Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless

Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless

Buy Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker: This freestanding portable ice maker makes 26 lbs. Of ice per day. Never fun to the store for a bag of ice again. This model fits in effortlessly with your room’s existing décor. It features a see-through window, silver lid and durable stainless-steel exterior. This chic model comes with a white ice scoop and the electronic led controls make it easy to program. Convenient, compact design is ideal for use in small kitchens and other compact spaces like rv’s, boats, dorm rooms and more. This portable ice maker requires not installation, just plug it in, add water and in less than 7 minutes you can enjoy fresh ice. Choose from two ice size settings.

What are frigidaire efic117-ss 26 pound ice maker features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Makes 26 lbs of ice in two different sizes
  • 2.3 quart reservoir – soft-touch electronic controls
  • Controls with led indicators – built-in air outlet fan
  • No installation required – just plug in unit, add water and enjoy a batch of ice
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Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless AMAZON

Buy Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What’s the lowest room temp the ice maker can be used in? I.e. A cold garage in the winter time okay?

Dear customer , the surround temperature can affect the cooling capacity of this ice maker . In winter , we do not recommend to use in the garage .thank you .

Anyone know why my 1200w inverter won’t power on the compressor? Can i add an external capacitor to make it run?

The unit is not designed to be powered via an inverter and damage to the unit is possible.

Does it keep the ice or do i have to bag it and put it in the freezer?

You will need to bag and freeze. This ice maker doesn’t keep it cold enough to be used as freezer. Works great and makes about 6-9 cubes every 10-12 minutes. You will need to empty tray about every 45 minutes or unit will stop until emptied again.

What sizes are the cubes?

Mine has a selector button for ‘small or large’ cubes. Small cubes are the diameter of adult small finger. Large is about thumb size.

I have the self cleaning model of this (efic117-ssblack_sc) but i can’t get it to initiate. How do i start the self clean cycle?

This is not self cleaning, at least the model i have like this isn’t

Does this machine make chewable (soft) ice?

This machine makes bullet shaped ice that is not chewable/soft.

Where can i get a replacement water hose

If the unit is under warranty, please visit, email or call 1-800-968-9853.

What is the power consumption from someone who can read the info on his/her ice maker?

As per the user guide – the rated power of the unit is 105w

How do you change the setting from small cubes to large?how do you change the ice size setting?

Here’s the exact quote from the user guide:
to change between either the small or large ice size, press the select
button until the light is lit up beside the desired ice size

What does the self clean cycle do? Are you supposed to add water? The instructions are not clear.

The self-clean cycle is simply a chemical wash, it’s not a mechanical procedure. We’ve learned it’s not enough, you have to scrub the internal mechanisms with a silicone brush to remove residue. It’s a visual process and easy to do with the right brush. Yes, use water and when residue is broken loose, tip the unit over to drain in the sink. It’s easy enough and if you don’t get all the residue off, it doesn’t matter. Use fitered water if you want the cleanest ice.

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Does the ice taste funny and is the ice really hard?

The shape of the ice cube is the reason i purchased this machine. The taste is unaltered and the ice cubes are not frozen hard. They don’t melt quickly but they are too small to be super hard. Their size is advantageous to making the drink cold quickly.

89.99 in walmart?

Same one

Why is this leaking all over my counter? The drain plug is seemingly fully and properly inserted.

If the drain plug is firmly inserted and the unit is not over-filled with water, the unit may require service.
If the unit is under warranty, please visit, email or call 1-800-968-9853.

Are all the parts that come in contact with the water or ice bpa free?

Yes, all parts that come in contact with water &/or ice are bpa free.

Does ice maker have a handle?

No there isn’t a handle but it does have a perfect scoop. I love this machine. The only little issue i have is the basket that holds the ice must be level if it isn’t it will not produce ice.

How can i get rid of a peculiar smell in my frigidaire ice naker

Follow the instructions in the user guide for cleaning.
Unplug the unit before cleaning.
Flush the unit multiple times.

Is there a filter, of should use bottled i water?

This machine does not have a filter.
I use filtered water to make my ice.

What is the warranty info? I cannot find an upfront answer on this. The manufacture warranty info should be plain and simple, where is it?

The unit comes with a one year (from date of purchase) oem warranty. The terms of the warranty are clearly detailed in the owner’s manual.

Is the frigidaire efic117 ssblack stainless steel 26 lb constructed of metal on both the inside and outside? Or, is the inside plastic?

Black stainless steel outside and plastic inside

Where do you add the water

You open the lid, and pour potable water into the water reservoir which is below the ice storage basket.

Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless AMAZON

Buy Frigidaire EFIC117-SS 26 Pound Ice Maker, 26 lbs per day, Stainless: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Don't look no futher and rack your brains out this is 100% the right choice:)

To all cusomers out there, im writing to let you no i did houres of reserch and looked and read over 173 units and reviews,, im a perfecional review writer on small appliances only, this gorgoues frigidaire efic117-sscopper-com stainless steel ice maker, 26lb per day, copper stainless i bought on august 2o, 2022 with a the 5 year warrenty that is a must have ins on this ice maker. So you will have i year factory warrenty then after that the 5 year kicks in so you will have peace and mined this unit is covered from a-z on all parts for 6 years >except wear and tear. Take good care of this baby its not hard even though its not self cleaned i belive thats a plus self cleaning machines is one more thing you have to worry about that just may default don’t need it. Its so easy to keep clean i bought these there great > small household cleaning brushes, 8pk-in-1$12.00 deep detail crevice cleaner brush set-micro scrub cleaner tool,tiny cleaning brush for window door track groove small space holes corner gap cap bottle keyboard they work great to get into all corners and i use a spray bottle on stream to rince the whole machine. Now this is a must if you use reg tap water guess what your machine will start to make loud noices and just stop working why? > tap water has all kinds of junk in it that we dont see number one calsium and tons of other bad things in our tap water you will never see, the only water that should go in this machine to get a long heathly life out of it > is filtered water thats it and at room temp never cold for $53 cents a gal i get mine at walmart you listen to me you will not have no issues unless you get a defaulty machine it happines. Very very important when you do recieve your great ice maker, the maual says wait 2 houres before using no wait 2 days > 48 houres is not going to kill you, this lets all the oil and refrigerant or freon to settle in to the moter and all other compartments it needs to go. Please trust me. If you need ice that bad ask a niebor or run and buy a bag > let it rest for 48 houres…. And this is a must always keep the ice maker on a stabile and level space. See all these people that right neg- about the machine like one they sent her a machine that did’t have a large and small button for the ice i think thats bull if so why didn’t she use her 30 day return policy you meen she didn’t no there was no large and small ice buttons for a month come on give me a break, this is a very good machine and investment if you listen to me i wouldn;t be telling you all this, i want you to be happy with your purchace and have no issues all the neg_ nacys that right there foolish reviews didn’t do there reserch like i have another one if you think this machines for a family of 3 or more move on. Peple who don’t read up and do there reserch this is why they end up were they do. I put over 60 houres yes 60 houres of reserch all different models > and i came up with frigerdare for my choice they been around for over 100 + even that i new that i still reserch over 170 different models. And the copper is absalutly gourgoes with my granit and kicthen i love it i will be back once i get my pics to show you all what a great machine this is. Oooo i forgot when you done useing your machine after your done always take the plug out, you just added another 8 months to its life:) remember all im telleing you copy this review so you have it on hand if you listen to me and do all i say you will be one happy camper. One more thing this is how i use it remember (>filtered > remember unplug after every use/and ant time you clean it very inportant! Take care everybody i really hope i help alot of people make the right choice and to all the neg_ nacys do your reserch ! 🙂 sincenry & honestly mr vincent a amazon prime member shopper. Again good luch with you gouroues new frigerdare family.:) o one inporten thing you should keep on hand to always have your ice baby clean just like your central a/c theres filters to keep coiles clean this dont have that so keep a can of air in a can so when you see a build up on the coils you can blow the ccoils and the inside of the moter clean all the time very inportant , to maintain your ice machine and keep it healthy because build up and you dont clean it makes the machine run harder and will over heat it. Very very inportant i think i gave you all the best advise you will get on keepping your baby nice and strong witha long life spand. And i forgot lol this machine is not very loud it sounds like my dishwasher is running thats not bad..all these neg- nacys be gone . Again enjoy because i am and good luck to you and you new frigerdare ice maker, 1 of the top of the line.

5Expert Score
Love, quick, easy, make drinks very cold

I use the machine to make ice daily for my water bottle. I can only drink if very cold and no room in freezer for ice. The cubes are cute with the hole. Funny part is my dog
loves to play with them. What i dont like is if i keep them in the freezer in a container, next time they are one hard block. They always melt a tiny bit, enough to stick. Wish i knew how to stop that.

Also wondering if i can make ice with juice or soda?

5Expert Score
Works great!

We have had this ice maker for over 3 months now, and it works great! You do have to keep track of when the ice basket fills so you can get the ice into a freezer. Please do not buy the ice maker cleaner that amazon pushes with this unit! I just went to clean the ice maker, got the cleaner out, the cleaner says to follow the instructions on your ice maker! Well, the ice maker says to empty the water by removing the drain plug, and wipe the inside down with vinegar and water on a soft cloth, and then rinse it with a damp cloth. Soooooooo, the $29 for the ice maker cleaner is completely wasted! Don’t want to ruin the ice maker by using it!

5Expert Score
Cheaper than a fridge fix.

Our fridge ice maker stopped working years ago. Buying this was (likely) cheaper than a repair visit. Makes plenty of ice, relatively quiet, no energy wasted when we have enough ice. ‘footprint’ is about the size of a toaster oven or small microwave.
Re: durability, we’ll see. I’ll be happy if we get 5yrs of life out of it.

5Expert Score
Quick and easy to use

This is the best purchase i’ve made. Doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, super quick and easy to use.

5Expert Score
Quality, size, efficient

Great for the price! Produces enough for a family of 4. Easy set up and use. Have used this machine for the past 9 months with no issues.

5Expert Score
Easy to use

This is a great ice machine – fits on the counter top –

5Expert Score
Better than i thought and it doesn't use a lot of water

After talking to a relative who had this item, i ordered it and it works great

5Expert Score
Great product

This product is very good! My family’s ice machine in the fridge stopped working and this was a great replacement. It can get a little loud but nothing that annoys me. Definently recommend!

5Expert Score
This is so cool!

I love this icemaker! It’s stylish and produces ice super fast! Would definitely recommend.

4Expert Score
Hot like a hair dryer, ok value

This little appliance puts off a lot of heat. Running it for an hour raised the room’s temp by about 4 degrees.

How it works
for efficiency, it needs to make a few batches of ice and fill the basket. Water flows over metal fingers until the ice forms. Then it shifts and the cubes drop before a little pusher gate nudges it into basket. There’s a slight ‘clunk’ sound when the ice drops and again when it hits the basket.

It takes forever if you scoop the ice as it releases bc the reservoir gets warm when you open the lid. The first batch or two of ice sits in the basket melting and dripping back into the water reservoir. The water cools and more cold air accumulates in the unit as it runs. It takes a while to get going.

The ice is kind of soft and will melt as it sits in the basket. I let it make a basket full and the transfer the ice into a container in the freezer.

Ice output
it took about 15 minutes to freeze the first batch and then worked a little better as the water became cooler. The small ice was just too melty and not worth making. The larger pieces were okay, but they also melted easily since there is a partial tunnel in each piece of ice. It cools drinks fine, but i had to use more ice to compensate.

for the price, it’s pretty okay. Mine arrived with a tiny dent in the surface. There’s a small rubber stopper on the bottom of the machine. It’s kind of awkward to empty any excess water and the stopper feels finnicky. Upgrading to a better machine would be 3 or 4 times the price.

4Expert Score
Ice without using freezer space!

This is perfect if you want to save freezer space from ice trays. There is some noise level, but not overbearing. It has a cleaning setting which keeps the ice fresh, clean and unit free of mold or mildew formation. Love the red stainless color too!! The cubes do melt pretty quickly though. There’s no setting to keep ice super frozen.

4Expert Score
Great appliance

I’m an apartment dweller now. They do not put icemakers in apartment fridges now because of too many problems. Sooo, this does the job! I fill up 2 1-gallon bags and refill as needed. Or, if you use ice regularly/daily then you can keep it in the maker and it will keep making it.
Indicator lights tell you when water is low or basket is full.

4Expert Score
Does what it says and works great!!

Love this machine, my freezer ice tasted awful, use purified water in the ice machine, beverages taste great now.

4Expert Score
Really like it. But…

Makes ice fast. Had a weird taste at first but that went away the more water that went through it. So far it has worked very well. Our ice maker in fridge broke. Using this instead of filling up ice trays. I fill up freezer bags with ice. Gonna make up extra bags for camping. It is a wet ice. But freezes harder once put in bags in freezer. Shipped fast with no problems.

Update: have had it a month. Been working well. Still makes ice but the power button is flashing green continuously when i power off. No ice is stuck in it. Any ideas why? I have unplugged it to see if it would reset but still flashes green. Still makes ice and works good though.

4Expert Score
Could use a larger ice bin

This works fine but you really have to stay on top of it because the ice bin will fill pretty fast and it will quit making ice once it does.
Other than that it pumps out the ice at a good clip, one of the reasons you have to stay on top of it.
It is a noisy devil, which can be good or bad. I always know when it is full because i dont here it making ice when it auto shut off.

4Expert Score
Great machine

Love this little machine. Worked great. A little noisy when ice falls. I wish the water reservoir had a filter option. It would improve the taste of the ice.

4Expert Score
Not what i expected.

It’s not bad but i for some reason expected the ice to stay. The ice has to be removed and placed in the freezer.

4Expert Score
So far so good

So far so good. Item arrived damaged (see photo). Plugged in, seems to work fine; just wanted to document the shipping damage incase that some how effects the operation

4Expert Score
Works as expected

Works fine for what it is. The first one or two batches the ice is smaller, and by the 3rd round they are consistent and reasonably sized on the large setting. Takes about 9-10 minutes per round.

Low enough power to be used with a portable battery such as jackery. The average draw on large setting was about 90w for about 9 minutes. Briefly jumps to 125w for about 30 seconds when it’s dropping the current round, shoveling the cubes into the ice tray, and refilling the water.

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