. Btw, my doctor explained why a rash with the silicon or non-porous or absorbent watch bands.

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Can you install a voice recording app?

I haven’t looked but the versa 2 with alexa has a mic that you can use to reply to texts with so if it is out there, i hope you find it and keep us updated!

Do you need to buy a subscription to use this watch? I wanna use sleep cycle but do i have to pay monthly? (already have prime for alexa part)

I am paying nothing other than what i paid for the watch. I use sleep cycle daily as part of the fitbit. There is no subscription involved. If you don’t want to use premium just ignore or no thanks. It has plenty of information plus gives your monthly report on how you’re doing.

Will there be any issues if i use this us version in another country??

I bought this and am using it in the philippines. I will not have alexa.

Can the fitbit versa 2 be used on a daily basis without being synced to a computer or to a smart watch? I want to use it in ‘standalone’ mode only.

You can use it that way, but you lose the ability to track your activity and sleep over time. It can store about 7 days of data on the watch, and then you need to either transfer that data to your phone or pc with the fitbit app or it will lose the data.

Will this watch alert me for high heartrate

This fitbit versa 2 and even the fitbit sense is just a tool to identify your heartrate patterns and irregularities. It can not detect heart attack, stroke or other heart conditions. You could however, take these results (synced to your app) and show it to your doctor. So, no, it can not send you an alert signaling high heartrate, if that is what you are asking. I hope this helps you.

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Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) AMAZON

Buy Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Versa 2 comprehensive review

Love the watch. The size is perfect. The screen/resolution is crystal clear. The selection of bands is great (though changing bands is a bit challenging). The fabric band that comes with the special edition version is great. Classes it up a fit. Have also ordered a sport band to wear while playing soccer, swimming, etc. The device includes nearly all desired features needed for a fitness/smart watch. It does not have built-in gps but rather uses connected gps. Some may see this as a deal breaker; others will recognize the battery savings that this affords. And so far, the watch performance has been excellent.

There are some reviews that describe versa failure after getting it wet. I have successfully showered with the watch with no problem. I have not yet had a chance to try it in the pool. Based on the specs it should be fine, but time will tell. The versa is not recommended to be worn in hot tubs.

As fitbit has long been a leader in activity tracking, i won’t spend time on those features. Compared to the samsung watch that i’ve worn … Step counting, heart rate info, calories and sleep tracking all seem to be in line with my historical measurements. A big benefit is that the fitbit app is much more robust then the samsung health app with significantly more data to analyze.

The watch software and the battery consumption on both watch and linked phone need some attention. I’m still trying to determine the optimal settings to achieve a balance of desired performance versus battery life. With current settings, i can average about 3 days before needing to charge give or take a half day depending on usage. I’m currently using the always on display which is nice. It does consume some battery, but so far has not been too heavy of a drain to make the feature unusable.

If you choose to use the music app to control music playing on the phone, then expect a massive battery hit. This functionality requires linking an additional bluetooth connection called fitbit classic. It’s my experience that this connection continuously drains the battery on both the watch and the phone — as much as 20% while sleeping. That is with the watch in sleep mode and the phone on do not disturb. I have removed this connection and will control music the old-fashioned way. Note that this applies only to playing music on the phone and not to connecting to bluetooth earphones.

Another setting offered in the fitbit app is “all-day sync.” this feature constantly updates the data — activity, heart rate, etc. — from the watch to the phone. Sounds good, but it also is a battery hog and i have it disabled. As far as i know, syncing can be done one of two ways — either via the all-day setting or manually when you open the app. I’m currently choosing to update manually. The developers need to add an option so the devices can be set to sync on a user-defined interval — hourly, every six hours, daily, etc. A setting like this exists for nearly every other phone app that requires data to be synced. Weather apps are the first that come to mind.

I am a samsung user — galaxy s10 and galaxy buds (wireless earphones). I can tell you that the galaxy buds will not work with the versa 2 watch (as of 11/26/2019). The buds will link, but they will not play audio. Something to do with different types of bluetooth used in the devices. The issue is discussed in several online forums, but no word from fitbit or samsung if it will ever be addressed or fixed. The watch does pair to the s10 without issue and works perfectly well. All notifications are received timely and the bluetooth connection is much better/stronger than with my previous samsung watch. It easily stays connected at 30-40 feet.

There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed related to phone notifications on the watch. First, gmail is the only client that is available as the ‘default’ mail application. Or, at least it is in my fitbit app. I can select to be notified by other email apps from my phone, but gmail is the only app that can be set to receive ‘special’ notification treatment according to the fitbit app. Secondly, alarms on the phone (and i use quite a few) are not available to notify on the versa. This feature would be a big plus to me. You can set 8 alarms on the versa. However, each alarm uses some battery, and i would simply be duplicating alarms on multiple devices. For example, i would not remove an alarm from my phone as i may need it while the watch is charging or not being worn.

To correct other reviews that i’ve seen, music can be uploaded and stored on the watch. The process requires using the desktop app and is a bit slow, but it works. If i had wireless headphones that connected properly, then i could play music direct from the versa without the phone.

One other small issue is that weather info does not exist on the clock face by default. Third party clock faces can be installed, but i’ve found that they often require a separate setting for weather updates, which then only work if the all-day sync option is enabled. I’m continuing to search for alternatives to see what options exist.

There are quite a few apps available for download and use on the watch. I haven’t found any to be all that relevant or helpful to me. At least not yet. But the platform and functionality are there to use if desired.

Also, i need to mention that the alexa integration is great. We have a heavy investment in echo devices in our household, so to have the same functionality on my wrist is a great bonus.

If, like me, you are apple averse, then this is one of the best smart watches available that i have found. And very affordable. At this point, i would rate it 8 out of 10. And i would certainly increase that rating with continued additions to and improvement in the software, connectivity and watch features.

**update 12/9/2019**

fitbit released a firmware update a few days ago which added some great features. The versa now saves your 5 most recently used clock faces and you can change them on the fly without having to go to the app. Though there are tons of clock faces to choose from, one of the drawbacks with fitbit is that you cannot flag, save or otherwise have access to your favorite faces. You have to keep a manual list of the names or just remember so that you can find them again. There needs to be a way to store a list of favorite faces and apps so that you can access and install them quickly.

Other updates include that you can now customize the action of the side button, the sleep score is displayed on the watch, the list of exercises to choose from has expanded, and by reports the heart rate data has been improved.

So i’ve learned that one of the tricks to manage battery life and connectivity is to restart the watch after making certain changes, such as switching to a new clock face. You may notice that the versa stops sending notifications or is not syncing to the app. I’ve found that after a quick restart, the watch works perfectly again. Maybe it’s a software glitch, but at least there is an easy workaround. And if you leave the watch alone, then these issues should not occur.

For full functionality of the watch, including some features of many clock faces, i have re-enabled the all-day sync setting. The watch and app perform much better with the setting enabled. And unless i receive a ton of notifications or am constantly playing with the settings, i am now getting 4 to 5 days of battery life which is great. This could also very well have something to do with the recent software update. I am not currently using the always on display. I estimate that aod cuts the battery life by 30 to 50 percent.

Also, before you make a decision with the help of reading these spectacular reviews, you might gauge the quality of the reviews. This watch is by no means perfect and may not be the best choice for you, but you should decide that for yourself. Then return it if you’re not satisfied. This is an electronic device and there can be duds. Some buyers have expressed frustration after receiving a device that was dead on arrival. Completely understandable.

But there are many 1-star reviews that are not from a literate source. A two word review that reads ‘hate it’ is not helpful. One review reads only ‘no fitbit pay’ which is completely untrue. The versa absolutely has fitbit pay. Also, i’m intrigued that apple phone users don’t just pair their phone with an apple watch. Not sure why they are shocked that the versa does not work as seamlessly for them as a product designed by their phone maker. Bottom line … Be your own judge.

As referenced in my original review, i have updated my rating of the versa 2 to a 9 out of 10, based on performance and recent software updates. Hopefully my positive experience will continue.

5Expert Score
Great battery life

Does all the things i need it to do – might be nice to be able to get my texts on the watch and might even be able to i just havnt figured that out yet. Battery life is great easily getting 5 days on a charge maybe more. Colors are bright and easy to see. The app i have used before and definately is good stuff.

5Expert Score
Love this watch!

I’ve tried the versa 4 to replace my old versa 2, but i passed it on to my husband and ordered another versa 2 for myself. I love it. It’s so much easier to use than the 4, though the 4 has a really cool charger.

5Expert Score
Great look and feel. User friendly. Perfect for a budget.

Formalities: the watch was delivered on time, and in new condition. Box was sealed and no signs of damage. Now that all that jazz is out of the way.

I used to wear a samsung gear watch to go with my phones, but i just couldn’t pinpoint why i didn’t care for them. It bugs me, but i just didn’t like wearing those watches, so i switched to a fitbit.

The fitbit versa 2. I ordered the grey wristband version and i really liked the light grey color of the silicone bands. However, like a few other people mentioned, the silicone bands weren’t for me. I shower/clean myself daily and wash the wrist bands separately every morning before wearing. Even though i took precautions, i still developed a very itchy, open sore/rash. To fix this problem i ordered separate grey wristbands right here from amazon that are like a fabric texture ($13 for both small and large bands) that are 100 times easier to connect to the watch than the original bands by the way. No more rash, and they are extremely comfortable.


setting up the watch is straightforward. Charge the watch. Download the app. Turn on watch. Follow prompts. Very easy to follow and very easy to connect watch to wi-fi.

Functionality wise, this watch provides enough information. Steps. Heart rate. Obviously the time, etc. However, this watch does not have the ecg/ekg function. It has plenty of watch faces you can download, free or for a buck or two. Please note that some watch face creators actually have it where if you purchase a face and install, but want to change up to a new face and choose to go back to the one you just uninstalled, you will have to purchase that watch face again to re-install again if you want to go back to it. Pretty grimey, but it is what it is, i guess. Battery lasts about 2 days or so. It really depends on how you have your personal settings set up. Lastly, as i am sure everyone else that owns a smart watch has determined this, but if you are using the watch to gain exact measurements, heart rate, actual steps, i wouldn’t go by this. My actual resting heart rate and what the watch displays are two totally different numbers, and the watch counts driving (turning the steering wheel) as steps. I use the numbers from the watch as a baseline.

The app:

i have an s21 ultra, so android version of the app. I, personally, find the android look of the app to be, well, just better looking than the ios version. I have the android phone, she has an iphone. The layouts are slightly different, so it will just boil down to user preference. The app can prove difficult when trying to find some things, like attempting to change the time from standard to 24hr or military time. It requires taking a few different avenues, but once you figure it out, it’s easy to remember.

I already voiced my sort of gripes above with the watch face schemes, my personal experience with the silicone bands, and the accuracy of the steps and heart rate, but other than those things, this watch looks and feels great! I’m a larger man, and doing a pushup with my thick forearms, they don’t press the single power button on the left side of the face over and over . For that, i am grateful.

I cannot compare this to the other fitbit watches. She has a versa lite, which i feel has the same footprint as my versa 2. Other than that, i like this watch. If you were considering this watch and it has been sitting in your list or cart for a while, go ahead and get it. Just remember the option for different material wristbands if the silicone bands give you trouble, or just preemptively purchase the other bands at the same time.

Stay healthy my friends!

5Expert Score
Love the watch.

Love that you can pick out the face for time and color, very eye catching, what i didn’t like is the app for this watch is a little hard to navigate to set everything up but once you figure it out it worked fine, the band was easy to put together, overall, i love the watch and will purchase different color fitbit bands for it,

5Expert Score
Comparable to an apple watch

I bought this because it’s significantly cheaper than an apple watch but it has most of the same tracking status’s. It can receive texts and play music so it really depends on which features you want on a watch. The calorie tracking and steps are accurate, which is what i cared about. It also arrived without any defects.

5Expert Score
No instructions

Wife just opened it. No instructions; however you contact support and a live person walks you through it.
Make sure you download the right app. Wife used wrong app and payed $60

5Expert Score
Versa 2 stopped working after 6 months

I purchased this watch around the end of may 2022. I thought it was a great purchase, after six months it wouldn’t charge. I contacted fitbit, and to my surprise they sent me via email a return mailing label and within a few weeks i had a new watch. This i believe was great customer service and am very happy. I would highly recommend purchasing a fitbit.

5Expert Score
This watch is so easy to see and the features are easy to use.

I love the big screen! It is easy to see inside and outside. The features are close enough to my old charger 3, that it wasn’t difficult to learn to use either. I love that it gives an actual percentage for thesp02 for the night before, however, i don’t like that you have to have a specific clock face to see that. I haven’t used alexa yet, but i will probably try it out eventually. I purchased the light pink watch and i think it is really pretty, so i like that too.

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed for phone notifications

I purchased this smart watch 13 months ago. I had a garmin vivofit mainly for a pedometer and a watch. I was tired of missing calls, texts, and messages when my phone was not near or on me. I have loved getting most notifications from my phone, even in the next room. I can read and see them, but not answer, which is fine. Some app notifications are not available for fitbit, which is fine. I was mainly needing it for missed calls and messages. It has other basics synced with my phone like calendar (2 days out), calculator, weather. Can upload clock faces. Can add apps like games, which is kind of fun. I have my watch set so the time is constantly on, so i have to charge it every couple days, which is fine with me. I charge my phone daily, so it’s not a huge deal to me. If i had the constant clock off, i could see it lasting more days between charges. I have had a bumper with a screen protector on the watch since opening the box, so the watch is still in great shape. The band is only now starting to show a little rubbing where the metal buckle sits. No other wear and tear on the band or watch. I sync it each morning to see my sleep report. You can set personal goals, like one of mine is 10,000 steps a day. The watch will give me a celebration each time i reach that goal. Other areas can have personal goals and tracking.

4Expert Score
Love alexa on my wrist! (wish it wasn't fitbit)

Fitbit overall score: 2 stars. I’m going to put this out there….. I am not a fan of fitbit. I think it’s crap that you have to pay extra for services they advertise. I get it if they have extra stuff like coaches and videos, but the tracker related stuff should not be charged for. I tried the premium membership and i prefer beachbody workout on my tv than the tiny screen on my phone giving me a workout…. And if i was traveling and had no choice, i could still use my beachbody app. The only feature that i would have used is the sleep insights and i am not going to pay for a membership to use one feature that i don’t really care about. I also dislike the fact that they hype you up and act like they will consider a new feature and i have yet to see them implement a single feature i have voted for. They leave it under consideration for months and then say ‘nope’. Their reminders to move feature is only useful if you’re a total couch potato and want to be reminded to get up for the last 10 minutes of your hour. I wanted to use it to remind me to move if i haven’t reached my own hourly goal…. You’re stuck with their 250 step hourly goal. You can’t change when the reminder to move goes off either. Sooo, say i want to set an hourly goal of 1000 steps, the reminder to move sounded 10 minutes before the end of the hour (and only if i haven’t taken 250 steps) by the time i could find the graph with my hourly steps and mouse over each section to get the actual count and then add up each count, my 10 minutes was almost up. If i can’t change the 250 step count, it’s not motivating me to move more than i already do. If i can’t change when to remind me, then i don’t have a chance of completing it. What if my work break is at the beginning of the hour and i forgot to take my steps? The ability to change the hourly step goal and the reminder times are a simple fix and fitbit closes their ears to people.

On my fitbit charge 3, i had a work around and set a silent alarm on the fitbit app to remind me to complete my own step goal. This was fun, because i had to write down the steps i had already taken for the day and then get my steps in. I spent more time sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out how many steps i took than i did actually taking steps some day. The funny thing is, on the versa 2, it actually does show me my steps this hour… But only until i reach the 250 step goal and then i am back to using the graph on my phone again. Now the even funnier thing is, fitbit has removed this feature of setting silent alarms on the app. At least for the versa 2. I googled where it was and searched for three hours, it’s no longer there. I even watched a video that was on youtube showing it was there two months ago, but when i followed the steps, my screen didn’t match up with the video. I can set a silent alarm from my watch, but only 8 alarms total, so i can’t set an alarm to go off each hour for 12 hours to get 1000 steps each hour…… And the hours i need it to go off changes depending on the day of the week. The other feature complaint is the ‘relax feature’ i like it, but you can only set it for 2 or 5 minutes…. Why the restriction? Why can’t i pick 10? 15? Set my own? It’s not relaxing to reset it every 5 minutes for 15 minutes.

My final complaint with fitbit (there really are more, but these are the biggest ones), the user manual within the app is useless. Take the above example of silent alarms. If i go to the ‘how to use’ section and click on silent alarm section, you would expect a walk through of how to set a silent alarm, right? No, this is literally what is says: silent alarms: set a silent alarm on versa 2. Your device gently vibrates to wake you up in the morning or alert you at a certain time of day. If you don’t dismiss an alarm, it goes off again in 9 minutes. (btw, when i got the charge 3, it took forever to figure out how to dismiss a silent alarm instead of snoozing it). And this is how the entire ‘how to use’ portion is on the app. It’s all a description on what each feature is used for, no instructions on how to set it up. Notifications? Timers? Alarms? Quick replies? Weather?
Be prepared to google search how to do everything other than how to remove the wrapping from your watch.

So why the 5 stars? Well, i knew when i bought this watch that i think fitbit trackers are the dumbest of the trackers. But when i got the charge 3, i had a newborn baby. I was going to return it the day i bought it, however i discovered one redeeming quality…. It will notify me by vibrating when i have a call. I am on the clock 24 hours a day and when you have a newborn baby, the phone ringing is frustrating. Missed calls when the phone was on silent. So the notifications and quick replies gave me a reason to keep it. So i can’t give a crappy review of fitbit on this device when i knew going in that it wasn’t going to be what i wanted for a tracker. I gave it a crappy review on the charge 3.

But this time, i bought this one due to alexa being on the watch. I have a fire tv, an echo show, 2 echo dots, a kindle fire and a kindle paperwhite, (earbuds are on the way) i am a prime member and i have several subscribe and save items. My whole world is tied together on this watch. My packages come? Shopping list? Whatever reminders i setup through alexa comes on my watch too. I can watch my workout on the firetv and if the baby needs me, press the button on my watch and have it pause the tv…. I can’t tell you how many times i have had to look for the remote in the baby’s toybox just to pause the tv, then rewind and pause…. Lol. I know that amazon music is not tied to the versa, i am hopeful that amazon flexes a little muscle and gets it. Or google buys fitbit out and uses common sense and adds it as a feature. But the notifications from my phone, the link to alexa were enough for me to upgrade from the charge 3. I have found i like the clock faces for the versa 2 and the ability to see more of my stats from the watch and less looking at the app. And being able to have alexa log my food on myfitnesspal for me is nice too.

Ok, one final complaint about fitbit….. Versa 2 has alexa…. Common sense to have amazon music, right? Nope they must be getting money from spotify and deezer to keep it off there. But i am not paying for a second service for music when i get amazon music with everything else i need, shipping, movies, tv shows, smart house controls.

Update: disappointed with bluetooth range. The watch disconnects from my phone a lot. I know that some of this is the phone, however my apartment is small and my charge 3 never lost connection while i was home. I sit my phone on my desk to keep it out of reach of my toddler and rely on my watch to notify me if i have a call (can’t hear the ringer with the toddler and kids). Realistically, i am usually within 10 feet of my phone 90% of the time, 15 feet if i am in the kitchen. I will go to use spotify from my kitchen and it will tell me connection is lost.

4Expert Score
Excellent smartwatch on a budget. Software is a hot mess.

As a small disclaimer – i bought my versa 2 through a local retailer earlier in the year since i was able to take such an amount off with coupons. Were it not for that though i probably would still be using my first fitbit watch, an alta hr to this moment. The deal was hard to pass up and just for $10 more i bought some extra bands and cases here on amazon, perfect for me so i could keep my motivation at a high as i was expecting to be home quarantining for months.

The pros/features:
– a step-up from any old fitbit model on a budget (especially if you can get one for under $150 usd).
– battery is advertised to last 5 days, but you can potentially stretch it 1-2 days past that point.
– in addition to the battery life, this thing charges pretty fast!
– amoled screen – beautiful picture on a small screen, and plenty bright to see outside on a sunny day.
– very easy to wear for hours at a time, even through periods of sleep.
– accurate heart rate readings; i’ve noticed taking my own pulse the watch is at most 3-4 bpm off.
– application support, with a few standard with the watch – spotify, pandora, alexa to name a few.
– able to setup push notifications right to your watch, from nearly every app. Even simple stuff like the news.
– appealing watch faces, with many custom choices available for download.
– waterproof to an extent, can even setup exercises for swimming activities
– able to time and track specific physical activities, including sports and use of workout equipment.
– integrated feature to find your phone by setting off a loud noise; do not do this with headphones in!
– able to answer or deny calls right from your watch, even supporting ios.
– ability to track your sleep, though not perfect and some insights on that data gets locked behind a paywall.
– fun challenges to take on yourself, or compete with others.

– a majority of custom watch faces are paid, and it is a pain to determine which are free or need to be bought.
– some durability issues, which could be partially adverted with third-party cases/screen protectors.
– current price should be lowered given the recent release of the versa 3 and sense.
– included charger does not support watch cases, and the charging cord should be way longer.
– lack of customization when the always-on display is in use.
– cannot use applications such as spotify or pandora without relevant subscriptions.
– the only way you can power off or reset the watch is a hidden option in the ‘about’ area under settings.
– alexa app has no audio feedback and will lack full functionality w/o alexa app installed on your phone.
– offers use of a tool like fitbit pay, but you can’t use fitbit pay for things like watch faces or subscriptions.
– google assistant now supported, only for the newer watches despite previously announced to support versa 2.
– weather app will ask you to sync if it’s been awhile, will not show any weather otherwise.
– app choices are slim and are nothing compared to what you’d see on other high-end smart watches.
– should let users have more information you can track, such as how apple lets you record things such as symptoms.

The cons:
– no built-in gps and instead relies on your phone to track location.
– cannot respond to texts from app (such as a pre-canned message) on ios, supported on android.
– bare minimum alexa features such as no support to control smart home devices.
– zero integration with google or apple’s health applications.
– many features locked behind premium service, despite ownership of a spendy watch.
– no speaker, but i suppose this makes sense given it’s a watch and not a phone.
– warranty is not done directly through fitbit, and they may likely direct you to square trade.
– lackluster customer service and have personally experienced two cases of rude customer service agents.
– if you have a feature, you have to go to a vote-based suggestion forum that is essentially a graveyard for all sorts of user-submitted ideas (some examples on this later).

The bad, ugly:
this completely concerns the fitbit application, because i have such a strong dislike for it. First off, there’s often troubles with syncing whether it be syncing your watch where you’ll sometimes get the message it cannot find your fitbit device – this even extends to little things like spotify, so about once or twice a month i have to sign out and sign back in to get the spotify app to work. What’s more is sometimes the app bugs out in little places, i’ll have times where i want to switch or install a watch face and it will get stuck (to the point of where the only fix is to change the face manually from the watch, and restart my phone). It’s also worth mentioning there are mac and windows versions of the fitbit app but they’re a colossal waste of time and not fully-fledged with features like the mobile versions. Last but not least what bugs me the most is a lack of a dark mode (despite having previously suggested by users over 5+ years) which includes both the ios and android applications. On ios there is also no home screen widget support, a feature apple rolled out with their most recent firmware update. Finally and as mentioned earlier there are a number of features locked behind a premium plan which includes things like better insights on your data, workout tips and even simple recipes – this will cost you a hefty $120 a year via. Monthly plan or just under $80 through an annual yearly plan; for a watch you have already paid over a hundred dollars for.

Overall thoughts:
for how big the smart watch market is today, the versa 2 being now in the past generation of fitbit’s watches still holds up well with the caveat the sale price still hasn’t been lowered, which definitely should be the case as new watches (and even those not from fitbit) are out with more and better features. This is a perfect option for somebody on a budget, especially if you’re an existing owner of a fitbit watch. But because there are other options out there such as garmin, apple, and even samsung you may want to do heavy research on what fits you best.

Personally speaking this is my fourth year of using fitbit devices and may consider a new model when i have the money to upgrade. However with the pile of issues the application has, the absence of not considering ideas from the community and even the price for what they are i am thinking also about other brands for my next watch.

4Expert Score
Tracker, watch, digital assistant helper

I loved my previous fitbit trackers but i’m not a fan of watches. Saying i rarely wear a watch is an understatement. I enjoyed my previous tracker (fitbit inspire hr) for tracking sleep, steps, exercise, setting alarms, etc, (its ability to provide the time was good but not necessary) but when it broke in a way that it could not be used as previously, i decided to do an upgrade and got this one which looks more like a watch to me than a fitness tracker but in my older years i’m trying to venture out of my comfort zones. This thing works really well. Not only does it track my steps, sleep and exercise, i can also use it to give commands to ‘my daughter’ alexa and it works with that feature at least 90% of the time. Thus the reason for the 4 star review. Seems to fail more often when i am not home and i ask something like ‘turn on the lights.’

i get text notifications when my phone is within range and can decide if i need to get up to grab the phone to check the entire message or if it’s something that can wait (like my group text with my cousins and they are complaining about sports which i don’t watch). I also get notifications of who is calling when my phone is out of reach or in my pocket and decide if it’s a call worth rushing to answer or something that can wait. I like that it’s waterproof and relatively lightweight. It has alarms via vibrations which i haven’t used with this one but i did use with my previous model. I no longer have need for the notifications but it’s good to know they are there if i ever need them again. It has several clock faces to choose from and there are additional ones that can be downloaded from the fitbit website to really provide a good variety of options. Right now i don’t have any cons about it and i’ve been using it now for 9 months. I usually try to wait to write reviews so that i can give a more accurate and functional review and not just how it worked the 1st week.

4Expert Score
Fitbit wearer for 10+ years

Like many, i’ve been a fitbit user for a very long time. Cycling through almost every new fitness tracker they came out with. My most recent of these being the versa 2, it’s comfortable and sleek looking.

There are many things i really love about this watch, but i’m beginning to wonder if maybe fitbit is not putting enough quality into their products, and i’ll tell you why below. However, i would love to share what i like about the watch, and some features that i use almost daily.
Features i love, and use often:
– i never realized how much i would use this feature, but i find it so very useful: the timer option. I don’t use it for laps, or anything of that nature as you have that built into the exercise feature. However, i do use this to time my son’s reading for homework. Grilling outside. Reminders of letting my animals back inside after being let out. And for so much more, i truly utilize this function on an almost daily basis. Such a great feature.
– the exercise button. You can customize which exercise buttons are quick access, via the fitbit app. This is useful because i do most of the same type of exercises on a regular basis, and this makes it easy. The one downfall here is that if you chose to activate the gps option for a more accurate distance calculation you must have the app open on your phone. I don’t love that, as i would think it should calculate it based off your phones location, but i’m no engineer.
– sleep score & cycle tracker – i like to take a look at my sleep score over time, as i tend to not sleep a lot. I have a toddler and wake up at early hours each day to fit the needs of my family, and maintain my full time career. It helps me understand why i may be more tired on some days vs others. And each person needs a certain range of sleep, i try to stay within those parameters, but often my toddler disrupts my sleep cycles. It’s been pretty accurate, any time i’ve tested it against what i have recorded manually. And i love the cycle tracker as a female. I have pcos so my cycles have always wee bit wonky. This helps me track them, know when to expect them, and edit my information to have the most accurate account of each cycle. You can input your details about mood, flow, etc.

With that said, i have noticed a few downfalls regarding this (and other) newer models: i go through about 1 a year. I am not the most kind to anything regarding accessories, so i understand i can be rough on them. But i do take care of my watch. I wash it, dry it, keep a screen protector on it. I don’t shower with it, and charge it as often as i need. But i’ve had watches just stop working, the hr function quit, and all this within 1 year of purchase. Yes, fitbit does have great customer service, and often without question they will send a replacement. However, i just feel like they’re pushing out models constantly vs trying to really fix the problems.
Like other reviewers, i’ve faced connectivity issues. Sometimes my watch just won’t sync, then it won’t record, and the app isn’t updated. When exercising i’ve had the watch not pull gps because it says it cannot connect, but i’ve done everything i can to troubleshoot. The alexa function doesn’t work for either of the two versa 2’s i’ve had. I’ve enabled it, and had it close to my phone; but it doesn’t work.

I really love the look of this versa 2. With the one button on the side, to assist with maneuvering through the watch. I love the customization features of this watch through the app, it’s great. Fitbit really has something there, the app is so user friendly. However, i wish they would make a watch that lasted longer. And i know they’re not apple watch price tags, but they’re close enough. My mil has the same problems as i, and she’s not nearly as harsh on hers as i am. At this point, i’m looking into a different brand, just to see how i like it because my current versa 2 (a replacement from the first one) is losing the seals around the bottom of the unit and i fear it will quit being water resistant.
I would recommend this watch, absolutely. Especially for a beginner in this market, and for someone whom likes to track their daily movement. But maybe something a little more rugged for those that aren’t so easy on our accessories.

4Expert Score
Big disappointment.

I purchased my first versa 2 in december 2019. I liked it so much i bought my husband one in october 2020. Mine self destructed in april 2021, my husband had never worn his so i claimed it. That one self destructed today, december 30 2022. The face on both just sprung off from the watch. I swam with the first, but kept the second out of water, thinking that could have caused the first to come apart. I am sorely disappointed. Mine lasted 16 months, my husbands (from when it was first worn) lasted 20. I will definitely never buy another, nor will i recommend it to anyone.

4Expert Score
A great product

I love how easy it is to change the look of my versa 2 into something a touch more classy than a fitness tracker usually looks. Between the wide assortment of bands and clock faces, my versa will look appropriate for work, a night out, or just putzing around the house.

I bought it primarily for the sleep tracker, and it works wonderfully. It keeps track of naps during the day as well as each night, and there doesn’t seem to be a minimal amount of time needed to sleep for it to register.

It is alexa compatible, but i was disappointed to find that there is no option to use my amazon music account with my versa. I don’t use either spotify or pandora, so that isn’t very helpful.

There have been some issues syncing the fitbit with my phone, but there are several possibilities for why that is occurring, so don’t let that dissuade you.

4Expert Score
Great for tracking health patterns

I really enjoy the simplicity of the design and how easy it is to use. I originally thought it was going to be complicated to use, but i was surprised to see that it wasn’t. I’ve found it super helpful that it buzzes to remind me to take my hourly number of steps and it’s so easy to keep track of my calorie and water intake, all in one!
So far, i haven’t had any major issues, the only issue that i’ve encountered is connecting my device to my spotify account. It’s not that big of a deal for me, but i’m throwing that out there in case it is an important aspect for buyers.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

Love its fit, function, color and design. Only problem, battery is junk…requires charging every other day ( i have 2 other sports watches, one battery lasts at least a week, the other is great for a couple weeks b4 charging is needed)

4Expert Score
Love this product!

I love this watch/ fit tracker. The larger face is so much easier to read. I can also read my fitbit out in the sunlight. It also provides more health and exercise information.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t try to be something it’s not

Update–i took off 1 star. I’ve had the watch for 5 months. I’m thinking google is messing with the software because it’s getting really glitchy. I’m constantly running into syncing issues when i use the app, then it suddenly works again. My battery was almost gone yesterday, so i charged it for 20 min to 85%. An hour later it was down to 16%. I let it fully charge to 100%, and now i’m getting my full battery life. That means the watch is giving false battery readings during a partial recharge. That’s seriously lazy programming.

Also, i used fitbit pay at a convenience store. It declined the transaction, because my credit cards somehow disappeared. I went into the app, it gave me a weird error, then my wallet magically appeared and synced with my watch.

As far as the fitness side of the watch, it does its job fairly well. It doesn’t have a built in gps for running, but it does tether to my phone gps. That’s fine, since i still need my phone for music and taking calls. The fitness tracking software is basically a bunch of useless bells and whistles and not worth $9.99 a month. The spotify app is basically useless. All it does is let you pause ff and rr, if you’re a spotify member. In fact, lol!, the old fitbit blaze from 2016 (i have one), lets you do that with any music service. I can use the touch controls on my earbuds to do the same thing.

Would i recommend? Sure, but you’re probably better off with an apple watch with gps and cellular if you don’t like carrying your phone around with you. If you’re a marathon runner, this watch is probably better because the gps is running on the phone instead of the watch, which dramatically cuts battery consumption during long runs.

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