FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black

Buy FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are frigidaire efic101-black portable compact maker features?

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  • Countertop ice maker: this 14.1 x 9.5 x 12.9 inches portable stainless steel ice maker is compact and ideal for small spaces. It only weighs 18.31 pounds, making it ideal to move from your countertop to the pool, boat or anywhere else that you want to have ice right at your fingertips.
  • Fast and easy: a portable ice maker requires no installation – just plug-in unit, add water & wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy fresh ice. Produces 26 pounds of ice a day – never run to the store for a bag of ice again
  • Technical specs: the large viewing window allows you to conveniently notice when the basket is full of ice, or whether you need to top up the system with more water.
  • Digital control: 2.3 quart reservoir with electronic led controls, that allows you to easily select the ice size you want as well as inform you when your ice is ready or if water is required.
  • Durability: real stainless steel cabinet. Extras: includes ice shovel and drain plug.
  • Flawless design boasts a excellent reputation, offering consistent & dependable ice production that has been continually perfected
  • Portable ice maker requires no installation – just plug in unit, add water & wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy fresh ice
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FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black AMAZON

Buy FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is this 220vac version?

No it is not. Works on 110 and i might add that it was a great buy and works great. Use it in our 5 th wheel rv and delivers all of the ice that i need.

Can you use it all the time

Yes, you can have it on all the time, however, if you are not there to empty the ice basket or refill with water. It will stop making ice until you do either or both. The ice basket capacity is about 4 ice making cycles, or 30 minutes. Water capacity is for about an hour of ice making, or two basketfuls.

Can i hook it up in my garage? (i live in colorado)

Yes it is like a little fridge. We bring it camping

Why do some of the reviewers state that they receive an igloo and not a frigidaire? I also see that the asin number points to an igloo via google.

Igloo brand now became frigidaire

Does anyone have a problem with the drain parts?

No have not had any problems, knock on wood

Does it have auto shut off?

Yes it does have an on/off button…. However, be aware that after 10 days of use (5 weekends), icemaker completely died. I contacted seller and was told ‘sorry no returns after 30 days’. Total cost $160.00 for 5 weekends of ice. Ouch !!

Does it keep the ie frozen, or do yu need to empty it?

It will eventually melt and recycle the water and freeze it again. I never turn mine off.

Why does the ice full light come on when there is no ice

Something is blocking the sensor. Right above the tray, at the back, you’ll see a small clear lens – one on the left and one on the right. If that light path is blocked then it’ll think it’s full of ice.

I’ve often found it’s the ice tray that’s not seated all the way to bottom and it’s blocking the ‘beam.’

it can also happen if there’s a droplet of water on either lens.

After all that – it may be a bad sensor.

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I have a question about this ice maker. Can it use filtered water? Is it quiet running?

Yes u can use filtered water. It runs quiet until it empties ice into bucket u hear the ice drop

Where is the screen for set up

There’s no set up screen just hot power button and large or small ice size button easy as pie

What shape are the cubes?

They are about 3/4 ‘ to 1’ long and round with a whole in the center. I always keep my ice maker set on the larger size, there is also a smaller size with the same shape. The shape is long and round at the mentioned length size probably about 3/4 ‘ across.

Can you always leave it on as a regular ice maker? Does it store the ice it’s already made?

The unit has an ice basket that holds ice that is made, however, the ice storage area is not insulated. It is recommended that ice produced be placed in zipper lock type bags and stored in your freezer for future use.

Is the red machine a different shape than the others

The arrangement of the controls may vary – the functionality/features are equivalent.

With a full thing of water how much ice does that make?

I put the ice in zip-loc bags. It fills a gallon bag or more.

Does the ice melt and recirculate to keep making ice?

Yes, it will recirculate. But. I do not like this ice maker. It’s very noisy. Slow to make ice. I had 2 igloos prior to this one. Both lasted only a little over 1 year, so i tried the frigidaire… Bad choice. I gave it away and bought another igloo. Worth it to have a great ice maker.. Even if i toss it after a year. Next year, i’ll buy my 4th igloo after this one fails. Don’t get the frigidaire. You will be disappointed.

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Size selection light doesn’t come on. Help?

It is small ,but makes a huge amount of ice. Just keep makeing ice as long as you keep container full. I put 4 cup at a time can fill my ice tray.

If you pretty much always want to have ice available, how often do you have to add water?

It holds about 64 oz. Of water i think.. Makes the ice very fast though and the collection basket is over the water so if it melts it remakes it. Depending on how much ice you want daily would depend on water usage. I have 7 in my office and we cant use it fast enough. Ice makes about every 5-10 min .. We like the ice maker alot!!!

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Has anyone contacted them about prop 65 cancer warning on the box. Just wondering why its on box. What chemicals. Does water come in contact?

To diambel: you are absolutely correct! I was born and raised in ca (nearly 70 years ago) and these crazy laws to ‘protect’ us never end… And i did have to have an alpicool travel freezer shipped to my niece’s house in las vegas, to pick up on my next visit, because it was for bidden to be shipped to ca…

Folks, don’t worry about items with a prop 65 warning on them – it’s just that everything that might be sold in ca requires it. Everything seems to cause cancer in ca…

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Can the machine be available with 220 volts for india?


Is there any other kind of tray for the unit other than plastic? It is so loud when it drops the ice!!

Is the worst. I answered for warranty

FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black AMAZON

Buy FRIGIDAIRE EFIC101-BLACK Portable Compact Maker, 26 lb per Day, Ice Making Machine, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I keep it on the counter beside my refrigerator. I pull it out and sideways when i use it so it can breathe.
I know it’s wet ice so i put each batch in a large freezer bag and lay it flat in the freezer. When the next batch is done i take the bag out of the freezer and hit the bag against the doorway of my pantry to break up the ice, then i poor it in my ice bend that’s leftover over from my broken built-in ice maker.
If you just dump the wet ice into the ice bend it all freezes together and it’s just a mess. This way i can still get the ice from the refrigerator door and have crushed ice if i want it. I like this ice better because it’s smaller and softer.
I continue the process until my ice bend is full.
I drain any remaining water, dry out the machine and leave the lid open a few hour so it will dry out even more…to prevent mildew and stale tasting ice.
There are three people in the household plus visitors and i make ice once every three weeks.
I’ve been using it for six months with no problems.
It’s fast, quite, efficient and not bad to look at. I love it and wouldn’t even go back to my original factory ice maker. I use the filtered water from my refrigerator and i’ve never had a problem with the taste or the machine.

5Expert Score
Simple operation, quick and quiet.

First item delivered had a very loud rattle. Exchanged for a second one – it is perfect! Quiet, fast, cubes in 2 different selectable sizes and very easy to use. Our refrigerator unit hasn’t been used for years due to terrible taste and odor of the in-door ice cubes it made. This unit is the answer to our prayers!

5Expert Score
So far so great!!

One month into using the ice maker and really like it! We keep it on the counter on our wet bar but we make ice and bag it to store in the freezer also. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Love it

Convenient ice at demand. It is so easy to use and have ice at anytime.

5Expert Score
The good ice & easy to drain

Update: after 2.5 months i learned if i use really cold water the cubes will be bigger than if i use room temperature water. I freeze water in a 16 ounce sour cream container to give me a good size ice cube then i put that in the ice maker reservoir and fill with tap water.

Original review

purchased this out of necessity due to my freezer breaking down. We didn’t want to have to run to the store for ice every other day so we bought this ice maker. Three friends commented that these are the ‘good’ cubes.

Some things to know…

1) the instructions say not to tilt the machine beyond 45 degrees and this includes transportation. No fault of the amazon delivery person but the box was in three different position when he was bringing it to the door. Who knows what position these ice makers are stored?! The box isn’t labeled ‘this side up.’ the instruction say leave the machine sitting in the proper position for 2 hours but knowing refrigeration units it should be left upright longer. I left ours overnight before using.

2) the first batch of ice isn’t that great with fewer cubes and some only being partial cubes. See pic. After that they’re all great.

3) if transferring to a freezer use a plastic container for storage. Stainless steel freezes the cubes together. Also, after a few minutes of freezer time break up the cubes with the scoop because when transferred, the cubes will be dripping water which will freeze the cubes together. Use a towel under the tray when transferring or water will get on your floor. Once they’re broken up and frozen then all is good.

4) there’s very little difference between large cubes and small cubes. One pic shows a batch of each side by side.

5) contrary to others reviews the ice makers isn’t hard to drain. The video shows how to drain the machine and the entire action of getting the cubes from the frozen fingers into the tray.

6) one pic shows the sensors that determine when the ice tray is full. I pull the ice forward to clear the sensor path. This gets another 27 cubes into the tray when the entire tray is full and not just the back of the tray.

7) when the entire tray is full it holds 108 ice cubes (12 batches of 9 cubes) yielding 626 grams or 1lb 6 1/8 ounces of ice in 102 minutes.

8) it takes approximately 8.5 minutes per batch of ice (9 cubes). I did the math and that would be about 19.5 lbs of ice in 24 hours of continuous ice making and not stopping to fill the water reservoir or transferring ice out of the tray. I think the claim of 26 lbs in 24 hours is a little aggressive although the batch time does vary.

9) the reservoir holds approximately 76 ozs. Of water which yields about 2-5/8 baskets of ice weighing about 3 lbs. 12 ozs. It takes about 4 hours before the reservoir is empty of water.

All in all… I love this ice maker and highly recommend it.

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5Expert Score
It’s perfect!

Love it!

5Expert Score
Nice ice maker

This is a great ice maker if you have a bar or a crappy samsung fridge or both. Highly recommend this ice maker!

5Expert Score
Nice small ice maker

Ordered this after returning an off brand ice maker that quit working on day 4. So far this one is doing a great job. It’s small, holds approx 1/2 gallon of water in the reservoir. The basket at full capacity has enough ice for 2 red solo cups. It makes ice quickly. Takes 30-40 mins to refill the basket with ice.

5Expert Score
No more buying ice

This ice maker is just what i needed. Compact, low power consumption, makes plenty of ice for drinks. I had been buying a bag of ice every week or so for years, since my fridge doesn’t have an ice maker, and i’m far to lazy to use ice trays. I had seen and used other peoples’ portable ice makers before, but i never wanted to spend the money for one. This unit is made my edgstar and is part of their koldfront brand. On edgestar’s website it retails for over $200. So i think under $100 on amazon is a great deal. It does exactly what it was described to do. There are a couple things you should know about these and other portable ice makers, though. The first couple of batches of ice will smaller, wetter, cubes. As the system continues to run, the refrigeration cycle gets to it’s optimum pressures and temperatures, and it will make better, more solid, larger cubes of ice. I think the cold from the ice also chills the water in the basin allowing it to freeze better than room temp water. It does not keep the ice frozen forever once it’s produced. The unit does not store the ice in a refrigerated chamber. It is well insulated, but don’t turn the machine off and come back 2-3 hours later to have a glass of iced tea. Leave it on and as the ice melts, it will make a batch of ice about once an hour to keep the basket full. It makes one batch of ice every 6-7 minutes. So, in half an hour you have plenty for a couple 16oz tumblers of refreshing beverage. With a full basket (1.8 pounds) of ice, i can easily make drinks for me and my friends, and when it’s time for round 2, it has topped up with fresh ice again. I turn it off at night, and turn it back on in the afternoon about a half hour before i want to use the ice. It uses such a small amount of power that i don’t feel bad about leaving it on for several hours a day when i’m using ice. It draws 1.7 amps with the compressor and fan running and spikes to 2.1 amps for about 15-20 seconds while using the heating element to release the ice. I’ll be doing a power usage test with my kill a watt, but in my estimation it uses about .7 kwh per day, using enough ice to keep it running periodically throughout the day. This company also makes a larger model which produces slightly more ice, but for my purposes, the smaller size, less weight (only 20 lbs) and 26 lbs per day production, this ‘cool’ little guy does the trick! The small amount of power consumption is great for rv’s running on solar or boondocking without a generator, or just anyone who’s energy conscious. *common sense tip! Clean it before using, especially if you get an ‘open box’ unit like i did. It wasn’t super dirty, just dusty and had a tiny spider in it.*

5Expert Score

I absolutely luv this have put off for years knowing i wanted not needed but if you read the directions and follow you’ll be good again luvvvv

4Expert Score

I use bottled water for it. It’s fast but not enough for this family! We eat ice all day so i’m constantly buying water. The ice is chewable (large setting). I find that the smaller setting makes the ice too thin that when i chew sometimes it hurts my gums. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the basket is too small so we have to empty it many times throughout the day and if we’re not home, we’ll you only get the one basket of ice it made. But the machine itself hasn’t given me any issues.

4Expert Score
Wish it kept ice frozen longer in hopper.

The ice tends to melt somewhat in the basket once made, which makes them freeze together. You have to transfer to regular freezer and still clumps. Otherwise, a great ice maker.

4Expert Score
Keeps making ice, sensor fail

It makes ice. Somehow the sensor isn’t working and it is continuously making ice. Otherwise really like my ice maker. Going to contact the company.

4Expert Score
Capable ice maker with variable ice sizes to choose from.

I like the size of the ice cubes, the ease of how to make the ice, and the indicator lights that tells me when it needs water or the ice bin is filled.

4Expert Score
I already need to replace, it’s stopped working

The fan needed to make ice just stopped working today. It was bought jan 2020 so not very long to have an snow have to replace

4Expert Score
Good ice

It makes ice rather quickly but it never shuts up! It’s loud enough to be heard from the bedroom with the door closed. I would give it 5 stars if the noisy thing didn’t scare me out of my sleep so often.

4Expert Score
It works as expected

It makes ice, it is noisy, but i expected that from reading the reviews. It doesn’t keep the ice cold after it is made. The ice is very wet, so i have to put it in a bag, put it in the freezer, then knock them apart every 15-20 minutes or so until they are frozen solid, otherwise you wind up with a big ice chunk. It beats running to the store and buying ice every time i need it. I think ice made in trays in the freezer taste like the freezer. I put the ice from the machine in a ziplock bag to prevent it from tasting gross. And i only use filtered water in the machine.

4Expert Score
1qt of ice takes 90 minutes

I wanted to post an actual timetable for what you can expect out of this machine. The description states ‘wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy fresh ice’ which is incredibly misleading. The actual unit itself is great, which is why i am giving it 4 stars, but i am taking one off because they make it sound like you’re going to have a bin full of ice in 15 minutes, but that is nowhere close to the truth. You’ll have enough ice for a drink or two in that time, sure, but expect to run this machine for 6 hours non-stop if you need a gallon of ice.

Here is what you can expect ( tested on large ice setting ):

1. One complete cycle creates 1 quart ( 4 cups ) of ice
2. Once complete cycle takes just over 90 minutes to complete
3. There are 10 batches of ice per cycle, with each batch taking between 9-10 minutes.

4Expert Score
Good ice maker

Nice ice maker. I have purchased two (2) different models and this one is the best. One drawback…lid constantly hums unless you alter machine level. Currently sits on a level surface but needs something to change the angel. (usually front up). Nonetheless, good buy.

4Expert Score
útil pero demasiado pequeña

Muy linda pero demasiado pequeña, los hielos muy pequeños y se derriten demasiado rápido

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