Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless

Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless

Buy Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are frigidaire efic103-amz-sc counter top maker with over-sized ice bucket features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Large capacity – its reservoir is located beneath the ice basket and can produce up to 26 lbs; of clear ice cubes per day
  • Efficient & easy to use – in less than 6 minutes; you can make bullet shaped ice and store up to 2.2 lbs in the basket; the user-friendly & straightforward electronic controls will have you making ice in no time.
  • Versatile – you have a choice to make ice cubes in two different sizes
  • Modern design – stainless steel ice maker with a large transparent window so you can always see your ice being made.
  • Functionality – the user-friendly digital control panel lets you know when the bin is full and when the water is empty. Once ready, the light flashes and the ice falls into the provided ice bucket, ready to be served.
  • Automatic self-cleaning program – plug on the unit, then press ‘on/off’ button for more than 5 seconds to enter the self-clean program. Self-cleaning program need 30 minutes. When the program is over, please drain out the water and clean inside.
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Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless AMAZON

Buy Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can it also be plumed in?

No, only have to put in .8 gal. Of water in the bin. It makes a lot of ice on just that much. The drain looking thing on the side is just that, a drain only. If you don’t use it for a while it’s easy to drain the water out of that

Will the ice stay frozen over longer periods of time (like several days) if left in the bin while the machine remains turned on?

It doesn’t stay frozen but it keeps remaking ice so you will always have ice in the bin

Is the ice tray freezer safe?

It is small, so you will want to poor the ice into something then put in the freezer. It makes enough ice for about 10-8 ounce glass drinks. I have never put it into the freezer.

I bought mine nov 2015 , i loved it , but now it has stopped making ice cubes i’ve tried troubleshooting it but still don’t work what do i do now?

If the ice maker reads icefull, but the ice bucket is not full, then the machine needs a reset. This has happened to me at least 3 times. Hit the power button for 10 seconds, and unplug the machine while your finger is still depressing the power button. Walk away. Go back to it after a few hours. Plug it back in and you should be good to go. Has worked for me every time.

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How many watts is this ice maker, because the party doesn’t have electricity so i need to run off to a battery and a inverter.

Here is all the info i could get off the tag on the back:115v ac 60hz 1phcurrent ice production 1.9 acurrent ice storage 2.7 a

How long is the electrical cord and where is the location?

It’s in the back and about 6′ long

This ice machine is not listed in the warranty table. Does anyone know how long it is?

The paper work i got with my ice machine stated 1 year warranty on parts, 6 months on labor.

What shape is the ice?

The large cubes are shaped like a tapered cylinder about 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. There is a hole in the center of the cube about 1/4 inches in diameter. The ice is not as hard as a regular freezer due to temperature difference. It is very well-built. We like the unit.

Does anyone have a website link where i can access the manual for the ice103

Warranty phone number for ice maker is1-800-968-9853 i have the manual maybe they can send you one

Does this ice maker come with a drain valve? On the picture it appears to have one. Does it?

Yes, that is the drain valve. Warning: it lasted just over a year and my second one only lasted one night. I was able to return that one. Sad because i really need an ice machine.

Does it make crushed ice

No it’s not crushed ice it’s bullet shaped cubes, you can choose small medium or large but they all seem to be the same size

Does it make ice cubes small enough to eat?

Yes. There are 3 size choices; small, medium and large ice cubes. The large is not massive, but too big to eat without breaking up first. Small is perfect for eating, not crushed size, just a little bigger than a small marshmallow.

If the power goes out, does the unit come back on when power is restored, or do you have to manually turn it back on again?

No it does not. I thought i would be smart and put it on a timer so it would turn off at night and back on in the morning. It turns on but you have to manually hit the button to turn on.

Will ice stay frozen for long periods of time? How long, roughly?

No. It is best to remove it when the bin is almost full, otherwise it starts to melt. I put the ice in gallon zip lock bags and put them in the freezer. I make ice and refill these bags about twice a week. I am only a single person, but i use a lot of ice throughout the day.

Where can i purchase the white drain plug ?

Https:// 1-800-269-2609. It comes with the plug and the screw but only in white. Took me a long time to find someone who sold them. I bought five i wanted them on hand in case i lost the drain plug again, which i probably will. Cost was, if i remember correctly $2.60 per unit.

Igloo ice 103 my forming tray broke can i order the forming tray

I don’t know, i’m sorry i can’t help

Can this product be used in hong kong?

The standard electrical voltage in hong kong is 220 volts ac, 50hz. Most hotel bathrooms also have outlets for 100 volts, but if not, you will need a transformer for any appliance or electrical equipment. The majority of electrical outlets in hong kong take a three-pronged uk-style plug.

Does this make the chewable, nugget ice like in the hospital?

It makes ice in small, medium & large cylinder shaped ice cubes. The cubes have a round hole in the middle so, i guess the small size would be chewable.

Does it produce clear or cloudy ice?

The ice is cloudy for us. But we are on a well and have hard water. But there is no taste to it and we have been very happy with this ice maker.

Does it make nugget ice?

No it makes bullet shaped ice.

Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless AMAZON

Buy Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning Function, Heavy Duty, Stainless: Ice Makers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Saved my sanity

My fridge died. No ice while i waited the month that it took to get a repair service dispatched by the manufacturer. So i bought this unit to fulfill my ice needs until my fridge got its act back together.

I like it so much that, even though my fridge is making ice again, i still use it. I like the smaller, bullet shaped ice it makes compared to the larger ‘standard’ cubes my fridge makes. So i often have this going, especially on hot days, when i am drinking a lot of water or iced tea.

If you don’t have an ice maker, this does a great job of keeping you stocked up with ice, as long as you have a freezer to put it in. It’s important to note that, like most countertop ice makers, this does not have any freezer capabilities. That is, it does not keep the ice frozen. It makes ice; it melts; the water is recirculated back into ice making. So unless you have an ice bucket or you put the ice in the freezer, it will melt. But it makes ice so fast that the ice basket will fill up pretty quick. I didn’t find myself standing around waiting for ice to appear.

Can’t speak to longevity/durability, but, hey, frigidaire. I expect it to work for a long time and expect frigidaire to have good warranty support. So, i felt it was well worth the money.

5Expert Score
Best addition to my work day

I drink water all day and by mid day i need ice even using my yeti cup. Turn this on and within minutes i have ice. In a couple of hours it turns off because the ice bucket is full. I turn it off when i leave work and all the ice melts and we do it all again the next day. Best investment to my classroom since my standing desk.

5Expert Score
Had to throw away eventually

This ice maker would make a guant clump of ice every one in a while, and thatcwas what ended up damaging it. I took it apart srvetal tomes to repair the cracked water catch that holds water while it forms the ice. The unit would also just stop making ice and would have to be turned on again and again and again, almost never filling the catch reservoir with ice after the first few months.
We ended up buying a nugget ice maker for 3 times the price of this one and we are happy with it so far. Everytime we go into the kitchen for ice we have an abundance of it!

5Expert Score
Service after expired warrantie

His product is excellent. It provide excellent service to me. I will buy it again but a need a clarification after the warranty expired.

What happen if it stop producing ice after a long excellent service. Since it the price is so low is not worthy repair it. Do i have other options or just buy another one, i though this one out?

5Expert Score
Works very fast .

I love this icemaker because it makes ice every six minutes and the cubes are nice size, told my friend about it and she also bought one and loves it.

5Expert Score
Easy to use.

It can be a little noisy but that’s to be expected. Functions as described.

5Expert Score
Life saver

Our fridge doesn’t have a ice maker. This little machine worked awesome for the summer if you wanted ice-cold drinks. I would definitely recommend

5Expert Score
Great counter top icemaker

We use in our camper. Love fresh ice without running to a store.

5Expert Score
Love it, easy to set up and use.

I really like it overall. The only thing i would change is the space on the top for scooping out the ice once it is full i find if i’m not careful i loose cubes to my floor, lol. I guess i need to be a bit more careful.

5Expert Score
Best purchase i’ve made in a long time.

This little powerhouse is amazing. I only have to use it about once every three days, because a gallon of water makes so much ice.

4Expert Score
Quick ice but small capacity!

This is my 2nd countertop ice maker. My 1st one was a different brand, no longer available. This unit is a little smaller in size but that was a plus in my consideration when i needed a new one! Another plus is this one has a self cleaning function which is appreciated. The directions stated i didn’t have to use distilled water but due to the excessive hardness & minerals in my area, i only use distilled water in my icemaker. This machine when turned on quickly gets to work producing ice! Those are the good things! The rest of my review are the items that are not deal-breakers but don’t fit my needs as well as my 1st machine. This water reservoir is a little small as is the basket holding the formed ice. We live in the south so iced beverages are necessary! The filled basket only fills, maybe, 3/4 glasses. Of course then it begins to quickly make more. The base of machine is not chilled so ice begins melting as soon as it is dumped. This is a big drawback for me as our other machine, while not a true freezer either, kept the ice nearly frozen for hours. The noise. Both machines have been noisier than expected! Lots of clunking sounds as ice is shifted into basket. Lots of other random noise which have guests questioning what is happening in my kitchen!! I will definitely keep a countertop ice maker in our home. Would be easy to use in a camper.
So, i like the smaller footprint but don’t like the smaller reservoir or basket. Like the self clean feature. Think all ice makers like this make more noise than expected. Will make the capacity stated (28lb,right?) but you have to work at moving ice from basket to some freezer contain in your fridge.

4Expert Score
Why did i not buy this sooner! Fast, cold, ice!

I dont know where this has been my whole life but i’m glad i bought it.

This sits nicely on our countertop and on occasion we fill the water up to make more. It runs pretty on the regular, with a bit of noise, our cat finds it absolutely fascinating!

The ice in general stays cold and doesn’t melt super fast. It is a neat feature that it recycles the water. We generally do smaller cubes, they produce faster than the larger ones.

The -1 star is because if the unit reaches the bottom of the water and needs refilled it has a light for that. You add the water and the light will go away, but it doesn’t do anything after that. A simple off and on makes it start working again. Its not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance that the manufacturer should figure out.

We have had it now for 2 months and had no issues. Would buy this one again.

4Expert Score
Easy to set up and use.

This ice maker makes ice quickly and does not change the flavor of the water/ice.

4Expert Score
Worth the price

It is easy to use and very quick in making ice. I bought it for my parents and they love it. I’ve used it for bbqs and beats paying for ice.

4Expert Score
[update: 16 months' of clear ice]

As explained below, this machine is unbeatable–for the first 16 months. But now in the 17th, i’m noticing black particles in the water. I clean them out, but they return with the next batch. They’re not solid pieces of rubber (as one might expect from a worn-out gasket), but pieces of ‘mushy’ blackness.’ this machine has been so good, my wife wants to buy another if it performs as well as this for the first year. I’m less certain, esp. If i have to pay more than $100 for such limited use. I’ll try to reach the company to see if they’ve corrected a problem that does not appear to be mechanical but related to bad materials.

Original review: my wife has a hip injury and prefers remaining upstairs. She uses ice cubes on a daily basis, and our refigerator is downstairs, where it has been grooming me for my role as the iceman [who] cometh. However, as an individual who is not averse to drinking water at room temperature and, moreover, straight from the bottle, i’m no more a fan of ice cubes than our two cats. Solution: a portable, or ‘counter-top’ (though ours is on the floor) ice maker. My wife deserves the credit for coming up with the idea, and then ordering the machine–the first of two that wimped out on us (i should know–these personal conveniences began to seem heavy after carrying them, a second time, from upstairs to the street curb, where the city disposal team picks them up, unless a private citizen (i.e. Scavenger) gets there first.

After these two strike-outs, i selected (and paid for) this particular igloo machine with the led buttons in a vertical row. I did my ‘research’ (let’s be honest and call it by the right word–ie, ‘shopping’), and i liked what i read about this machine from those whose observations were detailed, specific and realistic (for a hundred bucks you can’t expect an arctic miracle machine–it’s an ‘igloo,’ not an ice palace).

After ten months of daily use this particular igloo is hitting close to 1000– knocking out ice cubes that are as big, clear and sparkling as they were on the first day. My wife has had me move the machine from her office to the bathroom–where it not only keeps spitting out the cubes but lowers the temperature of the room by 5 degrees. I prefer warm (which fits my ‘room temperature’ taste). But as long as this machine keeps up the good work, i’m not complaining.

As far as cleaning, i simply wipe the bottom with a sponge now and then. At this point i have no reason to give the machine less than 5 stars. Perhaps my standards aren’t as high as other shoppers, esp. After disposing of the first two machines in the first 2-3 months. But for the nice price, a year’s worth of trouble-free service seems reason enough to recommend this small over-achiever. Any ice cubes after the first 12 months will be ‘gravy’ (which i hate–so at the first sign of failure, this igloo goes to the curb and gets replaced by a new model of the same machine.

4Expert Score
Makes ice fairly quick

We bought a home that has a great refrigerator but it doesn’t have an ice maker . . . . . . This has been a godsend

4Expert Score
Inaccurate product description

The description said cubes. This does not produce cubes. But it does produce ice very quickly.

4Expert Score
Self clean is wonderful & so important in an ice maker

I use this in my kitchen and make ice every two days

4Expert Score
Takes 15 minutes

When put in freezer after being made they freeze together.annoying

4Expert Score
Minor defect, but paid for itself in short order.

Love this thing, although it developed a defect in the first couple weeks (more on that below). It’s already paid for itself since we bought it in sept of 2017 as we no longer buy bagged ice. We could use ice cube trays, and have, but we go through a lot of ice and keeping the bin full is a chore that never gets done. We could put an ice maker in the freezer, there’s mounts for one, but running water under the house isn’t easy due to the small area and location so this was a good compromise.


– cheap!
– looks fairly nice with with the brushed metal housing etc.
– produces ice quickly and fills the bin quickly as well. We have a bin in the freezer we keep full, but mostly we just take ice right out of the machine.
– decent size water reservoir.
– the ice gets very soft and crunch after a while as the bin is not kept cold my anything other than the insulation around it. Some don’t like that but i call it a bonus.


– the ice bin (it comes out / is removable) feels a bit flimsy and i expect it will break at some point, but so far so good.
– the low water indicator/switch stopped working the first two weeks – didn’t really notice it at first because we use so much ice that we are constantly putting water into it anyways so i let this slide, but does seem to be a qa issue that was missed. I don’t know if others have had this problem with the model.


you have to empty it out and give the water reservoir a good cleaning every now and then as you will start to get a biofilm building up, just the nature of the beast – this also makes me question the internal tubes and such that are not accessible. Something tells me i will have to do some major disassembly and clean out of this thing at least once a year. Good thing is it’s always circulation ice cold water due to the melt, so growth is kept to a minimum. You could probably put some kind of cleaner into it occasionally to help like sanstar or a few drops of bleach and let it circulate through.

Overall: i can’t really complain except for the quickly broke water level defect given the low price point. Given the amount of ice this house uses it’s paid for itself and there is always ice on hand. For the cheap price i can’t really complain much.

Edit: 6/25/2019 – welp the poor little guy up and died, or is dying and unable to produce anything but little tips of ice now. I’m actually surprised it lasted as long as it did given the price and construction. May have lasted longer if we had used bottled water, but eh, this is why you get protection plans on things like this, they pay for themselves quite often in my experience.

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